How to Apply and Relocate with UK Student Visa in Nigeria

uk student visa in Nigeria

If you are planning to study in the UK and you are looking for the easiest ways to relocate. This post is for you. It will cover everything you need to know about studying in the United Kingdom (UK). It explains how to relocate with your family while schooling in the UK. In addition, it also explains all the basic UK visa requirements for Nigerian student applications. At the end of this Post, I will be dropping links to organizations in Nigeria that have partnerships with Schools in the UK. They will help you with UK study visa Application for free.

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Why You should consider UK Study Visa

1. You do not need Travel History: One of the many advantages of the UK study visa is it does not require travel history. You can travel even if you have never travelled out of the shores of your country before.

2. No Age Limit: Another advantage of the UK study visa is it does not have an age restriction. You can get into 

3. Work Visa Available: Your UK student visa allows you to work for up to 20 hours per week during school sessions and full time during holidays.

4. It provides a post-study work visa: After studying in the UK, you can also apply for a post-study visa. It allows you to work for two years in the UK.

5. Your spouse can work full time: You are allowed to travel with your spouse. With this, you can school while your spouse works full time.

6. Installment tuition deposit: Studying in the UK often comes with ease. You can also make an instalment payment for the tuition. It gives you a flexible payment option.

7. Access to Travel to many countries: With a UK student visa, you can travel to a couple of countries within Europe and around the world.

Things to Note 

The student below 18 years old needs consent from their parent

You can only travel to the UK at least one month before your program, if it is a six-month course, you can travel one week before your program.

You can also travel with your dependant, it can either be a partner or children.

One of the major requirements is the twenty-eight-day statement of account.

UK visa requirements for students

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Requirement for UK student Visa

1. International Passport: You need a valid international passport with a long expiry date.

2. Statement of Account: UK student visa requires a 28 days statement of account. The amount in the account must cover the cost of tuition, maintenance fees for up to 9 months etc.

3. Evidence of Academic Qualification: You must provide proof of academic qualification such as WAEC certificate, BSc transcript etc.

4. Tuberculosis test Result: Another requirement for UK student visa is the tuberculosis test. This test must be done by anyone staying in the UK for more than six months. Anybody staying in the UK for more than six months requires a tuberculosis test to be done only at designated UK approved centres.

5. CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies): This is also another important document needed when applying for a UK student visa. Before you can apply for a UK school. You need a CAS, this document is proof that you have gotten admission from a school in the UK. 

6. Birth Certificate: If your parent is your main sponsor, you must provide a birth certificate or sworn in Affidavit.

7. Sponsor Letter: You must also provide a sponsorship letter from your sponsor stating that they are aware of your study in the UK and they are willing to take on the responsibility of paying your fees.

8. Completed Visa Application form: Another requirement needed is the completed UK study application form.

9. Passport photograph: You also need a recent passport photograph not more than six months old.

10. proof of payment of the visa fee: You also need proof of payment of the visa fee. The proof of payment is automatically generated and is attached to your profile. 

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CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies)

Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies also known as CAS is another document needed when applying for a UK student visa. CAS is a 14 digits reference number from the university you are applying to. ‘

 Before you apply to a UK school, you first need to get a CAS from the school. This document is proof that you have gotten admission to a UK school. The Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) contains information such as

  • CAS number
  • Passport number
  • Sponsor license number
  • The fee of your course of study
  • Start and end date

UK visa requirements for Nigerian citizens 2022

These are the UK Visa requirement for Nigerian citizens for 2021/2022. If you are planning to travel to the UK for studies. These are the basic requirement for a student visa. In addition to the other requirements listed above. You need to attach other documents to prove ties and prove that you have enough resources to take yourself on this trip.

Other Additional Documents for UK Study Visa in Nigeria

1. All-Academic certificates

2. Birth certificate

3. Bank statement

4. NYSC Discharge certificate

5. C of O of a landed property 

6. Shares certificate for proof of funds

7. Letter of Introduction

8. Evidence of payment for Tuition Fees 

If you plan to relocate with your family this is  

Academic Documents for UK Study Visa

All-Academic certificates


study in the UK

Working while Studying in the UK

Students can work while studying in the UK. You can work up to 20 hours per week during and full-time during the summer and Christmas holidays.

Types of UK Student Visa

The Tier 4 Visa that used to be known as the general Student visa has now been replaced by the Student visa. These are the different types of student visas:

Short term study visa

It is only applicable if you are trying to take a short course that is not more than six months.

Child Student Visa

It is only applicable to students between the ages of 4 and 17 years of age.   

UK Student Visa

What are the latest updates on UK Visa for Nigeria?

One of the latest updates for the UK Student Visa is, students now have added two years post-study visas. This program allows international students to work up to 2 years in the UK. If your study in Uk falls within Autumn 2020, you will automatically qualify for the two years work visa. It allows you to work for up to two years in the UK after study.

Maintenance Fee requirement

Students visiting the UK require a maintenance fee. Please note. You only need to have this money in your account for 28 days. The cost varies if you are staying in London and outside London. 

If you are staying in London 

£1,265 living expenses per month. – 1,265 x 9 = 11,385

£1,015 living expenses per month if you are studying outskirt of London – 1,265 x 9 = 9135

For Your Dependant 

If you are staying within London – £845 x 9 months = £7,605

Outside London 680 x 9 months = £6,120 

Finance Evidence / Bank Statement

If you applying to a school in the United Kingdom. You need a minimum of 28 days statement of account. It means you must provide financial evidence that shows you have the required funds in your account. The end of the 28 days must not be more than 31 days

CAS – Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies ‘

ATAS Clearance Certificate

IHS – Immigration Health Surcharge

TB test – Tuberculosis Test

How Long Does it Take to Process a Student Visa?

Processing a UK student visa takes less than two months to process. From the time of application to issuance of admission letter, provided you have all the requirements. 

Using a sponsored statement

Using the sponsored statement of your guardian or someone that is not your biological parent. You must provide legal evidence showing the person as your guardian or a connection between you and the person. The legal document could be a court document showing the person as a legal guardian before you are 18 years. It makes the sponsor responsible for your upkeep.

You must also submit a Sponsorship letter if you are being sponsored by the government of Nigeria or the British council, an international organization like the UN, WHO, UNICEF, a university etc

Consent Letter: This is only applicable to students below 18 years of age. It is a written letter by both parents consenting to the visa application of their child/ward to study In the UK.

ATAS (Academic Technology Approval Scheme) Certificate: It is a special certificate applicable to International students outside the European Union. It is only applied to people that are studying courses that are related to weapons of mass destruction.

Dependant Requirement

Requirement for Spouse (Husband or Wife) Visa

1. marriage certificate

2. Evidence of maintenance expenses for Spouse and Children – minimum of 9 months

If you are staying within London, you must provide an additional maintenance cost for your partner which is about £845 x 9 months = £7,605

Outside London 680 x 9 months = £6,120 (This value is per dependent)

The funds can be in either your account or your spouse’s account. 

Spouse and children tuberculosis tests should be done at approved centres only. The UK Tuberculosis test can only be done by IOM (International Organization for Migration). 

Children Birth Certificate: You must also provide the children’s birth certificate.

Evidence of marriage: You will also provide other evidence of marriage such as pictures of your wedding either court, traditional or white wedding.

Consent Letter: Letter signed by both parent or guardian.

Passport Photographs: You will also provide the passport photographs of your spouse and dependent. 

Partner application link:

Proof of Funds

Your proof of funds can be money from either a Savings account or domiciliary account. 

It could also be a Government sponsorship or grant. 

Proof of funds can also be your Parents money / Guardian money

Another evidence of funds can be your Spouse money. 

What Evidence is not Acceptable As Proof of fund

  • Shares and Stocks
  • Overdraft
  • Bitcoin or cryptocurrency
  • Pension

Immigration Health Surcharge (HIS)

The immigration health surcharge is a compulsory payment you make to the UK if you are staying for more than 6 months in the UK. The HIS charge is billed at 624 pounds per year. You will have to pay it upfront before you visit the UK. If you are planning to stay for two and a half years. You will pay 624 x 2.5 years =

Visitors staying less than six months do not have to make this payment.

Child dependant application link:

Student visa fees for UK

Before you start the UK student visa application, you need to make payment for the UK student visa fee. The UK student visa fee payment will enable you to submit the application form. It will also let you schedule an appointment date.

Cost for UK Student Visa Fee

The cost of the UK student visa is 


£475 to extend a student visa from inside the UK

You must pay a visa fee for each dependant that is coming with you.

HIS Fees

£470 for each year of your course and 235 for the extra 4 to 6 months

Cost for Tuberculosis test

If you are staying for more than six months in the UK, you will need to do a tuberculosis test. The cost for the UK tuberculosis tests in Nigeria is Fifty Seven Thousand, eight hundred Naira (57,800).

Other Processing fees

Priority processing 

£220 It takes 6=5 working days

Super Priority – 956 (Processed within 24 hours)

UK Priority Visa fees:

UK Visitor visa: £212

The UK Settlement visa: £573

UK Super Priority Visa fees: £956

Single Parents Travel without The other Parent

For single mums or dads that are planning to travel with their children that are below eighteen years. They will be required to provide legal evidence that they have full custody of the child. This could be in the form of Sole custody order from the court of law. It could also be a death certificate or documents to show that you are not married to the other parent or that the other parent is not currently available.

UK Tuberculosis test sites

You can only do the tuberculosis test either in Lagos or Abuja. 


Migration Health Assessment Centre (MHAC) Lagos

 Location: No. 1 Isaac John Street (at the corner of Isaac John Street and Oduduwa Way) G.R.A. Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Email Address:

Operating hours: Monday to Thursday: 7.30 am to 12 pm

Friday: 7.30am to 9.00am

Closed on National/ IOM holidays.

Migration Health Assessment Centre Abuja

International Organization For Migration (IOM)

Location: No. 55 Hassan Musa Katsina Road (at the junction of Hassan Musa Katsina Road and J-K Gadzama Street), Asokoro, Abuja.


You can also book your TB test appointment online.

Operating hours:

Monday to Thursday: 8:30 am to 12:30 pm

Friday: 8:30am to 10am

Closed on National/ IOM holidays.

Fees for UK Student Visa

School Fees ranges from £10,000 to £20,000 However some schools cost as much as £35,000

(a) £1,265 living expenses per month This is if you are studying in main London. 

 (b) £1,015 living expenses per month for if you are studying outskirt of London or anywhere else in the UK.


Q. Can I work while studying in the Uk?
A. Yes You are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week during school session and full time during public holidays.

Q. Do I need a Visa to the UK?
Yes You need a visa to visit the UK from Nigeria.

Q. How can I apply for UK masters programs?
A. You can research and check for the Universities in the UK offering your course of study. Then you can apply to the schools.

Q. Which schools offer UK masters programs?
A. A lot of Schools in the UK offers masters program.

Q. How do I process a study visa for UK?
A. The steps has been highlighted above.

Q. What are the requirements for a study visa for UK?
A. There are academic requirements, basic requirement and the evidence of finance.

Q. How can I get Cheap schools in UK?
A. There are loads of schools in the UK with scholarship opportunities. There are cheap schools in the UK starting from as low as £10,000.

Q. What is the best UK university for international students?
A. UK has one of the best institutions around the world. There are lots of good universities for Nigerian students.

Q. Can I study nursing in UK?
A. Yes, you can study nursing in the UK.

Q. Are universities in UK without IELTS for Nigerians?
A. Some universities don’t require IELTS for Nigerian students.

Q. The cheapest universities in UK for international students

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  1. The United Kingdom is one of the most popular international student destinations. Obtaining a student visa to study in the UK, on the other hand, can be difficult and time-consuming. New provisions will go into effect in 2022 to make it easier for Indian students who want to pursue higher education in the UK. Make a list of the necessary supporting documents. Completion and submission of your online UKVI application. Make an appointment to have your documents submitted at a UK visa center. On your behalf, communicate with UK visa and immigration. You can apply for a visa up to 6 months before the start of your course. You should receive a decision on your visa within three weeks.

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