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List of the Best Tourist Attraction Sites in The United Kingdom

Best Tourist Attraction Sites in The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the best tourist attractions in the world. This post focuses on the best tourist attraction sites in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom (UK) has a diversity of fascinating tourist attractions. These attractions range from art museums and galleries, aquariums, beaches, castles, gardens, monuments and memorials, national parks, nature reserves, palaces, parks, seaside resorts, shopping centres, stadiums and zoos just to mention a few. The lists of tourist attractions in the United Kingdom (UK) varies from states to states and is easily accessed to tourist and visitors from all over the world. 

If you are thinking of what to do in the UK. If you need a list of the top tourist sites to visit in the United Kingdom. Here is a well-curated list for you. Here is a highlight of some of the Top Tourist attractions in the United Kingdom. Listed are the various tourism destination cities and states in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom should make the list of top countries you should have on your bucket list.

List of Best Tourist Attraction Cities in the United Kingdom

London: London is one of the top tourist cities in the United Kingdom. The expansive capital city of the United Kingdom boasts plenty of attractions for your tourism delight. London holds first-hand information about the United Kindom’s rich history. London is the city of the Queen, the residence of the British monarch. If you are looking for the best tourist attraction sites in the United Kingdom, London will rank one of the highest.

There are so many tourists attractions in London which include, The Natural History Museum, the magnificent Tower of London, the spectacular Tower Bridge on the banks of the River Thames, the former palace and prison, the iconic 1,000-year-old White Tower, with its fascinating displays of armour and weaponry, the Jewel House, home to the Crown Jewels, Buckingham Palace, Britain’s Royal home since the reign of Queen Victoria, the city’s Whitehall Road, Big Ben, the Parliament Buildings, Westminster Abbey, the famous Harrods department store, Trafalgar Square, home to iconic Nelson’s Column, the National Portrait Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum are some of the various attractions in London. London should be a top on your list of top places to visit in the United Kingdom.

city of london

Manchester: Manchester is another popular tourist destination in the United Kingdom. It is one of the most popular cities in the United Kingdom. This city hosts one of the most popular airports in the United Kingdom. The City of Manchester is often the first point of arrival for most people visiting the United Kingdom. This is especially those planning to take their expedition through northern England, Scotland, or Wales. Some of the tourist attractions in Manchester City are the historic Town Hall, Manchester Cathedral, Manchester Art Gallery, Museum of Science and Industry, the amusing Chinatown, Castlefield which is popular for its well-preserved Victorian houses, canals, and Roman ruins, as well as the many old warehouses now serving as trendy shops, hotels, and restaurants. This city is also one of the best tourist attraction sites in the United Kingdom.

Do not forget Manchester is also home to the popular football clubs Manchester City and Manchester United. Therefore Manchester is one of the top tourist cities in the UK you should have on your travel bucket list.

Liverpool:  Liverpool is also one of the most popular tourist attractions city in the UK. With many monumental buildings, graceful gardens, great museums and peaceful parks, Liverpool is just an hour away by rail and offers plenty of cultural splendour of its own and related attractions such as The Beatles Story in the renovated Albert Docks area, the famous Cavern Club as well as the former homes of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, the Merseyside Maritime Museum, the Walker Art Gallery, the Tate Gallery and the Museum of Liverpool. Liverpool is one of the ancient cities in the United Kingdom and it offers visitors and tourist beautiful scenery. This city is also ranked as one of the best tourist attraction sites in the United Kingdom.


Edinburgh: This is Scotland’s Capital and one of its most appealing cities in the United Kingdom. The capital city of Edinburgh is also one of the United Kingdom’s most visited tourism destinations. The city is well known for its many well preserved historical buildings significantly the majestic Edinburgh Castle, a 13th-century royal fortress which is on the brink high above the old city on a rocky peninsula and features the famous One O’Clock Salute that takes place daily at Half Moon Battery, the Scottish Crown Jewels in the Royal Palace, broad Princes Street, popular for its shopping and dining, the Royal Botanical Garden, the National Gallery of Scotland, the Scottish National War Memorial and the famous Stone of Destiny also called the Stone of Scone.

One can also easily sightsee some other significant momentous sites such as the Old Town’s Royal Mile’s fine architecture, boutique shops, cafés, restaurants, and art galleries, as well as the splendid old Palace of Holyroodhouse around the suburb of Edinburg. When you are looking for something to do in the United Kingdom try Edinburgh. 

Cardiff: This is one of the best places to sample a little of everything that Wales has to offer. The capital of Wales offers breathtaking scenery and daring outdoor adventures in the national parks and the ancient castles to give visitors and tourist an amazing time in the UK. Cardiff Castle which is located in the middle of the city and built on the ruins of an ancient Roman fort, the State Apartments, the Clock Tower, the Chapel, Banqueting Hall with its fine murals, the city’s many old Victorian shopping arcades around The Hayes, World of Boats, Cardiff Bay; one of the United Kingdom’s largest redevelopment projects, this vast area is now home to numerous exceptional restaurants, theatres, galleries, and shopping opportunities, many of which are housed in former warehouses on the lovely Mermaid Quay. Cardiff is also a top tourist destination in the UK. 

The University Towns of Cambridge & Oxford: Cambridge and Oxford are not only known for their academic establishments but are also very renowned tourist destinations. Even though they are celebrated rivals during the famous rowing event, The Boat Race, which takes place each spring on the River Thames, these two towns of good repute hold amazing attractions that are as enlightening as education, both Cambridge and Oxford offer lots of attractions to tourist and residents alike. While in Cambridge you get the chance to wander the United Kingdom’s largest collection of preserved historical buildings, many of which are located within an easy walk of Cambridge University’s 31 colleges, take a flutter along the River Cam and explore the old town centre.

At Oxford, you can visit the Carfax Tower and encounter its fine views over the city centre, some of the many outstanding old buildings of the town’s High Street and explore Oxford University’s 38 colleges each of which is set around a quadrangle and several inner courtyards along with chapels, dining halls, libraries, and student accommodations. Whether for educational, tourist or adventure, the United Kingdom offers one of the best places to visit.

City of Bath: The alluring city of Bath is one of the smaller cities in the United Kingdom which stows the lovely Georgian architecture, the superb Thermae Bath Spa which offers guests the chance to enjoy the city’s famous waters, the curved Royal Crescent which is now a museum that offers a fascinating peek into life during Georgian times and the potent Healing Waters for more than two thousand years that gushes from three hot springs which travel upwards some 3,048 meters at a rate of 275,000 gallons per day, before spilling out at a consistent 46.5 degrees Celsius and has been said to contain over 40 different minerals. 

Canterbury:  This is also another exciting place to visit in the UK. The momentous Canterbury in Kent has been an enticement for wayfarers ever since St. Augustine first started converting pagan Anglo Saxons to Christianity more than 1,500 years ago. Notable attraction in the city of Canterbury includes Canterbury Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the home of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the exquisite Miracle Windows that depict scenes from the life of murdered Archbishop Thomas Becket, the Canterbury Tales, the excellent Canterbury Roman Museum and historic, ligneous framed buildings along Mercery Lane.

The aforementioned cities are the top tourist destinations in the United Kingdom you should add to your travel bucket list. 

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List of All the Best Attractions Sites in The United Kingdom  

The following is a detailed compilation of some of the most alluring tourist attractions in the United Kingdom. This list comprises of the best tourist attraction sites in the United Kingdom.

Ancient Stonehenge; The Stonehenge is one of the major tourist attractions in the United Kingdom that you can’t afford to miss. If you plan to tour the monumental Stonehenge, you might need to purchase your tour ticket before your plane ticket. This primordial attraction located about ten miles north of Salisbury on Salisbury Plain which has been a place of pilgrimage for more than 4,500 years as it was believed to have been erected as a place of worship is one of the planet’s oldest World Heritage Sites and Europe’s most famous monuments. Stonehenge is a sprawling site, spanning an area of more than twenty square kilometres and boasting an ultramodern visitor centre, which offers an intriguing peek into the construction of Stonehenge as well as the old city centre with its many fine churches and primitive architecture.  

Ancient Stonehenge

Tower of London; This ancient tower which has been in existence for approximately over nine hundred years and has served many purposes. Some of which includes including prison, park, palace, treasure vault, and is today one of the top attractions in Europe. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Tower of London is regarded far and wide as significant structures in the United Kingdom and famous for its awesome tourist attractions like the White Tower which was Built-in 1078 by William the Conqueror, the wonderful Crown Jewels exhibitions, classic Yeoman Warder Tours, the Royal Mint, exhibits and displays regarding prisoners and executions and Line of Kings with its remarkable displays of royal armour which is the world’s oldest tourist attraction dating as far back as 1652. This made the Tower of London one of the oldest tourist destinations in the world.

Tower of London;

Hadrian’s Wall; The Hadrian Wall is another tourist attraction to consider in the UK. Hadrian’s Wall was originally built by the Romans following a visit by Roman Emperor Hadrian back in the year 122 AD to 128 AD as a measure to protect their colony Britannia from the tribes in Scotland. Hadrian’s Wall stretches about 117 kilometres across the north of England from the Irish Sea to the North Sea. Presently, only stretches of this famous wall are still visible. There is a national path that follows the whole length of the wall from Wallsend to Bowness-on-Solway. The wall stands a magnificent attraction to behold and a monument preserved for hundreds of years.

Hadrian Wall - best tourist attraction sites in the United kingdom

The Roman Baths and Georgian City of Bath; If your visitation or tourism option is to visit one out of 10 small cities in the United Kingdom, I’d recommend you choose the city of Bath. The infamous Roman Baths were built around the city’s rejuvenating hot springs and have been in existence since over 2000 years. Bath is currently holding the position of a World Heritage Site courtesy of the over 500 buildings there that are considered of historical and architectural importance. The Avon Valley, the Mendip Hills and the sweet-looking honey-coloured Georgian Townhouses are some of the many attractive sites in this graceful city that boasts of more fantastic tourist attractions than you could visit in a day. The Roman Baths and the Georgian City Bath have become a major tourist attraction in the United Kingdom.

Other Tourist Attraction Sites in the United Kingdom (UK)

Wonderful Windsor; The town is expediently situated a few miles from London and holds lots of fantastic things to explore from very lovely Thames-side setting, many medieval half-timbered buildings along its antiquated old cobblestone laneways, the wonderful Windsor Castle which is the world’s largest inhabited castle and the most renowned of the UK’s royal castles that have served as the summer home of British royalty since the time of William the Conqueror in 1078, more than a millennium ago.

The Legoland Windsor, a fun family resort set on 150 acres of parkland and just a short bus ride from the town centre, the Royal Ascot, UK’s most famous horse-racing venue, the splendid State Apartments containing the Queen’s Gallery and dining hall, each with magnificently painted ceilings and woodcarvings, and St. George’s Chapel, famous as the home of the Knights and Ladies of the ancient Order of the Garter are quite a handful of attractions within this castle alone to keep you locked down so you should do well to put them on the top of your to-do-list of sites to see before your eyes get wonder sick. 

London Museum of Transport; This is another place to visit in the United Kingdom. This amusement park of transport wonders is located in Covent Garden Piazza and holds relevant collections of everything from vehicles and infrastructure to old sound recordings, photographs, and relics portraying all that there is to transportation. The London Transport Museum holds fascinating secrets and information for tourists to learn about the history of transport in London and explore the transport system that the city is famous for. You should tour this area with a chocolate bar in your bag so you don’t feel tempted to grab an oil-stained iron bar to chew. 

British Museum; The British Museum is also another top tourist attraction in the United Kingdom. Considering the many historical artefacts on display in this museum, this museum could rightly be called a world museum. There are famous ancient artefacts such as the Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon in Athens and the Rosetta as well as many other outstanding pieces on display like collections of the world’s finest antiquities of over 13 million artefacts from the Ancient Egyptian collection which is the largest outside of Cairo, the hoard of Roman silver known as the Mildenhall Treasure dating from the fourth century. Other historical gatherings from Assyria, Babylonia, China, Egypt, Europe, Greece and the Roman Empire are also exhibited at this magnificent museum. The British Museum is not just a popular tourist attraction in the UK, it also serves as a place for culture and historic preservation. 

Museum of London; The Museum of London is one more place to go for exclusive historical findings especially that which pertains to the British Empire and how it came to stand supreme. The Museum of London is a prominent landmark and an architectural magnum opus of astonishment and a top tourist attraction in the United Kingdom. It holds a lot of British history, with legendary exhibitions showing London through the ages, from Iron Age through to modern times with unique collections of over a million objects with painstaking information about Great Britain. If you want to know more about the rich history of London, this is the best place to visit. 

Museum of London - Best Tourist Attraction Sites in The United Kingdom

Caerlaverock Castle; This quaint castle is set in the heart of the picturesque Scottish countryside. This is also one of the best tourist attraction sites in the United Kingdom. It is has been since the 13th century and happens to be one of the United Kingdom’s most primitive but impressive fortresses. Even though it is not so famous, it sure is an amazing getaway for some intrinsic site seeing in Britain. Its triangular shape and stately trench, it conjures up images of battles far off and due to its strategic position near the English border, Caerlaverock was the site of on-going warfare between the two crowns. The sites now offer adventurous castle-themed amusement for children and fun games for adults to learn and experience the series of lessons in siege warfare. This is a must-go-to place when next you visit the United Kingdom.  

National Gallery, London; The National Gallery, London is a dignified gallery and it is one of the best places to visit if you wish to have a feel of remarkable arts in London. The gallery is located in Trafalgar Square and is one of the unique popular attractions in the United Kingdom where art is exhibited at its finest featuring collections from famous artists like Claude Monet, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Vincent van Gogh, Johannes Vermeer amongst others.

York Minster and Historic Yorkshire; Graced by the world’s largest stained glass The Great East Window, this massive structure standing in the centre of York, surrounded by half-timbered homes, shops, guildhalls, and churches is one of the largest Gothic Cathedral in northern Europe. York Minster dominates the skyline of the city of York, incorporating all the major stages of Gothic architectural development in the United Kingdom.

A walk along York’s romantic streets surrounded by three miles of magnificent town walls while you get exclusive views of the city and its surroundings is a delightful tourism experience. You can as well take your tour to the National Railway Museum, visit some of England’s most beautiful ancient towns and cities like Durham and Beverley and explore the countryside at the rugged beauty of the Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors.

Royal Botanical Garden and Kew Gardens Palm House;  The classical landscaping of these gardens is in itself an amazing attraction. The glass-like dome-shaped botanical garden looks like a transparent train terminal and features a historic palm house that is home to its very own tropical rainforest, an 18-meter high treetop walkway that provides visitors a delightful tourism experience like never before. There is also a charming glasshouse that serves as a safe port of call for adorable plants and flowers and makes the garden some pure bliss of natural green and freshness.

Buckingham Palace; This is a must-visit tourist attraction in London. A visit to London without touring the awesome Buckingham Palace is a waste of a ticket. This iconic palace is a must-see attraction especially the activity of Guards changing shifts with a grand display of splendid marching. The massive palace has beautiful artworks hanging on every wall like in a galleria and over 770 rooms which are more than enough space to accommodate the thousands of guests that visit each year to attend some of the great royal events, ceremonies, and garden parties held there.

Despite being the official private residence of the Queen of England from 1761 when George III bought Buckingham House for Queen Charlotte, the palace is open to the public from late July to September and on select dates in December, January, and April. So you can plan your London tour within any of these months and go get a feel of royalty. The Buckingham Palace is not just the official residence of the Queen, it is also a monument that has stood the test of time and one of the top tourist attractions in the UK.

Buckingham Palace - Best Tourist Attraction Sites in The United Kingdom

Kensington Palace: You won’t be wrong to say the United Kingdom is full of palaces. Great Britain is indeed a royal empire and where royalty abounds, palaces must serve shelter. Kensington Palace was at one time home to the late Princess Diana of Wales but is now the stylish royal residence of the new Duke and Duchess of Cornwall. It is one of the best tourist attraction sites in the United Kingdom for sightseeing and history.

The palace also serves as a tourist destination estate that provides avenues to learn about Her Royal Majesty the Queen and her monarch’s beautiful exhibitions where tourists can explore the history of royal weddings and the extraordinary lives of royal leaders such as Queen Victoria. Guests are well treated in this palace too, so go dine with royalty and drink some royal wine, who knows it just might get into your bloodstream.

Loch Ness and Inverness; Loch Ness is a spectacular Scottish attraction that offers some of the most beautiful scenery in the United Kingdom. The ruins of Urquhart Castle overlooking the loch is one of Scotland’s largest fortifications dating way back to the 14th century, the historical Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition that recounts its history, along with that of its legendary monster including details of ongoing searches for the elusive creature.

You also get to see the Culloden Battlefield and Visitors Centre, the Gravestones of warriors from the Scottish clans, as well as the six-meter high Memorial Cairn that was erected in 1881 to commemorate the battle, fought between the English and Scots. It is located a little farther north and boasts of numerous exceptional attractions including Inverness Castle, Inverness Museum and Art Gallery, and St. Andrew’s Cathedral. A visit to one of these without the other is like drinking coffee without cream.

Jorvik Viking Centre; This site is an enduring mark of tribulation and conflict inflicted by the Vikings with their ocean conquering ships and a fearsome reputation for invasion, plunder and slaughter and yet an endearing tourism attraction. Jorvik Viking Center is located in one of Britain’s most attractive city York and holds about forty thousand preserved Viking items such as textiles, tools and human cadavers all on display, complete with sights, sounds and even smells alongside the main highlight a simulation of Viking city. You might not feel the fear of a warship approaching, but the faux displays would give you a thrill.  

Shard Building; Also known as the Shard of Glass the Shard building stands majestic as the tallest skyscraper in the London metropolitan area and the whole of Western Europe soaring 310 metres into the sky and made up of 95 outstanding storeys including the spire at the top it. The Shard Building is home to many apartments, a hotel, several offices, a retail arcade, and numerous restaurants and bars. Getting to the top of the glowing haven feels like a step closer to heaven. The Shard Building might not be listed as one of the best tourist attraction sites in the United Kingdom. It is still a must-see attraction in the UK.

Chester Zoo; Chester Zoo is a must-see attraction in the United Kingdom, this because it has in abundance some rare animals making it a top tourist attraction in the UK. This is not just a conventional zoo, it also features gardens and walkways that have an amazing touch of a galleria. Chester Zoo is located in Upton, just over a mile north of Chester City Center and it is England’s most visited tourist attraction outside of London that serves the entire family’s tourism needs.

There are more than 11,000 animals of about 400 different species living in this 125-acre site. While there, you have the options of exploring Chimpanzee Island, the penguin pool, and Europe’s largest tropical house to cap your tour escapade. The Chester Zoo offers Safari-like experience all in one place. The Chester Zoo is one of the best tourist attraction sites in the United Kingdom due to its diversity.in the 

Visit St Paul’s Cathedral; St. Paul does not only rank high as one of Europe’s largest cathedrals. This architectural stroke of genius is also one of the most famous baroque structures in London. It was built around 1675 and 1710 by Sir Christopher Wren.

The cathedral is beautifully designed with Corinthians columns, elaborate interiors with ancient architecture and paintings, a large dome that stretches 366 feet into the sky weighing about 66,000 tons and 560 steps alongside 3 galleries that lead to the top of the dome. Each step up through the stairs is like taking a walk of faith to the presence of God. This Cathedral has served as a religious centre and a top-rated tourist attraction in the United Kingdom.

Visit St Paul’s Cathedral;

Durham Cathedral; This sanctuary has made it to the BBC nationwide polls and was voted England’s best-loved building. Perhaps loved for its architecture and unparalleled scenery, Durham Cathedral which is located in the city of Durham in northeast England is the greatest Norman building in the United Kingdom and even in Europe. It is cherished not only for its beauty but for its historical and cultural heritage. This is certainly the best place to find some peace in a haven. 

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Trafalgar Square; Great Britain is fought a lot of battles to earn her greatness and the marks of these battles have stood the test of time and gradually become points of attraction, such as the story of Trafalgar Square which was named after the battle of Trafalgar, a victory over the French fleet by Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson. The Square is situated in Westminster and is considered to be one of the biggest squares in London. It features the famous Trafalgar Square lions, lots of bronze statues and some of the most popular attractions in London and has been a place for many protests, demonstrations, and significant events to delight you. 

Balmoral Castle; Another important tourist attraction in the UK is the Balmoral Castle. This quaint castle of musical wonder features series of turrets and towers in the Scottish Highlands and have been the subject of many famous poems. Balmoral Castle was built under the reign of Queen Victoria in the 19th century and is still the official Highlands home of the royal family. It is indeed a poetic spectacle to explore courtesy of its melodic setting and royal touch.  

London Tower Bridge; Don’t be like others who mistake this for the infamous London Bridge, just keep calm and keep reading. The Tower Bridge has a gothic design with a beautiful feature that lifts and divides the bridge into two to reduce traffic on the waterways. It also boasts an upgraded glass walkway for pedestrians creates more room for viewers on the bridge. Asides the inestimable walk on the pedestrian glass, you can also step inside and tour the magnificent Victorian engine rooms which once powered the bridge lifts. Now isn’t that amazing? The London Tower Bridge is also another important tourist attraction in the United Kingdom.

London Tower Bridge

Lake District National Park; The Lake District National Park is also another tourist destination in the United Kingdom boasting of a beautiful lake, mountains and hills carved by glacial erosion that provides dramatic and inspiring scenery. The Lake District National park is located in the county of Cambria in North West England, it is the largest National Park in the country.

You can book your tour ticket and join the tens millions of tourists that troop this spectacular park to see the sights of the Scafell Pike which rises about 3,210 feet, the highest mountain in England lovely little towns and villages such as Grasmere as well as boat excursions across Lake Windermere and Ullswater and do well to park your hiking kit for some mountain trail hike adventures. If you are a lover of nature, The next time you find yourself in the United Kingdom, this is a great place to visit for sightseeing and other adventurous activities. 

The Millennium Bridge; Th Millennium Bridge is an old famous bridge in the United Kingdom. This pedestrian bridge stretches a total of 1,066 feet across the River Thames and links two famous London landmarks; the Tate Modern and St Paul’s Cathedral. It was built at the beginning of the millennium which is how it got its name “Millennium Bridge”. You can soak up in the damp cool and fresh air from River Thames while you stroll on this bridge and perhaps stop by at the Cathedral for some spirit-filled encounter.

Millennium Bridge

Canterbury Cathedral: The Canterbury Cathedral is another beautiful religious and tourist destination in the United Kingdom. Judging by the numerous cathedrals especially those that made it on the top tourist attractions list, you can rightly say Britain became great as a result of the faith of their fathers. Canterbury Cathedral is not only a renowned UK tourist site but is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is located in the heart of the historic city of Canterbury, it’s home to the Archbishop of Canterbury and the foundation of English Christianity which started when St. Augustine converted the pagan Anglo Saxons in Canterbury in the year 597 AD and became the first bishop. If you seek more than a haven in an exciting cathedral, then you should spread your tentacles and go sightsee the city’s Roman past, Chaucer’s medieval England and also explore the admirable culture and entertain yourself with at shopping centres galleries, and cafeterias.

Houses of Parliament; squarely facing the River Thames on one side and Parliament Square on the other side. The House of Parliament is a big structure with its famous Big Ben clock tower is unarguably one of the best British tourist attractions yet it remains the heart and soul of British political life and invariably, the converging point of both houses of the UK parliament. Who knows, you just might get a chance to be a live observer of British politics. You could also get a rare chance to see some of the popular British Politicians or some of the powerful people in the United Kingdom. 

Big Ben; if you are like me who thought Big Ben must be the name of some cafeteria or a shopping mall or some sort of personal business owned by a hefty Mr. Big Ben, then congratulations to me, I have a colleague on this wrong thought. Big Ben is the 13-ton bell housed within the 150-year-old Big Ben Clock Tower which is one of London’s top attractions. We didn’t fail though because there is, in fact, a Ben in its history.

The Big Ben Clock Tower takes its name from the man who first ordered the bell, Sir Benjamin Hall. It has become one of the best tourist attraction sites in the United Kingdom. It is also known as The Elizabeth Tower which is probably why the golden inscription in the Latin language at every clock dial of Big Ben reads ‘Domine Salvam Fac Reginam Nostrum Victorim Primam’ which translates in English as ‘O Lord Keep Safe Our Queen Victoria the first’ and it ranks as the 3rd largest free-standing clock tower in the world that has become a symbol of the United Kingdom and London and has come into view in many motion pictures.

big ben

London Eye;  The London Eye is the gigantic Ferries wheel also known as The Millennium Wheel based on the fact that it was completed in the new millennium 2000 and holds the record of the world’s tallest Ferris Wheel, stands tall at 443 feet with a diameter of 120 metres on the south bank of the River Thames. It is a true beauty at night when it comes alive with bright neon colours. A complete wheel turn takes about 30 minutes and the capsules provide visitors with a stunning 360° view of London so you might want to do some preparatory spin exercise. The London Eye is ranked one of the best tourist attraction sites in the United Kingdom.

london eye - Best Tourist Attraction Sites in The United Kingdom

BLENHEIM PALACE; The Blenheim Place also has a history of war and victory. As it was built as a gift to the Lord Marlborough following his victory against the French in 1704, the battle which is depicted in an epic drapery housed in the complex at Blenheim the birthplace of the famous Winston Churchill, the adorable frontrunner of British politics and Second World War history. Set in the rolling hills of the Cotswolds, Blenheim Palace has 200 acres of land bearing manicured gardens, maze and train and boasts many strings to its bow and holds information of historic happenings like the life and times of the British Bulldog. It serves as a remembrance of the strength and the unity of the United Kingdom.

Eden Project; This is a throng of incredible artificial biomes containing an amazing collection of plants from around the world. Located in a reclaimed quarry in Cornwall, the complex consists of huge domes that look rather like massive igloo-shaped greenhouses, each housing thousands of different plant species from tropical and Mediterranean environments and as well serve as a hosting platform for numerous fantastic arts and music events of which you might be opportune to participate in while on tour.

eden project - Best Tourist Attraction Sites in The United Kingdom

Hyde Park; Hyde Park is another beautiful tourist attraction in the UK. This green park is situated in the heart of London and is known for its vegetation, open spaces, and numerous monumental structures. It has been an open public site since the year 1637 and is the largest royal park in London. It is bordered by Serpentine, an artificial lake to the south-west edge and flows to other parks and landmarks and is popularly used for boating and swimming. The Memorial Fountain for the late Princess Diana of Wales, The Rose Garden, and Speakers’ Corner are also notable attractions you can explore around Hyde Park.

The Gherkin; also known as St Mary Axe is a 41 storey skyscraper made of steel and glass which was built in 2004 and has risen to become one of the most remarkable modern architectures in the London conurbation. The building is famous for its cigar shape design while its topmost floor is an open hall with a conical dome. If you plan to tour this masterpiece don’t get your hopes up on actually going in or getting to the top. Just enjoy the view.

Warwick Castle; The Warwick Castle is another beautiful destination in the United Kingdom. This castle which is located in the beautiful city of Warwick on the River Avon was, in the beginning, a wooden structure built by William the Conqueror in 1068 and rebuilt with stone in the 12th century. During the Hundred Years War, and monuments the semblance opposite the town was refortified resulting in one of the most recognizable models of 14th-century military architecture, is Britain’s Top 10 historic houses title holder.

Tate Modern: The Tate Modern is one of the world’s largest museums of modern and contemporary art that shows a wide range of artistic expression, including paintings, works on paper, sculpture, films, performances, installations, and other forms of artistic expression which got busier with tourism activities on account of a 60% extension in 2016 from its debut 10 storeys. Famous artists often grace the occasions held in this museum, you, therefore, stand a chance to see not just higher animals but mega superstars. Tate Modern is another beautiful tourist attractions in the United Kingdom.

Royal Museums Greenwich; This is more of a Marine base than a museum. Greenwich is the London base of the Royal Navy and holds England’s largest expanses of preserved historic architecture and parks. It is also listed as one of the best tourist attraction sites in the United Kingdom. The Cutty Sark; which was one of the finest and fastest ships of its day the last surviving of the 19th-century clippers from the lucrative tea trade between Great Britain and China. In Queen’s House, the National Maritime Museum is the largest of its kind in the world, featuring the Royal Navy from postmodern times and at the discovery of Greenwich Visitor Centre, exhibits show more than 500 years of maritime history and the zero meridian of longitude, dividing the world into eastern and western halves; you can stand with one foot in each hemisphere and enjoy your tourism visit to the United Kingdom.

Here is the list of the best tourist attraction sites in the United Kingdom. Is there anything we miss that you think deserves to make the list, please comment below.

Inagbe Grand Resorts and Leisure – A beautiful Island Resort in Lagos, Nigeria

inagbe grand resort

Inagbe Grand Resorts is one of the beautiful island resorts located in Lagos, Nigeria. Inagbe Grand Resort is a haven of tranquillity, hospitality and adventure. It was conceptualised by the Great Ooni of Ife and has now become of the topmost tourist attractions in Nigeria. Inagbe Grand resorts is a world-class beach resort to built to compete with top beach resorts in Africa and the world at large.

Inagbe grand resorts and leisure

This is not just your regular island it is a beautiful tourist destination located in a lush and well-vegetated island along the Snake Island which sits in between the Lagos lagoon and the Lagos Atlantic making it one of the many wonders of the world.
It has become the new perfect getaway for a honeymoon, retreats, couples hangout, wedding anniversaries, tourists, reunion etc
Inagbe Grand Resorts and Leisure is strategically located on an island off the Lagos coast offering different views of both worlds that is an Atlantic view on the far left and the Lagoon on the right.

It is a family-themed resort with amenities for children and adults, a perfect vacation spot and a great weekend getaway for tourist, adventure seekers and fun lovers.

About Inagbe Grand Resorts and Leisure

inagbe grand resort

Inagbe Grand Resort is a beautiful beach located in Lagos State, Nigeria. It is one of the so many exotic beaches in Lagos State. No wonder it is one of the major tourist attractions in Lagos. Inagbe Grand Resort and Leisure is owned by the Ooni of Ife Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi of Ile Ife. It was designed by Gran Imperio Resorts Ltd they are responsible for the development and architectural design of the resort.

If you are looking for a beautiful resort in Lagos, Inagbe might just be the perfect place for you. It is strategically built to meet both personal and commercial needs.

Inagbe swimming pool

Inagbe Grand Resorts is full of surprises and different fun activities. If you are looking for a beach Resort in Nigeria with crystal white sand, beautiful sea view, lush green vegetation and lots of activities to keep tourists busy and entertained during their stay. It is seated on over 3 million square metres of land stretching through Snake Island and the Atlantic down towards the Badagry creek. Inagbe provides a beautiful and serene environment making it a perfect destination for tourist, nature and fun lovers.

Where is Inagbe Grand Resort & Leisure Located

Location of Inagbe Grand Resort

Inagbe Grand Resort & Leisure is located on Snake Island, Opposite Niger Dock, Amuwo Odofin Local Government Area, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Location Of Inagbe Grand Resorts

Inagbe Grand Resort and Leisure is located off the Lagos coast along the snake Island along the Lagos Apapa Port towards the Badagry Creek.

How to Get to Inagbe Grand Resorts

Inagbe Grand Resorts and Leisure can only be accessed through water therefore it is impossible to go there by land. This is because it is an island and it is surrounded by water. On the far right is the Lagos Lagoon which is the medium through which you can access this resort while on the other side is the Atlantic ocean. To get to Inagbe Grand Resorts and Leisure, you will need to take a boat from the Regatta Jetty on Queens Drive Ikoyi, now known as Oyinkan Abayomi Drive. You could either book a private boat or use the Inagbe Grand resort speed boat.

Regatta jetty is also known as Fashola Jetty, It is close to the French Embassy in Ikoyi.
From the Regatta Jetty, you will take a 20 minutes boat ride to Inagbe Grand Resorts and Leisure. If you are using the Inagbe speed boat service, the pickup time is usually 12:30, 2 pm and 5 pm.

How to get To Inagbe Grand Resorts From Outside Lagos

If you are coming from abroad or outside Lagos, you need to board a flight from any of the Airports in Nigeria or from your country of residence to Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Once you get to the airport, find your way to the Regatta Jetty at Oyinkan Abayomi Drive formerly known as Queens Drive. From there you can then charter a boat to Inagbe Grand Resort.

Who owns Inagbe Grand Resort

The Inagbe Grand Resort is owned by the Ooni of Ife Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi

Facilities and Features At Inagbe Grand Resorts and Leisure

  • Free Wifi
  • Outdoor Sports activities
  • Restaurant
  • Spa
  • Kayak and water bicycle
  • Beach Front
  • Floating Lounge/Bar
  • Bar
  • Lounge
  • Pools
  • Snookers
  • Table Tennis
  • Beach Soccer
  • Gym
  • Tennis
  • Horse riding
  • Quad Bikes
  • Volleyball
  • Football
  • Event centre
  • Conference room
  • Horse ranch
  • Lawn tennis
  • Mini Golf range
  • Basketball court
  • Jungle tour

Inagbe Grand Resort Gate Fee

Hotel room at inagbe

The entrance fee to Inagbe Grand Resort differs from Children to adults. If you are coming through a chartered boat is 8,000
The entrance fee and cost of the boat ride if you are going through Inagbe Grand Resorts Boat is 18,000.
Speed Boat – 18,000 (round Trip) Boat
Charter (10 people) – 100,000 Round Trip
For Charter (15 people) – 140,000 Round Trip
Charter (25 people) – 100,000 Round Trip Luxurious Cruise
Charter (10 people) – 100,000 Round Trip
Boat Charter 30,000 Per head Round Trip
Quad Bike – 5,000 for 30 minutes

Inagbe Grand Resorts and Leisure Bookings

You can make reservations for the different rooms at Inagbe Grand resort.

Hotel / Chalets Room Rates

resorts in Nigeria

Inagbe Grand Resorts and Leisure has chalets that you can stay. These chalets come in different sizes from a room to 6 bedrooms. Inagbe Grand Resort offers beautiful and tastefully furnished chalets in the following categories

  1. Standard Rooms: This is the standard room, It includes juts a room and it starts at 45,000
  2. Deluxe Rooms 50,000
  3. Premium Rooms 55,000
  4. Executive Rooms 75,000
  5. Two Bedroom Chalets 85,000
  6. Six bedroom Chalets 300,000

Fun Things to Do at Inagbe Grand Resort

  • Honeymoon
  • Picnic
  • Take a boat ride
  • Ride a quad bike
  • Enjoy the horse ride
  • Visit the children’s park for exciting games
  • Host a wedding at the beach
  • Organise a beach party


  • Beautiful views
  • Great customer service
  • It is a beautiful place with so many activities it has facilities such as the floating bar, the beach and lagoon view swimming pools
  • The food is good


  • The place requires proper maintenance
  • Too many building with little resources to maintain
  • The wifi can be better
  • Even though it looks safe but they should provide more security

Other Things to Note When Visiting Inagbe

  • You can bring your foods and drinks
  • Cost of things are expensive and overpriced
  • Other Things to Note About Inagbe Grand Resort
  • They have changing rooms
  • They have toilets for male and female
  • Pets are allowed

Security Tips When Visiting Inagbe Grand Resort

  1. Make sure you use your life jackets on the boat
  2. It is a massive island do not wander away to unknown destinations
  3. The wave of the ocean is so strong to avoid swimming

Travelwaka Inagbe Grand Resort Review

hotels in Nigeria

Now It’s a mixed review because Inagbe has everything it takes to become the best resort in Africa but right now it is far from it, though their service is top-notch but the management has a lot to do in terms of maintenance. However, we should give kudos to them, it is not easy maintaining a facility of that magnitude. Some of the amenities and facilities are already deteriorating, the lawns and the gardens need more attention. The rooms are classy and beautiful. One thing I must commend them for is the room settings.

Here is our review
The Scenery is great
The customer service is good
The facility needs to be properly maintained, you might experience some non-functional facilities
The ambience is nice

Other Tourist Attractions Close to Inagbe

  1. Whispering Palms
  2. Ilashe
  3. Tarkwa Bay
  4.  Point of No return

Inagbe Resort Pictures

Here are some pictures of the resort

Inagbe Resort Images

Need A Tour Guide in Nigeria

If you need a tour guide in Nigeria, we provide guided tour guide services anywhere in Nigeria. Contact Travelwaka Tours

List of all the Airports in Nigeria (International and Local)

List of all the Airports in Nigeria (International and Local)

There are about 26 airports in Nigeria offering both local and international flight. This post is all about airports in Nigeria both local and international. Nigeria is the most populated black nation on Earth with over one hundred and eighty million people. One hundred and eighty million people that need to love from one destination too another. Nigeria boasts of so many Airports and there are about twenty-seven major Airports in Nigeria scattered within the thirty-six states of the federation. However, we will be focusing on the top Airports in Nigeria based on their capacity, location, schedules and their facilities.
The Nigerian Airports are majorly operated and managed by the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN). FAAN is an arm of the government with the key responsibility of managing, maintaining and coordinating the processes at the Nigerian airports. There are two major classifications of Airports in Nigeria which includes:

  1. the International Airports in Nigeria: These are airports that handle international flights, that is flights from one country to another.
  2. Domestic Airports In Nigeria: These airports only focus on local flights, that is flights within the same country.
List of all the Airports in Nigeria

About FAAN

FAAN is the acronym for the federal airport authority of Nigeria and it is the body with the statutory role of managing and maintaining the Nigerian airports. It was inaugurated and established in 1976 as the Nigerian Airport Authority (NAA). It was however renamed in 1995 as Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN)
Aside from these two, Nigeria also has numerous airfields and airstrips dispersed all over the thirty-six states of the federation which are meant for either private use or military exercises.
The top Airports in Nigeria are all international airports. They offer customs and immigration facilities for passengers travelling between countries. They are larger and own longer runways and other facilities to accommodate heavier aircraft used for international travel. International airports in Nigeria also provide domestic flight services. Listed below are the top Airports in Nigeria.

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These are the top International airports in Nigeria.


Murtala Mohammed International Airport is the busiest airport in Nigeria. It was originally named Lagos International Airport, it was built in during the second world war and it was officially opened on 15th March 1979. It is located at Ikeja, which is the capital city of Lagos State, Nigeria. It was named after the former Nigerian military head of state, General Murtala Mohammed who was murdered in cold blood. It is one of the oldest and most popular Airports in Nigeria. It has both the passenger and cargo airlines touring the world from this destination. This Airport transports over 50 million people yearly accounting for over 50 [per cent of air transportation in Nigeria. The Airport is opened 24 hours a day and operate flights to different destinations across the world. The Murtala Muhammed International Airport is also the largest in Nigeria and West Africa with two runways measuring 3,900 and 2,743 metres. The Murtala International Airport also has a dedicated international terminal and a domestic terminal.
The list of major airlines that comes to this airport includes Ethiopian Airlines, Egypt Air, Air France, British Airways, Aero Contractors, Air Peace, Gonos Airlines, Arik Air, Azman Air, Med-View Airline, Air Peace, Dana Air and Ibom Air.


The second position on the list of top Airports in Nigeria is The Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport. The Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja is one of the most beautiful airports in Nigeria. It is located in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria Abuja. It is named after Nigeria’s first President Nnamdi Azikwe. The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority has its head office in the airport grounds. The airport was built in the year 2000 and opened in 2002. The Federal Airport Authority of Nigerian (FAAN) says its terminal building can process up to 15 million passengers annually. The Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport is the second busiest airport in Nigeria. It has two runways both measuring about 3609 each.
The list of airlines includes; Aero Contractors, Air Peace, Africa World Airlines, Air France, ASKY Airlines, Azman Air, Lufthansa, RwandAir, Overland Airways and so on.


Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport is located in the old city of Kano, Kano State, Nigeria. It is named after a Nigerian Politician Aminu Kano. The Mallam Amina Kano International Airport Kano was a Royal Air Force military base which served as a point of arrival and departure of the Royal Airforce before the Nigerian independence. It received its international status in 1950 making it the first Airport in Nigeria. The Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport is one of the major airports in the Northern part of Nigeria. Mallam Aminu International Airport kano serves as an important role in Muslim pilgrimage processes.
Airlines include; Kabo Air, Saudia, Sudan Airways, Flynas, Ethiopian Airlines, Air Peace and so on.


The Port Harcourt International Airport is located in Omagwa in Port Harcourt, the capital city of Rivers State. The Port Harcourt International Airport was constructed in 1950 which serves as a major airport in the oil-rich Niger delta. The Port Harcourt International Airport is the third busiest airport in Nigeria according to the statics from the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN). It offers both domestic and international flights. The airport only has one terminal for both domestic and international flights.
Major airlines include; Aero Contractors, Dana Air, Air France, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines.


Akanu Ibiam International Airport is located in the coal city Enugu, the capital city of Enugu State, Nigeria. It is the major airport in the Southeastern part of Nigeria as it serves nearby cities, such as Onitsha, Nnewi, Awka, Nsukka and major states and communities within and outside Enugu. The Akanu Ibiam International Airport was named after Akanu Ibiam, a medical doctor and statesman from Afikpo, Ebonyi State. The Airport plays a major role in international trades within the South-Eastern part of Nigeria.
Airlines include; Air Peace, Arik Air, Med-view Airline, Ethiopian Airlines and Aero Contractors.

Local Airports In Nigeria

Most Airports in Nigeria bears the word International however, they do not operate international flights.
There is the Margaret Ekpo International Airport (Calabar Airport), Maiduguri International Airport (Maiduguri Airport), Sadiq Abubakar III International Airport (Sultan Saddik Abubakar Airport), Gombe Lawanti International Airport (Gombe State), and the proposed Asaba International Airport in Asaba, Delta State. These airports do not have the sophistication of the first four listed international airports in the country.

Be aware that other Nigerian Airports carry the tag ‘International’ which operate major international destinations within Nigeria however, these are the top airports in Nigeria. They are all international because they offer both international flights as well as local flights.

Benin Airport

It is located in Benin City, Edo State. The Benin Airport is also one of the oldest airports in Nigeria, It was constructed in the year 1956.

Ilorin Airport

The Ilorin Airport is also another airport in Nigeria, It was commissioned on February 16, 1978. It is located at Fili area of Ilorin.

Sokoto Airport

Sultan Abubakar III International Airport, Sokoto was commissioned on February 17, 1982, located at South-south West of Sokoto.

Yola Airport

The Airport is located at Jimeta, about 8km Northwest of Yola.

Ibadan Airport

Commissioned in June 1982, Ibadan Airport is located at Alakia, which is between Adegbaiji community and Iwo Road.

Kaduna Airport

Kaduna Airport is located about 12km from Kaduna Metropolis. The nearest community to the Airport is Isira Community.

Kastina Airport

Katsina Airport commenced operation on the 22nd December 1991. It is located southwest of Katsina at and about 4km from the metropolis. The nearest towns and distances to the airport are Modoju 2KM, Makeva 3KM, and Kayanki 5KM.

Maiduguri Airport

The Airport serves as both domestic and international operations during Hajj operations. The Airport is located in Maiduguri and it is also surrounded by Bulunkutu, Shiwari, Shelmari and Muronti communities.

Makurdi Airport

Makurdi Airport commenced operation in 1983. The Airport is located at Fili along Makurdi Gboko road.

Minna Airport

Minna Airport was commissioned on 20th June 1990 by the former Military Head of State, General Ibrahim Babangida. The Airport is located in Maikunkele Bosso Local Government Area of Niger State.

Akure Airport

Akure Airport was commissioned on 8th February 1986 as a Domestic Airport.

Here is a list of all the airports in Nigeria

Akure Airport Medium airport, Akure
Akwa Ibom International Airport, Large airport Uyo
Asaba International Airport, Asaba
Benin Airport, Benin
Gombe Lawanti International Airport, Gombe
Gusau Airport Gusau
Ibadan Airport, Ibadan
Ilorin International Airport, Ilorin
Kaduna Airport Medium, Kaduna
Maiduguri International Airport, Maiduguri
Makurdi Airport, Makurdi
Margaret Ekpo International Airport, Calabar
Minna Airport, Minna
Port Harcourt International Airport, Port Harcourt
Sadiq Abubakar III International Airport, Sokoto
Sam Mbakwe International Airport, Owerri
Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa International Airport, Bauchi
Warri Airport, Warri
Yakubu Gowon Airport Jos
Yola Airport Yola
Zaria Airport Zaria

Best Beach Resorts for family Vacation in the United States of America (USA)

Best Beach Resorts for family Vacation in the United States of America (USA)

If you are looking for some of the best beach resorts for a family vacation in the United State of America, look no further. There are so man beautiful family-friendly resorts and beach resorts in the United States of America.  

Family vacations are always the best time to shake off stress and improve your relationship with members of your family and your loved ones. Building a family bond should be one of your greatest priorities. Family vacations help to build a stronger relationship, spending time with your family is known to have a lot of benefits.

We don’t pick family, so we love them and try to get along. The best time to do a family vacation is usually during summer, this is often the best time to relax at the beach, get tanned by the sun, bury our feet in the

sand, dive into the ocean and build sandcastles. The best place to enjoy all of the fun time with family flip-flops all day, a bathing suit and sandy hair are at a good beach resort in the United States of America (USA) that offers facilities that will give you an unforgettable experience. Some beach resorts in the United States are family-friendly in the sense that they have facilities for both adults and children. Some resorts have taken it upon themselves to ensure adults have the best time of their lives while the kids are not left behind. The best beach resort in the United States makes sure families have the best time of their lives. So next time you want to go on a family vacation here are some of the ten best beach resorts in the United States to check out.

List of Best Family Vacation Resorts in The United State

Kiawah Island Resort – South Carolina

This island resort is best known for its five award-winning golf courses. The resort is truly breathtaking — a sweeping lawn bedecked by Adirondack chairs overlooks the ocean while verdant palms and plush loungers surround a sparkling saltwater pool. Beyond the pool deck, a

boardwalk leads to a 10-mile expanse of beach, perfect for bike riding or just whiling away the hours. Guests can find Night Heron Park, the resort’s activity hub, a short drive from Sanctuary, which is home to the excellent Camp Kiawah kids’ program, a fabulous children’s pool complete with slides and splash areas, and the Heron Park Nature Center, which serves as the jumping-off point for the resort’s superior naturalist-led programs — favourites include boating excursions to

secluded Sandy Point and wildlife paddling tours through the surrounding saltmarsh. So if you are looking to relax and still have fun with your sports during vacation KiawahIsland Resort serves you all of that and more with Luxurious accommodations range from spacious guest rooms and suites in the Sanctuary to an enormous selection of villas and private homes spread throughout the resort’s 10,000-acre island haven.

Surfsand Canon Beach – Oregon

If you are old school and your family is too, or say maybe you have kids that don’t understand when you talk about the beauty of being old school, it’s about time you just showed them the Surfsand canon beach in Oregon is for that. Being warm and welcoming, Surfsand is like

summer camp for families, offering perks like an extensive DVD library for family movie nights, board games, bicycles and helmets, Saturday ice-cream socials, and in-room lanterns for beach walks beneath the stars. while tide pools offer perfect places for kids to have fun and explore the underwater world. Parents will love the resort’s complimentary cabana service, which provides beach umbrellas, kites, and sand toys. Surfsand’s 95 guest rooms offer comfortably chic accommodations, with plush amenities like bathrobes for kids and adults, gas fireplaces and spacious balconies. The Breakers Palm Beach -Florida

When you’re talking family and fun, ‘The breakers’ is where to be, being owned by a family for over a century. This hotel is an exquisite Florida landmark, magnificent in nearly every way.

It still maintains an Italian Renaissance feeling with twin towers and arches fronted by Florentine fountains and formal gardens. The vast, opulent lobby reinforces the lavish Renaissance atmosphere, with marble and oak floors, frescoes and 15th-century Flemish

tapestries and Venetian chandeliers hanging from hand-painted ceilings.

If staying just a week here was your plan, I can promise you’d be extending your stay, because there is so much fun to cover here.

Disney’s Vero Beach Resort – Florida

This is another family-friendly resort in the United States that offers serenity at its best form. If you are having this vacation so the kids can have as much fun as they want then Disney is for you. Disney offers a family experience that’s easier on your feet and your wallet. Although

Vero Beach is part of the Disney Vacation Club line, you don’t need to buy into a time-share to stay there. Free activities—including sing-alongs, a campfire with s’mores, family beach walks with a nature expert, a craft hour especially for toddlers, and an “unbirthday” party with cupcakes, games, and a pinata—centre on old-fashioned family fun rather than on meeting Disney characters. In fact, only Goofy makes a regular appearance at the resort and that’s at special breakfasts on Wednesdays and Saturdays. A Mickey Mouse-shaped swimming pool plus a splash area for preschoolers round out the fun—and, yes, life jackets and pool toys are free.

Won’t it be awesome to touch your childhood again? There are a few things we can learn from children and it’s the act of forgetting and letting go of your worries and having all the fun in the word. The world

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Hilton Hawaiian Village, Honolulu, Hawaii

If you have been to Hawaii or seen it in movies, it’s no lie that this is one of the most beautiful serene to be and the Hilton Hawaiian Village has been known for years for serving families who have come to connect with nature and have a good time.

The hotel’s four pools, including a specially designated one for children, are the hub of the action here: There is free snorkelling instruction for kids who know how to swim, plus lei-making classes and hula lessons for the whole family on the deck. Other no-cost activities include Friday-night fireworks, lawn bowling, and ukulele lessons. The resort is home to about 60 wildlife species such as flamingos, turtles, and koi fish. Camp Penguin for kids offers field trips to the nearby Honolulu Zoo, Bishop’s Museum, or Waikiki Aquarium as well as fun activities around the resort. Just be sure to bring along your child’s birth certificate or passport; Hawaiian law requires proof of age for admittance into the club.

Loews Coronado Bay Beach Resort & Spa, San Diego, California

A short walk or shuttle ride from quiet Silver Strand Beach, this resort offers so many family activities daily—from cooking your own pizza to animal presentations to family movies shown poolside—that it has a separate kids’ activity desk to help keep you informed. This is another beach resort for families in the United States. The conveniences are as abundant as the activities. Every family who requests a crib also gets a

baby swing and a lullaby CD. Rooms can be childproofed in advance; request it when making your reservation. If you have a toddler or preschooler, you’re welcome to borrow a step stool, potty seat, stroller, and toys. Talk about a place that understands the meaning of Family.

Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. A mini-golf course designed by Arnold Palmer, three kid-friendly swimming pools, shark-tooth hunts, and a small private beach is among the many amenities that will keep your family happy at this resort near St. Augustine.

Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore, Santa Barbara

Another Best Beach Resorts for family Vacation in the United States of America to consider is The Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara. The Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara is also family favourite beach resorts in the United States. When it comes to

beach resorts in California this is one of the many family-friendly beach resort. One of Santa Barbara’s best beaches, Butterfly Beach is located right outside the resort, and families can enjoy water sports like kayaking, surfing and paddleboarding. The complimentary Kids ‘For All Seasons club’ will keep little ones entertained with arts and crafts, cookie-making workshops, painting, and more. For families with kids of all ages, enjoy other onsite fun, including tennis, movies and swimming. For seaside dining, head to Bella Vista for Italian-inspired cuisine.

Pink Shell Beach Resort & Marina.

Famous for shelling, the beaches in Fort Myers are popular with families who enjoy quiet time in the sand. The Pink Shell Beach Resort & Marina offers families direct beach access with chairs, umbrellas and toys, plus water sports like kayaking, sailing and paddle biking. Aqua cycle paddle bikes are like floating tricycles and kids will surely have a blast riding them! Daily activities for kids and teens also include the Octopool activity pool, sand art, ice cream sundae stations, and arts and crafts. Sparky’s Kids Kamp is specifically for children ages 4 to 12 and offers supervised activities and games. Book a two-bedroom villa with ocean views—the rate includes a complimentary breakfast. Pink Shell Beach Resort & Marina is one if the Best Beach Resorts for family Vacation in the United States of America (USA)

Wequassett Resort and Golf Club

Another Best Beach Resorts for family Vacation in the United States of America (USA) isnWequassett Resort and Golf Club. From the 27-acre, upmarket family beach hotel that is the Wequassett Resort and Golf Club, families can explore Chatham, Massachusetts, or take a complimentary boat ride to reach Cape

Cod National Seashore’s undeveloped beaches. However, it might be difficult to drag the kids away from the fun at this family beach resort! During the summer months, kids can enjoy kayaking, sailing and swimming at the Wequassett’s kids’ club, which also features a pirate ship activity area with waterslides and spray features, plus indoor games and entertainment. Grab a

bite to eat at one of the beach resort’s restaurants, such as the Outer Bar & Grille, where seafood, pizza and burgers can be enjoyed on the outdoor patio. Stay in one of the Water View

Cottages and relax on a private balcony or deck. Family beach resorts are the best places for family to make beautiful long-lasting memories and for that to happen they need to vs filled with fun activities for the adults and the kids and these above-listed resorts provide all of that, I hope when next you picking somewhere for a vacation you think of the water and its beauties.

Here is our list of the Best Beach Resorts for family Vacation in the United States of America (USA. We hope the next time you are planning your vacation, ou could consider some of these locations. 

10 Most Romantic Beaches in the United States of America

romantic beaches in united states of America

 Either on vacation or just a weekend, the beachside is always perfect for beautiful alone time with your lover! Love and nature go hand in hand. So if you are in the United States of America and want to plan a getaway with the love of your life and you are looking for romantic beach destinations, search no more, some specific beaches are known for total relaxation and minimal crowds. Some of

most romantic beach in the united states of America

our picks have a low-key village feel, others are so remote you’ll probably be able to add human-spotting to your list of activities.

There are few beaches on Earth that we wouldn’t want to visit, but obviously, not all beaches are created equal when it comes to quality. Not only that, most beaches seem to cater to specific crowds. For instance, if you’re a 20-something who wants to hit party central, you might want to head to Pacific Beach in San Diego — on the other hand, if you have a young family who wants a calm place to stick your toes in the sand, Lovers Point in the Monterey Bay is your spot.

However, if romance is what you’re looking for, we’ve got some other destinations in mind.

These beaches were previously voted the most romantic beaches in the United States by the Travel Channel and U.S. News and World Report. The best part? They’re all in the United States. Grab a bottle of champs and your partner and head to one of these sandy love nests tout suite.

most romantic beach in the united states of America

Here are our top 10 romantic beaches in the United States of America (USA)

1. Malibu, California

 When it comes to elegance and taste, Malibu is the place to be and why not with your lover. Here the stars come out day and night since they happen to live in the

multi-million-dollar beach chateaux lining this golden stretch of the Pacific coast.

Malibu is one of the most romantic beaches in the United States, It’s Wooden stairways extend from their decks down to the sand, so strolling beachgoers who can take a self-guided architectural tour of the fantastic Malibu Colony beach

homes. Note that there’s no public entrance; the prime part of Malibu Beach is the strip that lies along Malibu Colony Road, which is private and has a gate. So your privacy for you your lover is entirely guaranteed.

 2. Atlantic City, New Jersey

 A favourite place for couples on the beach if Atlantic City is The Playground and Pier Shops at Caesars that jut out over the water and contain exceptional restaurants. Even

if you don’t strike it rich in one of the towering casinos along the Boardwalk and can only afford hot dogs, there’s no charge to enjoy the salt-water air, brisk ocean waves,

and strong rays here. The Atlantic City, New Jersey is definitely one of the top romantic beaches you should try out.

 3. Montauk, New York

Bypass the Hamptons for the serenity of Montauk Point, where you can ride horses along the shore at Deep Hollow Ranch and snuggle at the beachfront Montauk Yacht Club or Gurney’s. “The End” is just the beginning for a romantic weekend getaway on Long Island. So snuggle time for you and your boo.

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 4. Dolphin Bay Resort & Spa Shell Beach, California

Tucked away between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Shell Beach boasts a small-town vibe but packs plenty of appeals to keep even the savviest of travellers entertained for a long weekend. The addition of beachfront beauty Dolphin Bay Resort & Spa has only increased the romance factor in this quintessential beach town. Spacious rooms with panoramic views and bedding to die for, an intimate spa, an oceanfront infinity pool and plenty of privacy have made Dolphin Bay a romantic refuge for discriminating weekend warriors. Looks, comfort and amenities aside, the resort’s restaurant, Lido, is serving some of the most innovative cuisines to be found anywhere along the California coast.

 5. The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua Maui, Hawaii

Boasting year-round bathing-suit-friendly temperatures, Maui seems especially tailored for couples. Warm tropical weather, swaths of sandy beaches and exclusivity make this slice of paradise a popular romantic rendezvous for well-heeled sun-worshippers. For those who want stellar island hospitality coupled with space and privacy, a stay at the newly renovated Ritz-Carlton Kapalua is a must. Relax on your room’s private lanai, get a spa service in one of the couples’ cabanas with outdoor shower gardens or make use of direct access to D.T. Fleming Beach, which was recently named the Number 1 Beach in the World by Dr Stephen P. Leatherman, aka Dr Beach. After you’re done hiking or beaching, it’s time to grab some grub! For one of the best dining experiences in Maui, Lahaina voted the best restaurant in Maui for 19 years. This restaurant uses only seasonal, fresh produce, so you’ll get the best fare available. Plus, they have a vast Japanese menu and wine list.

If you’re looking for a luxurious and romantic place to stay, look no further than The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua, which is recently renovated. Most rooms have a private lanai, and

the hotel offers all-inclusive couples massages in private cabanas, top-rated room service and outdoor shower gardens where you can rinse off.

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 6. Cannery Pier Hotel Astoria, Oregon

Couples reconnect at Cannery Pier Hotel, where rooms are elegantly appointed with mood-making fireplaces and claw-foot tubs with waterfront views. Service reigns

supreme and thoughtful amenities include bikes you can borrow to cruise the boardwalk, free limousine service and nightly happy hours with wine and hors d’oeuvres.

 7. Casa Morada Islamorada, Florida

South Beach is a top contender for a Florida weekend getaway, but for a more subdued escape, stray 90 miles from Miami to the 6 islands that make up Islamorada. Although fishing is the preferred outdoor activity of choice on the islands, couples can opt for a weekend of exclusive pampering at the 16-suite Casa Morada. Rooms come equipped with all the necessary elements for romance: private outdoor spaces and al fresco Jacuzzis; panoramic sunset views; and massages en suite. Want to get out and

explore? Try snorkelling the Keys reef, taking a yoga class or renting a boat.

 8. Nantucket, Massachusetts Florida

Lying on the beach and smooching your honey sure can make you hungry, so where are the most romantic restaurants on the island? Tourists and locals recommend Straight Wharf Restaurant for its dark and intimate lighting, harbor views and an expansive wine list. A trip to this restaurant is pricey though, so you may not get out for under $100.

Another pricey, yet romantic restaurant is Toppers, located in The Wauwinet. Voted one of the most romantic places to eat on the island because of its dimly lit dining rooms,

crisp linens and flowers, seasonal menu as well as an impressive wine selection. Imagine having a surprise getaway wedding or a honeymoon with boo, It will take

some planning to get to the island of Nantucket, but it’s worth it. You can only reach it via a small plane or ferry from Hyannis on Cape Cod. Reservations are highly

recommended, particularly in the summer season. There’s limited parking at the beach, but there are several bike rental places close to the ferry landing; some also rent

surfboards, wetsuits, fishing poles, and swim gear such as fins. Ride on two wheels past cranberry bogs to reach this pristine, serene, and sparsely populated beach six

miles from town, and plan to stay long enough to enjoy the sunset.

 9. The Hamptons, New York

 This series of coastal towns stretching on the east end of Long Island, from Westhampton to Montauk, is where New York City’s wealthy gather each summer to relax, shop, gallery-hop, and vie for restaurant reservations when they’re not stretched out along the sand, slathered in expensive SPF cream and shielded in designer

sunglasses. This is one of the best places for Luxury and relaxation.

 10. Muir Beach, California

 Leaving this California beach for last because it’s one beach that will be fun for a lot of people, especially as it encourages modesty in nudity, so you and your partner can

let the air hit you in the right places. There aren’t that many places where nude bathing is sanctioned, but Muir Beach has never had a problem with visitors getting down to their birthday suits. The rule is: going bare is fine but no sexy acts in public. Play peekaboo along the north end of this Marin County beach, where the water stays warm

through Labor Day.

 Uninterrupted ocean views, stunning scenery, minimal crowds, and good old peace and quiet. If that sounds like your idea of vacation heaven then Beaches are for you and

lover. One of the best places to spend with the one you love, to have romantic getaways, to go on a honeymoon, to have seaside weddings, or just a random love rendezvous.

That is why we have listed all the fun romantic beaches in the U.S to let go and let live lead. Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen, your bathing suits, your flower crown and your

flip-flops, as you have one of the best times of your life. Have it great and don’t hold back *wink*. And you also visit the best beach resort in the United States.

Top Amala Spots in Nigeria – Restaurants To get the best Amala

top Amala restaurant in Nigeria

Top Amala spots in Nigeria – Nigeria is blessed with a lot of rich delicacies and Amala is one of them. Nigerian foods are great! If you’ve ever had Amala with Gbegiri and Ewedu and assorted goat meat (Ogufe), then you can testify to the goodness of this amazing delicacy from Southwest Nigeria. It’s difficult to argue with this assertion as Amala ranks high when it comes to Nigerian delicacies. Every tribe in Nigeria has its own delicacies, but the favourite delicacy for most people especially from South-West Nigeria is Amala. Amala is made from Yam flour which is a product of yam tuber. However, it would seem like Amala is managing to transcend being just a Yoruba cuisine. So if you are looking for top Amala spots in Nigeria, we got you on this. 

I feel bad for you if you don’t like amala because you don’t have any clue what kind of happiness it offers. It’s like paradise, winning the lottery, getting married to the long love of your life and raising your first kid all rolled up into one. You can only understand when you taste of its awesomeness. Like they say in this part of the world if you know you know. 


For many Nigerians, Amala is without a doubt, a favourite Nigerian meal. The best Amala is a matter of beauty and happiness, soft, sweet, fluffy and lump-free. It would not be prudent for us to go waste money on rubbish amala.

Wherever you’re in the world, a plate of Amala instantly evokes memories of your home (especially if you’re from the Western part of Nigeria). Some Amala enthusiasts have stated that consuming Amala is more than just having a meal but a complete experience, which is why they go on purposeful hunts to find the best Amala spots in Nigeria or anywhere they are located. I could continue to praise the qualities of this great delicacy but again what use is it if we don’t give you the best amala Restaurants in Nigeria. If you haven’t previously eaten Amala and are planning to try it out, the secret is to make sure you try out the very best Amala you can get your hands on. Please follow this post for the best amala spots in Nigeria. 

amala and goat meat

Just in case you’re ready to try out the legendary Yoruba cuisine called Amala, here are some of the top-of-the-list Amala restaurants in Nigeria.

List of Top Amala Restaurants in Nigeria

If you are looking for the best amala joint in Nigeria or the best Amala restaurant, just sit back, relax and have fun.

pot of goat meat

1. Amala Phase 1, Lagos Island, Lagos.

Amala Phase 1 is a top Amala restaurant based on Lagos Island and it has been satisfying and making customers happy for more than 30 years. It’s not a joke for a local restaurant to have 30 years of experience! Many have testified to the delectable taste experience they enjoy when they visit this amala spot. They offer a wide variety of indigenous soups and assorted meats and fishes to go with your meal. Some go as far as even calling it addictive, hence, it has earned itself a spot on our list of top amala spots in Nigeria.

2. Amala Shitta – 26 Rabiatu Thompson Crescent, Shitta, Surulere

This legendary place is indeed a top amala spot in Nigeria. It has been running since ’67! Talk about amala soaked in history, knowledge and boundless experience! This is hands down one of the best Amala restaurants in Lagos, Nigeria. Amala Shiytta offers amala almost 7 days a week! It is also famously known as the 306 Amala Spot. Amala Shitta is the oldest and coolest kid in the block in comparison to other Amala joints in Nigeria. This legendary amala spot is still one of the best places to get Amala and Ewedu with gbegiri in Lagos, Surulere to be precise and has been in service since 1967, the joint has met the constant hunger for tasty amala. It is still one of Nigeria’s oldest amala restaurants in Lagos and Nigeria.

Every bit of the hype is worth this famous Lagos amala joint. Luscious amala, Ewedu with Gbegiri and assorted Goat meat. If you are still yet to eat here, then you need to plan a meet-up with your fellow Amala enthusiasts and foodies at one of the most prestigious Amala restaurants in Nigeria.

3. Inastrait Food Canteen, Ibadan

This Amala restaurant in Ibadan can be found on the Cultural Center Road, Makola Hill, Ibadan, this canteen was founded in the 1970’s by Alhaja Akanke of blessed memory and has since continued to cook delicious dishes. Inastrait has two additional branches, one at Ibadan Polytechnic and the other one at Iwo Road near Arisekola Central Mosque. The canteen’s interior decor incorporates both the bukka setting design and a modern restaurant hint. Amala and Ewedu are the main cuisines you can expect to be served. The fact that there are three of this Canteen in Ibadan and the touch of luxurious interior decorations makes it a top Amala Spot in Nigeria. I mean, there would not be branches if the original is not doing well.

4. Bush, Ibadan

Bush is another popular Amala Restaurant located in Ibadan. This Amala spot is a perfect fit for those that work at the Oyo State Secretariat, Ibadan. It’s at the back of the Ministries of Finance, Local Government and Chieftaincy Matters. You should pass through the Revenue House for easy access and a 4-minute walk would lead you to Bush, where food and beverages are available. The two most popular spots are green and blue “spots”. It’s unlikely you miss it, so the next time you find yourself at Ibadan Secretariat, do yourself a great favour stop by for a taste of awesomeness. 

5. Olaiya, Surulere, Lagos

If you have lived long enough in Lagos then you must have learned of Surulere’s popular Olaiya bukka. Famous for its hot and delicious Amala piping, this Amala spot has found its way too many people’s hearts.

The key to the ever-present people at Surulere’s Olaiya cafeteria has been passed down from generation to generation. The customers seem to be fanatics and obsessed with this particular Amala spot. It would seem that they can do no wrong as far as they continue to make and serve the customers their fantastic hot Amala with Ewedu plus Gbegiri recipes and lots of soft chunky kpomo. There is also a branch at Lagos University, however, many will argue with you that Surulere is home to the’ true Olaiya experience’

It is close to Amala Shitta, it’s like a replica although a newer generation. So, both Amala spots are usually on their toes because of the rivalry. People rush there for the outstanding amala, the quaint atmosphere, and the added luxury of the Air Conditioner.

6. OseOlohun / Amala Skye , Ibadan

Ose Olorun Amala Skye - Top amala restaurant in Nigeria

Amala Sky is the hottest and top amala spot in Nigeria, located in Ibadan. The most famous Amala spot in Ibadan popularly known as OseOlohun / Skye Amala is a grandmaster in Amala making. It can be found along the path between Bodija and the University of Ibadan. It was donned with the alias Amala Skye or Skye Lolo due to its proximity with Skye Bank now Polaris bank. Skye Amala has a wide variety of customers ranging from Bankers, University of Ibadan students, government officials and other white-collar job workers. The amala Joint is notable for hosting Dignitaries including some celebrities in Nigeria also regularly visit here for their meals. 

Over the years it has been upgraded to meet the fir5st century standard. If you end up visiting this amala spot just know that you are one of the one per cent of people to do this. You should expect great service and one of the best amala served from this top Amala Restaurant in Ibadan so do not expect to be served. Just pick your plate and stay on queue, its all part of the experience due to the high influx of people that come to this amala spot.

7. White House, Yaba, Lagos

White House is another popular Amala restaurant that’s been around for years and it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. Their services are decent and organized. Located in the Nigerian Tech Hub city Yaba, Lagos. A leading innovation centre tagged the Nigerian Silicon Valley. This world-famous canteen called White house has customers pouring in from Unilag, Yabatech, Startup Hubs and so much more. Since Yaba has been hailed as our very own Silicon Valley and programmers and even coders need to a piece of Happiness to keep the inspiration flowing. The dishes served in the White House come without breaking the bank with it’s very tasty amala dishes, a personal favourite of most who work in the area. The building is painted white, as the name suggests. White House offers a slew of local delicacies of mixed and bush meats including Amala, Pounded Yam, Fufu, Jollof and White rice.

If you’re ever in the region of Yaba, roll up your sleeves, wash your hands and dive into the world-famous White House’s delicious amala dish.

However, you should bear in mind that two wraps of Amala will hardly hit the spot for you, you probably would have to order a third or fourth one. What you can, however, count on is that their Amala is so good you would have a very delectable experience! Furthermore, it is very pocket-friendly.

8. Iya Meta, Ibadan.

Iya Meta has been around for a long time. She’s in the popular market of Bodija. Because her restaurant is in the middle of the city, she attracts enormous patronage. In reality, it is said that Fuji maestro, Ayinde Barrister was a regular at this amala joint in Ibadan back then.

9. Iya Eba, Onikan, Lagos

Lagos Island is host to some of the country’s best local food spots, and this little buka on Berkeley Street has gained its fame from as far back as the 1980s. Their amala and Ewedu signature soup always leave people curious about the Buka’s name and how fitting it is.

Don’t be misled by the label “Iya Eba,” their Amala is a different experience altogether! If you’re ever around Onikan and environs at lunchtime, you should find your way to Iya Eba for a gratifying Amala experience.

10. Yellow Chili, Victoria Island, Lagos

Sometimes you have to change the pace by visiting a restaurant instead of a bukka all the time. “But these restaurants are not really good in making the kind of heavenly amala we want” I hear. The good news is Yellow Chili is a restaurant that incorporates the posh interiors and services of a restaurant with the legendary Amala making abilities. If you want to enjoy amala on a date and make a good impression while at it, the spot is Yellow Chili. With a great atmosphere and a delicious meal of amala, you will get her to fall in love with you if it’s just because of the Amala.

11. Yakoyo, Ilupeju & Surulere, Lagos

Yakoyo is another Amala Restaurant in Lagos, Nigeria. Yakoyo can be found in Ilupeju along the Ikorodu route and another branch is at Ogulana Drive Surulere. It is so popular in these areas that even a baby in the womb of the mother will show you the way. Like they say, ‘ You can’t miss it, just track the smell. ‘

12. Amala Belgium – Parliament Road, Jakande Estate, Mile 2, Amuwo Odofin

Most of the people at Amuwo Odofin can testify to the quality of the Amala being sold at this Amala restaurant in Lagos. The canteen is famously called Belgium Canteen but make no mistake, their Amala is mouth-watering and addictive more so that the people working and living in that proximity just cannot get enough of it. Whenever you are close to Amuwo Odofin, you really should check out this canteen. Warning though; you may catch yourself going back for more from time to time. Such is the irresistible quality of the Amala being sold at this Amala spot in Amuwo, Lagos, Nigeria

13. Mama Ope Canteen, Ibadan

At the Virtual House, Jemibewon Sago Road, Makola Hill, Ibadan, is where you would find Mama Ope Canteen. Mama Ope canteen has been around for more than 15 years all the while satisfying her customers with relishing dishes of Amala. Its furnishings are modern, chic and accentuated with fantastic designs. It has three sections— the VIP Lounge, the Floor, and the Hall Their main dishes are not just limited to Amala but also includes Ofada rice and peppered sauce. Mama Ope Canteen has grown to become the hottest amala joint in Ibadan.

14. Oju-Irin, Ibadan

This amala spot is strategically located you can find this canteen behind Aedrome GRA; alongside Methodist High School, Bodija. Because of its ample compound and space, it attracts huge patronage from a different class of people.

15. Defence Car Park Canteen, Marina, Lagos

Marina is home to men and women that work white-collar jobs. This is also another top amala spot in Nigeria you should consider. These people in fancy suits and ties do not think about their corporate status when coming to this Amala restaurant in Lagos. Everyone is always rushing to come to experience the superb taste at Amala First Bank, which is the nickname it is widely known as. Piece of advice for you when you go to this canteen: don’t forget to take off your jacket because you’ll be sweating in no time with the hot soft amala and delicious goat meat. Their employees are always ready to fulfil your order to ensure that you can return back to work before your lunch break is over.

16. Mama Adija Eatables (Amala Spot) Ibadan

Mama Adija Eatables is also another popular Amala spot in Ibadan. Also known as Amala Spot. It offers a variety of local foods including our precious Amala. It is one of the most recommended spots to buy Amala in Ibadan.

Mama Adija Eatables top amala spot in Nigeria

Now you have a list of all the top amala restaurant in Nigeria so do yourself big favour the next time you visit any of these cities and have a bite of this great taste of amala. In your quest for finding the top Amala spots in Nigeria, don’t forget to send us a photo or video

Top Tourist Destination Countries in The World That You Can never Get Tired of Visiting

Top destination countries

If you are looking at The Top Tourist Destination Countries in the world here you have it. Are you looking to unwind from tedious work activities or you are planning a holiday vacation and finding the best tourist location to navigate your atlas? Let’s bear that burden for you. We have carefully selected some top Tourist Destination countries around the world.

If you are looking for countries to add to your bucket list Cities such as Hong Kong, China, Macau, London, Paris, Dubai, New York, USA, Mexico and a host of others have earned reputations for being top tourist destination countries.

 We bring you a list of the world’s best tourist destination countries with the various attractions they hold, not based on any particular order or ranking but simply to serve your tourism desire. 

Whether you are planning a Christmas vacation with your whole family in mind, you want to go on a sweet honeymoon, you just want to surprise your kids to a Disney world tour, perhaps relive your very own childhood fantasies, are you a sea enthusiast?, a safari explorer, a religious devotee zealously in search of a spiritual pilgrimage, seeking inspiration from nature, a foodie looking to explore more bites, a thrill-seeker looking for mind-blowing adventures, or you just want a change of weather. You will find your most desired tourist destination countries on our list.

Here are the top Tourist Destinations Countries Around the World

1. France

France is one of the top tourist destinations countries in the world with lots to see, do and explore. The west Europe country’s capital Paris, is the biggest city in France located in the River Seine’s north-bending arc in northern central France, where the Eiffel tower stands in its magnificent glory. Paris has a rich culture and history of art, music and fashion. It is fondly known for its romantic aura which makes it the best tourist choice for newlyweds. The Louvre Museum, Arc de Triomphe, the Notre Dame Castle, Basilique du Sacré-Cœur, Centre Pompidou, Les Invalides, Musée d’Orsay, Disneyland Paris, Marne-la-Vallée are other beautiful attractions in France.

Top Tourist Destination Countries

2. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the favourite tourist destination countries full of history and lots of tourist destinations. The biggest and capital city of the United Kingdom London, located on the banks of the Thames River south of the Great Britain island has a couple of museums (Victoria and Albert Museum, the British Museum, Natural History Museum) with rich collections of historic and prehistoric artefacts, art galleries (National Portrait Gallery, to exhibit spectacular paintings by famous painters and buildings that display a great diversity of architectural prowess such as Tate Modern, Tower of London, Southbank Centre, etc.

While in London, en route the infamous London bridge and have fun watching the fascinating change of guards at the Buckingham Palace, take a horror tour of at the London Dungeon, and a walk by the Thames. You should take a peek at the Westminster, Abbey and Big Ben too. 

London Top Tourist Destination Countries

3. Japan

Japan is another top tourist spot known for its technology and socio-cultural impacts. the Happo-en Japanese Garden that sits in Shirokanedai district in Tokyo is an exquisite epitome of natural beauty with its ancient bonsai, koi pond and blanket of cherry blossoms in the springtime, the traditional Japanese tea ceremony of drinking Matcha in their wooden Muan tea house are awesome sights to behold. Since Japan is one of the most visited countries in the world, it is a top tourist destination country. 

japan tourist destination

4. Thailand

Besides Bangkok, Thailand’s largest and capital city located in the Chao Phraya River delta with its multi-facet attractions of dynamic nightlife, prevalent sex tourism and religious Buddhist temples like Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Arun, Vimanmek Mansion, the Grand Palace which is regarded as the largest teak building in world, Bangkok National Museum and Royal Barge, Phuket as well as Pattaya also rank high in Thailand as best tourist destinations boasting of long shorelines and beautiful, pristine sandy beaches such as Jomtien Beach, Promthep Cape, Nai Harn beach, Naklua and Nong, Hat Kamala, hat Patong, cape Panwa respectively. Thailand is a top tourist destination country you should consider. 

turkey tourist destinations

5. Hong Kong

 Hong Kong is another top tourist destination country. It is an autonomous territory located in East Asia’s Pearl River delta. Hong Kong attracts millions of tourists from all parts of the globe annually. What makes Hong Kong so alluring is the fact that almost all the districts of Hong Kong offer a large number of attractions to the tourists which makes a value pack. The Victoria Peak, Avenue of the stars, Ocean Park Hong Kong, Sleeping Beauty Castle, Lantau Island, Po Lin Monastery, Hong Kong Museum of History, Man Mo Temple, Ferry and junk boat rides, remarkable hiking options, delicious food cuisines, malls and street-side markets for shoppers. 

hong kong

6. Africa

African countries are also a top tourist destination countries and some of the countries to consider is Angola, Egypt, Madagascar, South Africa, Kenya, Zambezi, Tanzania, Nigeria all have one natural fascination or the other to make your Safari tour a splendid one

African tourust destination

7. Malaysia

Over the years Malasia has grown to become one of the top tourist destination countries in the World. Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital city serves as the base for tourism to Malaysia. With its modern skyline that is dominated by the world’s tallest twin buildings, the Petronas Twin Towers. Kuala Lumpur is also known for its British colonial-era landmarks. And stands a hospitable host to several international sports, musical, Cultural festivals like the Thaipusam procession and other events. The most visited tourist attractions in Malaysia include the House of Parliament, the National Museum, the National Monument, the Petaling Street, the Merdeka Square, the Jamek Mosque and the Central Market. It is also famous for its vigorous nightlife, wide choice of food restaurants, international hotel chains, and thriving shopping centres.

8. Singapore

Singapore is also another country to consider if you are looking for the top Tourist destination countries around the world. The marina bay sands, Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari, River Safari, Singapore Botanical Gardens, Masjid Sultan, Sri Mariamman Temple, Kranji War Memorial, Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall, Civilian War Memorial, National Museum of Singapore, Istana Kampong Glam and Gardens by the Bay are popular attractions in Singapore, the world’s only island city-state, located off the coast of Malaysia in Southeast Asia. Singapore serves as a global financial centre and is famous for its multicultural population and tropical climate. Tourism is a major industry in Singapore and contributes significantly to the country’s economy because the number of tourist visits it has annually most times exceed its population three times over. Singapore is also a popular shopping destination and has several shopping belts populated by avid shoppers.

singapore tourist attraction

9. Macau

Tourism and gambling are the two important sources of income in Macau an autonomous territory on the Pearl River delta’s western side in East Asia with an electrifying atmosphere and rich resorts due to the interesting fusion of Chinese and European cultures in this region of the world. It is one of the richest regions in the world, famous as the largest gambling centre in the world with lots of casinos offering tourists the unique opportunity to enjoy testing their fortunes in gambling games.

Festivals like the Chinese New Year, The Bodhisatta Avalokitesvara, Macau Tower, Fisherman’s Wharf, Macau Museum, the theme park Casinos, the Ruins of St. Paul, Macau tower Museum of Taipa and Coloane History Spring Lantern Festival, Ching Ming Festival, Birthday of the Buddha are some of the interesting and exciting festivals hosted there. The region also offers well-maintained public swimming pools and excellent beaches. Sailing, hiking, camping, gambling and numerous temples, churches, fortresses, narrow alleyways that attract curious tourist who is in the mood for exploration are some of the tourist activities. There is also the opportunity to head to the islands of Macau or relax in the pretty gardens or just experience the Inca trail. Macau should be on your list of top tourist destination countries. 

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10. United States of America

The United States of America is one country that is on every traveller’s bucket list. New York City, the most populous city in the USA located at the New York state’s southern tip known across the world as a dynamic and cosmopolitan centre in the country is associated with glitter and glamour (the city that never sleeps) and is a dream destination for many across the world (concrete jungle where dreams are made of). Its major tourist attractions include the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Empire State Building, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Times Square, Ellis Island, Broadway theatre productions, Manhattan Chinatown. New York also hosts major cultural events and international festivals throughout the year.

Helicopter and balloon, cultural and theme tours are some of the activities offered. The United States also has many beautiful beaches resorts and it is also home to the magnificent Niagara fall

United states of america Top Tourist Destination Countries

11. Turkey

Turkey is a Muslim dominated country and just like Dubai it has grown to become one of the top tourist destination countries around the world. Istanbul, the historical Constantinople, is Turkey’s capital and most populous city. Strategically located as a transcontinental Eurasian city has attracted a large number of emperors, pilgrims and tourist explorers, visiting the numerous palaces, the Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Camii), Hippodrome, Basilica Cistern (Yerebatan Sarnıçı), Aya Sofya, Topkapı Palace, Hippodrome, Istanbul Archaeology Museum, Grand Bazaar (Kapalı Çarşı), Süleymaniye Mosque, Spice Bazaar (Mısır Çarşısı), Dolmabahçe Palace, Chora Church (Kariye Müzesi), Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts, the Yedikule. 

turkey tourist destinations

The Mediterranean resort town Antalya is also an amazing tourist point in Turkey. It has interesting sights such as the Roman Fortress, Karst springs and The Antalya museum.

The perquisite city of the United Arab Emirates Dubai, deemed as the shopping capital of the Middle East, is known for its stunning high-rise structures, ultra-modern architecture, artificial islands, gold souks, luxury malls, exquisite shopping destinations, efficacious nightlife scenes makes Dubai one of the most desired tourism site especially for lovebirds. Dubai is home to the world’s largest shopping centre, the Souk districts which are famous as the Gold Souk in Deira, the Dubai Creek, the Bay Khalifa, Dubai Aquarium and Dolphinarium, Bastakia. Cable car rides and camel rides are some fun activities to add to your shopping list while planning a Dubai tour.

Others include top tourist Destination countries 

–        South Korea: Seoul tower, Lotte world, Jongmyo shrine

South Korea

–        Italy: St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, Rome. The Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon


–        Taiwan: Taipei the Republic city of China is habitat to the world’s largest national museum, Chiang kai Shek Memorial and Beitou hot springs

–        China: Guangzhou where the White Cloud Mountain, Yeuxiu Park and the Pearl river are. Shanghai is also a great place to tour especially visiting the Jade Buddha temple and the Yuyuan Garden


–        Florida: Miami is another city in the United States of America with so much to explore Miami has quite a lot of beaches. It is also home to the largest art deco building in the world, Fort Lauderdale and John Pennekamp coral reef state park. 

–        Czech Republic: the amusing city of Prague is worth every tourism expenditure. The Prague castle is the largest in the world, the Charles Bridge, the Dancing House and the Power Tower will keep you so glued, you wouldn’t want the tour to end. 

– Las Vegas: this naturally desert streams with lots of Casinos which has effortlessly turned it into a gambling pool and a nightlife fountain. Caesar’s Palace, Venetian Las Vegas, the Strip, Fremont street are tour experiences you would not want to miss out of. Just don’t forgot to keep it all there when you’re leaving.  

– Saudi Arabia: Mecca while on an Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, endeavour to explore its rich heritage by visiting the Al Ula, Jawatha Mosque and Medina Saleh

– Italy: Milan takes a tour of the Milan Cathedral, Navigli, Lomabardi and Sforzesco castle.

– Tokyo: explore the Imperial Palace, Mount Fuji and Great Budha of Kamakura

– Shenzhen: China (fairy lake botanical garden, the China folk cultural village. 

– Argentina, Patagonia, Barcelona, Grand canyonTahiti, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Santorini, Sydney, Hong Kong, British virgin islands, costa Rica are all amazing and fascinating places to tour. 

Whatever your tourism need is, we got a suitable place on our list of top tourist destination countries that you can choose from. Just choose what is best for you. 

If you are fascinated by nature, find your way to Africa where nature dwells in her splendour. Perhaps, If you seek to explore the magnificent wonders of the world, feed your fantasies, You want a place to rekindle your childhood fantasies try Disney land. 

In the case where you simply want to encounter God on a pilgrimage, Mecca, Instanbul, Rome, are a great choice. 

If you Want a tranquil park to meditate and have some mind yoga, You got the gardens and seasides. 

And if you want to explore diverse cultural heritages, go where culture is preserved like Asia or Africa. 

Top Ten Countries You Should Add to Your Travel Bucket List with their Tourist Attractions


This article is about lists of countries you should have on your travel bucket lists. If you have a travel bucket list and you don’t have one or all of the following countries in your bucket lists, It’s high time you should audit and evaluate your travel bucket lists. Life is too short without seeing all the beauties life has to offer. Imagine the feeling of accomplishing your travel bucket list, with so many exotic destinations to explore on planet earth. 

The earth is endowed with several tourist attractions located in various countries across the world like the seven wonders of the world, the beautiful mountains, the seas, the oceans, the safari and some old historic sites. This is one of the many reasons why you should travel and tour the world

Even though you might not be able to visit every country in the world, some very essential ones are a must-see in this lifetime or relive to see. Take a look at our top ten travel bucket list and find yourself a fascinating place to visit around the earth during your lifetime, while you still have the power and capability to do so. In your bid to travel the world, you should make your journey an interesting one by adding some adventurous things to your bucket lists.

Top 10 Countries You Should Have on Your Travel Bucket List

Antarctica: This icy wilderness is earth’s southernmost continent which is in itself a country and state as it has none accorded to it even though it ranks number 5 in size, beating 2 other continents that have countries and states. This is because Antarctica is made up of about 98% water both in its liquid form and solid (ice) form. It can be rightly said that the walls of Antarctica consists of frozen water and the most fascinating thing about these ice walls is that they are not static. Before you begin to catch some chills, take a look at some of the bucket list of tourist attractions that will leave you freezing unless you take a dip in the hot spring at Deception Island.

1. Bucket list attractions in Antarctica include:



First of all, your travel plan or itinerary should be mapped around the Antarctic Peninsula an extension of the Andes; the most popular landing spot as it is the closest point to South America but still separated by the notoriously rough, 1,000 kilometres wide Drake Passage which makes it even the more bucket list-worthy. Crossing the Drake Passage takes two days by boat or two hours by plane alternatively. Voyages often stop off at some of the fascinating islands along the way, which helps to break up the long cruise. Your expedition has just about begun as you could spot dozens of whales swimming around the cruise boats, and one of the region’s top predators the leopard seal hunting seals. 



If you go through this stretch of water between South America and Antarctica without a churn in your stomach then you have a fearless heart. The passage instigates a sense of adventure and dreads all at the same time as the boat manoeuvres through the wave of moving ice walls that come right at it threatening to enclose and suppress it. The best way to distract yourself from the dreadful rouse of gales and the sense of mounting excitement from the colossal icebergs during the two-day crossing by boat is to find something to watch and really watch it with full concentration, you would most definitely catch a glimpse of giant albatross from the deck or better yet join in the captivating wildlife and geography lectures. 


Falkland is the windswept, wave-bashed biodiversity where you should expect to be followed by Commerson’s dolphins as you take a boat cruise. When you look around, you might also see some enormous albatross glide above and four species of penguins nest on the shoreline, shipwrecks and an unsettling whalebone arch. You should cap up your voyage with a tray of grilled fish and chips or send yourself fax or text from the red phone boxes. 

King George Island is the largest island in Antarctica and its airfield is most often than not used by those wishing to avoid the rough Drake Passage crossing. Lying 120 kilometres to the south, close to one of the last outposts before reaching Antarctica, the South Shetlands are home to 16 research stations and the continent’s only hotel. This is one of the very few places in Antarctica where you feel at home at least with the sight of humans (researchers), it is however not rid of aquatic and semi-aquatic animals such as Penguins, gulls, cormorants, giant petrels, mosses and lichens. 


This precarious channel made up of backdrop marrowy waters is sloped high above the waters stand some giant icebergs, glaciers and sheer cliffs, while humpback whales and sometimes orcas from the behemoths beneath. It is surely a gateway of unforgettable adventures.


This natural harbour located on Wiencke Island has served several purposes. It was originally used for whaling, then as a military base during the Second World War, it later served as a research station. It is currently a popular stop-off point for Antarctic itinerants and is being used as a historic site with a museum and post office. So when your Antarctic expedition takes you around Port Lockroy, do well to send yourself a postcard or mail with an Antarctica stamp on it for the record.


In this desolate yet beautiful, remarkably remote the South Sandwich Islands which is the resting place of explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton is a 3,000 meters mountain ridge that discharges glaciers into sheltered harbours and serves as home to king penguins and enormous barking elephant seals. 

The islands also feature volcanic Mount Michael as well as the about 3,700 meters high Mount Erebus which both have active lava lakes. This is one of the best spots to watch the icebergs crumble and melt into liquid waters. 


This is your best bet if you are looking to find the amazing plant and animal species on the Antarctic continent. The islands are among the most isolated few and far between on the planet that encompasses specks of land between with some of the strangest mega herbs that have adapted to the climatic condition of Antarctica and managed to flourish. Some enormous penguin colonies especially the rockhopper penguins skip along the shores, while elephant seals bicker and honk so loud you could feel them underneath your skin. 


The waters here are a lot more accommodating and host no titanic icebergs that could close up on you. Here you can take an Antarctica expedition a little deeper into the shallow waters and explore the walking trails through the national park forests, paddle canoes on lagoons and rivers and get to breathe in some fresh iceless Antarctic oxygen.


I bet you are as awed as I was when I first heard the phrase hot spring being associated with earth’s coldest ice region. I thought for a while that it might be an artificial spring that is heated by perhaps researchers or tourists to warm themselves up when the cold begins to defy and penetrate warm clothing. My bubbles busted when I realized that Deception Island’s Hot Spring is actually a natural hot spring in Antarctica where you can soak up and keep yourself warm against the icy climate. 

You have the options of wading right into the warm shore water at the South Shetlands in Antarctica where there is warm volcanic soil and even warmer water underground if you are an excellent swimmer. Else, you should just dig up some of the volcanic soil to make a bed of water your size and climb into the steaming hot pool of water for a sensational dip. 

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Brazil should be on the list of top countries you should have on your bucket list. Brazil is one spectacular tourism destination that overflows with enticing fascinations ranging from cultural diversity, state of the art structures and natural endowments. Read on and discover some of the best tourism attraction sites that you should check on your travel bucket list.


Sugarloaf is a top destination you should have on your bucket list of the top destination in Brazil. This renowned symbolic attraction is located in the populous city of Rio de Janeiro. The rounded rock peak of Sugar Loaf is visible from afar as it projects out of a tree shielded cliff, rising about 390 meters above the beaches and city. 


Climbing up to its summit is one thing that should be paramount on your Brazil tour. You should do well too to visit the harbour and catch some thrills on a cable car ride between Sugar Loaf and the Morro da Urca.

b. CRISTO REDENTOR – Christ The Redeemer

The magnanimity of God is well captured in the magnificent Art Deco statue of Christ, called Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer). The statue of Jesus Christ with outstretched arms measuring about 28 meters as if to encompass all of humanity, this gigantic (709 meters high) statue gazes out over Rio de Janeiro and the bay from the summit of Corcovado. Besides the awesome sight of the impressive Cristo Redentor, you also have the opportunity to make a midpoint stop on the railway that leads to trails through the Tijuca National Park, a huge forest that protects springs, waterfalls, and a wide variety of tropical birds, butterflies, and plants. Checking this on your travel bucket list is an accomplishment that would indeed be a reminder of the certainty of God’s benevolence especially if you take a picture of the massive statue with open hands. 

c. CARNAVAL        

The burst of ornate colours, exciting sounds and captivating activities at Rio’s pre-Lenten Carnaval (Carnival) will surely set your world on fire with the Carnival’s exuberance. The Carnaval is not just any kind of rowdy street party, but a carefully staged pièce de résistance that offers spectators the chance to watch the parades of competing samba dancers strut their stuff in a dazzling explosion of brilliant costumes from the Sambódromo; a custom-built stadium designed by Brazil’s famous architect, Oscar Niemeyer. Every moment of this show is worth every resource spent on your trip to Brazil.


Apart from the fascinating fact that the Iguaçu river plummets fabulously in a semicircle consisting of more than 240 waterfalls that thunder down into the gorge below, it might interest you to know that the falls comprise of waters from different countries so moving from one point to another around the falls might just put you in a different country entirely. It is actually the point where Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina meet. As you explore the subtropical rain forest that hosts the Iguaçu Falls serves as home to more than 1,000 species of birds and mammals, including deer, otters, ocelots, and capybaras, so be careful so you don’t sink into the Garganta do Diabo (Devil’s Throat).


This is also another destination you should have on your bucket list. Following downtown Rio’s most fashionable and famous section Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana is Copacabana Beach which is state lined all along one side by 4 kilometres of white sands and breaking surfs. The beach hosts several shows serves as a popular playground for kids and adults alike and is filled with swimmers and sun-worshipers. You can as well take a stroll away from the shores unto the streets to find restaurants, smart shops, cafés, and beautiful old buildings such as the monumental Copacabana Palace. 


If you are planning to visit Brazil, this is one location you should have on your bucket list. Plan a visit to the Amazons, you must get ready for boat voyages. The Amazon is formed at the point called Encontro das Aguas; meeting of the waters, about 20 kilometres southeast of Manaus; the dark Rio Negro waters that meet the light muddy water of the Rio Solimões flowing side by side for about six kilometres. The amazing sight of the network of rivers, channels, and lakes formed by the three rivers in the Rio Negro, the Anavilhanas Islands forming an archipelago with lakes, streams, and flooded forests that offer a full cross-section of the Amazonian ecosystem where monkeys, sloths, parrots, toucans, caimans, turtles, and other wildlife have built a safe haven is indeed a delightful one. 


This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the current capital city of Brazil and is one of the world’s few cities that represent a completed plan and a single architectural concept that projects the entire governmental section composed of major architectural highlights such as the presidential palace, supreme court, the Historical Museum of Brasília, the Panteão da Liberdade (Pantheon of Freedom) and the two sharply contrasting congress buildings without the normal mix of residential and business districts which are the city’s main tourist attractions and a must check on your travel bucket list.


They are both named UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Pelourinho is fondly known as the Cidade Alta which translates to Upper Town in English. It is Brazil’s former colonial capital has been named a for its outstanding collection of 17th and 18th-century colonial buildings including churches and monasteries, built at a time when Brazil was rich with gold and the plentiful gold was copiously spent on the colony’s religious buildings. 

Ouro Preto is a jewel of a colonial town with steep streets and mountains so impulsive in places that they become stairways lined by gracious colonial mansions, and white churches crowning its hills with ornate bell towers. 

These sites are a must-visit if you look to get in-depth knowledge of Brazils unfading glory.


Pernambuco Beach should also be on your bucket list of places to visit in Brazil. It features sailboats on crystal waters, tall palm trees and broad stretches of silver sand on this phlegmatic, colourful, ancient beach town makes a mix of fun and excitement. Move close to the shores and you’d feel wonderful tropical fish swim around your feet in ankle-deep water. You can also take a boat tour through the lagoon where tiny seahorses swim, scuba dive into the waters to explore exciting coral reefs and shipwrecks, kayak in the lagoons and bay or just watch kites fly in the steady breeze. 


The Art Museums of Sao Paulo should be top on your bucket list of places to visit in Brazil. Also known as The Museu de Arte São Paulo (MASP), São Paulo holds some of the first-class collections of fine arts in Latin America displaying the continent’s most inclusive collection of western works of art, with archetypal works by artists from the Renaissance through modern masters. The buildings in which these remarkable arts are housed are of great architectural significance as well. 

Brazil is sure bracing with lots of attractions that are just enough to fill your travel bucket list.


You should have China listed as a priority of top places to visit across the world. Technology, culture and a whole lot of sundry attractions abound in this endowed country. China is full of rich historical destinations. The following are some of the travel bucket list attractions you should check when you travel to China. 


great wall of china

The Great Wall of China should be on the list of top places on your bucket list to visit in China. The Great Wall of China holds the titles of the World’s Longest Wall. It is also listed as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Its winding path over rugged country and steep mountains takes in some great scenery spanning from China’s western front line to the east coast and totalling about 5,000 kilometres approximately 3,000 miles. A tourism visit to China without exploring the Great Wall especially an all-night expedition at its stunning water town is an absolute waste of your vacation. 


The Terracotta Army is one of the greatest archaeological World Cultural Heritage Site that was discovered just 45 years ago, in the year 1974 precisely by some farmers while digging a well and it is said to have laid underground for more than 2,000 years. It comprises of hundreds of detailed actual size models representing the army that triumphed over all other Chinese armies in the Warring States Period between the years 475 to 221 BC, and who were the decisive factor in forming a united China. I bet you are better off seeing these armies in their dummy states than in their lifetime cause then you would never have gotten so close to getting an in-depth look at all their valiance. 


The forbidden city also is known as the Palace Museum should be on your bucket list of top attraction to see in China. I bet the name incites some sense of horror but fear not. The Forbidden City is not a mystical place where you could get swallowed up by some hovering numinous spirits. It is named Forbidden City because it was once a palace-city for the royals, where ordinary people were forbidden entry.

The Forbidden City is World Cultural Heritage, a treasure house of Chinese cultural and historical relics that was the imperial palace of the Ming and Qing Dynasties for 560 years till 1911 with an extravagant demonstration of ancient Chinese architecture, over 8,000 rooms with golden roofs elegantly designed and painted in red and yellow which has sheltered 24 emperors. Just close your eyes and imaging roaming one of the 5 most significant palaces in the world without any royal guard interrupting you.


the Bund is a must-have in your list of places to visit in China. The Bund is one of the most perceptible architectural figures of Shanghai in China. It showcases the world with its colonial European edifices and skyscrapers and features awesome Night scenery as well as spectacular horizons that will surely make you want to extend your expedition.


This River flows with inspiration through the karsts scenery, capturing the heart of artists so much so that generations of Chinese painters and poets have been spurred by the beauty of nature there and moved to use their pens and brushes to portray the mind-blowing natural landscape. The Li River is a picturesque attraction used by many professional photographers and has made it on America’s NatGeo (National Geographic) Magazine as one of the World’s Top Ten Watery Wonders. Perhaps your visit would earn it your custom title.


The Giant Panda is another tourist attraction site in China you should have on your bucket list. Pandas are as massive as the legendary Kungfu Panda can be seen not in the cartoon animations but the real world and in their natural habitats. Chengdu is regarded as the giant panda’s hometown with a Panda Breeding and Research Center. Close to Chengdu are two more Panda havens Bifengxia Panda Base and Dujiangyan Panda Valley where you can get up-close and personal with these colossus creatures especially when you engage in volunteer programs. 


If you expected that every mountain is a rocky formation with green plantations here and there then sorry but no apologies. The Yellow Mountain is proud to unapologetically disappoint you as it flaunts its legendary Wonders in a sea of clouds and attractive area prowling with hot springs, the splendid sunrise, peculiarly carved rocks and twisted pine trees. Just embrace the uniqueness of this awesome mountain and take some pictures for the memory. It is a must-do thing you should have in your bucket list. 


Another place you should have on your bucket list of things to do in China is to visit the Potala Palace. The Potala Palace is a huge treasure house of materials and articles from Tibetan history, religion, culture and art which is a symbolic structure in the city of Tibet that is widely known for the exquisite sculptures, murals, scriptures, Buddhist statues, antiques, and religious jewellery contained therein. It is fondly regarded as the Heart of the Roof of the World and holds the title of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. 


This is a harbour of mighty skyscraper horizons that can be viewed from Victoria Peak offering the iconic stance over Hong Kong’s high rise buildings around the busy Victoria Harbor stretching out towards Mainland China presenting a dazzling night the scenery of Lights from the various high rise buildings that creates a focal point of delightful attractions.


Another important place to add to your travel bucket list is West Lake in China. 

This intriguing China’s Paradise on Earth comprises of the wonderfully crafted landscape featuring mountains near and far that surround it on the three sides, the occasional pagoda and Chinese-style arched bridge that adds a convivial atmosphere to the tree-lined walkways, verdant islands, and hills. You are sure to experience great peace and tranquillity. 


Egypt is another beautiful place to add to your travel bucket list. If you are looking for an African country to visit, Egypt is another beautiful place to consider. It offers a bit of Safari Desert, mountain views, beach and full of historical monuments. Africa is full of so many tourist Attractions.

Egypt might be a desert country, but when it comes to tourism attractions, it overflows with them.

Here are some bucket list attractions you should not miss out on your tourism visit to Egypt.

a. Pyramids of Giza

pyramid of giza

The Pyramid of Giza should stay top on your list of places to visit in Egypt. These pyramids have stood the test of time and are known to be the last surviving of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. They were built to serve as tombs for the great Pharaohs and were guarded by the unfathomable Sphinx and have today become a tourist attraction that you should have checked on your travel bucket list.


The valley of the Kings is a must-visit tourist destination you should have on your travel bucket list. Egypt is full of a lot of Well deserving of its name, this ancient Thebes valley is a power base of the New Kingdom Pharaohs, and home to more sights than you can see on one visit. The Karnak Temple and the Memorial Temple of Hatshepsut, the Nile-side town of Luxor in Upper Egypt has a surplus of tourist attractions while the East Bank brims with vibrant souk action and the quieter West Bank is home to a bundle of tombs and temples that have been called the biggest open-air museum in the world. If you wish to explore all or as many of the archaeological wonders as possible, you should book your Egypt tourism trip during the long vacations when you can spend more days.


The root of practical ancient Islamic religion is still deeply entrenched in this atmospheric narrow lanes of the capital’s Islamic Cairo district that is jam-packed with many mosques, Madrassas (Islamic schools of learning), monumental structures dating from the Fatimid through to the Mameluke eras and well-preserved artefacts of the ancient Islamic emirates such as the labyrinth shopping souk of Khan el-Khalili as well as the coppersmiths and artisans tiny workshops and stalls laden with ceramics, textiles, spice, and perfume still in operation. While on the expedition here, make sure you climb to the roof of the ancient medieval gate of Bab Zuweila for the best turrent speckled panoramas across the district, visit Al-Azhar Mosque and the glaring Sultan Hassan Mosque to make your trip even more worthwhile.


The town of Aswan is so peaceful and tranquil that only the bursting colours of the sight of Feluccas on the Nile can be said to be the only disruption of its tranquillity. Amity is the order of this beautiful town set upon the winding curves of the Nile, backed by orange-hued dunes that make it a perfect place to stop and unwind for a few days soaking up the calm atmosphere on a river ferry across to Elephantine Island, sip on refreshing cups of tea on one of the riverboat restaurants while watching the lateen sailed feluccas drift past, Ride a camel to the desert monastery of St. Simeon on the East Bank or take a casual stroll down the vibrant streets of the Nubian villages. 


This ornate monument stands guard outside the Ramses II’s great temple with a lavishly furnished interior decorated with wall paintings. The tremendous sight of this massive structure is an awesome attraction you should not trade for anything else.


This is one of the world’s greatest museum collections whose outer paintings is a faded pink, is home to a dazzling amount of exhibits of the golden glory of King Tutankhamen and the fascinating royal mummies as well as some wonderful pieces of ancient arts that would give you a mind-blowing experience of ancient Egyptian life.


This is a natural wonder where fantastically shaped chalk mountains have created a snowy wonderland in the middle of the arid sands. Bedazzling white boulders and pinnacles bearing resemblance to icebergs form the fictitious looking but natural landscapes especially exciting for those seeking to explore desert adventurer. If you don’t find a white desert fascinating then I don’t know what can catch meet your fantasies. 


An oasis in a desert is definitely a delightful sight and the Siwa Oasis is no different. This adorable little oasis surrounded by date palm plantations and numerous freshwater springs is indeed a tranquil tonic to the hustle of Egypt’s cities and it will provide you with some relaxing sensation as you tour the desert country of Egypt for sure.


This city founded by Alexander the Great permeates European civilization into Egypt’s culture to form a uniquely rich history that not many other cities have been able to match. It was once home to Queen Cleopatra but today there exist but very few historic remnants of its illustrious past and tourists can now stroll along the seashore Corniche, café-hopping, and souk shopping. If not for anything else, you should visit Alexandria and walk on the same ground the infamous Queen Cleopatra once tread. 


Sinai is a name that rings a bell in every Jewish and Christian ear if not all of humanity as the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments from God. St. Catherine’s Monastery is situated at the foot of Mount Sinai and is one of the oldest monasteries in the world housing a remarkable collection of religious iconography, arts, and manuscripts as well as the burning bush. You can take a hike up Mount Sinai to see sunrise or sunset, take an easy route ride through the camel path or climb the famous Steps of Repentance up to the Monastery. It is no doubt the best place for spiritual and physical reinvigoration. 

It would interest you to know that Sinai is not only a holy ground. South Sinai particularly is Egypt’s centre for beach fun on the Sinai Peninsula. While Sharm el-Sheikh is a European-style resort full of luxury hotels, international restaurants, and bags of entertainment options, Dahab, on the other hand, is a low-key beach town where you can unwind and relax. 


Regardless of how dry Egypt is, the few water bodies it has all make a statement. Below the Red Sea’s surface is this amazing world that is as fascinating as the temples and tombs on land. Thistlegorm has many coral reefs off the coast and a surplus of shipwrecks that have sunk in the Red Sea’s Gulf of Gubal and Gulf of Aqaba including an English World War II cargo ship that was bombed by the Germans on its way to resupply British troops. The Red Sea has sucked in so much blood that it should no longer be water, but it still is.


 France is a country you must add to your bucket list of countries to visit. France is full of so many exciting locations, historical destinations and it is a city full of stories with a blend of old modernisation and the new age. 



One location you should have on your travel bucket list of places to visit in France. The Eiffel Tower is one of the Seven Wonders of the World which holds an annual tourist guest record of about Seven million people. There is a whole diversity of fun activities you can enjoy at this skyscraper structure ranging from an evening ascent in the midst of flashing lights, pedalling beneath, hiking up to the peak instead of using the lift lunch at 58 Tour Eiffel or simply branching by néo bistro (new bistro) a small, casual serving outstanding cuisine under the tutelage of a talented chef just a short distance from the Eiffel Tower.

b. MONT ST. MICHEL                   

You should definitely add this to your priority list of places to visit in France. This legendary sea features a dramatic play of magical and mysterious tides on the island of religious foundation in Normandy. Mont St Michel is a must-visit to add to your bucket list. It is alleged by Celtic mythology to be a sea tomb to which souls of the dead were cast. You can take a walk alone or with a companion, perhaps a tour guide across rippled sand to the stunning architectural ensemble while you watch fun activities on the shores.


Champagne and Alsatian Wine route is a great location to add to your bucket list. Alsatian Wine Route is one of France’s most popular drives in which motoring takes you through a kaleidoscope of lush green vines, perched castles and gentle mist-covered mountains where the only pit stops en route are half-timbered villages and roadside wine cellars, where fruity Alsace vintages can be swirled, tasted and bought at producer prices. 

While named brand Champagne houses like Mumm, Mercier and Moët, Chandon in the main towns of Reims and Épernay, are known the world over, much of Champagne’s best liquid gold is made by almost 5000 small scale vignerons (winegrowers) in about 320 odd villages. 


The Loire is one of France’s last euves Sauvage (wild rivers) flowing for over 1000 kilometres into the Atlantic Ocean. Its valley is riddled with beautiful chateaux sporting glittering towers and ballrooms, lavish cupolas and chapels while its banks are a 1000 year snapshot of French high society that suffices for a splendid romantic getaway. 


Catch a rare thrill that makes you feel your spirit descending with the adrenaline rush experienced in the Vallée Blanche as you slide down more than 20 kilometres off from the spike of the Aiguille du Midi to mountain climbing mecca Chamonix. You can take the buzz a little further by hurling yourself down Europe’s longest black run, La Sarenne, at Alpe d’Huez for mind-blowing extreme adrenalin kick so you can check your bucket list with pride.


Ste-Chapelle is the best bet for a summer trip experience reserved strictly for sunny days where you get stunned and inspired by the sublime stained glass in Paris. At Chartres, all your blue feelings get absorbed by the awesome stained-glass windows of Cathédrale Notre Dame de Chartres leaving you feeling a great calmness in the depth of your soul. 

g. The Three Corniches at Nice

Driving past these dramatic trio of coastal roads that seem to compete with one another, each one higher and more hairpin bend riddled than the next without conjuring up cinematic images of Grace Kelly, Hitchcock, the glitz of Monaco high life, and scandalous royals is near impossible. Especially with the standing ovation of several vast view of sweeping blue sea fringing Europe’s most mythical coastline. The sight is just too captivating to resist.


This site inspires more fright than delight as a first glimpse of the La Cité’s sturdy, stone, witch’s hat tower above Carcassonne in the Languedoc might make your hair stand on end. A night time view is less frightening as the place is usually illuminated with a heavenly glow. And this is the best time to accurately enjoy your tourist trip to this fairy-tale walled city. 


D-day is celebrated every year on the 6th of June in commemoration of June 6, 1944, when the beaches of northern Normandy were a cacophony of gunfire and explosions, the bodies of Allied soldiers lying in the sand as their comrades-in-arms charged inland during the 2nd World War. Just up the hill from Omaha Beach, the long rows of symmetrical gravestones at the Normandy American Cemetery & Memorial bear solemn, silent testimony to the horrible price paid for France’s liberation from Nazi tyranny. It would be an honour indeed to pass by the tombstones and pray for the souls to rest in peace then you can honourably check your bucket list.


France too has villages, medieval ones at that. The Hilltop Villages are dreadfully hovering on a rocky peak above the Mediterranean, gloriously lost in the backcountry, southern France’s portfolio of villages perches is vast, impressive and calls for tourists to slow down while touring the village either on foot, by bicycle or car for everyone’s safety. 


The Centre Pompidou-Metz is a provincial counterpart to the well-known Centre Pompidou in Paris that bristles with bright white radiance by day and glows when it is dark. It is a modern art museum that is as much architectural gem as exhibition powerhouse where you don’t have to go with a lunch pack or snacks in your bag as you’d be delighted to munch on edible art on a plate, at the museum’s La Voile Blanche. A lunch you will not forget in a hurry and would probably make you want to check that particular travel bucket list again. 


Italy should make it to your list of important destinations to visit. Italy overflows with numerous royal structures whose glory is now available to the public who wish to tour them with good intentions. 

Some of the bucket list attractions you should check in Italy are as follows…



The Colosseum should top your bucket list of places to visit in Italy. The Colosseum is a symbolic structure of colossal size that is capable of accommodating fifty thousand (50,000) spectators at a time and has 80 doorways. It proudly represents Roman culture and history. You can step away from the gigantic theatre and ease off nearby at the Palatine Hill or the Palatino, one of the city’s oldest parts overlooking the Roman Forum that is located about 40 miles below to see some giant pine trees and ancient ruins but be careful not to get lost in the massive attractions.


In case you haven’t added Pompeii to your bucket list of places to visit in Italy, it is worth visiting. Must-see attractions in this area include the Thermal Baths that represent ancient health clubs, the Forum where gatherings of the top officials and priests of the ancient city would take place, the Theatre where plays were staged out in the ancient times and the ruins of the ancient Roman city that was destroyed nearly completely due to the eruption of the volcano Mt. Vesuvius. Lest I forget, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The Uffizi Gallery is an art museum which gives shelter to famous artwork from the Renaissance period. While the Vasari Corridor is an elevated passage connected to the Uffizi Gallery and running between the town hall and the Palazzo Pitti. Both of these attractions are located in the Historic Centre of Florence. Therefore, a trip to either of them is proportionate to killing two births with one stone.


This art exhibition centre located in Florence is one of Italy’s most visited tourist destinations. It holds remarkable art exhibitions dating back to the 1300 and 1600, the most famous of which is the sculpture of David by Michelangelo and other works of this great artist as well as other artists of Florence. You might not have met these artists, but seeing their works of art will sound their thoughts in your heart. 


This museum with an impeccable towering cylindrical structure which is today the fifth most popular attraction in Italy was built under the dictates of Hadrian, a Roman Emperor, to serve as a mausoleum for him and his family. It is also called Mausoleum of Hadrian and is located in Rome’s Parco Adriano. It was at some point a tomb house where ashes of Emperor Hadrian and his family members and those of subsequent emperors till 217 AD were stored until in 401 when the mausoleum was converted to a fortress and castle and finally, in modern times, it has been declared a museum where the general public can visit and find Roman artefacts on display. 


The Boboli Gardens was an exclusive garden accessible by members of the Medici family only as it was built adjacent to the Pitti Palace which was the residence of Tuscany’s Medici grand dukes. Today the general public has the liberty to visit these massive gardens occupying about 45,000 square meters that were reserved for just the royals. 


This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Venaria Reale in the Metropolitan City of Turin and one of the former royal abode of the Royal House of Savoy. The palace was constructed in the late 17th century and commissioned by Charles Emmanuel II to serve as a base for his hunting expeditions. It is today a tourism destination where you can go chill out undisturbed by any animals or hunter’s gunfire. 


An Egyptian museum in Italy might sound like a misfit but a tour expedition in there will certainly get you checking your flight ticket to confirm you haven’t got the wrong one. The museum hosts exhibits of Egyptian anthropology and archaeology and has some of the richest collections of Egyptian antiquities in the world. Having this on your bucket list just might save you the cost of going on an Egyptian tourist trip.


The Galleria Borghese is a Roman art gallery located in the Villa Borghese Pinciana that exhibits collections of paintings, antiques and sculptures gathered together by the Borghese family; a princely family of Italy. The Villa Borghese Gardens is a graceful habitation of beautiful plants situated adjacent to The Galleria Borghese. Booking a tour to one is certainly a pocket wise decision.


Cinque means five although contextually used in the game of dice. It is not out of place here either. The Cinque Terre refers to the area of centuries-old seaside villages on the rugged Italian Riviera coastline made up of five towns which are Manarola, Riomaggiore, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare. A visit to the Cinque Terre is worth every ink spent in adding it to your bucket list and printing your plane ticket. 


South Africa is a beautiful destination and you should definitely have a space for it in your travel bucket lists.

a. SUN CITY RESORT                           

Africa’s Kingdom of Pleasure, Sun City is a luxury casino and resort located adjacent to Pilanesberg Game Reserve; the most popular public Game Reserve in South Africa and is just about two hours’ drive from Johannesburg. The complex contains four hotels, two championship golf courses, two casinos, an atmospheric South African cultural village and more than 7000 crocodiles within a safe haven. Isn’t this an incredible site you’d like to lay sight on? 


Whether you explore this Reserve by taking a self-guided walk, touring with a professional tour guide personnel or take a boat cruise along the Hluhluwe dam, you are guaranteed to get the best tourism experience. Sights and sounds of the Big Five (lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo and rhinoceros) are never far from the Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game Reserve. 


This is the second-largest canyon in Africa following the Fish River Canyon. Taking a walk through the rich diversity of plantations and creatures stuffed canyon presents a view of magnificent waterfalls, ancient geological phenomenon and the opportunity to encounter all five of South Africa’s primates as well as hippos and crocodiles near the wetlands of Swadini Dam. Doesn’t that sound like a lot of safari fun?


This is like an Italian town in South Africa where vines are cultivated, harvested and processed into some really fine wines. The fruitful valleys of the Cape Wine-lands are surrounded by magnificent mountains, tired villages, marvellous monuments, productive plantations and some of the blossomy view. South Africa has some of the best wines and tasting it right from the farm or joining in making some of it is an achievement you should check on your bucket list.


No matter your tourism preference, Victoria and Alfred Waterfront have a spot for you. It is one of Cape Town’s largest tourist attractions and most visited destinations situated within an entertainment centre filled with restaurants, speciality shops, pubs and theatres. The infamous Clock Tower, Chavonnes Battery, the South African Maritime Museum and the coastal Seal Landing where Cape Fur Seals are some of the many attractions you can enjoy here.


Spanning from Mossel Bay to St Francis along the Indian Ocean and parts of the inland, the Knysna Garden Route is one of South Africa’s most popular tourist attractions with a trove of indigenous shaded forests, mountains, rivers, tranquil lakes, golden beaches and two cliffs guarding the mouth of the lagoon grace the region.


Durban Beaches are lively areas that are remarkably clean and safe, and many of the beaches offer a variety of entertainment activities ranging from beach soccer, shows and other conventional fun events throughout the day at the same time providing a vibrant atmosphere that throbs with vigour. 


The Drakensberg is a Dutch word that translates to the English phrase dragons’ mountain. The Drakensberg is the highest mountain range in Southern Africa rising to 3,482 meters (11,420 feet) in height. The Northern part of Drakensberg features the Amphitheatre which is widely regarded as one of the most impressive cliff faces on earth amongst other geographical highlights that I am quite sure you will be delighted to explore.


Hiking to the top of this mountain is a great achievement you should proudly check on your travel bucket list even though you can make the trip by way of cable car rides that let passengers get a 360 degrees view. The mountain Peaks at 1,086 meters (3,563 feet), up at the pinnacle of the Table Mountain, you get to see the sights of phenomenal highlights of the city of Cape Town, Robben Island to the north, and the Atlantic seaboard to the west and south. I recommend you use both means to get to the top or do half of each.


The Kruger National Park is a vast land area in North-Eastern South Africa that covers 19,485 square kilometres and is home to a huge collection of wildlife. The Kruger National Park is the largest game reserves on the African continent and one the main tourist attractions in South Africa boasting more species of mammals including the Big Five (lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo and rhinoceros) cheetahs and giraffes than any other African game reserves which and more. Above all, Kruger is a self-reliant destination with excellent infrastructures and many safe places to stay inside the park, from tented camps to luxury lodges. Wouldn’t you like to take a safari to Krugger?


Ultra-modern structures that form the most exquisite attractions abound in this gleaming emirate especially in its capital city Dubai where buying is an inevitable activity. Read and illuminate your travel fantasies as you decide which of the tourist attractions to check first on your travel bucket list.  


Located alongside Al Fahidi Fort and Dubai Creek Bastakiya is an ideal spot to take a heritage walk tour to sightsee the fascinating Arabian culture and explore the architectural wonder of the old houses, brown wooden doors, wind towers and white mosque in the district of Dubai. This place is so reserved that it is only open to the public at specific times on Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. So take note.  


Souk means to market and Deira Souk is the largest Gold Market in the whole world. It is located close to Dubai Creek and features wooden archways of old architecture design. Gold is not the only commodity sold in Deira Souk, a variety of spices especially cumin, saffron, frankincense, rose water and incense can be bought in Deira too although a little separate from (adjacent to) the Gold Souk. One thing you can be sure of is that all that glitters in Deira Souk is gold.


Take a boat tour at the glass bottom of this massive aquarium and you’d be begging someone to wake you up lest you get trapped in mermaid kingdom. The Dubai Aquarium is known to be the Biggest Underwater Aquatic Zoo in the entire universe sheltering an estimated 140 diversity of aquatic creatures. You can see only a few as you stroll the 48-meter long walk-through tunnel snorkel in the cage to watch some amusing shark diving activities. Whatever you chose to do, you are sure in an amusement park of aqua diversity.


The luminous night sight at Global Village is better seen than told. The beautiful beams that stream from the colourful and decorative bulbs offer an exciting atmosphere that will take the glow right into the depths of your heart. Another enthralling thing about Global Village is that it stands by its name in the sense that virtually every culture; Egypt, Oman, Iran, China, Africa and so on is well-represented both in fashion and food.


Gazelles are the main attraction at the Dubai Desert Conservation Center. Arabian Gazelles including sand gazelles, mountain gazelles and Arabian oryx all reside here. It is one great place to visit if you wish to take a bow from the glitters and glamour of the radical city of Dubai and embrace its natural endowments.


Arabian art goes beyond henna and that is evident in the Alserkal Art District. It is undisputedly one of the best places to visit in Dubai for art connoisseurs and lovers.  

Alserkal Art District is a popular hub where several contemporary art galleries; the Ayyam Gallery, Green Art Gallery and The Third Line as well as some smaller start-ups serve as a platform for new talents and helps in highlighting beautiful artworks. 


The Dubai Opera is an opera theatre with a little touch everything else entertaining such as music performances, muse in their opera shows, ballet, comedy nights, concerts and even classical instrument plays. Dubai Opera is an astonishing architectural beauty that can seat up to 2000 entertainment enthusiasts where various amusing activities take place year in year out. So you can visit whenever you desire unless you have a particular show you might want to follow down there.


There is no better way to get an eagle-eye view of the glamorous city of Dubai than taking the Helicopter Tour not even a view from the observation deck in Burj Khalifa. You have the option of skydiving right from the helicopter and feel the adrenalin rush that follows the dare or just stay on top of the world and just watch but nothing is more joyful than a helicopter tour ride around the city. You will feel on top of the world for real.


If you intend to take this tour, remember to get take a muffler along unless you want to use a public one that would be provided by the tour guide or buy one at a much higher rate. The Arabian Camel Safari experience is a must check on your travel bucket list of Dubai tour. After a bouncing camel ride, you can cap your tour by engaging in the four by four wheels dunes dash game. Then smile as you check your desert expedition on your bucket list. 


Wild Wadi is one of the best amusement parks in the contemporary city of Dubai. It is a magnificent attraction exceptionally great for a family vacation with more than 30 rides, some of which are 20 meter tandem slides that induce at a whopping speed of 80 kilometres per hour to make a drop at Jumeirah Sceirah where the park is situated. Variety of fun activities include floating at the Lazy River, Riptide Flow riders, Wipeout and Tantrum Alley all for your amusement.


london bridge

The United Kingdom should make your bucket lists of countries to visit. The United Kingdom is indeed a kingdom deserving of all its glory. It has fought the good fight to keep its numerous castles standing and triumphed even though scars of the fight are still visible in the land bus as signs of victory. 


From prison to park then palace and even a treasure vault this 900 years old tower has served it all. It is today one of the top tourist attractions in Europe that hold the rank of a World Heritage Site. The Tower of London features exhibits and displays of prisoners and executions and Line of Kings with its remarkable display of royal armour, the White Tower which was Built-in 1078 by William the Conqueror, the wonderful Crown Jewels exhibitions, classic Yeoman Warder Tours and the Royal Mint. It is sure a bucket list destination for all its worth.


Instructed by Emperor Hadrian, the Romans constructed this huge wall that stretches about 117 kilometres across the north of England from the Irish Sea to the North Seaway back, between the years 122 AD to 128 AD as a measure to protect their colony Britannia from the Scottish tribes’ invasion. The glorious Hadrian’s Wall still feels like a sweet escape at least from the hustle and bustle of life.


The British Museum is well worth the title of World Museum for its collection of historical items of various origins including the world’s finest antiquities of more than 13 million artefacts from the Ancient Egyptian collection which makes up the largest in a foreign land outside of Cairo, the hoard of Roman silver known as the Mildenhall Treasure dating from the fourth century, the Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon in Athens and the Rosetta as well as many other outstanding artefacts from Assyria, Babylonia, China, Egypt, Europe, Greece and the Roman Empire. This Museum is a bucket full of attractions that must be checked on your bucket list. 


Is visiting a kingdom without entering its palace worth the visit? Hell NO! Buckingham Palace is symbolic to the United Kingdom as the royal residence of the Queen of England yet it is accessible by the public and as a matter of fact, it was built with visitors in mind as it has about seven hundred and seventy (770) rooms which are enough space to accommodate the numerous guests attending some of the great royal events, ceremonies, and garden at the warm royal palace. Imagine being hosted by the royal family for even a night.   


JVC features over forty thousand preserved Viking items such as textiles, tools and human cadavers on display, unruffled with sights, sounds and even smells alongside the main highlight; a simulation of Viking city which is an enduring marks of pains and war mete out by the Vikings with their ocean conquering warships and fearsome repute for attack to plunder and slaughter yet a glaring in this endearing tourist attraction that I am so damn sure you would check with a victorious smile. 


This is an animal zoo with highlights of gardens and walkways with an amazing touch of a galleria. Chester Zoo is a 125 acres land situated about a mile north in Chester City Center at Upton and is habitat to approximately 11,000 animals of more than 400 different species. The penguin pool and Chimpanzee Island are some of the sights you shouldn’t miss out here.


This is the heart and soul of British political life and invariably, the converging point of both houses of the UK parliament. It stands massive squarely facing the River Thames on one side and Parliament Square on the other side. A tourism trip to the Houses of Parliament avails you the opportunity to partake in British political confab but possibly as a spectator.  


The Big Ben Clock Tower which also known as The Elizabeth Tower houses the 13-ton bell, Big Ben, within the Houses of Parliament. The tower has been in existence for about a hundred and fifty (150) years. The bell is named after Sir Benjamin Hall; the man who ordered it. If you pull close enough, you’d see some golden inscriptions in the Latin language that reads ‘Domine Salvam Fac Reginam Nostrum Victorim Primam’ which translates in English as ‘O Lord Keep Safe Our Queen Victoria the first’ a subconscious prayer made for the Queen of England at every clock dial of Big Ben. Isn’t that wonderful?


Also known as The Millennium Wheel based on the fact that it was completed in the new millennium (the year 2000) precisely, this enormous Ferries wheel standing tall at about 440 feet with a diameter of 120 meters on the south bank of the River Thames holds the record of the world’s tallest Ferris wheel. The 30 minutes it takes for the wheel to complete one revolution is just the amount of time you need to get 360° (degrees) view of London through its very own Eye and this definitely a grand way to tour the United Kingdom.


Greenwich is more of a Marine base than a museum. It is the London base of the Royal Navy and holds England’s largest spread of preserved historic architecture and parks. This museum is the largest of its kind in the world, featuring the Royal Navy from postmodern times and exhibits showing more than 500 years of maritime history and the zero meridians of longitude, dividing the world into eastern and western halves. This is the perfect point to cap your UK tour. 


statue of liberty

The United States of America should be top on your bucket lists of places to visit. The United States of America is one of the major tourist attractions you should never miss out.


The Grand Canyon is one of the most amazing natural attractions in the United States of America it is carved out by the Colorado River and cuts deep into the landscape, creating dramatic cliff walls and ridges that will most certainly delight your fantasy.

b. NIAGARA FALLS        

Between the Canadian and US border, the Niagara Falls hoists proudly as one of the most famous waterfalls in the world comprising of tributary water from Lake Erie that flows into Lake Ontario and forming such a great quantity of water that constantly tumbles over the vertical drop. Apart from being a tourist attraction, Niagara Falls also serves as a hydroelectric power generation dam. 

c. STATUE OF LIBERTY          

The Statue of Liberty is the largest statue in the world measuring about 150 and situated in New York Harbor. It is America’s most notable structure and a universal symbol of freedom that you should visit and free your tourism fantasy. 


This is the formal residence of the President of the United States of America located in Washington. You can tour this political edifice absolutely free but do well to make reservations at least 3 weeks before your intended tour and strictly adhere to laid down rules and regulations in the glorious White House.


Geysers, waterfalls, volcanoes and hot springs lie along the Yellowstone River forming such awesome attractions that pull in huge numbers of tourists every year to see the sights and hear the sounds of all kinds of wildlife including roaming bison, bighorn sheep, antelope, black bears and grizzly bears in their natural habitats.

f. TIMES SQUARE         

The best time to visit Times Square is during the Christmas holidays towards the beginning of the New Year when the New Year’s Eve countdown happens and the magnitude of people visit to participate in the exercise. The Times Square lies at the heart of Midtown Manhattan bustling with massive flashing billboards that illuminate the Square and offers hope that the incoming year would be glorious.


This bridge which has been California’s most iconic structure since it was built in the 1930s bowing across San Francisco Bay connecting San Francisco and Marin County. The bridge’s reddish-orange colour that sharply contrasts the blue water is an artistic accent that brings a unique quality to the city and a promise of glee to your tourism visit.


Located in the Hawaiian Islands, Waikiki has been a tourist destination for over a century attracting a countless number of tourists who come to enjoy the modern tropical paradise and relax on its beautiful stretch of beach with palm trees whispering in the wind against high rise buildings and busy street. Sunbathing on the Waikiki beaches is the best natural thermal bath you can ever have.


In case you didn’t get the chance to visit Disneyland or other amusement parks as a kid, Las Vegas Strip is the best consolation prize for the fun missed. It features awesome reformations of the New York skyline, the Eiffel Tower, the canals of Venice and many more foreign sites coupled with the Luxor Hotel, designed in a pyramid shape, a walk down the street that reveals an erupting volcano and dancing fountains which all combine to makes it a perfect adult amusement park. I bet you are rubbing your palms already.  


Freedom Trail is a 2.5-mile trekking route through some of Boston’s most important historical attractions including the Old State House, the current State House, the Old Granary Burial Ground, Old City Hall, Faneuil Hall, Paul Revere House and some others with a line of red bricks tiled in the sidewalk that marks the route making it an easy way for tourists to manoeuvre around. 

The world has a whole lot of attractions to fill your travel bucket list. However, safety precautions should be taken when visiting a new country.

Tarkwa Bay Beach – A beautiful Island within the Lagos Atlantic

tarkwa bay

Tarkwa Bay Beach – A beautiful Island within the Lagos Atlantic. It is a sheltered beach and one of the best places for water sports activities. The sight is beautiful and it is home to some amazing sights.

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Videos from Lakowe Lakes Golf and Country Estate Resort, Lagos Nigeria – Lakowe Golf Course

lakowe estate apartments

Lakowe Lakes Golf and Country Estate Resort, Lagos Nigeria – Lakowe Golf Course

This is one of the most beautiful tourist attraction, golf course and an estate located in the heart of Lagos. Check out the Travelwaka exclusive tour to the Lakowe Lakes and Gold country estate

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Videos From Freedom Park, Lagos – Former Her Royal Majesty Prison


Travelwaka Visited the Colonial Prison now known as the Freedom Park, Lagos. The prison served as a torture centre for freedom fighters who were against the Colonial rulers.

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Moist Beach Club Oniru, Lagos – A Club, Restaurant and A Beach Destination

Moist Beach Club

Moist Beach Club Oniru, Lagos is one of the latest beaches in Lagos with a beautiful view, good food, entertainment and unending fun. Moist Beach Club is one of Lagos best-kept secrets until now. Just in case you are wondering where all the big personalities in Lagos hangout, Moist Beach is the new tourist attraction in Lagos.

Lagos is a coastal city and it boasts of some of the most beautiful and exotic beaches in Nigeria and Moist Beach Club Lagos is among the many beautiful beaches to explore in Lagos. 

moist beach club

Moist Beach Club is an exclusive private beach in the heart of Oniru Beach. It provides the needed serenity, privacy, exclusivity and most importantly the waves are friendly, it is highly secured and it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Lagos

About Moist Beach Club

Moist Beach Club Lagos was established and officially launched in February 2019. In addition, Moist Beach Club is a combination of a beach, restaurant, lounge, nightclub, pool bar, relaxation centre and a beach club. 

moist beach oniru

Moist Beach offers a serene and exclusive beach experience in Lagos, with a view of the beautiful Eko Atlantic City in its infinite splendour.

Moist Beach Lagos gives you the best of both worlds depending on when you decide to visit. If you are looking for a quiet beach to visit in the afternoon, where you can decide to read a book, think, chill, reminisce or just lay on the loungers and have a sunbath while you enjoy the quiet moments Moist Beach is your go-to place. However, if you the loud music, party, or a club experience in the evening again, Moist Beach offers you an all-night beach party experience. 

Moist beach oniru

If you are looking for a private and exclusive beach destination in Nigeria, Moist Beach Oniru is your perfect getaway destination. Moist Beach Club Oniru is one of the most serene beaches in Lagos, however, do not get it twisted as the beach comes alive at night giving you one of the best nightlife experience you can ever imagine. 

Who Owns Moist Beach

Moist Beach is owned and founded by renowned Business Mogul and Oniru Royal Prince, Adedapo Oniru. Prince Adedapo Oniru is the chairman, founder and the pioneer of Moist Beach Club. The vision for Moist Beach stated years ago when he first launched DBLOCK Beach Bar back in 2010 which grew to become one of the hottest night clubs in Lagos. Then in February 2019, Moist Beach Club Lagos was officially inaugurated and opened to the public and it has since become one of the top spots in Lagos. 

moist beach

Moist Beach Entrance/Parking fee

Though entry to Moist Beach is free, you will have to pay 1,000 Naira (about $3) to gain access to Oniru Beach where Moist Beach is located. You will be required to pay an extra 200 ($0.60) parking. 

entrance fee to oniru beach

Moist Beach also offer valet services for 1,000 ($3) 

Facilities at Moist Beach Club

Moist Beach Club is a first-century beach with ultra-modern facilities. Here are some of the facilities at Moist Beach Club: 

beach club lagos
  • Restaurant
  • Beach 
  • Beach Club
  • Bar/Lounge
  • Swimming Pool 
  • Open-air deck 
  • Open-air bar 
  • Night Club 

Things to Do at Moist Beach Club Oniru Lagos 

moist beach club lagos nigeria

Do Yoga at the Beach

Dive in the pool

Enjoy the meals from the top-notch chef

Chill by the poolside 

Enjoy the view of the Atlantic ocean and the Eko Atlantic city

Ride a horse

Grab a bottle of your favourite drink from the bar 

Sunbath by the beachside

Lounge at one of the loungers 

Opening and Closing Time

Here are the opening and closing time at Moist Beach Club.  

Moist Beach Club Opens Mondays to Sundays. The opening time is from 11:00 am every day. 

moist beach Victoria island Lagos


 Monday 11:00 – 11:00pm

 Tuesday 11:00 – 11:00pm

 Wednesday 11:00am – 1:00am

 Thursday 11:00am – 1:00am

 Friday 11:00am – Till dawn

 Saturday 11:00am – Till dawn

 Sunday 11:00am – Till dawn

Moist Beach Club Location / Address

It is located within Oniru Private Beach, Victoria Island, Lagos. Moist Beach Club address is No. 1, Ligali Ayorinde Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria. 

beautiful beaches in lagos state

How to Get to Moist Beach Club 

Moist Beach Club is located within the same premises as the Oniru Royal Beach. It is located beside the Landmark event centre, Hardrock café/Shiro. Moist Beach Lagos is about 10 minutes drive from Lekki Phase one and less than five minutes drive from Eko Hotel, Radisson Blu, Twin Towers and Lekki Leisure Lake.

moist beach - list of beaches in Lagos

Events at Moist Beach Club 

Moist Beach Club host a couple of events at different days of the week. Here are some of the events lined up at Moist Beach 

beach club lagos

Wednesday’s – Atlantic Rhythm 

Friday – Full House Friday

Sunday – Beach Vibe Sunday

Wednesdays – Atlantic Rhythm

If you are a fan of live music and a lover of live bands then the Wednesdays Atlantic Rhythm is for you. The Live Band at Moist beach Club Lagos will blow your mind with different genres of live music from old school to jazz, afro music etc Moist Beach Wednesdays Atlantic Rhythm starts at 8 pm.

 With the Wednesday’s Atlantic Rhythm, Lagos is about to experience a new trend in the Lagos nightlife with live music By the Prudence Band at Moist Beach Club. If you are looking for a weekday evening social event or a place to meet, socialize and interact with like minds, ex-pats and corporate elites in Lagos. 

Friday – Full House Friday

The theme for Friday at Moist Beach is the Full House Friday, it is an all-night fun party. You know what they say about Friday evenings, it’s after work and its time to party. Moist Beach offers an evening of fun, excitement, dance with beautiful night view and the DJ’s on the wheels of steel giving you good music back to back. The DJ’s for the night are DJ Ice, DJ Lmmy, Del Noi and other Guest DJ’s. 

Time: 9 pm till dawn 

Sunday – Beach Vibe Sunday

Moist Beach has something for everyone, The theme for Sundays at Moist Beach Club is Beach Vibe Sunday. It offers unending music, back to back music from a guest DJ. Sunday Vibes starts from 2 pm to 8 pm every Sunday. 

Time: 2pm – 8pm 

Guest DJ 

Video From Moist Beach Club

Here is the video from Moist Beach Club, Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Moist Beach Club Food Menu 

Here are some of the contents of the menu at Moist Beach Club

– Moist burger

– Peppered chargrilled croaker fish

land & sea south African filet and chargrilled Atlantic jumbo shrimp sauteed garlic coriander potatoes

– Chargrilled Atlantic jumbo shrimp

– Spicy filet skewers – charcoal-grilled scotch bonnet and suya spiced south African filet skewers

– Spiced chicken wings

white wine at Moist beach club

Moist Beach Club Review 

Travelwaka Moist Beach Club Review is based on our assessment of the facility, the food, the general experience and services. 

Security: It is a well-secured area with security around the facility – 4/5

Environment: This tops our list of the best beaches in Nigeria. They paid attention to details in the designs and putting final touches to things. 5/5

Staff: The staff are nice and friendly but I feel the customer service and the general service can be better. 3.5/5

The Food: The food is great but there are few options to choose from the menu 4/5

Other Tourist Attractions / Landmarks Close to Moist Beach

Landmark Beach
Eko Hotel
Civic Centre
Lekki Leisure Lake
Oniru Beach
Hard Rock Cafe
Landmark Event Centre
Zenith Banks Headquarters
Twin Towers
Daystar Lekki Church

Most Beach Club photos 

Here are some of the beautiful photos from Moist Beach Club Lagos. 


Tarkwa Bay Beach – A beautiful Island off the Coast of Lagos

Tarkwa Bay Beach house

Tarkwa Bay Beach – A beautiful Island off the Coast of Lagos

Tarkwa bay beach is one of the most popular beaches in Lagos. Tarkwa Bay beach is an artificial sheltered beach located at Onisiwo Island which is about 20 minutes boat ride from Victoria Island, Lagos. Tarkwa bay is one of the many popular tourist attractions in Lagos. Even though Tarkwa bay is a public beach, it offers the exclusivity of a private beach. Tarkwa bay boasts one of the most beautiful beaches in Lagos and it is also a popular tourist attraction where you can experience nature in its rarest beauty.

However, since Tarkwa bay is an Island, it can only be accessed via water either through a boat ride or better still you can announce your entry on a grand style by coming through a helicopter.
Tarkwa Bay is a perfect blend of nature and the beauty of the Lagos Island and the Eko Atlantic City at the background fused in beautiful harmony.

About Tarkwa Bay Beach

Tarkwa Bay is a man-made island that was made during the construction of the Lagos harbour. The Island was sand filled with sand dredged from the Atlantic. It serves as a shelter for the Harbour which makes Tarkwa beach a lot calmer in terms of the wave compared to other beaches in Lagos which makes it safe for swimmers and surfers. Tarkwa Beach is located on a blissful and quiet island off the outskirt of Lagos Island along the Lagos coast. It a sandy island which serves as a residence to some of its inhabitants and a tourist attraction to hundreds of people that troop this beautiful Island every day.

Tarkwa Bay is usually less crowded, it is peaceful and void of the regular noise you get at major public beaches.
Majority of the residents at Tarkwa bay are fishermen, traders, Artisans and producers of natural palm oil, palm wine, coconut oil etc.

The journey to Tarkwa Bay involves a boat ride, You should add it to your bucket list of Adventurous things You Should do.

Takwa Bay

When was it Created?

If Tarkwa Bay is an artificial Island you might be wondering when Tarkwa Bay was created right? Tarkwa Bay has been in existence since 1960 when it was created as a shelter for the Lagos harbour.

How to Access Tarkwa Bay

Since Tarkwa is an Island you can only get to Tarkwa bay by boat, it is about 15 to 20 minutes cruise from Victoria Island or Lekki.

Takwa Bay Beach Houses

Tarkwa Bay Beach house

Takwa Bay has some locally made beach houses to cater
How to Get to Tarkwa Bay
You can choose to hire a private speed boat anywhere in Lagos island which ranges from 80,000 to about 250,000 this is dependent on the type of boat, the capacity and how long you intend to stay at the beach.
However, there are public boats that can you can board to Tarkwa bay at a more cheaper rate which ranges from 1000 – 2,000 naira for a round trip.

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Tarkwa Bay Beach Address

Takwa Bay

Here is Tarkwa Bay’s address:
The address of Tarkwa Bay is located at Onisiwo Island, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria

Tarkwa Bay Beach Entrance Fee

The Tarkwa Bay beach entrance fee is 200 Naira per adult
The Chairs cost 500 Naira each
Table cost 500 Naira
Gazebos cost about 5,000 to 50,000 depending on the size of the Gazebos

Other Attraction close to Tarkwa bay

  • Jaybee beach
  • Eko Atlantic City
  • Lighthouse Beach

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Activities at Tarkwa Bay

quad bike Tarkwa Bay

a. Surfing: Since the water is a little friendly it gives you for surfing along the coast.
b. Jetski: you can decide to ride on a jet ski at the beach
c. Boat ride: Boat cruise to Tarkwa Bay is one of the major attractions at the bay since there is no other way to access the island then you have to be ready for some adventurous ride.
d. Volleyball: Tarkwa bay has a Volleyball court where you can compete with your friends.
e. Beach ball: You can also play beach soccer with your friends at Tarkwa Bay
f. Quad Bikes: You can hire quad bikes, ride along the coast of this beautiful beach.
g. Watersports: There are lots of water sports activities to engage in since the beach is friendly for swimming.

Watersports activities at Tarkwa Bay beach

Popular Jetties to take a boat ride to Tarkwa Bay

a. Mekwe Jetty
b. Tarzan Jetty
c. Marina Jetty

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How to Get to Takwa Bay

You get can to Takwa Bay through any of the three jetties on the Island.

Tarkwa Bay from Marina/ CMS

From the CMS jetty, you can get a speed boat for 1500 to Tarkwa bay Beach from CMS, Lagos Island. It is about 20 minutes ride to the Island.

From Tarzan Marine Services

This is the jetty close to Oriental Hotel, it offers a boat ride to Takwa Bay

From Bonny Camp (Mekwe Jetty)

You can hire a boat ride from Bonny Camp to Tarkwa bay it is about 10 to 15 minutes cruise.

Where is the Location of Tarkwa Bay?

Tarkwa bay Beach is located on Onisiwo Island off the Lagos coast, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Tarkwa Bay Beach Hotel

Even though Takwa Bay Beach doesn’t have a hotel but just some minutes walk from Tarkwa bay is the Jaybee beach hotel which offers a luxurious hotel experience at Takwa bay. Another place where you can get good accommodation within Tarkwa Bay is Lighthouse Beach, it offers

Facts / Tips for Takwa Bay Beach

  • Get to the jetty on time
  • Leave the jetty before 6 pm to avoid rush hour especially if you come in a public boat
  • Bring your food and drinks
  • Keep your belongings safe
  • Come with a change of clothing
  • Hold enough cash
  • Come with your swimwear
  • Bring your music player
  • Buy coconut drinks, coconut oils etc

Tarkwa Bay Opening and Closing Time

Tarkwa Bay opens 24 hours a day and seven days a week. However, Tarkwa Bay Beach usually open to main activities from 8 am to 6 pm.

Cost of Visiting Tarkwa bay

Cost of a boat ride to Tarkwa Bay Beach varies from 1000 to 4,000 (Depend on the kind of boat and where you are coming from). This rate is the cost for the regular boats known as Banana Boats, however, the cost of a Luxury boat ride to Tarkwa Bay is usually higher.
Entrance Fee 200 (negotiable if the numbers are much)
Horse Riding 500 to 1,000 Naira
Chairs between 500 to 1000
Tables 500 to 1,000


Tarkwa bay beach is one of the best public beaches, it is a low budget beach but gives the exclusivity of a private beach.
Tarkwa Bay is serene, quiet, beautiful and one of the most popular beaches in Lagos, Nigeria.
What is your opinion about Tarkwa Bay, please share your experience

Pictures of Tarkwa Bay

Here are some lovely pictures from Tarkwa Bay Beach.

Landmark Leisure Beach – A luxury beach in Lagos

landmark beach bar

Landmark beach Lagos is one of the many hidden treasures in Lagos, it is located along the Lagos coastline. Landmark leisure beach is a private beach close to the Oniru Royal family beach. It is the perfect escape getaway from the hustle and bustle of Lagos. Landmark is a family-themed park with facilities for everyone both young, the old and the young at heart and it is one of the best beaches in Lagos. Unlike other beaches that require several hours of driving to enjoy the beauty of nature, Landmark beach Lagos is located within Victoria Island at Oniru to be precise. Imagine a beautiful beach with clear crystal water, lovely scenery, clean and quiet environment within the city of Victoria Island and less than 10 minutes drive from Lekki Phase one. Landmark leisure beach is one of the many tourist attraction you should visit in Lagos.

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About Landmark Leisure Beach Lagos

Landmark Leisure Beach Lagos is one of the few beaches in Lagos, Nigeria that you can visit without having to drive long hours to get to the destination. Landmark Leisure beach Lagos boasts of many facilities and recreational amenities and it can easily be accessed. It is about an hour drive from Lagos mainland and less than five minutes drive from Eko Hotel. It is a beautifully styled private beach it shares the same facility with the Landmark event centre.

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It is located in a serene environment, highly secured and it is a perfect weekend getaway site in Lagos. Landmark Oniru Beach offers world-class services and facilities to cater for all your different needs and to give you an unforgettable and exciting beach experience in Lagos.
Landmark offers a beautiful ambience, clean environment, well-maintained facilities with lots of activities to enjoy.
Landmark leisure beach is not just another beautiful, it is a private recreational and leisure beach that offers an exciting entertainment and leisure activities, the beach is calm which makes it friendly for swimming and other water sports. However, caution must be taken when swimming in the water.
The beach stretches from Shiro Restaurant, Hard Rock Café, Landmark event centre down to the Landmark hotel.
Landmark beach resort is the perfect example of a beach resort within close proximity to Lagos island, serene, beautiful and affordable.

When Did the Landmark Beach open?

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Landmark Leisure was opened to the public on 16th December 2018. The opening witnessed a huge crowd and it has grown to become one of the renowned beaches in Lagos.

Things to Do at Landmark Leisure Beach Lagos

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  • Explore foods and drinks: The beach offers foods, drinks and lots of edibles. The beach has few restaurants that will take care of all your foods and drink needs.
  • Enjoy a boat cruise: wanna take a cruise? Yes You can get a boat ride from as low as 5,000 naira
  • Hire a jetski: You love adventure? You can hire a jetski at the at Landmark for an unforgettable adventure on the sea.
  • Play football: The beach offers a pitch where you can compete with your friends for an adventurous moment
  • Play Beach soccer: You can also decide to play in the American Beach soccer in crystal white sand.
  • Fly a kite: You can bring back your childhood memory by flying a kite, you have the whole beach wind at your disposal to control how far you want your kite to go
  • Get on a quad bike: You must have seen these bikes once at the beach and you keep wondering what it will feel like to ride on one of those quadbikes, Landmark beach offers the chance to rent the bikes.
  • Enjoy a horse ride: Want to announce your presence in a heroic way, why not get on a horse and walk down the aisle of the Atlantic to the admiration of everyone.
  • Get on a bouncing castle: Well this is supposed to be meant for children but you can activate the kid in you and jump into one of those bouncing castles or just take your little one on a jumping spree.
  • Take beautiful pictures: They say pictures speak a thousand words especially when it is Instagram perfect. Take amazing pictures and show the world how beautiful Lagos is.
  • Plan a picnic: landmark beach is the perfect place to plan a picnic. It doesn’t matter if it is a church hangout, reunion, family event, landmark got you.
  • Order exotic drinks from the lounge: Landmark has a high-class VIP type lounge for all your needs. You can order some exotic red wines, beach drinks like sex on the beach, pina colada and your favourite coconut drinks.
  • Plan a party: Planning a party? and you need the best place to organise an unforgettable event like weddings, birthday party, bridal showers etc Landmark beach has the best place for you.

Landmark Beach Rules

Since Landmark is a private beach, they are guided by some rules and regulations to keep everyone safe. So before you visit this beach, please take note of these rules of the beach.

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  • Never Swim after sunset or in rough water
  • Admission shall be refused to all persons having any visible contagious disease
  • Swimming is not permitted except lifeguard is on duty
  • No swimming costumes outside the beach area
  • No roller scooters or bicycles on the boardwalk
  • No camping or sleeping overnight
  • Always keep the beach clean
  • Pets are not allowed
  • Do not leave children unattended to
  • No authorised barbecues or lighting of fires
  • Do not tamper with electric cables
  • Adhere to good manners and avoid causing disturbance
  • Avoid the use of fireworks or inflammable materials
  • Do not drink the beach water
  • Drugs are not allowed, no marijuana, narcotic etc offenders will lose access to the beach and will be handle to the authorities

Landmark Leisure Beach Gate Fee

Here are Landmark beach Lagos gate fee and other accompany rates

Gate fee for Non-Member

Gate fee for Adults 2,000
Children ( For Children 5-12 Years) 1,000
Free for 5 years and below

Landmark beach gate fee for Members

The gate fee for Landmark beach For Members is free

Cost of facilities

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Here is the cost of some facilities at Landmark Leisure beach Lagos
Loungers (a beach bed with Shared Umbrella) – 2,000
Cabana 25,000
Jetski 10,000 for 10 minutes
Kayak 6,000 per hour
Boat cruise 5,000 per hour
Bouncing castle 500
Volleyball 16,000 per hour
Astroturf Football 23,000 per hour

Corkage (If you are bringing food from Outside)

Corkage fee applies if you are bringing your food from outside, however, you will need to be on the group package to be able to bring in food. Here is corkage for different categories of foods and drinks.
10,000 per cooler of food
10,000 per cooler of alcoholic drinks
5,000 per cooler of non-alcoholic drinks
5,000 per pack or carton of beer, or a cooler of mixed alcoholic and non-alcoholic

List of Restaurants at the Beach

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  • Spur
  • Lagos Boat Club
  • The lounge/bar
  • Bubbletii
  • Ricy’s 411 Grill
  • Eko Spicy
  • Travis Cocktail bar
  • Sooyah Bistro

How to get to Landmark Lagos Beach

You can access Landmark Beach either from the 3th Roundabout by Pinnacle Filling Station or Through VIctoaria Island via Eko Hotel Roundabout.

Landmark beach in lagos

Opening Time

Landmark beach open from 8 am to 10 pm daily.

Facilities at Landmark beach

Even though Landmark beach is one of the newest addition to the Lagos beaches, it is, however, one of the favourite beaches in Lagos due to its proximity to Lagos Island. Here are some of the activities to do at Landmark beach

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  • Grab a drink from the bar
  • Kite Surfing
  • Football
  • Jetskiing
  • Paintballing
  • Beach Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Kids Play Zone

Landmark Beach Address

Landmark Beach Lagos is located at the Landmark Village Watercorporation Road Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Membership Plans for Landmark

2,000 per Adult
Child Entry (5-12 yrs) ₦1,000
Additional Kid Entry (0-5 yrs) Free
General Beach Access

50,000 per Annum
Admits 1 Adult
₦25K for Additional Adult
5% Discount on Beach Facilities & Activities
Entry Fee for Member’s Guest ₦1,500

200,000 Naira per Annum
Admits 2 Adults & 4 Children
20,000 for Additional Child
40% Discount on Cabanas
10% Discount on Beach Furniture
10% Discount on Beach Activities
Entry Fee for Member’s Guest ₦1,000
2 Free Foldable Chairs per Family

400,000 Naira per annum
Admits 1 Adult
Storage for 1 Jet Ski
1 Free Blue Membership

500,000 Naira Annually
Admits 2 Adults & Unlimited Number of Children
60% Discount on Cabanas and Beach Furniture
20% Discount on Water Sports
20% Discount on Other Beach Activities
Entry Fee for Member’s Guest ₦1,000
5 Free Foldable Chairs per Family

1,000,000 Naira per Annum
15 Staff Families
Admits 2 Adults & 4 Children
40% Discount on Cabanas
50,000 Nara for Additional Family
10% Discount on Beach Facilities & Activities
Entry Fee for Member’s Guest ₦1,000
2 Free Foldable Chairs per Family
Free Use of Astroturf for 4 Weeks Annually

5,000,000 Naira per Annum
30 Staff Families
Admits 2 Adults & Unlimited Number of Children
25,000 for Additional Family
60% Discount on Cabanas & Beach Furniture
20% Discount on Watersports
20% Discount on Beach Facilities
Entry Fee for Member’s Guest ₦1,000
5 Free Foldable Chairs
Free Use of Astroturf for 12 Weeks Annually
10% Discount on Beach Hire for Events

Landmark Beach shares the same facility with Hardrock Café, Shiro Restaurant, Landmark Event Centre and the upcoming Retail Boulevard. It combines a myriad of leisure and recreational activities which caters to adults and children. What are your thoughts on the beach?

Other Tourist Centres Close to Landmark

Lekki Leisure Lake
Twin waters
Shiro/Hardrock Cafe
Oniru Beach
Moist Beach Club
Nike Art Gallery

Pictures From Landmark Beach

Here are beautiful pictures from Landmark Leisure beach, Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos.