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How To Book Flight In Nigeria For First-Time Travellers

book flight in Nigeria

Booking a flight for the first time in Nigeria can be daunting, especially with all the different airlines, applications, routes, and prices available. However, with some planning and a few simple tips and some little information, you can save money and book a cheap flight at the best rate. It doesn’t matter if this is your first time. Here are some steps to help you book a flight in Nigeria as a first-time traveller.

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Be flexible with your travel dates: Airlines often have different prices for flights on different days of the week, so try to be flexible and fly on weekdays instead of weekends. Also, try to book your flight several months in advance to take advantage of early bird specials or last-minute deals.

The most important part of your travel to whatever destination asides from obtaining a visa is booking a flight. This is because it covers both local and international travel.
Thus, we have provided all you need for your next stopover on the Maldives island for a cozy vacation or a journey of discovery to developed nations.
Therefore, you might want to read this article to discover how to run the process of booking whatever type of flight effectively.

How To Book Flight In Nigeria For First Time Travellers

Tips to note when booking a flight

Use a comparison website: There are several comparison websites, such as Travelstart, Kayak, Skyscanner, and Google Flights, that allow you to compare prices from multiple airlines for the same route. This can help you find the best deal for your budget as a first-time traveller.

Sign up for email alerts

Many airlines offer email alerts for special deals and promotions. These alerts will give you updates on the latest and cheapest deals. By signing up for these alerts, you can be among the first to know about a sale or special offer.

Check budget airlines

Look out for budget airlines, they often offer cheap flights. Be sure to check these airlines, as well as the major airlines, when you are comparing prices.

Book directly with the airline

Booking directly with the airline is usually cheaper than using a travel agent. However, be sure to check the airline’s website as well as comparison websites to get the best deal.

Look for bundled packages

Some airlines offer bundled packages which may include your flight, hotel, tours and rental car. These packages can be a great way to save money, especially if you are travelling to a popular destination.

Consider alternative airports

Consider flying into a smaller airport nearby your destination. It may have cheaper flights, and you can rent a car or take public transportation to your final destination.

Timely booking

Timely booking of flights before the day is also one of the ways to ensure a cheaper price. However, you can search for travel deals using dates before and after your travel dates. To add to the above, this works for flight bookings that might fall on public holidays or major holidays.

Identify the best time to book a flight

The right time to book a flight is distinct for every individual. However, one keynote is to avoid crowded days, late bookings and emergency bookings as much as possible.
Also, you might have to reserve your flight ticket before obtaining a visa. Although, most travel agents have a way around this to avoid loss of funds.

Booking a flight can be done via different platforms

Booking a flight can be done through any means considering your pocket and the resources available. Therefore you do not have to book with only prominent or big airline names in major cities.
As well, you can start with the local airlines that have cheaper deals and less expensive services attached. However, it is up to you if you can afford the pricey ones.

When booking in groups, make early reservations

To avoid issues with limited spaces on a flight, especially when travelling in large numbers, just reserve early. This will make your travel a joint one and lessen the expenses of having to join a more costly flight.

Documents needed to book a flight in Nigeria.

The following are needed to book a flight:

Passport Details

First, you are required to enter your passport number during the online flight booking process. Therefore, you must ensure you have the original copy of your passport with you during the booking process. Plus, it is required during the flight’s boarding process.

Travel Date And Time

Another vital piece of information required for booking a flight in Nigeria is your travel date and time. You need to finalize your travel date and time before booking a flight.

Flight or Passenger Details

Before booking a flight in Nigeria, you will need a flight and passenger details. This entails information like the destination you are travelling to, preferred flight class, and your personal information( Full name, Identification, mobile number, age, residential and e-mail address).

Payment Information

Here, you will need your payment information like credit and debit card details like card number, bank name associated with it, expiration details, and PIN.
Also, when you travel internationally, you need your original passport details and visa to the country you are flying to.

Note: Make sure to apply for a visa for the other country in advance, as the process may take plenty of time.

Types of flight ticket

There are various flight tickets depending on the journey you’re embarking on.

The major flight tickets available include;

One-way flight ticket

This is a form of ticket that allows passengers to travel to their destination without returning.

A one-way ticket is also called a single ticket. It is booked from the departure airport to the destination airport.

This ticket does not include a return trip and the ticket could be booked when plans of return are uncertain or for relocation.

One-way tickets are quite expensive and are often booked by business travellers who have to travel.

A return ticket

A return ticket allows you to enjoy flexibility and less cost. Thus, it is quite cheaper than a one-way ticket. Besides, it is so because one-way tickets are being purchased to conform to schedules and meet up with pressures.
Return tickets can be reserved in advance without immediate payment till you are ready to return to your destination.
However, if you do not want to book your ticket online you can go to the headquarters of the airline you want to fly with.

Cost of flight tickets in Nigeria

The cost of flight tickets is not constant, it depends on the airline, the location you are visiting, and where you are booking from. The cost ranges from seventy Thousand Naira to millions of Naira.
First, you should know

Different Ways To Book Flights in Nigeria

There are different ways to book a flight in Nigeria. First, you can book at the airport, online with an airline management system or through a travel agency.

Online booking with an airline

This is usually done online on a provided platform by an airline or travel agency. All relevant details will be provided which you have to follow duly.

Also, since all payments and identification submissions will be done online, one has to be checked twice. This is to be double sure that the site is real and not a scam.

Booking At Through An Agent: You can also book flights through Travel agencies like Travelwaka.

Booking From the Airlines: You can easily visit the airline’s office and book.

Steps to book a flight online in Nigeria:

The following are steps to book a flight online in Nigeria:

Step1: Create your proposed travel plan

This is important because the arrangement or agreement made must be definite and certain to avoid an abrupt change of plans.

Step 2: Consider plans flexibility

The ability to change plans or schedules must be considered before booking a flight to avoid missing a flight in Nigeria.

Step 3: Compare flight prices

Comparison of flight prices should be done to avoid being duped and the package plans should be checked/considered because there might be little or no difference in the package plans before booking a flight.

Step 4: Keep a list of flight fares and offers

Flight fares and offers should be compared before finalizing the flight procedures of booking a flight.

Step 5: Purchase your ticket

Consideration of all the steps should be followed before purchasing a ticket. This can be done using a credit or debit card and a functional bank account.

Step 6: Print booking confirmation and other relevant documents

Before booking a flight in Nigeria printing of booking confirmation and any other important information should be made available before travelling to prevent delay due to paperwork.

Booking at the Airport or with a Travel agency

This is another means of reserving flight tickets, especially for last-minute deals. Thus, it could involve reaching out to a travel agency to ease stress or direct contact with airport services. This procedure is the most reliable means of booking a flight.

Furthermore, you can take your ticket booking to a different level by visiting Travelwaka for reliability and a top-notch experience.

Steps to book a flight at an airport or with a travel agency

Although this could mean booking online as well just a few changes are made;

Step 1: Stay informed for relevant travel updates

Awareness is key when booking a flight ticket. This is because there are times of the year when travelling is easier and comes with meaningful bonuses and offers.

Hence, you can make use of this opportunity to get the best deals anytime, any day.

Step 2: Contact a travel agency

Reaching out to a travel agency or airline representative makes the process easy and understandable. All doubts about the process will be cleared as it is a transparent process.

Step 3: Compare prices from different airline agents

Price comparison is one thing that you cannot afford to ignore when booking a flight. This will help you identify the best deals both for arrival and return tickets based on your destination.

Also, you might want to consider your options for comfort, safety and quality.

Step 4: Obtain your ticket after payment

Once you have identified the ticket you desire, you will be required to make payments online via a debit or credit card. However, make sure you get proof of transaction.

Step 5: Arrange all copies of the booking confirmation and other relevant documents

All the documents you have submitted to obtain a flight ticket will be returned once the process is done. Hence, make sure you collect it and keep it safe as they are valid means of identification.

Step 6: Walk into any airport to make reservations

Asides from the following steps listed above, you can make reservations for a flight ticket with airline agents at the airport. This means that when you have a preferred airline, you just approach the representatives and follow the prompts given.

• List of leading travel agencies to reserve a flight ticket in Nigeria

  1. Travelwaka Travel and Tours
  2. Travelstart
  3. Wakanow

Major airports to secure a flight ticket in Nigeria To Book Flights From

The top five international airports in Nigeria are;

  • Muritala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja Lagos
  • Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport, Kano
  • Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja
  • Akano Ibiam International Airport, Enugu
  • Portharcourt International Airport, Portharcourt

Major airlines operating in Nigeria

  • Arik Air
  • Egypt Air
  • Kenya Airways
  • Air Peace
  • Qatar Airways
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Emirates
  • ASK
  • British Airways

Factors that Affect the cost of a flight ticket

The factors that affect flight tickets vary depending on the following:

Time of the year

Travelling during holidays could mean cheaper tickets maybe for purpose of summer sales or more. However, it could also reflect urgency since you have to be fast about securing ideal flight tickets.

The airline you intend to fly with

Different airlines and agencies with different deals. However, the comparison is up to you because you have to check out the travel routes and prices attached.

The flight class

Flying first class, business or economy class also influences your flight ticket fee. It costs more with the comfort you desire and the services to be rendered.

The day of the week or month you want to travel

In addition to the above, days of the week count when you want to reserve a flight ticket. Therefore you must be aware of the days when flights are a lot cheaper.
Besides, purchasing flight tickets between August and September is a lot better considering summer perks.

Your destination

Travelling to Kenya, Zanzibar or certain African countries might not cost as much as travelling to Asia, Russia or European countries.
Accordingly, this means that your destination plays a major role in the cost of your flight ticket.

The number of tickets you want to purchase

Purchasing two or three tickets come at an extra cost in comparison to a single ticket. Therefore, for the whole family or a group travelling, most people tend to seek a bonus(which does not always appear possible) or flight deals which come with appropriate discounts.


To end with, the tips provided on how to book a flight will help first-time travellers who desire a stress-free and memorable journey.
Still, Travelwaka and Tours Limited is a registered travel agency that helps with flight reservations. Thus, for a quality experience and credible services, you can contact us today.

How To Get a Loan for UK Student Visa Application in Nigeria

Loan for UK Student Visa Application in Nigeria

Getting a loan for UK proof of funds can be quite tasking and requires discretion. Ideally, the UK proof of funds is one of the perfect ways the UK immigration officials can verify that you can cover all expenses during your stay overseas.
Therefore, you need to know how to get a loan for UK proof of funds for a study visa in Nigeria in case you do not have sufficient funds in your account as evidence.

Loan for UK Student Visa Application in Nigeria

What is UK proof of funds?

UK proof of fund is a document you get from the bank to show that the money in your bank account is accurate to finance your trip. It summarizes your bank statement, a record of the inflow and outflow of cash transactions in your account.

Furthermore, the UK embassy seeks to clarify all issues related to lack of funds or inability to cope with survival trends upon arrival or relocation. Hence, the request for a considerable amount of money is to confirm that expenses will not be beyond your control. You can get a loan for UK student visa in Nigeria through different means.

Also, it is one of the required documents needed to apply for a visa. Plus, it will guarantee that you will be cleared at the embassy. Therefore, the amount required varies per the purpose of travel and duration.

Loan for UK Student Visa

What if my trip is sponsored?

Kindly note that if you are being sponsored, your sponsor will be expected to provide a detailed bank statement as proof that they can cater for you. Also, this might include job status and residential address or citizenship status.

When should you resort to applying for a loan for UK proof of funds?

A loan for proof of the fund is needed when you are processing a visa application and are low on budget. Thus, you might need to get a loan to clear yourself at the embassy.

Moreover, nearly every nation requests you to provide a convincing bank statement from your bank that confirms you can take care of yourself. However, for a UK study visa application, you will need to provide a one month statement of account.

This is to also confirm that you can cover emergency expenses related to medicals or unforeseen circumstances when you are being given access to a particular country in that period.

UK Student Visa Application in Nigeria

Where can you obtain a loan for UK proof of funds in Nigeria?

Majorly, financial institutions such as banks and travel agencies assist with loans for proof of funds. These are the following places you can get a loan for a UK student visa in Nigeria. Therefore, you can get a loan for UK visa application to present to the embassy as evidence of bank statements. You can get loans from the following places;

Commercial Banks

Commercial banks in Nigeria provide loans with due interest rates. However, you must have an account with such banks to qualify for a loan.
Although, it proves quite tough when situations such as the purpose of the loan are requested for. However, it is not a big deal as such.

Microfinance Banks

Microfinance banks also give valid loans with less interest rates compared to commercial banks. It is also another great place to get a UK student visa loans in Nigeria. However, understanding the origin of microfinance banks and their validity is also important.

Travel agencies

Travel agencies are capable of running the whole package for a UK visa. Therefore, a proof of funds loan is not a big deal as it can be gotten more easily.
However, you need an experienced and credible travel agency or agent to assist you with a loan.

Loan agencies

Lastly, loan agencies could be the best bet for you. However, look into interest rates and affordability as at when due. Also, one major thing is the repayment date which cannot be ignored for anything since you do not want to be tagged a debtor. Therefore you might want to weigh your options carefully.

Although, the point of obtaining a loan is to just provide evidence of funds. However, you might be required to fill out lots of documents and also provide equivalent collateral.

Plus, the funds are not yours majorly and you might have restricted access to the accounts where the funds are. All you just have to get is to save cash inflow into the bank account.

loan application in nigeria for visa application

How much is the ideal bank balance for UK proof of funds?

To start with, the ideal bank balance for UK proof of funds is dependent on the purpose and the overall cost of your travel.. Also, the number of applicants is vital at this point.

Therefore, the ideal bank balance can be calculated and planned accordingly.
For a student visa, you are required to have at least $12,000 as your bank balance to be cleared by the embassy. Moreover, about $4,000 – $5,000 or more is required as additional proof of funds if you have dependents or your spouse.
Although prices can change at any point due to fluctuations in the exchange rate, you just have to be up to date on necessary information.

Tips to consider when obtaining loans for UK proof of fund

To obtain a loan for UK proof of funds, the following should be prioritised;

Operating a bank account for at least six months is essential

If you desire loans from a bank, you must be a long-standing customer who has saved with the bank for a while. Although, there are other checks for validity however to prove original a credible bank account is important in this regard.

Apply for a loan before you begin with visa application

Loan applications for proof of funds should come before visa application or mid-way. However, depending on the bank statement required either a 28 or 30-day period.

Compare interest rates

It has been reported that microfinance banks and travel agencies give the best loan options for proof of funds loans.

However, you have the choice of comparing interest rates to your taste. This will help you identify the loan application that suits you and one you can deal with effectively.

Moreover, you might not be able to refund cash almost immediately. This is because you might even be required to provide proof of funds upon arrival again.

A printed bank statement is important

At every interval, print bank statements and prepare to submit them at the embassy during your visa processing or consulate interview.

loan for uk student visa

Documents needed to get a loan for UK proof of funds in Nigeria

A valid means of identification

To apply for a loan, you are expected to submit a valid means of identification like an ID card, Bank Verification Number and others as required. This is mainly for security and identification.

Travel details

If you are applying for a loan from travel agents, you might be required to provide travel information and details. This also helps to continue the process of visa application

Collateral and Guarantor consent form

It is no news that to obtain loans, relevant collateral is required. Besides, a guarantor who stands as a witness to the loan collection is also important. Plus, this could be a trusted next of kin, spouse or business partner. The ideal thing is, to be honest with the information supplied.
In addition, vital information about the nature of your business existence, tax information and debt status is also relevant. This applies to business owners who desire to apply for proof of funds.

A new or existing bank account

An important thing to remember is that a bank account that is operating in your full name is important. However, it must have 6 months of full operation, inflow, outflow and others.
Also, certain agencies might prefer you open a new bank account that would be funded.

Consent form

A consent form signed by you and the loan company or financial institution is important.

A detailed guide on how to apply for a loan for UK proof of funds in Nigeria

Follow the steps below to apply for a loan for UK proof of funds in Nigeria;

Step 1: Visit wherever you desire to obtain the loan

The first step is to visit any commercial bank, microfinance bank or travel agency to apply for a loan. This is dependent on credibility and the fact that you must be able to vouch for the source.

Step 2: Apply for a loan and provide honest and accurate details

Next, you will discuss your needs and listen to the options provided to obtain a loan. This includes,

  • collateral
  • interest rate
  • date of payment
  • the highest amount you can loan

Step 3: Provide a statement of purpose or reason for travel

The reason for travel determines the amount you will get especially if it is a travel agency. Most travel agencies understand the pattern and will provide due loans with all modalities intact.
Also, you have to do a conversion from foreign currency to Naira which will be equivalent to the amount you want to loan.

Step 4: Discuss flexible interest rate options

Since it is a business transaction, you will also need to provide a balanced agreement of interest rate. Then, you can compare your options accordingly.

Step 5: Open a new bank account

Some agencies require that you open a new bank account to get funded immediately. This is to aid the security of information provided on the account.
However, if you have an existing account with any bank, especially a long-existing current account, you can get loans from your bank.

Step 6: Get funds credited into your account

Then, after, the processes above, your account will be credited and you can print a bank statement.

Step 7: Leave the money in your account for at least a month

In at least, 28 -30 days the money should be in your account to show that it is a functional account and not fake.

Step 8: Get a bank statement

A printed bank statement is what is needed at the embassy. Therefore you need to approach your bank online or offline to get one.

Step 9: Submit a bank statement at the embassy as your required proof of funds

Afterwards, you can submit your bank statement at the embassy along with other documents to apply for a visa.


Although obtaining loans could be a hell of a ride, it is important to begin the process early. This will make it easier to try a lot of options and get prepared for your travel.
Also, since proof of funds is a required document for a UK visa, you might want to consider beginning the process before applying for a visa.

How to Apply for Italy visa in Nigeria Without Stress

italian visa in nigeria

Italy is one of the most popular and well-visited countries in the world. However, you need to apply for an Italy visa in Nigeria before you can visit Italy.

Italy is located in Southern Europe between the Mediterranean Sea. Also, Italy shares borders with France, Slovenia, Vatican City and San Marino.

The Italian capital Rome and it is one of the most visited places in the world. It is also a well-populated country with over 65 million occupants. The country practices a parliamentary system of government and her official currency is Euros- amazing details right?

Therefore, this article presents to you selected vital information on how to apply for an Italy visa in Nigeria and the requirements. Italy is one of the many countries you can consider for relocation.

apply for italy visa

Amazing tourist destinations in Italy

First, here is a list of ten promising destinations to add to your Italy travel bucket list;

  • Canals, Carnival & San Marco square, Venice
  • Renaissance art & Brunelleschi’s Duomo, Florence
  • Lively port with Sant’Andrea cathedral, Amalfi
  • Palace, museum, opera, Caravaggio and Dante Alighieri; Naples
  • Sardinia Beaches, Bronze Age ruins & Cagliari
  • St. Peter’s Basilica & Sistine Chapel; Vatican City
  • Lake Como
  • Duomo, “The Last Supper” & high fashion, Milan
  • The Colosseum, iconic art & the Vatican, Rome
  • Cinque Terre, Sentiero Azzurro

Before your trip, you can book a tour guide or tourism package with Travelwaka. This will make your vacation worthwhile and enjoyable with preplanned fun activities and stunning destinations.

apply for italy visa in Nigeria

Incredible reasons to plan a tour to Italy

Italy is a promising country for whatever your tourism desires are. Hence, these are some of the reasons you should travel a trip to Italy:

A trip to the world’s largest fashion hub

Made in Italy sounds familiar to many fashion enthusiasts and this has made Italy a fashion centre for tourists and residents.

Milan in Italy is the economic capital as well as the fashion capital of Italy. Here, diverse clothing and accessories are produced which are mind-blowing and very attractive.

Romantic getaways

Destinations in Italy present a great spot for romantic escapes, beach hangouts and nightlife. It is also best for honeymoon.

Standard Economy

The economy of Italy focuses on transport, energy, science and technology, agriculture, and tourism. Therefore, Italy stands out with leading innovations and high employment rates with a GDP of $ 51,062 per capita and a total of $3 trillion in 2022.


Italy is the world’s largest wine producer, and one of the leading in olive oil, fruits (apples, olives, grapes, oranges, lemons, pears, apricots, hazelnuts, peaches, cherries, plums, strawberries and kiwifruits), and vegetables such as tomatoes.

Also, wines made from quality brewing and farm produce are processed in Italy. The most famous Italian wines are probably the Tuscan Chianti and the Piedmontese Barolo.

Other reasons to tour Italy are;

  • High Quality of Life
  • Safety and Security
  • Topnotch Healthcare System
  • Quality Education
  • Diverse Tourist Attractions
  • Captivating innovations
italian visa

Eligibility for the Italian visa

First, you have to obtain an Italian visa if you are not a citizen of countries under the European Union agreement. Also, citizens of other countries like Nigeria need to present an Italian visa to visit Italy.

Likewise, if you are a student, business owner or patient desiring medical attention in Italy, you need an Italian visa.

Types of Italian visa available to Nigerians

These are the different types of visas for Italy.

Schengen Visa

The Italy Schengen visa is valid to tour certain states in Italy under the Schengen agreement. Therefore as a citizen of Schengen states or countries in the European Union, you do not need the Italy Schengen visa.

Yet as a Nigerian, a short-term Schengen visa which is valid for 90 is issued to you. Thus, this Italy Schengen visa costs $96 per applicant.

Business Visa

The Italy business visa costs €60 and it is obtainable if you decide to tour Italy for business meetings, conferences, seminars and training. However, you should provide all relevant information on your travel.

This includes tax information, business registration status and cash inflow and outflow records. Furthermore, if you have been invited by a firm in Italy, you must present the invitation letter and all relevant documents.

Study Visa

The study visa is also a Schengen visa which allows you to stay in Italy for 90 days to a year or more. Though the main focus is education, therefore you are to provide proof that an institution in Italy has offered you admission. To augment this, transcripts and certificates from previous institutions are essential. Plus, the Italy tourist visa costs €100.

Transit Visa

Italy transit visa is valid for you to transit or travels through Italy on your way to another country. It is valid for 24 hours and cannot be extended, though it is processed within 15 days from the time you apply for it.

Also, the Italy transit visa costs 60 Euros and you must be out of Italy once the visa expires.

Medical Visa

Italy medical visa is obtained when you wish to receive medical care or urgent treatment in Italy. Therefore you are to submit all relevant bio-data with evidence of payment for medical care.

Similarly, the receiving hospital should send an approval that indeed you are coming over for treatment. Payment of the Italy medical visa fee which costs 60 Euros is also a part of the requirements.

Tourist or Visitor Visa

The Italian tourist visa is issued to Nigerians who are travelling to Italy for exploration, leisure, and enjoyment.

Therefore, if you wish to enter Italy for a short stay, you can do so by obtaining a Schengen Visa to Italy. Also, the visa is valid for 90 days and you are allowed a one-time entry(single entry visa) to Italy.

To add to the above the Italy tourist visa costs 80 Euros and it takes about two to three weeks to process.


Best time to apply for the Italian visa

Application for an Italy visa should begin at least three to six weeks before your intended travel date. This means that early application is also mandatory and could lead to a favourable response.

Cost of Italy visa

The cost of an Italy visa ranges from 60 Euros to 100 Euros. This is dependent on the category of visa and its validity. For instance, the single entry for the Italy Schengen tourist visa is 80 Euros while the student visa is 100 Euros.

Validity of Italy visa

The validity of an Italy visa ranges from 1 day for a transit visa and up to five years for permanent residency. Besides, this depends on your purpose of travel and the category of visa selection.

However, your visa is invalid once the duration allocated to you expires. This means that you should not overstay your duration in Italy for any reason.

Requirements for Italy visa in Nigeria

Nigerians applying for Italy visa are required to fill out the visa application form and print it out once completed. Although, if you are not a Nigerian but residing in Nigeria at the time, then you must include relevant citizenship.

Similarly, this citizenship should be added in form of a valid means of identification, passport details and contact information.

Furthermore, your embassy visit is important not to ignore for whatever reason. Plus you are to apply for Italy visa appropriately without including errors.

Documents needed to apply for the Italian visa in Nigeria

International Passport

The Nigerian International passport must be valid with enough empty pages. Also, it is relevant for at least 6 months before expiration and must be the one obtained from a recognized immigration office.

In addition, your passport should not be older than ten years and should remain valid even after you return to your country.

Recent Passport Photograph

A recent passport photograph valid for six months with appropriate background. You can do well to read all instructions on the kind of passport photograph Italy requires.

Travel itinerary or plan

Your travel plan should include locations to be visited in Italy, date of arrival and departure. Also, you must provide this plan in a well-detailed format.

Statement of Purpose

A statement of purpose is presented in a well-drafted cover letter. This explains your intentions for travelling, aims, goals and benefits of visiting Italy.

Though, you need to add relevant information and be direct to avoid a visa rejection for unnecessary information.

Medical Insurance

Generally, to visit a Schengen area or country you must provide medical insurance. This covers your health cost, medical emergencies and other healthcare needs.

Letter of invitation provided by a host( relatives, friends, company)

If you are visiting Italy from Nigeria for business or other purposes, you must also provide an invitation letter. The invitation letter from a firm should indicate your name and status in the company. Also, you must include travel dates, itinerary, duration of stay, details of the trip’s sponsor, and the purpose of visit, and be signed by a credible person.

While the same applies to an invitation letter from your friends and family, you should add the citizenship status of your host. Similarly, their contact information, employment status and passport details with a valid email address are essential.

Return flight tickets

Return flight tickets prove that you intend to return to your home country when you are done in Italy. Therefore, you can reserve flight tickets and provide relevant tracking information.

Accommodation details

As evidence that you have a place to stay in Italy, you have to submit lodging information. Also, you can add the residential address of your host or a receiving hospital in Italy for medical visa options.

Valid means of identification and citizenship status

Valid means of identification asides from your International passport is needed. Nevertheless, it will be requested from you as additional documents if necessary. For instance, birth certificates, marriage certificates, educational certificates and so on.

Evidence of funds/ Bank statement

A minimum bank balance is required for you to tour Italy. This amount varies depending on your duration in the country.

You must provide a six months visa, the bank statement of account should enough funds to cover your cost and other expenses. While the bank balance for a student visa should have enough funds to cover fees and living costs for an academic year.

Business tax status and returns

As proof that you own a registered company that yields great returns and is thriving, documented evidence should be provided.

In addition, all information submitted about your firm or business should have a letterhead and be addressed to the appropriate quarters.

Step-by-Step Guide to Apply for Italy visa in Nigeria

Identify your visa need and category

Download the Italy visa application form online and fill appropriately

Attach relevant documents to your visa application form

Pay your visa fees

Schedule an appointment with the Italian embassy in Nigeria

Visit the embassy for your interview at the appointed time and submit all documents

Await a decision from the embassy on your approval

Important points to consider when applying for an Italy visa

All relevant travel documents should be attached to the Italy visa

Your visa category determines the cost and validity

Ensure you apply with legal information

Application for a minor should include a duly signed consent form

The Italy Schengen visa is free for children below 6 while children aged 6-12 will pay half of the adult visa fee.

Address of the Italian embassy in Nigeria

The Italian embassy in Nigeria to submit all your travel documents and attend your interviews are located in:

Italian Embassy in Abuja

Sterling Bank Plaza, 3rd Floor, Plot 1083 Mohammadu Buhari Way, Central Business District, Abuja, Nigeria

Italian Embassy in Lagos

Manor House, Plot 110, Admiral Ayinla Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria.


On this note, I will also have to include that your prompt application for an Italy visa is important. This is because you have to consider the embassy’s decision factors and limited time frame.
Also, Italy is a popular choice for tourists for Nigerians, therefore you can be likely to get a tourist visa easily if you act right. Nevertheless, with Travelwaka, a stress-free Italy visa application is guaranteed to avoid all unnecessary hassles of visa application.
We await your message for the required assistance with the application for the Italy visa. Best wishes!

Need A Reputable Agency In Nigeria for Italy Visa?

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How to Apply for a Nigeria visa

apply for nigeria visa

You must apply for a Nigeria visa if you are planning to visit Nigeria from any country that is not a visa-free country. This article will guide you on step by step procedure of applying for a Nigeria visa from any foreign country.
Nigeria as the largest African country is well known for its diversity and cultural heritage. Visiting Nigeria for tourism is a great plan, but you need to understand how to apply for a Nigerian visa from your location.
A comprehensive list of requirements and steps to apply for a Nigerian visa is given in this writing;

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Incredible reasons to plan a tour to Nigeria

Nigerians are hospitable and welcoming and there are a lot of innovations in place in almost every city in Nigeria. Also, it would be nice to experience different weather conditions fewer hazards and a culturally oriented nation.

Leading reasons to tour Nigerians include:

Cultural Heritage

Nigeria is a historic site that has great settings for cultural appreciation. Also, Nigeria is a multilingual state where we have 250 ethnic groups and over 500 spoken languages.

Therefore this beautifies Nigeria and her people who have held their history with so much pride.

Festivals and Entertainment

In almost all states in Nigeria, despite recent civilisations, festivals are still being held. The idea behind festivals is held annually such as Calabar Carnival, Osun Osogbo Festival, Egungun festival and many more.

Furthermore, in areas of filmmaking and musicals, Nigeria is known to be among the leading producers in the world. Musicians from Nigeria have continued to stand out to produce quality music and you should attend an entertainment show or concert during your stay in Nigeria.

Opportunities for investment in Agriculture

Agriculture is one of the recently improved aspects of Nigeria’s economy. Therefore, this gives room to investors seeking to support agriculture on a wide scope in Nigeria. Fruits, cash crops, animal production and many more are practised in Nigeria’s agricultural land.

Further major crops include; beans, sesame, cashew nuts, cocoa beans, groundnuts, gum arabic, kolanut, maize (corn), melon, millet, palm kernels, palm oil, plantains, rice, rubber, sorghum, soybeans and yams.

Alike, cocoa is majorly exported from Nigeria to other countries and it is a major hit of Nigeria’s economy aside from crude oil.

Favourable climate

Nigeria had one of the best climates in the world. With two major seasons, except you are in mountainous regions, you experience less cold.
Although it can get hot in some parts of the country it is bearable. Nigeria experiences the rainy season and dry season which occurs throughout the year.

Lots of tourism options

Nigeria has thirty-six states and there is no state without a geographical feature or biodiversity that doesn’t speak volumes.
Also, Nigeria has quite several UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the Osun Osogbo sacred grove and many more. As well, there are waterfronts, museums, arts and cultural centres, lakes, waterfalls, mountains, rocks, tropical rainforests and so on.

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Eligibility for Nigeria Visa

Your eligibility for the Nigeria visa stands if you are not a Nigerian and you are not a citizen of certain countries in Africa.

There are countries that Nigeria has strong ties with within Africa, therefore visa on arrival options exist for these countries.

Thus, if you are from any of these countries, you are exempted from prior visa applications. However, because your visa can be issued at the borders upon entering Nigeria, you have to enter legally.

Entry into Nigeria can either be by road or air. Although there are different international flights connecting Nigeria to other foreign countries you can look into this option.

Visa Processing Days for the Nigeria visa

It takes three to six days from the date of application and submission to get your Nigeria visa.

Best time to apply for the Nigeria visa

Application for the Nigerian visa should begin at least three weeks before your trip. However, for visa-free countries, you do not need to obtain a visa to Nigeria.

Therefore, you can travel to Nigeria from any of these visa exempted countries whenever you desire.

Cost of Nigeria visa

The cost of the Nigerian visa differs per country and application.

Visa Free Countries

Similarly, for individuals from these countries, the Nigeria visa is free;

Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroun, Cabo Verde, Chad, Comoros, Cote d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Macedonia, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mozambique, Niger, Rwanda, São Tomé and Príncipe, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Somalia, Togo, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Apply for nigeria visa

Validity of the Nigerian visa

A Nigerian tourist visa is valid for 30 days. Therefore within this time frame, you are encouraged to explore Nigeria because your visa duration starts counting.

Also, when you are issued a Nigerian visa, you have 14 days to fully plan and prepare yourself for your trip. Otherwise, your timeframe would begin to tick and you might not be able to meet up again.

How to Apply for a Nigerian visa (from non-visa exempted countries)

After gathering all relevant documents, here are the next steps on how to apply for a Nigerian visa:

Step 1: Go to the Nigerian immigration portal

Step 2: Identify your visa category

Step 3: Select your nationality and reasons for travelling

Step 4: Fill in your biodata and other required information

This will include your full name, address, where you will stay in Nigeria if you have ties with Nigeria, your occupation and so on.

Step 4: Provide a clearance of criminal records

Step 5: Schedule an interview with the embassy in your country

Step 7: Pay your visa and biometrics fee and submit Your application

Step 8: Attend your interview session and get your biometrics captured

Step 9: Obtain your visa in three to six days

Likewise, if you are applying from a country with a Nigeria visa exemption, all you have to do is:

  • Visit the nearest airport or bus station within your locality
  • Purchase a flight ticket or pay your bus fare
  • Arrive in Nigeria on your planned date
  • You might be required to present your passport at the Nigerian border to prove that you are eligible for free entry into Nigeria.
apply for nigeria visa

Documents needed to apply for the Nigerian visa

  • A recent international passport with at least 6 months validity and a blank page for a visa stamp.
  • You’re accurately filled visa application form: The visa application form is for you to present all relevant information which must be accurate and not falsified. Also, you must check for spelling and errors duly.
  • Visa fee payment slip: Ensure that you print the payment slip after you pay your visa fee.
  • Recent passport photographs of at least two: Following the appropriate guidelines, you are to present two passport photographs with appropriate backgrounds.
  • A notification tag of your visa fee approval: Once you have paid and submitted some relevant information online, a notification will be sent via email as approval. You should print and present it at the embassy.
  • Letter of invitation: In this letter, your host is to present full details about your trip, listing your arrival and departure date, his or her contact information and other necessary.
  • Front page of your host’s passport and other relevant biodata
  • Evidence of accommodation, hotel reservations or residential address of a host
  • A booked return airline ticket
  • Evidence of funds: This is required to show that you can cover your expenses during your stay in Nigeria. It could be in form of a bank statement, a cover letter from your bank, or evidence of cash inflow and outflow or debt status.
  • Proof of citizenship for your home country and other means of identification: To apply for a Nigerian visa, your citizenship declaration is very important. Therefore, you must present your passports, ID cards, and Green Card(for U.S. residents)

Important points to consider when applying for the Nigerian visa

  • Applications for the Nigerian visa differ per country.
  • The Nigerian visa does not allow you to overstay or work in Nigeria.
  • You must provide current vaccination reports per disease outbreak.
  • Visiting the Nigerian embassy or consulate in your country is important for the interview.
  • Only certain countries are eligible for visa exemption or visa-on-arrival option to Nigeria.

Amazing tourist destinations in Nigeria

Nigeria is blessed with 36 states and over 700 local government areas. Also, the economic capital of Nigeria which is Lagos serves as an amazing commercial hub with lots of beaches.
Similarly, there are hundreds of attractions, artistic expressions and cultural entities and destinations that have been in existence for centuries.
Hence, you can find any of these most visited spots in Nigeria quite fascinating:


Finally, the application for a Nigerian visa varies based on your location and intentions. However, you need to submit all relevant information related to your trip.

This has to do with submitting all travel documents in English Language and forwarding them to the Nigerian embassy in your locality. Also, be informed that you can speed up the process of applying for a Nigerian visa, thus Travelwaka can assist you with this.

Likewise, for tourism deals and offers in Nigeria, you can reach out to Travelwaka for the latest updates.

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How to Apply for East Africa Tourist Visa in Nigeria

east africa visa

The East Africa Tourist visa lets you visit 3 east African countries with just one visa. Do you desire to tour multiple countries in Africa on a budget? If yes, you can opt for the East Africa tourist visa.

The East Africa Tourist Visa is your cheapest and most reliable alternative to tour Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya all in one visit. This article is a comprehensive guide for your tourism to East Africa from start to finish. Find out more below:

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What is the East Africa Tourist Visa?

The East Africa Tourist Visa is a multiple-entry visa that allows you to tour countries under the East Africa travel agreement. These countries include Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

Also, the countries have been added to the list because of the need to improve tourism within Africa. Plus, strengthen international ties and establish community exposure and development.

apply for east african visa

Idea Behind The East Africa Tourist Visa

First, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda established a coalition to strengthen regional travel. Then, the idea was to give all tourists the chance to explore East Africa’s distinct culture, history, nature, terrains, wildlife and ecosystem.

To achieve this goal, the East Africa tourist visa was developed and this has also solved the conflicts of cost and validity.

Also with the East Africa Tourist Visa, you can travel between Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda with a collective visa.

Reasons to obtain the East Africa Tourist Visa


The major reason why you should obtain the East Africa Tourist visa is tourism. Therefore, as a traveller, researcher, and tourist, you have the chance to explore at ease.

Imagine combining your tourism to three countries in Africa, the bliss and breathtaking sights for less. That is what East Africa affords you, to travel in and out of Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda in 90 days.


Visiting three countries in East Africa for a unique and affordable fee is a lot better than separate costs. It also makes more sense financially if you’re going to at least two out of the three countries.

An individual e-visa for any of those countries costs $55. An East Africa Tourist Visa costs $100. This means that all your expenses are covered by the East Africa Tourist visa fee.


The East Africa Tourist visa can be gotten online and applied for online. Moreover, citizens of all countries can access this, regardless of their location. In addition, there is no need to visit the embassy, as all application is done online.


The East Africa tourist visa is valid for 90 days. Compared to the single entry visa of 30 days or less, you have a longer duration. Also, you can enter East African countries legally more than once as long as the visa has been obtained

Countries to apply for the East Africa tourist visa

Citizens of foreign countries apply for the East Africa tourist visa from Uganda, Kenya or Rwanda. You can apply for this visa online through the immigration website of the above-mentioned nations.

Also, it is essential to point out that the visa is open to everyone

Cost of the East Africa Tourist Visa

The East Africa Tourist visa costs $100 and it is paid online. Also, note that fees paid in error are nonrefundable.
When you apply through the website of each country, the amount you must pay is visible when you choose your type of visa.

Therefore, you should pay with a valid debit or credit card which is not due to expire. This includes payment after selecting the right visa category.

The East Africa Tourist visa processing times

It takes 1-3 working or business days to successfully obtain the East Africa tourist visa. This time also reflects the decision to approve or deny your visa request.

However, it depends on the laws and provisions made available at the time. Plus, processing the East Africa tourist visa in a short while depends on the country you apply from.

east africa tourist visa

Eligibility for the East Africa Tourist Visa

Every foreign citizen who wants to visit all of Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya for tourism on one trip should apply for this visa. This is not tied to age restrictions, both old and young should apply as due.

Furthermore, when you need to apply for the East Africa Tourist visa along with your family, you should do it online too.

Validity of the East Africa Tourist Visa

The validity of the East Africa tourist visa is 90 days. Plus the visa is valid only within the borders of East African countries.

Furthermore, the visa cannot be extended past its due date for termination. This explains that all tourism deals must be brought to a close before your visa expires.

Required documents to apply for the East Africa Tourist Visa

You need the following travel documents when applying for your East Africa tourist visa. These documents are essential for your visa application process and they include:

  • A valid international passport for at least six months. Plus, there should be at least three empty spaces for a visa stamp.
  • A recent passport photograph with the right background and appearance.
  • Flight ticket; for you and your family(that’s if you are travelling together)
  • Travel plan: This includes the details about the places you will visit. Also, you can do well to add a list of what you intend to do there.
  • Proof of accommodation: This could mean a hotel and any other place you will stay during your visit. Moreover, you need to provide the contact details of your host and the duration of your stay as well.
  • Proof of funds: Evidence that you have enough money to fund your trip and cover all your expenses during your tour. The expenses should be broken down to include all the places you would visit and emergencies as well.
  • Yellow Fever vaccination certificate from an approved physician

How to apply online for the East Africa Tourist Visa- Step by Step

The East Africa e-Visa application is not so difficult. It takes just a few minutes to finalize based on the following steps:

Step 1: Visit any of Kenya, Rwanda or Uganda’s immigration website

Step 2: Click on apply now and fill out all your information as requested.
This should include your full name, email address, contact information, passport information, civil status, date of birth, and so on.

Step 3: Next, look through all you have filled in to ensure accuracy which includes spelling and facts about the details given.

Step 4: Pay the visa fees online with a functional credit or debit card. At this point, ensure that a notification is sent which you must print once you pay the fee.

Step 5: Upload all required documents, such as your passport photo, and confirm your submission.

Step 6: Await your East Africa tourist visa which will be sent as an electronic version.

This implies that the visa is attached to your passport electronically and a notification is sent to your email address.

Step 7: Print your visa confirmation once you get it.

Printing the confirmation of your approved visa is recommended to show it to border officials if necessary.

Things to note when applying for the East Africa tourist visa

Before you apply for the East Africa tourist visa, ensure you take note of the following;

  • Your tourism is restricted to the East African countries under the coalition
    To explain this well, it means that when you desire to travel, you need to be aware that you must not go outside of the East African countries. For instance, if you desire to tour somewhere like South Africa in between, you must obtain another e-visa.
  • Likewise, the moment you leave Kenya, Uganda or Rwanda for another country entirely, your East Africa tourist visa is invalid and expires automatically.
  • Thus, you must schedule your tour accordingly to ensure that your schedules do not clash and affect the validity of your visa.
  • The individual Kenyan, Ugandan and Rwandan e-visa is different from the East Africa Tourist Visa
  • If you desire to tour just any of the three countries, you need to obtain a separate electronic visa on the website. This explains that the East Africa tourist visa is only a combination of the three nations, Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya.
  • Therefore, any other tour to Rwanda or Uganda that does not include Kenya in your plans means that a different visa category is needed.
  • Application is done online: The beauty of the East Africa visa is that you can apply online. Therefore to stay informed, ensure you read this article well. All you need to do is visit any of Kenya, Rwanda or Uganda’s immigration websites.
    The application comes with guidelines you must read to ensure that you do not make any mistakes.
  • Application must be done at least 8-10 days before your intended date of travel. This ensures that you give space for immigration decisions on your application. As well, it will not affect your journey in any way.

For visa counselling, ease of visa processing and applications, contact Travelwaka and tours limited

Travelwaka and tours limited offers all visa application services right at your fingertips. Thus, you do not need to stress yourself too much as your East Africa tourist visa can be done in a short period.

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To end with, the East Africa Tourist visa is available for everyone, it is accessible and acceptable. However, you can be denied the visa if your application is falsified and contains errors.

Also, to lessen your stress and make your application easier and faster, a travel agent can run the whole package for you.

Similarly, the East Africa Tourist visa has a visa-on-arrival option. However, you can weigh this, to determine the best choice for you. This is because it is a bit more challenging to get an East Africa tourist visa on arrival compared to online.

In addition, you might not be able to get the East Africa tourist visa at all landing or entry areas because it is not issued.

Therefore, it’s not advisable to rely on getting it on arrival. For instance, Uganda issues no visas on arrival.

Need Other African Countries Visa?

If you need the following African country’s visa

Tanzania Visa in Nigeria
Kenya Visa in Nigeria
Apply for South Africa Visa in Nigeria

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Best Places to Visit in Nigeria this Christmas/New Year Holiday

christmas in nigeria

Visiting places for adventure during the Christmas season in Nigeria comes with different meanings to different people. While for some, it is a season to relax and enjoy solitude after a long year’s work.
However, for others, touring fun destinations during Christmas is a great way to unwind, explore, wine and dine and vibe top trending songs. Also, what if you have too many options for Christmas that you are trying to simplify? I’ll help you find out what’s next!
Accordingly, there are hundreds of places in Nigeria that can suit whatever you desire for the Christmas / New Year holiday. Though, the most visited Christmas spots and things to do there are mentioned below:

Things to do during Christmas

There are memorable experiences to gather during Christmas, a few mentioned here include;

Hang out with family and friends

Spending time with loved ones is a major highlight of the Christmas season. It is a worthwhile season to reflect and be grateful over bottles of champagne and bowls of soups or native dishes.

A time to retreat or take a break

Individually or as a group, you can plan solitary moments during Christmas and take a break from long work and stress. Relax, rest, enjoy and explore your minds in a serene atmosphere.

Family picnics

Family picnics provide an away-from-home experience and a different loved-up atmosphere. Therefore, it is a great way to play games, share stories, relate with one another and snack on bits and pieces.

christmas in lagos

Hiking and other adventurous excursions

Mountain and nature lovers also have a lot to experience during Christmas outings. As this is possible at various locations in Nigeria where you can climb heights and explore wildlife and natural habitats.

Couples getaway

For lovebirds, spending quality time together with a little dose of physical touch works best during Christmas. It is a season of love, life and bliss anyway so destinations that provide such pleasure can be considered.
In addition, you can create joyful moments yourself and fix your plan to enjoy a great deal this Christmas.

Ten Fascinating Places to Visit in Nigeria during Christmas

Omu Resorts, Lagos

Omu Resort on the islands of Lagos is a destination that covers a variety of adventures and wildlife. Also, it is a good spot to ride horses and engage in diverse water recreational activities.
As well, Omu Resorts is open at different times of the year and it is a place for the whole family. Plus, December is so much a time to celebrate, play games, hang out with friends and family and enjoy the natural ambience.

A list of things you can do at Omu Resorts this Christmas includes;

  • A visit to the zoo
  • Take pictures
  • Boat rides, kayaking and jet skiing
  • Picnics
  • Mini parties

Port Harcourt Tourist Beach

Port Harcourt Tourist Beach in Itodo area of Port Harcourt is known by residents and usual visitors for its unique white sands and waves. The beach was created in 1988 and welcomes thousands of people for various sports every day.
The cultural life on the beach is outstanding and it can deliver a beautiful atmosphere for Christmas gatherings, games and entertainment. On arrival, you will see sculpted images depicting the history of the town. Also, there are locally made food and drinks to serve your taste buds as well as keep you hydrated.

Activities at Port Harcourt Tourist Beach

  • Boat rides
  • Sporting activities such as throwing beach balls, volleyball, and football
  • Musical shows and live performances
  • Swimming and water dives
  • Horse riding around the beach
  • Dining and wining on local delicacies

Tinapa Resort, Calabar

Tinapa resort is situated in Cross River State, one of the finest cities in the Southern part of Nigeria. Also, it is a perfect spot for a cultural hangout in a well-developed city.
There are organized malls on wide-spanned lanes where you can get your personal and family shopping done. Plus, the arena has a sports centre, video gallery and an amphitheatre and kiddies zone.
One major highlight of visiting Tinapa during Christmas is the street carnivals, one of Calabar’s cultural dynamism. The events are usually colourful and filled with different people from all over the world.

Things to do at Tinapa Resorts this Christmas

  • View the unique biodiversity of Cross River state
  • Enjoy the cultural spotlights and events
  • Visit the shopping malls
  • Family picnics
  • Group hang out

Kajuru Castle, Kaduna

Built over 40 years ago, Kajuru castle in Kaduna State presents pure royalty. This is visible from the castle edifice with wide spaces, domes and cabins.
First, Kajuru castle is open to the public for a walk-in excursion, but the territory you need to be for a private setting is available. Furthermore, Kajuru castle accommodates a limited number of people to stay for a specific duration.
Although, the building is royally designed, however, there are opportunities for intimacy and luxury at this castle. Large dining spaces and rooftops for romantic escapades also exist at Kajuru castle.

Things to do at Kajuru castle this Christmas

Moreover, there are lots of things to experience at Kajuru castle which are:

  • Romantic getaways
  • Group or family retreats
  • Habitat dweller’s discovery
  • Swimming
  • Take quality pictures

Jos Wildlife Park

As a natural habitat, Jos wildlife park which is in Plateau state is filled with a lot of wild animal species and trees. Yet, it remains a good destination for Christmas in Northern Nigeria.
It is a manmade space carved out for eco-tourism and relaxation. Although the park has been existing for quite some time and serves as a discovery site for both old and young.
Thus, Christmas could come in a different dimension by adding a tour of the wildlife park in Jos to your travel list. Here, you will find pines, short grasses, trees, conserved species of buffaloes, pythons, ostriches etc.

Additional things to do at Jos Wildlife Park this Christmas:

  • A walk around the park
  • Take pictures
  • Discover new wildlife species
  • Visit nearby tourist attractions

Millennium Park, Abuja

The 32 hectares Millennium Park in FCT, Abuja is perfect for fun, picnics, group gatherings at Christmas and children’s play arenas. Although, this doesn’t leave the adults out as there are diverse fun spots and musical shows at the park during the festive season.
The park has been in existence for decades and undergoes proper maintenance to meet up with the idea behind its creation. This includes well-trimmed grasses, a pristine environment, a sitting arena and children’s play spots.
Also, there are neighbouring tourist attractions you can spot such as National Zoo, Abuja, BMT gardens, Zuma Rock and so on. These are all great additions to your Christmas destinations.

Things to do at Millennium Park, Abuja

  • Discover nature (trees, lakes)
  • Engage children in an exciting playtime session
  • Group or Family hangouts and picnic
  • Tour nearby destinations

Abraka Turf and Country Club, Delta

Abraka Turf and country club in Abraka, Delta State Nigeria is a serene and intimate Christmas destination. This is because it offers quality accommodation and relaxation spots in a reserved environment.
Also, the club has a major river, the Ethiope river where private fishing is done. In addition, Abraka country club has large guest rooms, dining spots, bars provision internet services, and many more.
However, one interesting pitch of this arena for Christmas is intimacy, relaxation, luxury and style at its best.

Things to do at Abraka Turf and Country Club this Christmas

  • Water sports such as swimming, playing balls
  • Boat rides, kayaking
  • Horse Riding
  • Family picnics
  • Group retreats
  • Playing Golf, racing

Rojenny Tourist Village

In the heart of Oba, Owerri-Onitsha Expressway, Anambra-State lies an amazing holiday destination known as the Rojenny tourist village.
Besides, one incredible fact is that the village covers multiple interests and colourful expressions for both the old and young ones.
First, Rojenny village is situated on wide acres of land and it is a lush haven where hundreds of visitors are received with a touch of the African vibe and culture.
Also, there is a zoo, where you will find terrestrial and aquatic life such as turtles, crocodiles, monkeys, lions and many more. Plus, the details of the destination allow you to have a remarkable Christmas, this includes;

  • a museum
  • a large amphitheatre
  • a recreation garden
  • tennis court
  • Olympic-sized swimming pool

Furthermore, there are also cafeterias and guest lodgings with all the conveniences for an enjoyable Christmas holiday.

Olumo Rock, Abeokuta

What is Christmas without a touch of adventure, hiking and cultural heritage? All these are the perks of visiting Olumo Rock as a three-and-more-in-one package made available.
Olumo Rock in Abeokuta which is the capital of Ogun State is a family-friendly destination you can tour this Christmas. Plus, it has a cultural history attached to the native people of Egba.
These people were believed to have hidden in the caves under the rock and thus believed that God protected them from their enemies as a result during the ancient villages’ war break out.
Also as a historical site that has been in existence for centuries, Abeokuta presents an avenue to purchase indigenous market wares and handicrafts. These include the well-known tie and dye (adire), Kampala, woven baskets, beads, aso oke and so on.

Things to do at Olumo Rock this Christmas

  • Hiking
  • Create memories with pictures
  • Dine at the local restaurants
  • Cultural discovery
  • Visit neighbouring markets and attractions

Ikogosi Warm Spring Resorts, Ekiti

Ikogosi warm springs is a mind-blowing resort in the Southwest region of Nigeria. It is unique in its existence and serves as an incredible Christmas tourism destination.
Moreover, Ikogosi is known for a confluence of warm and cold water which has no interference of properties to the amazement of mankind. The spot also features biodiversity, rocks, serenity and cultural influences.
Nevertheless, it is a great place to unwind and have fun this Christmas.


Visiting places in Nigeria during Christmas or any holiday season could mean more people, that is crowded areas.
However, the fun exists in meeting new people and enjoying moments with friends and family. Although, the desire for privacy can be achieved to an extent by reserving private resorts in advance.
Wish you a perfect Christmas filled with love.

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How to Apply for Uganda Visa in Nigeria

apply for uganda visa in Nigeria

For Nigerians visiting Uganda, you will need to apply for an Uganda visa in Nigeria. Uganda is on the list of countries that Nigerians can travel to with the visa-on-arrival option. However, it is always better to travel with a visa to avoid issues. Here’s how to apply for the Uganda visa, it can be done online (e-visa) or at the port of entry in Uganda.

However, you need to prepare all the necessary documents to apply for the Uganda visa in Nigeria.

This article will show you simplified steps to apply for an Uganda visa in Nigeria.


Reasons to visit Uganda

There are diverse reasons to go on a trip to Uganda, some of these are;

Safety and Security

Uganda is quite safe and secure, it welcomes all tourists and visitors to the country. For over a decade, plans have been set to curb crimes in Uganda too.

Furthermore, the history of robbery, pickpockets and so on used to be rampant but it has reduced drastically.


As an advance to Uganda’s lifestyle and economy, tourism is top-notch. You have a place to be that will excite you. Exploring terrains, mountains, terrific views and many more are a part of your tour.

Learning and Exposition

Visiting Uganda gives you a chance to learn about the history, culture and lifestyle of the people. This also adds the African to the equation.

Furthermore, Uganda is a cultural piece that holds a lot of history which you will find beneficial for a research project. Besides, personal or group tours are an excellent way to experience Uganda on the learning platform.

Favourable Weather

Uganda has a tropical climate, with cool days around March till August and warmer months from December to February. Due to the presence of mountains and the landscape of Uganda, it can be a bit cold.

visit uganda

Culture and Entertainment

Uganda’s history spans several decades and this is celebrated from time to time. Also, there are artistic expressions, handicrafts, museums and many other historic pieces. All these depict the culture and musical lifestyles of Uganda.

Furthermore, there are indigenous meals and delicacies in Uganda you should taste. Some of these are “matoke” made from local bananas, “ugali” from millet and “waragi” as a common distilled beverage.

Fresh agricultural products

Uganda is notable for agriculture and fresh food is produced on large acres of land made for farming. Crops such as maize, rice, sorghum, sweet potatoes, cassava, millet, beans and so on are grown on Ugandan soil.

Also, coffee, cotton, tobacco and green tea are majorly exported from Uganda to other countries.

how to apply for uganda visa

Types of Uganda visa available for Nigerians

The Uganda visa is grouped into three:

Uganda eVisa in Nigeria

This is the Uganda visa that is processed online. This visa is valid for 45 days from your intended travel date. Also, it is an electronic visa format that was introduced by the Ugandan government in 2016.

Moreover, the electronic Uganda visa is usually sent to your email address in a portable document format (PDF). Thus, you have to process this visa at least 7 working days ahead of your trip.

The Uganda electronic visa(eVisa) is easy to apply for, you can simply log on to the Uganda immigration website. Afterwards, you submit all relevant documents online and wait for approval which will be sent in a document format.

Transit visa in Nigeria

As the name implies, the Uganda transit visa grants you a stopover in the country on your tour to another country. This explains that you need this if you will be travelling and you need to wait in Uganda before you get on another flight.

The Uganda transit visa takes two to three business days to be processed. Also, it is valid for two days.

East Africa tourist visa

The East Africa tourist visa is a tourism visa given to you to tour Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. The validity of the easy tourist Africa visa is 90 days and you can tour these countries more than once within this period.

Also, this specifies this visa as a multiple entry visa and you can get this at any embassy, immigration office or online. However, kindly note that this visa type is not in the visa-on-arrival category.

Therefore, you need to get this easy tourist Africa visa granted or approved before you propose to travel.

uganda visa in nigeria

Best time to apply for an Uganda visa

Uganda is a great country to explore for tourism and cultural heritage. Although to maximise your trip, there are some specific times you can place your application.

Thus, all applications from August to December are quite favourable. This is because once you get your visa, especially for tourism there are a lot of attractions. Besides, you can engage in different festivals, cultural gatherings and wildlife tourism in Uganda at these times.

Also, another time to apply for the Ugandan visa is at least 14 days before
your trip. This is to give space to immigration officials to decide whether to approve or not.

Then, you have a lot of time to gather all documents needed and get extra ones if requested by the Uganda immigration office.

Cost of Uganda visa

The cost of the Uganda visa in Nigeria varies, these are the cost;
The cost varies between $51 and $200
Transit visa
East Africa tourist visa

You can pay for your Uganda visa online using a credit or debit card. Or, you make use of channels of payment.

Then, the next thing is to print your visa fee receipt and make a photocopy too. This stands as evidence of payment and you can move on to the next step.

Validity of the Uganda visa

The validity of the Uganda visa depends on the type of visa you applied for. The Uganda e-Visa is valid for 45 days from the date of approval.

Also, the transit visa which is just for immediate entry and exit is valid for two days. While the easy tourist Africa visa is valid for 90 days and you can travel more than once in this timeframe with it.

Requirements for the Uganda visa

Requirements for the Uganda visa are not limited. This explains that your category of visa and other travel needs will determine requirements in most cases.

First, one requirement is accurate information. One very essential part of almost all visa applications is accuracy as falsification equals rejection.

Therefore all documents to be submitted must be genuine and free from errors.

The next is a prompt application for the Uganda visa, which is a partial guarantee of approval. Partial is used here because all decisions to approve a visa remain in the hands of immigration officers.

However, you need to play your part in the prompt application so that within 14 days or less you get your approved visa.

Furthermore, preparation is key. All documents needed must be gathered and arranged. This is because you will have to submit vital information online.

Documents required to apply for the Uganda visa

International Passport

The International passport is required to be valid, have empty spaces for a visa stamp and not near expiration. The passport should be valid for at least six months.

Valid identification and email address

Other supporting documents are essential as means of identification are;

  • Contact information
  • Valid email address
  • Business status
  • Civil status certificates such as birth, marriage or divorce certificates.

Recent passport photographs

The passport should follow all instructions listed on the Ugandan immigration website. This means that your passport must be recent, have the appropriate background, and not have unnecessary lighting and coverings.

Flight reservation

A flight ticket should be reserved for your trip, both arrival and departure.

Lodging details

Furthermore, details on where you intend to live or stay in Uganda should be provided. This could be hotels or the house of your host(the one that invited you to Uganda).

Vaccination report

Vaccination is another important requirement for an Uganda visa in Nigeria. If you are to visit you must be provide Vaccination reports against all diseases, such as yellow fever, COVID-19 and all other specified requirements.

Letter of invitation from your host

Once you have received an invite from your host, you are required to provide a letter. This letter will state the exact details of your visit to Uganda.

Statement of purpose

In clear terms, this signifies your travel intentions. Plus, all your itinerary, places to visit, date of arrival and departure and accommodation information.

Things to note when applying for an Uganda visa

  • No refund of visa fees
  • Do not apply with an invalid passport
  • The easy tourist Africa visa must be applied for before your trip
  • All Uganda visa applications can be done online
  • Travel agencies can assist with visa processing to lessen the stress for you

Address of Uganda Embassy in Nigeria

Ugandan Embassy, High Commission Office
Plot 28, Ontario Crescent, Off Mississippi Street, Ministers’ Hill Maitama, Abuja Nigeria

Leading Tourist attractions in Uganda

Uganda in the Eastern part of Africa is notable for its mountains, forests, wildlife and tropical climate. The capital of Uganda is Kampala where the power seat exists.

Also, Uganda is a multilingual nation with major languages such as Swahili and English Language. Plus, agriculture is the major focus of Uganda’s economy and the environment is welcoming and calm.

Although, the country is small in land mass which results in overpopulation, the attractive cultural features highlight the region.

Amazing destinations in Uganda that display her culture, waterfalls, largest African lakes, ecosystem and habitat include;

  • Murchison Falls National Park Uganda
  • Murchison Falls & Lake Albert
  • Bwindi Impenetrable Forest
  • Entebbe Lido Beach & Uganda Wildlife Centre
  • Kampala; Capital City
  • Jinja; Nile River & Itanda Falls
  • Lake Bunyonyi; Island-filled lake with canoe tours


To end with, applying for an Uganda visa in Nigeria is one of the easiest and cheapest to do. Though a lot of people have agreed that it is due to the African ties Nigeria shares with the country.
However, one of the things that could disqualify you from getting a next-time visa to Uganda is overstaying your welcome.

This explains that you remain in Uganda long after your visa has expired. It can lead to deportation and a ban from obtaining the Uganda visa next time.

Also, you can extend your visa if you desire but it must be for a genuine reason and at least two days before the visa expiration date.

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How to Apply for Rwanda Visa in Nigeria

study in rwanda

If you are visiting Rwanda you may have to apply for a Rwanda visa in Nigeria. Although Rwanda is on the list of countries that Nigerians can visit with the visa-on-arrival option too. Application for a Rwanda visa in Nigeria can be done online (e-visa) or at the port of entry (on arrival) in Rwanda.

However, you need to prepare all the necessary documents to apply for a Rwanda visa in Nigeria. This article will show you simplified steps to apply for a Rwanda visa in Nigeria.

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Top reasons to explore Rwanda

Rwanda is located in Central Africa and shares borders with South East Africa and the African Great Lakes Region. Rwanda has proved to be a great place to live and tour at any time of the year.

These are some of the reasons you may consider before visiting Rwanda. Your best options made available in Rwanda includes;


Rwanda is known as the land of a distinct hill. Also, Rwanda has breathtaking sights in almost all areas. Furthermore, a tour to Rwanda is the opportunity to experience incredible biodiversity, with incredible wildlife adventure.

Another highlight is the landscape, mountainous and hilly regions plus forests and diverse plant life.


Rwanda is notable for its cultural heritage, history and lifestyle peculiar to its citizens. Also, it is reflected in the hospitality of residents and friendly neighbourhood.


Rwanda has a tropical climate due to its topography, spanning from east to west. The climatic conditions extend across all regions: eastern plains, central plateau, highlands, and regions around Lake Kivu.

Safety and Security

Rwanda is the world’s ninth-safest country according to Peace Index and Africa’s safest country by the World Economic Forum.

Lesser crime rates and a chance to experience tourism differently exist in Rwanda. Also, you can visit all cities in Rwanda and be rest assured that you are safe.

Multilingual exposure

Three different languages are majorly spoken in Rwanda. They are; French, English and Swahili. Also, you have the chance to explore different languages and learn more about the history behind them.

Clean environment

Rwanda is one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world. Less pollution and hazards have been recorded because of their culture of non indiscriminate dumping of refuse. Furthermore, the freshness and cool air are serene and one of the best so far.

Amazing tourism destinations in Rwanda

Beautiful sights to visit in Rwanda are;

  • Virunga Mountains
  • Kigali Genocide Memorial & local crafts, Kigali
  • Nyungwe Forest National Park
  • Volcanoes National Park & Musanze Caves, Ruhengeri
  • Lake, safari lodge, beach and safari, Kibuye
  • Lake Kivu beaches & Gishwati-Mukura Park, Gisenyi
  • Cyangugu Lake
  • Kibeho Shrine and Sanctuary
  • Nyanza Palace, museum, gorillas, history and safari

When to apply for a Rwanda visa

The best time to apply for a Rwanda visa is at least 14 days before your trip. It is important because decisions for approval or rejection are determined by immigration officials.

Requirements for Rwanda visa
The main requirements for the Rwanda electronic visa are;

• Submission of the online application form and
• Payment of visa fees

As a prerequisite for applying for a visa to Rwanda, you must visit the immigration website and complete the form. Next, you will pay your visa fees online and wait for your visa approval.

These requirements include submitting a variety of documents and other items in support of the visa application. You should have these items on hand when filling out the online form.

Cost of Rwanda visa in Nigeria

The Rwanda tourist visa costs $50 while the East Africa tourist visa is $100. Also, a Rwanda business visa costs $30 and $50 respectively.

Categories of Rwanda visa available to Nigerians

Identification of your visa category is vital. This would help you to get every process right and make your application easier and more direct.

Therefore, the types of Rwanda visas available are;

The Rwanda e-visa in Nigeria

Rwanda e-visa is a single or multiple-entry tourist visa valid for 30 days. You can apply online and it is just once.

Moreover, you can tour Rwanda more than once within 30 days if you have a multiple-entry tourist visa.

East Africa Tourist visa in Nigeria

The East African Tourist Visa (EATV) covers Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda and is valid for 90 days.

Rwanda transit visa

A Rwanda transit visa can b obtained when you want to stay for a short period in Rwanda while visiting another country. Then, you can exit after three days before you travel to the next location.

Rwanda business visa

Rwanda business visa ìs for multiple entry into Rwanda for business. It applies to you as a business owner or researcher. Also, it is essential for an intended training or short-term business deal and so on.

The Rwanda business visa is valid for 30 days for a single entry visa or 365 days for a multiple entry visa.

Validity of Rwanda visa

The validity of the Rwanda visa varies from 30 days to 90 days. However, the transit or stopover visa is valid for 3 days.

Although, it is ideal that you understand the importance of maintaining the duration given to you. This is so that you do not face legal action for overstaying in Rwanda.

Entry routes to Rwanda from Nigeria

Illegal entry to Rwanda is prohibited. First, you will need to present your passport with the visa attached at the border of entry.

Moreover, this is a way to place checks on crime, illegal immigrants and many more. Kigali International Airport in Rwanda also checks for unlawful possessions and fake applications.

Therefore, entry into Rwanda from Nigeria can be on land or by air. Whichever route, there are major lawful entry borders in the country.

Major documents needed to apply for the Rwandan visa

International passport

First, when applying for a Rwanda visa in Nigeria, you need a valid Nigerian passport to apply for a Rwandan visa. Also, your passport must be valid for at least 6 months before your application. It must have an expiry date more than 6 months.

To add to this, there must be blank spaces on your passport for a visa stamp as well.

Recent passport photograph

Your passport photograph should be a recent one with quality lighting and the required size.

Valid email address with contact information

A functional email address and other contact details where information can be passed across. The approved Rwanda e-visa for Nigerians will be emailed to the email address that applicants provided when filling out the e-visa application form.

Credit or debit card

To make payment online, you need a debit or credit card. Thus, all you need to do is input your card details and make payment easily. Platforms like Pay Pal are also welcome for payment.

Medical certificate

Another requirement for Rwanda visa in Nigeria is medical certificate. A proof that you are medically fit, duly signed and sent from an approved Government institution. This could be a yellow fever vaccination or other relevant vaccinations.

Letter of invitation

Once you have received an invite from your host, you are required to provide a letter. This letter will state the exact details of your visit to Rwanda.

Statement of travel motives and plan

This is a list of all travel plans, itineraries and records for further use. Therefore you should include all you want to do in Rwanda and your date of departure.

Accommodation details

This comes in the form of hotels booking or staying with a relative or host. Additionally, you need to give the address and relationship with the host.

How to apply for the Rwanda visa in Nigeria

Application for a Rwanda visa from Nigeria can be done in two ways;

Online Application for Rwanda Visa in Nigeria

Online application for a Rwanda visa is possibly issued to you online. This is available in a document format which you can download yourself.

The steps to apply for this electronic visa are easy and quick. Also, it saves stress and the possibility of disappointment upon entry into Rwanda.

On arrival

Nigeria is on the list of countries that can get the Rwanda visa on arrival. Although is not like the electronic visa, you can also apply online.

Then, you will pay for the visa at the borders or on entry into Rwanda. Besides, you can do the o both at the border of entry; application and payment.

Step by Step Guide to Applying for the Rwandan visa

Step 1: Visit the Rwanda immigration website

Step 2: Complete the application form with the appropriate details

Step 3: Pay must follow lower with a debit or credit card

To add to the above, your visa fee is not refundable. Therefore, you should ensure that you pay the right fee with a valid payment card.

Also, you must follow the instructions given online on payment and identification of visa type.

Step 4: Wait for three to five working days to get a decision

To further process your visa application, you have to wait for the decision of the immigration office.

Step 5: Obtain your Rwanda electronic visa through your email address

Error-free e-visa is usually sent via email which you can download and print. Then, you present this visa at the embassy when you arrive.

Important points to consider in applying for a Rwanda visa

Error-free application

All applications should be free from errors, accurate and direct. Plus, you have to type your name and submit genuine documents as well.

Identify your visa including before the application

All the types of visas highlighted should be properly identified. This is relevant at all levels of application.

No falsification

Fake information should be avoided, including documents. Every detail you give online must prove true and have backups or evidence.

Application with different passports is not allowed

This explains that if you have two different passports, you use just one in applying for the Rwandan visa. In addition, your visa is sent as an attachment to your passport identification number.

All required documents should be arranged

The documents you need must be carefully arranged canned and uploaded online.

All submitted information should follow the guidelines

You are advised to read all instructions before applying. This will enable you to know which documents to submit and what you are not expected to do.

Visa fee is not refundable

You can not get your visa fee back once you have paid. Therefore, pay with a valid credit or debit card or an about national bank account.

Prompt application is highly recommended

Application for the Rwandan visa is prompt when you;

  • Apply before your travel date
  • Apply as soon as you get the information about travel plans

• Print relevant receipts or evidence of payment


Whatever visa type you require to tour Rwanda, it can be processed by legit travel agencies for a fee. Moreover, employing the service of a travel agency will make your application easy and less burdensome.

However, your visa is not just there to assure you of entry into Rwanda, you need to certify that you are worth it. This majorly takes place at the borders when you enter the country. If you have any questions or enquiries regarding Rwanda visa in Nigeria. Please feel free to drop a message.

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Sample of UK or U.S. invitation letter in Nigeria

invitation letter

The invitation letter is one of the prerequisites for a UK or US visa application in Nigeria.
An additional document as a requirement to get your travel visa is a letter of invitation to visit the United States or the United Kingdom. You can request an invitation letter from your friends and family living abroad.

For instance, you just received a call from a friend, relative, colleague or acquaintance to visit the United States or the United Kingdom. These individuals can send you a mailed copy of an invitation letter with all your planned travel intentions.
This article gives you a view of what an invitation letter looks like.

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Documents needed to explore the UK and U.S.

International passport

A valid International passport that is valid for at least six months before your application. Also, the passport should have empty pages, and not be torn or damaged.

Recent passport photographs

Following the UK or U.S. guidelines, your passport should be recent within six months or less.

Furthermore, there should be no extra coverings or background added.

Visa fee payment and receipt

As evidence of payment, you can make a printout of your visa fee payment.

Visa application form; filled and signed

Flight and accommodation reservations
A reserved return flight ticket is necessary as lodging details are. If you will be staying with any relative, their address, status and phone number should be provided.

Evidence of Funding (bank Statement)

Funds in your account should be enough to cater for your upkeep in the U.S. or UK. Plus you will submit evidence of the inflow and outflow of cash from your existing bank account.

Invitation Letter

This is another document that is required when

Statement of travel intentions

Ideal travel intentions include; study, medical care, tourism, employment offers, business, research, training, permanent relocation and many more. Whatever your purpose for travelling is, it should be clearly explained in a letter.

Medical or travel insurance

As a cover for emergencies, sometimes insurance proof is required. It could be added to the list of documents to present at the embassy.


Proof of tax payments in your home country especially for business tycoons

When you claim to have business deals or a company in your country, you should provide evidence of tax payment. Also, proof that your income is tied to the business is essential.

Criminal investigation history

As you should not have any pending crime issues to be sorted, a record that you are crime free should be presented.

Certificates of birth, marriage, divorce or educational qualifications

All of these stand for identification and to show that you have proof of your claims.

Medical clearance or certificate

A medical test is usually carried out at designated hospitals. Then, you present the sealed results at the embassy to show that you are healthy and fit to travel.

Vaccination records are also important, like in the case of COVID-19, Tuberculosis, Yellow fever and so on.

Purpose of the United States invitation letter

The U.S. invitation letter is a great backup plan to ensure the smooth processing of your visa. This means that you can present the invitation letter written by the one who has invited you for extra evidence.

Therefore, the letter should be detailed, direct and accurate. Your claim might be further investigated in an interview.

Besides, you should not just intend to travel to the U.S. or UK without a full understanding of what you want to do there.

Furthermore, for medical treatment, an invitation letter is also written to the embassy for clarification. Plus, you will submit this yourself but you need to know what the contents of the letter state.

In addition, knowledge will help you prepare for your visa interview, so as not to contradict the contents of your invitation letter.

The exact time the UK or U.S. invitation letter is needed

Imagine that your daughter just had a baby and you need to visit the United States to assist or see your grandchild(ren). Also, you might need to visit your relatives you have not seen in a while just to have a few moments together.

In this instance, this set of people living in the United States or the United Kingdom is the host inviting you over. Plus, you are the guest invited to the U.S. or UK for a specific duration.

Therefore, they can help you with an invitation letter with all contact information attached and the necessary details.

Plus, the UK or U.S. invitation letter is needed:

  • When applying for a tourist, spouse, medical, business or study visa
  • As an extra document for your visa processing
  • To be submitted along with other documents at the U.S. embassy
  • To clarify all doubts that might be attached to your tour

Contents of the U.S. or UK invitation letter

The following is important information to include in your invitation letter;

  • The full name of the person or firm inviting you to the U.S. or UK- your host
  • Your full name as a guest invited to the United States
  • The residential address and contact information( telephone number and email address) of the host
  • Your residential address and contact information as a guest invited to the United States
  • Relationship with the guest you are inviting to the United States
  • The citizenship status of your host with evidence
  • Your host’s international passport number and how long they have been residing in the United States
  • Your host’s occupation and workplace address, including their exact roles there
  • Additional documents like marriage certificates, employment letter, citizenship evidence and so on. This is required to prove the status of your host in the United States.
  • Your purpose for travelling is clearly explained
  • List all places you intend to visit during your stay in the U.S.
  • Evidence of how your trip will be funded; who will pay for your expenses which covers feeding, flight and accommodation.
  • Duration of stay and where you will be staying during your trip

How to write the UK or United States invitation letter

To write the U.S. invitation letter, you should take note of the following points;

  • The UK or U.S. invitation letter is a formal one. This should include two addresses ( the host’s and where the letter is directed)
  • The letter can be addressed to the U.S. embassy.

In this case, the address of the embassy either in Lagos or Abuja should be included. This can also be done based on proximity to the embassy.

For example, someone who lives in Gwagwalada would prefer to submit a visa application in Abuja. As well, someone who lives in Ikeja would prefer to visit the U.S. embassy in Lagos for visa processing.

  • The letter can be directed to you as a guest, which you will submit at the embassy as well.

Once your address is included in the letter, you must present it at the embassy with supporting evidence.

  • You should be aware of all information attached to the letter

To avoid errors or false claims, you should stick to all information included in the letter. This includes the date of birth, address, relationship with the host, passport number and intended country of visit.

  • Unnecessary information should be avoided; be direct and straight to the point.

Irrelevant information should be excluded from the letter. This can alter the essence of the letter and not reflect its reality.

  • A signature should be appended at the end of your letter

At the end of your letter, a signature with the date and other important details should be included for clarity.

Sample of the UK and U.S. invitation letter

A sample of an invitation letter to the United States is given below;

                                                          18th November 2022
                                                          Mr Ezekiel G. Ikenna
                                                          581 N Temple Ave
                                                          Starke, Florida(FL), 32091
                                                           (262) 653-6273

U.S. Embassy, Abuja
Plot 1075 Diplomatic Drive
Central District Area, Abuja
Dear Consul,


I am Ezekiel G. Ikenna, I live at 581 N Temple Avenue, Starke, Florida(FL), 32091. I am a legal permanent resident of the United States.

This letter is written on behalf of SARAH IKENNA with the PASSPORT number A0185734.

I request that you grant my mother Sarah Ikenna, a Nigerian residing at 5, Olayiwola estate, Ketu Lagos a tourist visa to the United States.

I am getting married to my lovely wife in the United States and my mother is expected to be there to grace the occasion.

Sarah will be coming over on the 28th of November 2022 and will leave on the 10th of December 2022. The wedding is scheduled to hold on the 3rd of December, 2022 by 9 am at Florida Faith Church, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

During her stay, I will be fully accountable for her upkeep, accommodation and personal expenses while she is in the United States of America. She will be staying with me at the address stated above.

She will be returning to Lagos, Nigeria upon the termination of her visit.

This letter will be submitted to you by Sarah. She will also be submitting to you other proof to ascertain her close relations with Nigeria and to assure you that she will return to Nigeria on the 10th of December 2022.

Your thoughtful consideration of this request will be much appreciated.

Yours Faithfully,

Name and Surname

581 N Temple Ave Starke,
Florida(FL), 32091
(Signature and date)

If you also want to direct the application to the guest, you should include their address in the letter with all details.

Although, it has been realised that an invitation letter does not guarantee a successful visa application. However, you must have a backup plan.

This will give the officials at the embassy a clue that you have a direct purpose for visiting the United States or the UK. Also, you should note that all other documents requested at the embassy must be provided.

Therefore, if you are struggling with the arrangement of information in your invitation letter, you can direct all questions to Travelwaka for further assistance.

Wish you the best!

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How to Book Germany Appointment Date in Nigeria

germany appointment date in nigeria

One vital aspect of your visa application to Germany is booking a Germany appointment date in Nigeria. This can only be done online via the German consulate in Nigeria.

Though securing your appointment appears burdensome but your knowledge of how to go about the process is highly imperative. Hence, I have simplified the steps method of booking a German visa appointment date in Nigeria in this article, read on;

german appointment date

If you Need Help With Processing German Interview Date in Nigeria

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What is a Germany Visa Appointment Date?

An appointment date is equivalent to a day set aside for your visa interview at the German consulate. Here, you will be asked to provide relevant information as to why you intend to visit Germany. In addition, you will provide relevant documents and biometrics.

If you Need Help With Processing German Appointment Date in Nigeria

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Top reasons to visit Germany

Germany as a first-world country in Europe is known for innovations, history, culture and development. This has influenced the motives of Nigerians to tour Germany every year.

Here are the leading reasons why you should visit Germany soon;

Excellent living conditions

Germany is a great place to live. It has a high standard of living, accessible locations, tourist attractions, historic buildings and lots more.

Also, Germans are friendly and hospitable and you can feel free to connect in the country.

Strong economy

Germany’s economy is known for massive innovations, ideas, the automotive industry and engineering. This way, Germany continues to outperform other first-world countries.

Besides, Germany had a recent Gross Domestic Product(GDP) of over $4.03 trillion per year. Hence, Germany has the largest economy in Europe and the fourth largest in the world.

Culture and entertainment options

One of the highlights of Germany is cultural festivals, sports and entertainment. Plus, it is also a major reason why you should explore Germany with a wider perspective.

Good work-life balance

Employment opportunities exist in Germany with a low unemployment rate as well. Also, Germany is known for ease, development and creative ideas set to make life easier for you even while you work there.

Superior Education

Germany offers outstanding education at a low cost. This is a great addition compared to most countries in the world.
Education is constantly improved in Germany to meet the demands of the globe.

Good healthcare

Based on public health statistics, Germany records a low mortality rate and high quality of life. Therefore, this is evident in the standard of the health care system in the country.

Great weather

Germany has moderately continental weather. This is characterised by cold winters and warm summers which you can easily adapt to at any time.

germany appointment date in nigeria

Amazing destinations in Germany

Tourism plays a key role in shaping Germany. This is accounted for by the presence of historic and stunning sites in Germany that welcome tourists yearly.

Incredibly, the number of tourists who take part in activities in Germany triples every year. Therefore, you can as well be a part of these mind-blowing statistics.

See the most popularly visited destinations in Germany;

  • Brandenburg Gate & the Berlin Wall, Berlin
  • Hofbräuhaus, Oktoberfest & the Residenz, Munich
  • Banking, Goethe House & museums, Frankfurt
  • Stuttgart Car museums, Kunstmuseum & Wilhelma Zoo
  • Heidelberg University town with Heidelberg Castle
  • Cologne Cathedral, old town & art, Cologne, Germany
  • Hamburg Canals, art & Reeperbahn nightlife
  • The Black Forest, Baden-Württemberg
  • The Ultimate Fairy-Tale Castle: Schloss Neuschwanstein, Bavaria
  • The Rhine Valley

Documents needed to book Germany Appointment Date in Nigeria

All the documents you need for your Germany appointment date include;

  • Completed application form in English or German.
  • Application forms should be filled out online, submitted and downloaded. This is because you will present it at the embassy too.
  • Two recent passport-size photographs with white backgrounds.
  • An international passport which is valid and does not have ripped or damaged pages
  • Previous visa used in application
  • Travel fitness insurance or medical certificate
  • Statement of purpose:
  • This is a cover letter stating the reason for your visit to Germany.
  • Flight itinerary listing dates of entry and exit from Germany.

All your plans throughout your stay in Germany would be listed as well. Including places to visit, how you will transport yourself there, expenses and so on.

That is, the time you would be travelling to Germany and when you will leave the country.
Evidence of marriage certificate, birth certificate, and citizenship with dates.
Proof of financial situation

Financial records are also important as they serve as a guarantee that you can handle all travel expenses.

early germany appointment in nigeria

Eligibility criteria for the German Appointment Date in Nigeria

Eligibility for the German appointment date depends on your prompt application. Also, you must have all the required documents and pay your visa fees online.

Be informed that the criteria for individuals below 18 years are quite different too.

Other measures to book a German appointment date in Nigeria include;

  • Application in person: This signifies that you have to apply and visit the German consulate yourself.
  • You should have no previous history of visitation to Germany within a year or two. Though, this time frame counts from the time you apply for a German visa.
  • No account of criminal records or ongoing investigation
  • To be eligible for the German appointment, you need to apply once for either a long or short-term visa.
  • Payment of visa fees with receipt evidence

Types of German visa available for Nigerians

Germany is a developed country on the European continent and it belongs to the Schengen areas. The types of German visas accessible are;

Short-term or tourist visa

This visa allows you to visit Germany for vacations, sightseeing, holidays or to visit family and friends. Also, you should apply anytime from two weeks to 90 days before your trip.

Schengen visa

The Schengen visa is given to you if you desire to tour Germany either once or more than once. This could happen in the space of 90 days or even less.
Although, the Schengen visa applies to European countries within the Schengen areas. Also, this visa is divided into three categories;

Single entry visa

Your trip to any Schengen country once in a 90-day period qualifies you for a single entry visa. This means that you can use this chance to tour Germany within a limited time.

Multiple entry visa

The German multiple visas allow you to visit Germany more than once within the space of 90 -365 days.

Transit visa

The Germany transit visa allows you to stop over in Germany on your way to another country. Usually, this visa is valid for 24 -72 hours.

Long-term visas

Germany long-term visa applies to you if you desire to visit Germany and remain there for a long time. This depends on your intentions, such as study, work, business, training and research, skill sets and so on.

The German visa allows you to remain in Germany for three months or more, concerning your travel purpose.

Cost of the German visa

Kindly note that the German visa is paid for in cash and cannot be given back to you. Therefore, you must do everything possible to ensure that your visa application is successful in the end.

The fee lists are;

The cost of a German long-term visa is 80 Euros. This fee applies to adults- 18 years and above.

For a short-term, Schengen or tourism visa, the fee is 80 Euros. This also applies to adults – 18 years and above

Children below the age of 7-12 are expected to pay 40 Euros for the German visa as well.

Free for children less than 6 years, including babies.

Step-by-Step Guide to Book Germany Visa Appointment Date in Nigeria

A comprehensive guide on how to book the Germany Visa appointment date in Nigeria is given below;

Step 1: Visit the German immigration website

On the German immigration website, you can book your appointment date. All you need to do is log on to the site and do the needful.

Step 2: Select your visa category and read the instructions that follow

Identify the type of German visa you are applying for and read the information attached to this.

Step 3: Download and fill out the visa application form with accurate information

Mistakes, false data and many other things can lead to visa rejection. Therefore all visa applications should be done carefully and instructions should be adhered to.

Step 4: Arrange all relevant travel documents

Gather all vital travel documents needed and scan copies to be uploaded online. This is a prerequisite to applying for your German visa.

Step 5: Submit your visa application

To end your online visa application process, click the submit notification on your screen.

Step 6: Choose your visa appointment date online

Next, to guarantee that you will not miss this appointment date, you are given the chance to choose yourself. Though, you must be aware that early application is also a bonus.

A calendar is displayed on the screen and you have to select your favourable appointment date.

Step 7: Create a printout of your visa application form to be submitted at the German consulate

After all applications, you need to print out your application form and make printed copies of your documents. This would be submitted at the embassy or consulate.

Best dates to schedule your visa appointments at the German consulate

To avoid stories that touch, possibilities of rejection and crowded areas, you can schedule your visa appointment thus;

  • Dates when you are available to arrive at the consulate early enough
  • Dates not close to vacations or holiday seasons
  • Select dates that are at least two weeks or a month away from your travel dates

Address of German embassy in Nigeria

German Consulate General in Lagos

15 Walter Carrington Crescent
(formerly Eleke Crescent) Victoria Island P.O. Box 72800, Lagos, Nigeria

Germany Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria

9 Lake Maracaibo Close, Maitama, PO Box 5177, Abuja F.C.T., Nigeria

What’s next after you book your German appointment?

After you have booked your German appointment, ensure you arrive at the embassy or consulate early. Also, you must not miss your appointment dates.

Furthermore, confirm that you provide all information required at the consulate related to your travel. Plus, you should submit the application form which should have your signature on it.

As evidence of visa fee payment, you need to print your receipt as part of your documents. In summary, get all your facts straight before you arrive at the German consulate and be composed.


Finally, booking a German visa appointment is a prerequisite for German visa application in Nigeria. Although, you can employ the services of a travel agency you need to supply all the information they need.

Moreover, this means that on your part, accuracy, prompt application and knowledge are required. This is because once you miss a booked appointment, you forfeit your visa application process.

Although beginning the process might be strenuous, you do not have to go through it alone. Contact Travelwaka for assistance with booking your German visa appointment.

If you Need Help With Processing German Interview Date in Nigeria

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10 Top Courses You Can Study In The UK

courses to study in the uk

Studying in the UK is a top dream for almost everyone. Adding to the fact that the United Kingdom is known for standard institutions, there are great courses you can study there.

You might however be confused about what course to study in the UK, based on course relevance and job opportunities.However, you should be knowledgeable about the degree you intend to acquire in the UK and its educational operation. Uk should be one of your choice countries if you are planning to study abroad.

Thus, here is a list of top courses you can study in the UK and what you need to know about them.

study in the UK

Studying in the UK

Studying in the UK is a wonderful exposure to different levels. Beginning with people, culture, lifestyles, destinations, career options and many more.

Also, it is an avenue to make key decisions on relocation plans in the UK, work-related matters and after-graduation options too. There are schools in the UK for early learning which begins from age five known as kindergarten.

Afterwards, there are primary schools and high schools for extended knowledge. All of these sets the foundation for studying at a university in the United Kingdom.

study abroad

Therefore, if you desire education in the United Kingdom, you should have all these background educational prerequisites fulfilled.

For international students, the A-level or its equivalent qualification is also important to qualify. Accordingly, you should be prepared for the cost of studying in the UK, accommodation and other significant expenses.

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Average entry age to universities in the UK

On average, you should be around 16-18 years of age to qualify for admission to any university in the UK. Although, it might differ per institution so long as you have the stated documents for entry.

Educational degree options for students in the UK

Foundation Degree ( Diploma)

The foundation degree in the UK takes two years. It paves the way for continuing education as well as the requirements for working.

Bachelors Degree

Bachelor’s degree is awarded to you when you have studied at any university in the UK for three to four years. Also, the various bachelor’s degrees are BSc., BA or BEd.

Master’s Degree

A master’s Degree in Administration, Arts, and Science is also among the degrees you can get at any university in the UK. This is after you must have studied for a minimum of 6 months to 2 years. Although the duration of study is dependent on the course you choose, however you need to have all requirements.

Doctorate Degree

Doctorate degrees can either be awarded based on honour or earned by advanced study in any UK university. It takes 3 – 4 years to complete your study for a doctorate in any university in the UK.

Institutions offering the best courses of study in the UK

If you are considering studying in the UK, there are different courses and institutions to choose from. The leading institutions in the United Kingdom have the best educational opportunities and programs available for all students. This even extends to online platforms where learning takes place exclusively.

Therefore, you can find the following schools worthy;

  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge
  • Imperial College, London
  • University of Edinburgh
  • King’s College London 
  • London School of Economics and -Political Science London
  • University of Manchester
  • University of Glasgow
  • University College London (UCL)
  • Durham University

List of top 10 courses you can study in the UK

Study Engineering in the UK

Engineering is one of the courses you can study in the UK. Your decision to study a course in Engineering at any university in the UK is an excellent choice. First, you need to note that certain branches of engineering need competent and well-trained workers.

study engineering course in the uk

Therefore you also have the privilege to remain in the UK to find a job once you are done with schooling. Moreover, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Systems Engineering are great courses under the main Engineering option.

Also, graduating with distinction in Engineering from any university in the United Kingdom sets you apart from other applicants in less developed countries.

Study Computing and Informatics in the UK

Computing and informatics is a highly competitive course in the UK. Besides, there are diverse sections under which computing is subdivided. This is another course you can study in the UK.

This includes data science, data analysis, information technology, cyber security and so on. Within three to four years, you will earn a bachelor’s degree in Computing from the UK.

The tech world is daily evolving and you can find out that you need just the right orientation.

At most universities in the UK, choosing Computer Science as a course of study exposes you to in-depth training. Also, since the course is designed to be more practical than theoretical, you will find your time in any UK university most fulfilling.

To add to the above, studying Computer Science at any university in the UK is worthwhile. There is room to set the basis for career growth in any field you find yourself.

Study Business Administration in the UK

A Master in Business Administration (MBA) is one major degree that you can get easily in the UK. Studying a course in administration gives you a chance to look into other aspects of the business. Business administration is one of the courses you may study in the UK.

These sections include business management, human resources, economics, marketing and so on. Also, there is the availability of employment, seminars, training and internship for students.

In addition, online courses where you can earn certifications from rated institutions in the UK are also available.

Study Financial Accounting in the UK

Financial Accounting or Finance as a course in the UK is in increased demand every session. Students apply to the UK courses in Finance mostly for a bachelor’s degree.

One interesting fact about studying Financial accounting in the UK is that you are exposed to career reality. Also, you can earn a foundation degree or diploma and begin your career journey right away.

It is also quite affordable to study finance in the UK, at least this will cost £7000 – £10000, depending on your choice of institution.

Study Architecture in the United Kingdom

As a way to unleash your imaginative skills and knowledge, you can sign up for a course in Architecture in the UK. Without any prior knowledge, you will need to get ready to study for four to five years in the UK to earn a degree in Architecture.

The course is classified under Arts and design because this is what it is mainly about.

Architecture is a real hands-on experience in any UK university and you also have course choices to make.

This includes interior design, fashion, construction, mechanics, building and many more.

Scholarship options are available in various degrees for international students in Architecture. Furthermore, studying Architecture in the UK remains a good idea.

Study Psychology in the UK

A study of in-depth mind skills related to the decision-making process is what Psychology is about. Psychology is among the top courses to study in the UK because it affects all other careers.

A Bachelor of Science degree in psychology takes about three to four years and less for postgraduate studies.

Therefore, job opportunities are available for psychologists in schools, hospitals, offices and personal establishments.

Earning a good grade in psychology from any university in the UK is ideal for personal improvement and career development.


As a medical course, medicine and Dentistry is among the top recognised courses to study in the UK. The course combines medical practice with an advanced career in health.

Also, they have a great market value and diverse specialisations. Although it takes about five to six years to earn a degree in Dentistry/Medicine in the UK, you can be sure it is worth the effort.

In addition, medical schools and colleges give scholarships to international students to study Medicine in the UK. Specialities in Dentistry, Physiotherapy and other related fields in health care are valid too.

Considering the cost, you should be ready to spend a lot to get a medical degree in the UK. Although getting a scholarship is a great opportunity if you have one.

Study Data Science in the UK

Data Science is high in demand for all sectors. Therefore, studying Data science as a course in the UK allows you to explore. This is another good course you can study in the UK.

Also, you gain full knowledge of data tools and updated technology software to analyse and present data. Besides, data science is high in demand in the career field and also highly sought after among students.

However, interest is key as it is a bit tasking and demands readiness to learn and grow in the tech space.

Therefore, in no time from three years, you should earn a degree from any university in the United Kingdom.

Study Nursing Science in the UK

Based on demand, skill shortage and evolving medical system, there is a need to train more nurses in the UK. Therefore studying Nursing science in the UK is a perfect plan.

Within two to four years of study, you should be able to get a license to practice fully. Obtaining a degree in Nursing from the UK also gives you access to practice anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, job security exists as well as societal privileges to remain in the United Kingdom after school.

Study Sociology in the UK

Sociology is related to lifestyle, arts and humanities as well as culture. Therefore, opportunities exist to study sociology in the UK for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Also, you have the option of choosing your preferred speciality and focusing on building your career. Besides, there is quality exposure to practical work, social events, journalism and many more.

Considering career options, jobs are readily available for you upon completion of the study. However, you should note that graduating with a good grade is highly recommended.

Most universities in the UK offer sociology and even collaborate to provide online study options for international students.

Study Coding/Programming in the UK

The programming world has become one of the top industries in the UK. With the development in UK technological world, it has opened more doors for upcoming programmers to develop a career. Therefore, studying programming course in the UK could be one of the best decisions you’d ever make.

programming course in the UK

Study Data Science in the UK

Data science and business analytics is also one of the top courses you can study in the UK. Over the years, the demand for data scientists has increased in the UK. Every business needs a data analyst therefore, there is a huge opportunity.

Computer Science in the UK

UK universities offer some of the best courses in computer-related studies. The career opportunities in computer science are endless. From networking, programming, designs and architecture etc. Studying computer science in the Uk has become easier because virtually all the institutions in the Uk offer the course.

computer scinece in the uk

Artificial Intelligence in the UK

With the recent development in robotics and automation over the years, it has given rise to an increasing demand for artificial intelligence courses in the UK. It has also become one of the top courses in the UK.

study artificial intelligence course in the uk

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Getting a UK study visa

To study in the UK, you need a study visa to gain a permit into the country. Although scholarship programs can sponsor this, however, you still need to follow the rules.

To apply for a UK study visa, you need to have your means of identification, supporting documents and other relevant data. This will be sumitted to the UK embassy in your country.

Also, you will be required to pay visa fees and in some institutions, an entrance examination such as A-level is mandatory.

For further information on the UK study visa, you can contact us for direct and easy help from start to finish.

If you Need Help With Processing Student Visa in Nigeria

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Finally, to avoid wasting resources and effort, it is ideal to note that these top courses in the UK are competitive.

Therefore, this means that you need to put in your best to get in, then also endeavour to graduate with honours and be certified.

Furthermore, desperation is on the rise among students seeking admission to universities in the UK. Therefore, ensure that you do not fall for the scam. You can do well to reach a recognised travel agency to help you with the process. This is why we are here for you all the way.

How to apply for a Japanese visa in Nigeria


Applying for a Japanese visa in Nigeria can be difficult especially if you do not know how to go about it. This is partly because Japan is not an English-speaking country. Therefore you need to know the step, requirements and process for applying for Japan Visa in Nigeria.
Applying for a visa to Japan is also one of the easiest ways to explore mountainous terrains and islands. Japan is a developed country that shares borders with the Pacific Ocean as well as China, Taiwan and the Philippine seas.

Moreover, Japan which has its capital in Tokyo is known for its amazing history, cultural settings and artistic symbols. Although Japan is inhabited by a lot of people, this has not affected the influx of tourists to the country in recent years.

Therefore this article serves as your guide to applying for a Japanese visa from Nigeria.

japanese visa in nigeria

Reasons to visit Japan

A great option for tourists

Japan has served as a major tourist destination that welcomes millions of people from all over the globe. Here, you will find amazing historical sites, agricultural products and handcrafted pieces.

Furthermore, visiting during the Japanese holidays is quite fascinating. This is because you get the chance to witness traditions, festivals and events that take place annually.

Low unemployment rate

Japan has one of the lowest rates of unemployment in the world. This could be one of the reasons why you should apply for a Japan visa in Nigeria. As a way to generate revenue for Japan’s economy, jobs are available in diverse sectors. Travel, tourism, hospitality, industry, agriculture and many more.

Also, Japan welcomes skilled individuals to have a chance to contribute their proficiency to the economy.

High quality of life

Japan has a promising quality of life with low death rates. This is basically because of a good health care system and access to fresh agricultural produce.

Great Economy

Japan’s economy relies on both imports and export. The export of machines, metals and automobiles has helped grow the economy of Japan over the years.

Furthermore, Japan imports quality raw materials for the expansion of major manufacturing industries in the nation.

Cultural Heritage

Japan has historic buildings, practices and many more that the nation is identified with. Furthermore, the country is well known for festivals, live shows and celebrations that depict her cultural heritage.

Amazing dining experience

If you have ever tasted sushi, then you surely want to find out where it originated from. Sushi is a tasty treat that is made from seafood and spices.

Furthermore, Japan is known for its combination of spices with seafood, fresh vegetables and many more. This is to give you a remarkable dining experience.

Low crime rate

Based on world safety reports, crime rates are relatively low in Japan. Law enforcement agencies exist to uphold the laws and regulations of the nation.


Japan has mild weather which is favourable and easy to adjust to. Although it can get extreme, this happens rarely and it just happens during the winter and summer months.

japan visa in nigeria

Types of visa available in Japan

Tourist visa: The Japanese tourist visa is available for you to tour Japan solely for visitation or tourism. Also, the Japanese tourist visa is available if you will be travelling for holidays, visiting relatives and another short-term stay.

Moreover, this visa category allows you to remain in Japan for at least three months. You can apply for a Japan visa in Nigeria.

Furthermore, it is divided into two groups;

The Single entry visa

The Japanese single-entry visa is available for Nigerians to travel to Japan once within the space of 90 days. This means that you can visit Japan and enter Japan once with a single entry visa.

The Multiple entry visa

Japan Multiple entry visa is for Nigerians planning to visit Japan more than once. This means that you need a multiple-entry visa if you want to arrive and exit Japan more than once in the space of 365 days.

Transit visa

This Japanese visa can also be termed a stopover visa. The Japanese transit costs 700 Yen and it qualifies you to wait within the borders of Japan. Nigerians travelling to another country through Japan can apply for a Japanese transit visa in Nigeria.

Business visa

The Japanese business visa is solely to visit Japan for professional deals. This type of visa is for business owners or people intending to visit Japan for business-related activities.

apply for japan visa

Cost of Japanese Visa

The Cost of a Japanese tourist visa ranges depending on the type of visa. For example a multiple-entry visa cost more than a single entry visa.

The cheapest of them all is the Transit visa. However, please be informed of changes in prices with exchange rates and other immigration duties.

Best time to apply for a Japanese visa

The best time to apply for a Japanese visa is before your scheduled date of travel. This should be within 14 days or more, depending on the urgency of your travel too.

Validity of the Japanese visa

The validity of a Japanese visa counts from the time you obtain it. Therefore, it depends on the category of visa you are applying for.

Furthermore, this affects your length of stay as well. This is because your visit to Japan is valid once you arrive in the country.

Asides from a brief stopover for another flight at any airport in Japan, the last time you can stay in Japan is 3 months. Although, you can stay for less than a week depending on your travel itinerary.

apply for japan visa

Eligibility for Japanese visa

Eligibility for a Japanese visa in Nigeria counts if you can provide all necessary documents and information needed by the Japan immigration office.

While eligibility differs for citizens and non-citizens of Japan. You need to ensure that all applications are honestly done. Although some countries require a visa on arrival to Japan, Nigeria is not one of these.

Documents required for Japanese visa

Nigerian passport

First, you need a valid Nigerian passport to apply for a Japanese visa in Nigeria. Also, your passport must have 6 months of validity when submitting your application.

To add to this, there must be blank spaces on your passport for a visa stamp as well.

Recent passport photograph; 3 months or less

Your passport photograph should be a recent one with quality lighting and the required size.

A letter stating travel intent

You must provide a letter of intent which will state your purpose of visiting Japan. Your purpose of travel to Japan should be clearly stated with assurance that it would be followed strictly.

Evidence of bank statement

For proof that you can fund your stay in Japan and other visa requirements, you need evidence of bank statements. This means that the inflow and outflow of cash for about six months to a year should be printed and submitted.

Employment Status

If you are visiting Japan for business, you need to provide a company registration status. Also, evidence of tax payments could be requested as well.

Furthermore, when you are visiting Japan because you got employed in a firm over there, there is a need to provide evidence- an appointment letter.

Letter of invitation or sponsorship

Invitation to tour Japan either by a relative, friend, company and so on requires that you provide a letter to support this claim. Also, your sponsor needs to give residential details and other documents to prove citizenship in Japan.

Medical report

Medical documentation could be requested in case of a disease outbreak. Besides, as the situation progresses, you can be told to present certain medical fitness reports.

Evidence of return flight ticket

A reserved flight ticket is essential, especially for a short-term stay in Japan. This can be provided by travel agencies based on request.

Accommodation or lodging confirmation

You should have confirmed that you have a place to stay during your tour of Japan. This can be with your host or a reserved hotel.

Travel plan

Your entire travel plan should be specified along with your presenting documents. This includes all you need to do during your visit to Japan and all the destinations you will visit as well.

A record of all visa applicants

When applicants exceed one person, you need to add the list of other people who are applying for the visa with you.

This includes providing their documents too with other necessary evidence.

Birth certificate

A birth certificate is mostly required for under-aged applicants, less than 16 years of age.

Letter of parental or guardian consent

Consent provided by a sponsor, parent or guardian is needed if minors would be touring Japan.

This should come with a signature to confirm approval of travel to Japan for whatever reason, which should be mentioned.

Steps to apply for a Japanese visa in Nigeria

Step 1: Apply for the Japanese visa by filling out the form

First, you need to download the Japanese visa application form online and fill appropriately. This should be done accurately concerning the instructions provided.

Step 2: Prepare all documents in advance

All documents needed to be submitted at the Japanese embassy should be printed or photocopied.

Step 3: Schedule an embassy interview session

Once you have gotten your documents ready, you can go to any Japanese embassy during working hours. Here, you will submit your form and be interviewed.

Step 4: Attend your interview

The time allotted for your embassy appointment should be adhered to. Thus, you should be there to submit all the required information about your travel to Japan.

Step 5: Pay your visa fees

You need to pay your Japanese visa fee in cash at the embassy. Thus, group cash payments are accepted from travel agencies.

Step 6: Await the embassy’s decision on your visa

It takes about 3-7 working days to get your Japanese visa. Therefore you need to wait for a while before your travel visa is processed and approved by the embassy.

Step 7: Obtain a visa stamp on your passport and get ready for your trip.

Once your Japanese visa is stamped on your passport, you will be informed of when to go back for it. This means that you have to get your passport from the embassy and get ready to fly.

What happens when you overstay in Japan?

Please be informed that the Japanese visa can not be extended. Accordingly, you need to leave Japan immediately after you are done with your purpose visit.

Tourist destinations in Japan

Japan is also an amazing tourist destination with mind-blowing exhibitions, culture, traditional meals and lots more. Hence, you will find that there are a lot of things to do on your tour of Japan.

Places you will find very attractive and welcoming are;

  • Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
  • Mount Fuji
  • Imperial Palace
  • Snow Monkey Park, Yamanouchi
  • The Hakone Open-Air Museum
  • Fukuoka Castle Ruins
  • Universal Studios Japan, Osaka
  • Atomic Bomb Dome, Hiroshima
  • Sapporo Clock Tower
  • Tokyo National Museum
  • Yakushima Island
  • Ghibli Museum
  • Umeda Sky Building
  • Giant Ferris Wheel, Osaka
  • Tokyo Disneyland
  • Meiji Jingu Museum

All of these attractions have a common goal, to pitch Japan’s history and culture. Therefore you will be amazed at the themes, architecture and hospitality in most of the destinations.

Moreover, Japan is known for welcoming millions of tourists every year which has not only

Tips to note when applying for a Japanese visa

When applying for a visa to Japan, you need to be timely about this process. This is to ensure that you get approval from the Japanese embassy as soon as possible.

You can note the following as well when applying for a Japanese visa in Nigeria;

First, to ensure ease and less stress with the Japanese visa application process, do well to employ the service of a travel agency.

  • Apply for the Japanese visa at least a month before you intend to travel
  • Identify your visa category before you apply
  • Do not miss your interview at the embassy
  • Take note of the opening times at the consulate to avoid unnecessary transportation expenses
  • Endeavour to complete your online application with the right details before you schedule an interview with the embassy.
  • Get all documents ready to be submitted at the embassy
  • Embassy deals should be done by you as the applicant
  • The Japanese eVisa option is not available for Nigerians at the moment.

If you are a citizen of Canada, the United States and Taiwan, you can apply for an eVisa to Japan, even if you are living in Nigeria.

Address of Japan embassy in Nigeria

9, Bobo Street, Off Gana Street, Maitama, Abuja Nigeria
Opening days and times at Japanese embassy in Nigeria
Mondays to Thursdays: 8:00 am – 5:30 pm
Fridays: 8:00 am – 12:45 pm


Although applying for a Japanese visa is a basic step to entering the country, you need to be thoroughly informed. Thus, all details to be provided during the application must be valid and clear enough to refer to.

Furthermore, note that you can get a visitor visa to explore Japan which is the easiest to obtain. However, you should know that the decision to gain access to Japan lies with the immigration officials at the entry borders of the nation.

In addition, if you need further help, do not hesitate to contact us for reliable and prompt assistance with your Japanese visa.

If you Need Help With Processing Japanese Visa in Nigeria

Need a Trusted and Experienced Travel Consultant

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Everything You Need To Know About The Good Beach Lagos

the good beach

The Good beach Lagos is one of the latest beaches in Lagos. It is one of the newest hangout spots in Lagos. It is a toast to the good life in Lagos where you experience unique hospitality and serenity all at your fingertips. Since it was inaugurated in April 2022. It has been serving awesomeness to its adventurous visitors back to back.

Hence, the beach is a five-star tourist destination in Nigeria. It counts as one of the most beautiful waterfronts in the city of Lagos. Also, the experience at the coast is top-notch.

Let’s take you on a tour around this lovely beach in Lagos and why should visit this new secret location.

the good beach beach in lagos

Address of the Good beach

The Good beach is situated at Plot 10B, Water Corporation Road, Trinity Avenue, Victoria Island, Lagos. It is located beside Oniru Beach and Landmark Beach.

Interesting Things to Do at The Good beach

It has incredible features that will excite you. The spotlights of the beach are;

Live Events at the Good Beach

The beach has played host to some events in Nigeria and live performances. Different events and take place at the beach from time to time. Guest artists and DJs are usually available to make your stay an enjoyable one.

Therefore, you do not miss out on the regular Lagos melodic vibes at The Good Beach Lagos.

Watch the tides of the coast

Sitting in cabins overlooking the coast or walking along the sandy beach reveals to you the wide expanse of land at the Good beach. You can gaze at nature’s fineness on the coast and also seize the opportunity to have a good time taking photographs and unwinding.

te good beach

Sunrise and sunset experience on the beach

The beach is open till midnight, therefore you can have enough time to relax at the beachfront to experience the sunset. Capture the awesome moments and add them to your experience list.

Take Beautiful Photos

The Good Beach is a picture-perfect spot and has one of the finest settings for pictures. Feel free to take those beautiful pictures.

Amenities at the Good beach

Restaurant and bar

One of the facilities available at this beach is a restaurant. Making your taste buds come alive is one of the assurances that the restaurant at The beach will give you. You can order tasty food and drinks while on the beach. Food like rice, pastries, beef, soft drinks, cocktails, fresh fruit juice and so on. It has also become one of the top restaurants in Lagos.

Furthermore, Good beach displays its menu selections on social media pages, you can check it out on Instagram via their Instagram handle.

Thus, you just have to know that you will be able to fill your belly with food but consider prices too.
To add to this, buying your meal is one of the things you can do immediately after you enter the beach. The restaurant is not so far from the entrance and there are free chairs to sit down which you can quickly grab the opportunity if you do not have enough money to pay for a tent.

Poolside huts

Poolside huts referred to as cabanas on the Good beach are similar to exotic resorts on the water. The pristine condition of the huts and their locations are perfect for a special day at the beach.

Therefore, you can select a space for intimacy with your partner or a spot for personal and family relaxation. One thing that stands the beach out from its competitors, it provides services for the entire family.

The Cabannas

Another facility available at the beach is the cabanas. Hence, you can hire one of the cabanas and lie on the rest and watch the tides or relax at the poolside.

The poolside huts at the Good beach give you that amazing experience. Prices of the seaside cabins vary from 35,000 nairas for visitors who require the spot from Monday to Thursday. However, on weekends the regular beach huts could go for as much as 50,000 nairas. Also, the top-rated cabins which have private pools and have a standard for providing quality hospitality services range from 160,000 nairas ( Weekdays) to 230,000 nairas (Weekends).

Swimming Pool

The Good Beach has a massive swimming pool which is one of the major attractions at this beach. The pool also has kids section where children ca swim under the supervision of an adult.

Water vessels

You can make use of boats and kayaks to tour the beach. Although this comes at an extra cost, however, you can reserve ahead of time or pay for on arrival at the beach. As a tourist, you will be guided on how to make your way through the beach.

the good beach

Gate fee at the Good beach

The gate fee at the Good beach is 4000 naira if you are visiting from Monday to Thursday and 3,000 if you are visiting any day from Friday to Sunday.

Also, the gate fee covers entry into the beach facility alone. Other activities you engage in or amenities you desire to use will be paid for. Besides, public holidays, festive periods or special events could mean high payment. Also, registered members at the beach club have extra benefits as well.

An ideal time to explore the Good beach

Weekdays could be ideal if you are a lover of a few populations at the beach. This is because the beach is not usually crowded on weekdays. Except there is a special event within the facility. Also, it is often crowded at the festive season/ public holidays.

However, if you desire to explore and have fun with other adventurous people like you, then you can opt for weekends when it is bubbling at the beach.

The Good beach club

The Good beach has a club that accommodates pre-registered members to enjoy premium perks and bonuses while using the facility. However, it comes at a cost which determines the number of individuals to be enrolled and also the duration of the membership plan at Good beach.

The policy for partners covers activities to be engaged in at the beach as well as amenities you can use. Some of the facilities include a swimming pool, tents, cabanas and many more.
Also, it allows you to create your pleasurable moment alone, with family or with your spouse at the Good beach.

Hence you can walk into the facility anytime as a registered partner and enjoy 10,000 nairas for individuals, 30,000 nairas for couples and 70,000 /175,000 for families ( depending on the group size).

Registration for the beach club membership can be done by sending a mail or visiting the beach website.

Activities to engage in at the Good beach

Water sports

The coasts at the Good beach are immaculate first and so enticing, although if you are not a great swimmer, you can do the following Kayaking, Jet Skiing, Boat cruise

The only individuals allowed to enjoy some of these water sports for free are partners of the Good beach club. You can do yourself a favour by signing up for premium bonuses offered at the facility. However, the prices of the water sports range from 5,000 to 10,000 naira depending on the duration you desire and the watercraft.


The adventure never ends at the Good Beach. You can just dive into the pool, either the private pools or large swimming pools for guests. Not to worry, there are lifeguards to guard you and prevent you from drowning. Also, choose sections of the pool you are comfortable in.

Relaxation by the pool

The tranquillity provided at the Good beach also comes with style and luxury, thus this is enough to spoil yourself silly with maximum enjoyment. You can lie down or sit by the pool in cabins and take time to reflect.

Moments on the beach

Creating fun moments at the beach is possible. You can play games, rest, take a walk, take photos, enjoy meals and drinks and learn a lot.

Whatever you engage in, your desire for entertainment is guaranteed throughout your stay.

Dining at the restaurant

The restaurant is readily available to serve you. Dining at the restaurant on the beach is just one of the many things you can do.

Live musical shows

Musical shows are the weekend highlights on the Good beach Lagos. It is a great time to unwind and dance. Also, an avenue to join other tourists in having a good time at the beach.

Events and parties

Reservations are allowed for mini parties and events taking place on the beach. Therefore, you can plan birthday parties, anniversaries and many more with an attendance of not more than a hundred guests.

Couples getaway or honeymoon

What more could you ask for, the beach provides the privacy you desire on the coasts. Therefore, you can spend the whole day reliving memories and renewing vows at the beach. Love lives in Lagos anyway and the serenity at the Good beach is just the perfect spot for you.

Personal tourism

A cultural tour of the Lagos waterfront is an excellent way to learn about Lagos and Nigeria. Also, you get to meet different people from all walks of life on your tour, ask questions and learn as much as possible.

Nights out at the Good beach

The Good beach is open till 2 am and could be a bit late during special occasions. Therefore, the activities continue there just the way you like it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get to the Good beach?

You can visit the beach by road, you can use Google maps for directions from your location. Also, you can utilise the services of cab drivers on the Island to take you there at a negotiated fee.

What year was the Good beach founded?

The Good beach was established in February 2022 and inaugurated officially on the 15th of April 2022.

When is the Good beach accessible to visitors?

You can tour the beach at any time depending on your choice. It opens from 8 pm to 2 am every day, the Good beach is open to guests. This excludes special events and celebrations when the beach could be open earlier or closed later than usual.

The beach has provisions for lounges where you can sit and enjoy delicious meals and drinks. Also, there are secluded tents for intimate moments across the seaside where you can have a nice time with loved ones.

Furthermore, on the beach, there are rests on the waterfront where you can relax and take moments to reflect over and over. The beach tents are constructed with shades and wooden platforms, on the sides, some curtains give you an exhibition of the blue surges and activities going on at the beach.

Q. Is food allowed at the Good beach?

A. Oh yes, food is only allowed at the Good beach on Mondays and Tuesdays as stated on the website of the beach. However, you can bring food in on any other day and pay a corkage of 1000 naira.

Also, you can use the restaurant facilities, order meals or buy sizzling barbecue from sellers at the beach.

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11 Best Private Universities In Nigeria

universities in nigeria

Private universities in Nigeria have continued to expand not only in terms of the number of students but educational attainments as well. Besides, some private universities are ranked some of the best universities in Nigeria.
Therefore, students have a lot of options from the list of over 50 private universities in Nigeria.

While you might want to consider the cost and public awareness of private institutions in Nigeria. You need to be aware of the services too.

Still, doubting that there are top-rated privately owned universities in Nigeria?

This article will guide you on the list of the best private institutions in Nigeria.

History of private institutions in Nigeria

The history of private institutions in Nigeria began in the 90s. A lot of decisions were made on the educational system of the country, especially higher institutions.

Besides, the establishment of private universities was acted upon by faith missions and sole proprietors. This was to provide solutions to the problems facing the educational sector of Nigeria.

Over the years, the number of private universities even built by well-meaning Nigerians has begun to thrive as well. Therefore, the aim of creating privately owned tertiary institutions has been achieved.

The first private university in Nigeria and the year it was established

Thus, Igbenedion University established in 1999 in Okada, Edo State became the first private university in Nigeria. Afterwards, Madonna University was established.

universities in nigeria

Reasons for establishing private institutions in Nigeria

Private tertiary institutions in Nigeria were built based on the following major reasons;

Safety and Security

Private universities were founded on the concerns of the safety and security of Nigerian students. Moreover, the issue of students riot, cultism, killings and kidnapping was so rampant in the 90s.

Although it is still an issue in public universities, privately owned universities in Nigeria have been able to find a way around security issues.

A call to curb unethical values

Also, there was a visible need to strengthen the behavioural standards among students as well. This is the major reason why faith missions and religious organisations stepped into the game.

Therefore, private universities are viewed as a home for students to not just develop academically but strong moral principles.

A solution to persistent academic strikes in Nigeria

Due to a very disturbing back and forth-between the government and public university staff, strikes have continued to linger in public universities. This can sometimes last for years and generally, it disturbs academic calendars. Thus, a four-year course might last for as long as seven to eight years.

Therefore, as a way to strike a balance and provide quality education, private universities were established in Nigeria.

How many private institutions are there in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, based on reports from the accrediting university body, there are over a hundred and ten private universities.

Are private institutions in Nigeria also accredited by the Nigerian University Commission?

Yes, private universities are also licensed to operate in Nigeria by the Nigerian University Commission. Thus, standards have been set to check and balance the modes of operation of these schools in Nigeria.

universities in nigeria

Perks of attending a private university in Nigeria

Balanced academic calendar

Attending a private university in Nigeria can guarantee you a balanced academic year. This means that if you signed up for a four-year course, you will get that.

In addition, there are no strike actions, delays or unnecessary lagging behind in private universities.

Access to genuine academic mentors and counsellors

A top private university in Nigeria provides you access to career mentorships, workshops, seminars and many more. Also, within the lecture halls, you can interact with your coursemates as well as lecturers more easily.

This is because of the number of students in a class which is usually in a more controlled setting for an easier learning process.

Religious support for private mission universities

Private universities owned by religious bodies are known for helping students grow spiritually. This is done by ensuring that religious beliefs are upheld by students to instil good morals in them.

Monitored academic progress

Academic progress is easily monitored in private universities in Nigeria. Students can be counselled and solutions are given to solve academic challenges.

Safety and Security

As mentioned earlier, one major concern of private universities in Nigeria is the safety of students. Hence, there have been methods in place to ensure that the lives of students are a top priority.

Certified accommodation on campus

Where students live off campus in some cases in public institutions, private universities provide hostels for students.

These hostels are located within the university and provisions are made for the needs of students on campus.

Future career connections

Attending a private institution in Nigeria assures you of a solid future career connection. Although, it is relative depending on how you view this.

However, you have the chance to relate with other high-class students, and professionals in the field and many more promising perks.

List of 11 Best Private Universities in Nigeria

When comparing the best private universities in Nigeria, one major fact you need is a record of success since their inception. With this in view, here is a list of leading private universities in Nigeria:

Covenant University, Ota

Covenant University is owned by the Christian mission known as Living Faith Church. It was founded in the year 2002 and is situated on a large expanse of land in Ota, Ogun State. It is one of the best private Universities in Nigeria.

Over the years, Covenant university has been ranked as the best private university in Nigeria. This is on account of study options, awarded degrees and participation in world-leading competitions.

Also, Covenant university offers courses in various fields and partners with outstanding institutions to provide scholarships for students.

However, since it is owned by a Christian mission, there are strict rules on morals, dressing and lifestyle in place. In all, Covenant university offers admission into faculties of science, theology, arts, humanities and engineering.

Covenant university awards over 5000 students bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and even doctorates annually. Plus, tuition fees at Covenant university are nearly a million naira per year.

Babcock University, Remo

Babcock University founded in 1999, is another excellent private university in Nigeria. It stands out as one of the best in educational opportunities, turn out of graduates and many more.

Babcock university owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church is situated in Remo, Ogun State. Also, Babcock is a private university known for a large number of students up to 10,000 studying all degrees.

This ranges from undergraduate to postgraduate studies and payment of tuition is flexible at the university. The tuition fees at Babcock university differ per course of study, between 500,000 Naira and a million Naira in total.

Therefore, Babcock has continued to excel by consistently improving its various faculties. These are the Faculty of Natural Science, College of Clinical Sciences, Agriculture, Engineering, Law and so on.

Redeemers University Ede, Osun State

Redeemers University, established in 2005, is a leading extension of learning, spiritual and character development. It is owned by the Redeemed Christian Church of God, one of the foremost Christian churches worldwide.

Also, Redeemers University is notable for its balanced academic calendar and an average rating of tuition fees.

Therefore, since this is a mission school, there are rules on discipline, morals, lifestyle and dining. However, this university in Ede, Osun State also provides avenues for recreational activities and career advancement.

Additionally, Redeemers University awards undergraduate to postgraduate degrees in various fields. This includes Science, Social Sciences/ Humanities and Administration.

Bowen University, Iwo Osun State

Bowen University in Iwo, Osun State is owned by the Nigerian Baptist Convention. It is known for its large number of students up to 15000 in different faculties of the university.

Also, the university has a standard teaching hospital situated in Oyo State for training medical students. There is a nursing school there as well and overall, the tuition fees are quite affordable.

Furthermore, Bowen University outshines in all disciplines, instilling morals and inter-university competitions.

The various faculties in the university are; Medical Sciences, Law, Management, Agriculture and Humanities.

Madonna University, Okija

Madonna University in Okija, Anambra State is one of the oldest private universities in Nigeria. Every year, Madonna university makes it to the top among the best private universities in Nigeria.

Madonna is owned by the Catholic Church and for over two decades, has produced thousands of graduates.

Since its advent in 1999, Madonna university has expanded its Faculties of Law, Medicine, Health Sciences, Administration, Arts and Humanities. Timely innovations, training and experience have distinguished Madonna university amongst others.

Therefore, the university also records the intake of thousands of students in various departments and for diverse degrees.

Bells University of Science and Technology, Ota

The slogan of Bells University in Ota which is “Chords of Knowledge” is its reality. It was founded in 2004 by Nigeria’s past president and political leader Olusegun Obasanjo.

The University is known for academic excellence, creativity, discipline and collaboration.

Bells University has 3 colleges namely; the College of Engineering and Environmental Sciences, the College of Natural and Applied Sciences, and the College of Management Sciences.

Over the past years, Bells has also produced graduates in their numbers and continues to intensify all efforts to advance the institution.

Igbenedion University, Okada

Igbenedion university is the first private university in Nigeria. It was founded in 1999 after thorough reviews of Nigeria’s tertiary education sector.

Thus, it has progressed tremendously from the time it was established. Several professionals in different fields have graduated from this prestigious university.

This is because all the Faculties and Colleges at the university are top-notch. These include; Law, Engineering, Arts and Social Science, Medicine, Business and Management Studies, Pharmacy, Medicine, and Natural and Applied Sciences.

The favourable news is that in all areas, Igbenedion university does not relent in providing quality education and outstanding aid to students.

Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti

Afe Babalola University, established in 2009 by a distinguished legal practitioner is one of the best private institutions in Nigeria.

Although relatively new and advancing, the university is known all over the country for producing one of the best graduates.

Also, the following colleges are in operation; College of Engineering, College of Social Management, College of Engineering, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, and College of Law.

American University of Nigeria, Yola

Owned by Atiku Abubakar, Nigeria’s past vice president and political leader, American University is unique in existence.

The University is known all over Africa and offers various courses and degrees. Also, the university admits up to 2000 students yearly from all over the world.

Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo State

Ajayi Crowther University is owned by the Anglican Church mission. It was named after Nigeria’s foremost Christian missionary, Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther.

Furthermore, since it was established in 2005, it has always been noted among the leading private universities in Nigeria. In addition, Ajayi Crowther University is known for excellence, affordable tuition and moral discipline among students.

The university offers courses in the following areas: Faculties of Humanities, Social Science, Management Science and Natural Sciences.

Joseph Ayo Babalola University(JABU), Osun State

Popularly known as JABU, Joseph Ayo Babalola University is located in Osun State. It was inaugurated in 2006 by the Christ Apostolic Church and named after the founding overseer of the church.

As a Christian mission-owned private university, Ayo Babalola University has about thousands of students, in different faculties of the university. Afe Babalola University is also listed as one of the best private institution in Nigeria.

The faculties available are; Natural Sciences and Social Sciences, Management Sciences, Humanities, Law, Agricultural Sciences, and Environmental Sciences.

JABU awards degrees for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in educational and religious studies.

Joseph Ayo Babalola University is known for the spiritual and academic improvement of students. Also, the private university is noted as among the best for the availability of tuition support and the development of moral values.

Finally, choosing a private university in Nigeria means more expensive tuition and restricted lifestyles. However, this can be summed up in the reality that you have to choose a struggle.

Moreover, it is mainly between a swift academic year and a prolonged stay in school. Also, with the numerous benefits attached, I believe that you now understand the need for a proper educational decision.

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Best Countries to Study As an International Student

study abroad

There has been a recent surge in international students seeking to study abroad. Most are usually confused on the best countries to consider. The reasons for this are varied but most commonly include the desire for a better education, to learn new things and to see the world. With so many countries to choose from, it can be difficult to decide where to apply.

This article will list the best countries to apply to as an international student based on factors such as quality of education, cost of living and safety.

study abroad

Why study abroad?

There are many factors to consider when choosing where to apply as an international student. Some students might want to study in a country with a lower cost of living, while others might want to be in a country with a more diverse population. Some students might also want to be in a country with strong academics or research opportunities.

There are many factors to consider when choosing where to apply as an international student. Some of the most important factors include the cost of attendance, quality of education, the language of instruction, and the availability of scholarships. Based on these criteria, the following are the best countries to apply to as an international student.

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Benefits of studying abroad

There are many benefits to studying abroad, including gaining a new perspective on the world, developing independence, learning about a new culture and increasing your employability. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is the opportunity to learn about a new culture, find out more benefits attached;

Learning a new culture and language

When students study abroad, they have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new culture and learn about its customs, food, and language. In addition to learning about a new culture, students who study abroad also have the opportunity to learn a new language.
Studying abroad can be a daunting experience, but it is also an incredibly rewarding one. For many students, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live in another country and learn about a different culture.

While it can be challenging to adjust to a new environment, the benefits of studying abroad far outweigh the difficulties. Many students who study abroad choose to study in a country where English is not the primary language. This allows them to not only learn about the culture but also gain fluency in a new language.

Meeting new people from different parts of the world

Studying abroad also gives students the chance to study in a new country. This means that students get to see a new city and experience everything it has to offer. In addition, students who study abroad have the opportunity to work in a new country.

Gaining work experience

Many students choose to work while they study abroad. This gives them the chance to earn money while they are away and explore more of the country in which they are studying. Students who study abroad also have the opportunity to gain new experiences in their chosen field by interacting with professionals who work in that field.

Generally, you will be living outside of your home country, you will notice differences in culture, traditions, and the way people live. This is a great opportunity to learn about other cultures and gain a better understanding of how people from different countries interact.

Top Countries to Consider To Study Abroad

Study in the USA

There are many reasons why international students choose to study in another country. Some students want to learn about new cultures, others want to improve their language skills, and still, others want to take advantage of the educational opportunities in another country. Whatever the reason, choosing the right country to study in is an important decision.

Study in the USA

The United State of America has many excellent institutions, which offer a range of courses and programs in the English language. The United States is a federal republic of 50 states, a federal district (Washington, D.C.), and several dependent areas overseas without proper political representation. The country is situated mostly in central North America, where its 48 contiguous states and Washington, D.C. are bordered by Canada and Mexico.

The country is also a great place to study for students who want to take advantage of its excellent cultural life, natural beauty, and entertainment. Because of its history, the United States is a diverse country with many different cultures and traditions. Its cities are spread across the country and are known for their entertainment, shopping, and nightlife.

The cost of studying in the US is generally high when compared to other countries.
On the plus side, most US universities have a range of scholarships on offer, and financial aid is generally available.

The United State of America is also a country with a lower cost of living than the UK. However, to study in the USA, you will need to apply for your visa and meet the entry requirements. You must also have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA to study in the US and also it is a very popular destination for international students.

Studying in The United Kingdom UK

If you want to study in a country with world-renowned universities, the United Kingdom is a great choice. The United Kingdom also known as England has many excellent universities which have excellent reputations in all areas of study. It is considered one of the top three destinations in the world for students to study abroad. The UK has been ranked first in a league table that measures the best countries to teach English as a foreign language.

study in the UK

There are many reasons why the UK is a top destination for international students. The first reason is that the UK has excellent universities in all areas of study, including some of the best law and business schools in the world. The UK also has a reputation for providing the best in higher education. UK universities are well known for their research and development capabilities, as well as strong academic staff. There are many top UK universities for international students but I will mention the top five. They include:

The top five UK universities for international students as reported by the Higher Education Statistics Agency are:

  • The University of Cambridge
  • University of Oxford
  • University College London
  • Imperial College London
  • University of St Andrews

The UK universities are home to some of the top-ranked programs in their respective fields. These universities have produced many Nobel laureates, as well as several high-profile people in various fields.

Study in Canada

Canada is also one of the best countries to apply for a study visa as an international student. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing where to study abroad. Make sure you do your research and pick a place that is safe and has the amenities you need. You should also make sure you can afford the tuition and living expenses in your chosen country.

Study in the USA

Canada is a great place for students to study abroad. It’s easy to get a student visa, and it’s affordable as well. The Canadian government offers grants and loans based on financial needs.

Canada is one of the best countries to study as an international student. The country is very safe, the weather is mild, and it has a rich culture with plenty of opportunities for students to get involved in extracurricular activities. It also has some of the world’s top universities offering degree programs in business, engineering, and life sciences. If you want to study in Canada and save money, here are the top online universities in Canada:

  1. University of Calgary
  2. University of British Columbia
  3. McGill University
  4. Memorial University of Newfoundland
  5. Lakehead University
  6. Carleton University
  7. Concordia University e.t.c

There are also many online options for students who don’t want to go abroad. The University of Alberta, for example, has a partnership with the International Centre for Distance Learning to offer online degrees. This program specializes in teaching engineering and business courses.

Study in Australia

Australia is another beautiful country for international students planning to study abroad. With its laid-back lifestyle and beautiful beaches. Australia is a popular choice for students from all over the world. The University of Melbourne is a top university in the country, and it was ranked 20th overall by QS. Australia also has many smaller institutions with great reputations. There are many affordable universities here and students tend to find a job easily. The University of Melbourne, the University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales are some of the most popular universities in Australia.

How to Apply for Australian Visa in Nigeria

study in Canada

The University of Melbourne and the Australian National University are both ranked very highly, with a similar number of international students. However, the University of Sydney has the highest overall ranking for an Australian university at 19th place.

Study in Turkey

Turkey is a great country for its cultural diversity. If you are looking to study abroad, there are many different programs from which to choose. The University of Istanbul is the oldest in Turkey and was founded in 1453. The language of instruction is Turkish but there are many programs available in English. The second oldest university in Turkey, the University of Ankara, was established in 1919. It is also the largest university in Turkey with over 65,000 students. The language of instruction is Turkish but there are many programs available in English. The third oldest university in Turkey, the Istanbul Technical University, was established in 1773. Courses are taught in Turkish and English. Turkey is also a great country for its cultural diversity.

Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is also one of the countries you can consider when you are planning to study abroad. New Zealand is one of the best countries in the world to study. The New Zealand is so popular that it ranks first in the list of top 10 countries to study abroad. There are many reasons why New Zealand is so popular among students from all over the world. the first reason is that the country offers a conducive environment for the growth of students and provides them with all the education facilities that they need. The top universities in New Zealand also provide excellent research opportunities to their students.

The high quality of education in the country attracts a large number of students from all over the world. The quality of education is considered to be very high compared to other countries. There are more than 20 universities that provide higher education in the country. The best universities in New Zealand are considered to be among the top 100 universities in the world.

Study In Singapore

Singapore is one of the most popular places to study as a student. It is a country that is rich in culture and history, and it offers a great education system. There are many reasons why students choose to study in Singapore, but some of the most popular reasons include the quality of education, the diversity of the population, and the safety of the country. The quality of education in Singapore is very high due to the standards that are set by the government. There are so many things to see and do in Singapore.

How to Apply for Singapore Visa

Many people who attend a university in Singapore will choose to stay there after they graduate, but this comes as no surprise because of how great the country is. The best thing about studying in Singapore is that you can get a degree from a top university. There are many top universities in Singapore, and you can choose to go to any of them. However, you should also understand that it will be very expensive to attend a top university in Singapore. Most of the universities in Singapore are private and they can cost more than $10,000 per year.

Study in Germany

If you are looking for a country with a strong economy and job market. Germany is a good option. Germany has the fourth largest economy in the world and is home to many international companies. The unemployment rate is also low, at just 3.5%.
If you are interested in studying in a country with a lower cost of living, Germany is worth considering. This country has a well-developed higher education system and is also home to many international companies. In addition, the cost of living in Germany is lower than that in other European countries. One of the many advantages of studying in Germany is because of its low or free tuition.

Study in Ireland

If you’re considering studying abroad, you might want to add Ireland to your list of potential countries. Here are a few reasons why:
First, Ireland is known for its friendly people and relaxed atmosphere. You’ll feel right at home in no time.
Second, Ireland is a beautiful country with plenty of green space and fresh air. It’s the perfect place to take a break from city life and enjoy nature.

Third, Irish universities are internationally respected and offer high-quality education. Finally, you’ll get to experience a new culture and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Ireland is a magical place with an interesting history. You’ll learn all about the country’s fascinating past and see how it has shaped its present. Also, you’ll get to experience the culture and people first-hand. What’s more, Ireland is the perfect place for students who want to travel. It’s small enough that you can see it all in a few weeks but big enough to offer plenty of adventure.

Study in Denmark

If you are looking for a beautiful, quaint country with excellent educational opportunities, then Denmark may be the place for you! With its medieval castles, picturesque villages, and stunning coastline, Denmark is a great place to live and study. The Danish education system is free and open to all EU citizens, making it an attractive option for students looking to study abroad. In addition, Denmark has a strong economy and is consistently ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world. So if you are considering studying abroad, be sure to add Denmark to your list!

Study in Poland

If you are thinking of travelling abroad, Poland is another country to consider. It offers very cheap tuition and the Universities in the country are also highly rated. Poland is an European country known for its stability, beautiful environment, cultural diversity and good economy.


There are many options when it comes to choosing a country where you can study abroad. If you want to live in a country with a strong economy and job market, the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Germany rank top on the list. If your main priority is the cost of living, you will want to consider other countries. No matter what your top priorities are, it is important to do extensive research before deciding on where to study abroad. Every student is unique and has different needs. Therefore, make sure to look into every option before making your final decision.

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How to apply for scholarships to study in the US

us scholarship

You must have wondered what it is like to apply for a fully funded academic scholarship in the United States. Or maybe you just desire to obtain a degree in a prestigious U.S. university but cannot afford the entire cost. This post will give a step by step guide on getting a Scholarhip as an international student in the US.

First, applying for a scholarship to foreign institutions has to do with knowledge, preparation and access to the right information.

Thus, this article serves as a help to find the best choice and get your scholarship to any institution in the U.S.

apply for scholarships in the US

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Benefits of studying in the United States of America

Studying abroad comes with a lot of advantages and perks, especially in the United States, where almost all the institutions are amongst the best in the world.

Whatever your reason is for choosing the United States as a study destination, you can always hope to get the following;

World-class educational system

The standard of education in the United States is fully promising. As such, institutions in the U.S. are recognised as one of the best places you can get top-rated education.

With your needs and focus on creativity in the plan, your selection of an institution in the U.S. opens you to high-quality learning. Also, there is a large opportunity for development with the latest trends and methods applied.

Education as one of the priorities of the United States government is also directed at ensuring career advancement as well.

Diverse courses of study

Most schools in the U.S. offer different courses you can choose from. You are allowed to select a major course of study from a list of the available options.

Also, with a focus on the need for reshaping the educational system, there is an avenue to modify your preferences. As well, you can also be sure that these courses can be practically applied.

Avenue to explore the cultural heritage of the United States

Studying outside your country is a different type of tourism. First, you have the chance to travel and experience a new sight. Plus, the United States which has over 40 states, has historical settings in almost all regions.

Therefore, since you will be in the U.S. throughout the study, you can take a tour. Visiting attractions in the U.S. also adds to your memorable adventures aside from studying.

Furthermore, you get to try new meals, speak American English, dress differently, adapt to weather conditions and so on.

Opportunities to meet people from different races

Meeting new people is a form of building stronger networks for the future. Now you have the chance to meet other people in the United States who are not even from your country- amazing!

Also, you learn about their experiences, and culture, share ideas and establish secure connections for collaborations in years to come.

For instance, as a Nigerian, you can meet people from China, India, Australia, Kenya and many more countries. All these individuals like you have a common goal to attain which is studying in the United States.

Learning from the best intellectuals

Universities in the United States can boast of professors who have had a positive influence on the world in times past. Major innovations, scientific discoveries, literary works and so on evolved from the U.S.

Therefore studying in the United States is a great way to start your journey to academic excellence and accomplishments. You have access to academic mentors who are world recognised and ready to help you discover your potential.

Adaptable schedules

Not like your regular class schedules, most universities in the U.S. offer students flexibility. Thus, there is room for extracurricular activities and side jobs even as a student.

Sure, if you have a permit to work in the United States you can adjust your learning times to fit into your learning agendas. Then, you are sometimes exposed to practical and on-the-field sections of your choice of study.

Access to opportunities directed at foreign students

There are a lot of resources, programs, innovations, developments and side bonuses for international students in the U.S. Asides from your scholarship grants, you also have access to seminars, volunteering schemes, workshops, training and events where you can learn more.

Career prospects

Indeed, you will find that the U.S. is a place to build your career prospects as a student. There are lots of opportunities to explore your academics while you create the resume of your dreams.

Adding that you are a graduate of any prestigious university in the U.S. is a plus for employers to look into. Also, it gives you a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment as well.

This means that upon graduation from any institution in the U.S. with a good grade point average(GPA), you can start a career path immediately.

scholarships in the US

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How to Apply for scholarships to study in the U.S.

You need a great deal of curiosity to apply for U.S. scholarships. Here’s what you should know on how to apply for scholarships to the United States;

Identify the kind of scholarship you need

The first step to applying for a scholarship to the U.S. is to know what type you need. The scholarship exists for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in various disciplines. Also, in some cases, private funded scholarships do not offer as many perks as government scholarship grants.

In addition, the number of people applying for government scholarships can be so many that you need to put in extra effort to get one. Therefore, you just have to weigh your options carefully.

Visit websites of institutions offering scholarships in the United States

Although different websites give a list of scholarship opportunities available at the moment, you can check university platforms directly. In addition, make research the history of the scholarships and what you stand to gain by applying.

Read the instructions and apply accordingly

Instructions on what you need to do to obtain U.S. scholarships are made available along with the offers. Therefore, all you need to do is read and follow the prompts.

Apply for different scholarships, do not restrict yourself

There is room to apply for different scholarships with the view that you will eventually get the one you desire. So, it is not wrong to apply for more than one U.S. scholarship except otherwise stated.

Also, application for a U.S. scholarship should be with the knowledge that you will select your preferred choice should you get both offers eventually.

Get all your documents

Documents needed to apply for U.S. scholarships have been listed above. It also applies to specifications stated by the institution and you need to get every paper and letter available.

Meet up with the deadline

Closing dates for scholarships are always made known. Thus you should endeavour to apply for scholarships before the application ends.

When accepted, get ready for online meetings and interviews
Meetings are sometimes scheduled by representing officials of institutions just to review your application further and watch you express your intentions carefully.

How to apply for scholarships to study in the United States of America

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Documents needed to apply for U.S. scholarships

You need the following documents to apply for a U.S. scholarship;

  • English language mastery results such as IELTS
  • Previous academic year result, that is your grade point average
  • Results of entry examinations like SAT, TOEFL, ACT, GRE and so on
  • A volunteer certificate
  • A proposal letter to approve your application
  • Recent passport photographs
  • Documented essays stating your intentions
scholarship in the US

Top Universities in the United States Offering Scholarships

There are over 1700 institutions in the U.S. most of which are top on the list of world universities ratings. In strong pursuit of educational delivery both on-site and off-site, these institutions also have alliances.

A few of the outstanding institutions in the United States are;

  • Harvard University
  • Stanford University
  • Yale University
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • Michigan State University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Cornell University
  • John Hopkins University
  • University of Southern California
  • University of Washington
  • the University of Texas at Austin
  • Princeton University
  • University of Chicago
  • University of Wisconsin
  • Colombia University
  • Pennsylvania State University
scholarship for international sudents

Popular scholarship opportunities in the U.S.

Scholarship Programs have been in existence for international students who aspire to study in the U.S. Besides, the opportunities vary as follows;

  • Scholarship opportunities from the government
  • University or College sponsored scholarships
  • Skilled set scholarships
  • Scholarship from distinguished individuals and privately owned firms
  • Scholarship for certain countries and regions
  • Scholarship for underprivileged International students

An overview of some U.S. scholarships: what it entails

American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship

This is one of the popular annual institution( American University) scholarships in the U.S. that provides educational support to foreign undergraduate students for four years. Note that the scholarship stands at a proposed bonus and does not cover flight expenses but is strictly academics.

To qualify for this scholarship, you must meet the specified requirements as provided. Also, commitment to peace and progress of your country is crucial and is evidenced by your involvement in volunteering roles.

In addition, the scholarship is open every year between December and January as you will be expected to resume in August.

Fulbright Foreign Student Program in the USA

This is also a major annual scholarship provided by the U.S. government for international students to earn a Master’s or PhD. It is usually accessible yearly to 4,000 students who are citizens of any of the listed 155 countries in the world.

Also, one great news is that the scholarship is full and covers all your travel and academic needs. Plus, the application usually starts from February to October yearly.

Other common scholarships for international students;

  • Hubert Humphrey Fellowships in the USA for International Students
  • Global Undergraduate Exchange Program
  • Knight-Hennessy Scholars at Stanford University
  • Iowa State University International Merit Scholarships
    -American Association of University Women International Fellowships
    -Clark Global Scholars Program

There are lots of opportunities for scholarships available to international students to study abroad. Beyond this, you can browse the list on the website of most universities in the United States.

Best time to apply for a scholarship to the United States

The best times to apply for the U.S. scholarship are:

  • Before the semester begins in the United States

Application for a scholarship to the U.S. can be done at any time between March and August or September. At this time, it is usually the start of another semester or the conclusion of a previous one.

  • When all your documents are ready

Also, given that you are ready, you can apply for the U.S. scholarship anytime and have all documents available.

  • Before the application closing date

Application for a U.S. scholarship before the closing date is very important. This qualifies your entry submission for review.

  • When you are sure of the course duration

First-degree courses in the U.S. run for four to five years while an MSc is about a year or two. Therefore, certain institutions specify available courses and requirements to qualify for scholarships.

Who is eligible for U.S. scholarships

Eligibility for U.S. scholarships is attached to the following reasons;

  • Merit
  • Opportunities available for international students
  • Plea for financial assistance
  • Decision of the government or individuals to provide academic support to students.

Of all the reasons listed above, we can find out that eligibility is not tied to just a particular option. For example, you can be well deserving of a scholarship if have passed the required entrance examinations.

Also, an applicant who recently concluded a high school education is eligible. Therefore, looking forward to universities in the United States must be done on time. This should start from the time you are making plans to progress from one institution to another.

Applying through the instructions provided before the application will help you determine if you are qualified for certain scholarships.


To end, readiness is an important attitude to display towards applying for a scholarship to the United States. This means that you always have your ears and eyes ready to get information and run with it swiftly.

Furthermore, do not lose hope but apply right. Scholarships you might have to apply for more than one scholarship before you eventually get the right one.

Then, always ensure that you get your documents handy before you apply. Basic U.S. entry requirements such as an IELTS, SAT, GRE, TOEFL and so on too are important.

Lastly, travel agencies are ready to help you with U.S. scholarship applications. Thus, you can contact us for further details.

Wish you the best on your application.

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Studying abroad, which is better Studying in the US or UK?


There are no standard measures to compare the educational standards in the United States and the United Kingdom. However, preference is key and relative to individuals based on location, cost and opportunities available for international students. This is because the US and the UK are one of the best places to study.

Also, in the U.S. and UK, you will find different world-class institutions that leave you with a range of options. Hence, concerning numerous factors, this post illustrates the difference between studying in the U.S. and UK. It highlights

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If you Need Help With Processing Study Visa in Nigeria

Need a Trusted and Experienced Travel Consultant

Need A Trusted Travel Agency to help With US or UK Visa in Nigeria? Kindly contact Travelwaka 

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international students uk or us

Advantages of studying in the UK

The U.K is a popular study destination for a lot of people, so you would find a lot of verificatory reports online. Moreover, since it is easier to obtain a study visa to the UK, what more can you expect- accessibility?

See the following reasons why the UK can be your best bet here;

Cultural exposure

Cultural awareness is one highlight of studying in the UK. You have a lot to learn about history, meals, the royal family, traditions and long-existing attractions.

Also, finding different people from all walks of life in the United Kingdom is another amazing thing. You will find people with diverse cultural heritage while studying in the UK.

Moderate cost of living

It has been said that studying in the UK is preferred, compared to most countries. This is because of access to affordable services, food, housing, clothing, amenities and many more.

Thus you can find that based on budget, studying in the UK should be your first option as well.

Access to apply for different institutions

The UK allows international students to apply to about five schools or more for a degree. This is quite easy to do because it entails fewer entry requirements or certifications to get into an institution in the UK.

Shorter duration of the study

Studying in the UK does not take time. You are likely to complete the first degree within three to four years, a master’s degree in a year or two and a doctorate within three to four years.

This is very short in comparison with other institutions in the world.

Less expensive housing or accommodation

For a student in the United Kingdom, housing can be one very major concern. Although looking at the UK, housing is quite cheaper for students who desire privacy.

Limited or no entry requirements:

To study in the UK, you either need previous grades or proficiency tests or you don’t. It is not so mandatory for all institutions as often you might just be told to present a letter of intent and that’s it.

Studying abroad, which is better? : An in-depth comparison between the U.S and UK

Advantages of studying in the U.S.

Weighing your option of studying in the United States, are you open to any of these?

study in the us

Read on to find out;

Study aids

One of the strengths of the U.S. over the decades and centuries is education. The educational standard for both residents and international students is commendable.

Therefore, a lot of help has been put in place to help international students with the financial costs of studying in the U.S.

This is available by applying for U.S. scholarships, grants and many more options to study in the United States.

Recognised certificates

How else can we explain that having a certificate from a standard world-class institution in the United States makes you feel important? Besides, you can apply for jobs anywhere with such certificates and good grades and expect to get jobs easily.

Diverse study options

Studying in the United States gives you a wide range of study options. You can therefore make your study flexible by applying for courses and then choosing a major to specialise in.

Better infrastructure

The United States can boast of infrastructural development for students to learn with. This could be a plus for medical students or technology-oriented students as well.

Learning in a world-class hospital facility as a medical student is one of every student’s dreams. Well, studying in the U.S. makes this dream a reality.

Opportunities to explore culture and destinations

The United States also allows students to explore culture and tour amazing destinations in the United States. Therefore, you can have a great adventure during your time as a student in the U.S, exploring attractions, museums, food, festivals and so on.

Disadvantages of studying in the UK

As much as we have benefits of studying in the United Kingdom, there are also distinct drawbacks to be considered. In a recent study, it is believed that comparison should be based on your selections and opportunities made available to you.


In recent years, the United Kingdom has had unpredictable weather conditions. Therefore for you as a student here, you need to be informed about this before your visit. It usually gets dark, rainy, cloudy, sunny and lots more on days you do not expect in the UK. The United Kingdom weather is unpredictable.

No time to make quality career decisions

From the time you are granted admission to the UK to when you graduate, you just need to start planning a career path. This is especially if you will be staying in the UK after school to work or focus on further studies.
Also, since courses are already outlined, you do not have many speciality options in the UK than the ones available to you.

Disadvantages of studying in the U.S.

Studying for international recognition in the United States also comes with some glitches. These include;

Too many course options can lead to Confusion

Students in the U.S. have a lot of course options to choose from. This can mean that you can just choose to switch a course of study anytime which is a lot confusing.

Higher cost of living

The cost of living in the United States is a bit higher in comparison to other countries of the world. Therefore, you might find it difficult to meet up with demands.

Difficulty in obtaining the U.S. study visa

Obtaining a U.S. study visa is not as easy as it sounds. Therefore, it is not as though impossibility is the word. However, there are limited slots for students yearly.

This is why the early application for a U.S. study visa and the right travel agency is important. Therefore, we are here to help you on the journey.
Need A trusted Travel Agency, contact Travelwaka.

Too many entrance examinations and requirements

An English proficiency result is needed if you desire to study in the United States. Especially if you are from a non-English-speaking country. Also, you need other entrance examinations like SAT, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, ACT and so on. This is based on what the receiving institution requires from you.

Limited work opportunities after school

There are not so many opportunities for international students to remain in the U.S. to work after school. This might require that you first return to your country and then reapply for a work visa to the U.S. before you can be allowed to work there.

Cost of studying in the UK versus the U.S.

To help your choice, here is a compilation of fees for different degrees obtainable in the UK versus the U.S.

For a first degree (Bachelor of Science or Arts), studying in the UK costs about £9000 – £15,000. This depends on the institution, while it costs about $12000 to $25000 in the United States. However, a typical Master’s Degree in the UK ranges between £10,000 to £25,000. Whereas, schools in the United States charge as much as $20,000 – $50,000 to pursue a Master’s Degree program.

On the other hand, the Doctorate Degree is a bit higher too because it takes long years to complete in the United States. Thus, it costs about $25000 – $55000 to complete a PhD or related doctorate in the U.S. while it is about £10000 – £25000 in the UK.

An in-depth comparison between the educational system in UK and U.S.

To further compare studying in the UK versus the U.S. let us take a look at the following vital information;


First, from the information provided above, your budget determines your study options- UK or U.S.

This is especially important if you are not going for a scholarship option. Although, getting a scholarship covers most study expenses in any country. As well, you should still consider what happens in case you cannot maintain the scholarship for whatever reason.


Well, institutions provide rooms for you as a student in the UK or U.S. at an extra fee but you can decide to rent aff-campus accommodation. Relying on provisions for hostels or dormitories may not apply to everyone.

Furthermore, remember you are going to meet different people from all over the world from different backgrounds. Then, you might need to properly establish if you can share rooms or hostels or would rather live off campus throughout your study.

Cost of living

Health care in the UK after paying a surcharge when applying as a student is accessible. You can visit hospitals with the assurance that you will be taken care of.

While this might not fully apply to the United States, medical services in the US are not free. Medical services in the UK are a bit expensive as well.


The UK and U.S. have modifications to their culture and lifestyle. Although you can still be interested in the history of the United Kingdom. On the other hand, the USA has diverse attractions in almost all states you can find worthy to explore.

Internship Programs for international students

Studying in the UK prepares you for the real workspace eventually after school. Therefore you are exposed to different internship programs, and training and even allowed to work alongside studying.

This is not fully permissible in the U.S. except for citizens. International students are sometimes required to just visit for studying alone and leave afterwards.

Flexible study schedules

Study schedules in the U.S. are more flexible and have a longer duration. Therefore, you have time for more personal study, extracurricular activities and many more.

However, in the UK you might just be fixed on studying as fast as you can just to graduate and get a good job on time. Although, the study visa allows you to work for 20 hours a week and attend school.

After-school opportunities

First, if you desire after-school opportunities, the UK is strongly
endorsed. There are privileges of remaining in the UK to work, get an additional degree and so on.

Becoming a resident in the UK or US after studying

Residency in the UK is quite easier compared to the United States. This is one of the major decisions to consider. Once you have spent over five years in the United Kingdom, then you are on your way to successfully applying for a resident permit.

Distinguished institutions in the United Kingdom

According to ratings, there are prestigious universities in the UK that are world-class. These institutions have had and still have positive impacts on society at large.

Some of them are;

  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge
  • Imperial College, London
  • University of Edinburgh
  • King’s College London
  • London School of Economics and -Political Science London
  • University of Manchester
  • University of Glasgow
  • University College London (UCL)
  • Durham University

Although there are nearly a thousand universities and more institutions in the United Kingdom. The universities listed above are the top-rated institutions in the UK.

These study institutions in the UK have maintained their ranks among the best 50 institutions in the world. Therefore, universities in the UK are always improving the quality of their educational services.

Distinguished institutions in the United States

Institutions majorly applied in the United States are known for excellence and educational opportunities for international students. Some of the best Universities in the UK include;

  • Harvard University
  • Stanford University
  • Yale University
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • Michigan State University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Cornell University
  • John Hopkins University
  • University of Southern California
  • University of Washington
  • the University of Texas at Austin
  • Princeton University
  • University of Chicago
  • University of Wisconsin
  • Colombia University
  • Pennsylvania State University

The U.S. has more than 1500 higher institutions of learning. This calls for review from time to time to select the best from which the above list was culled.

In addition, universities in the U.S. have always been in the lead for standard quality educational achievements over the years. Thus, you can find long-existing institutions such as Havard, Stanford, Yale, John Hopkins and so on, mentioned in world records for excellent delivery.

Types of Institutions in the United States and the United Kingdom

Institutions in the United States are majorly owned by a region or state, private individuals or community. Also, there are colleges of arts, media and entertainment or journalism where you can focus on majoring in art-related courses.

Furthermore, the United States have vocational and technical schools majorly for engineering and science-oriented students.

Likewise, institutions in the UK are government owned and run by the nation, Faith-based schools are also known as mission institutions. Then, there are universities run by affiliation with the government or private firms and individuals in the United Kingdom.

All of the above mentioned helps you with a view of the management of these institutions and also the financial cost of applying to these schools.

Major courses you can study in the UK in comparison with the U.S.

Courses in high demand in the United States are Engineering, Mathematics, Pure sciences ( Chemistry, Biology), Medical Sciences, Arts, Business Administration, Civic studies, and Law.

Also, taking a look at the courses that international students apply for in the UK most times, we have; Business Management( Economics, Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources Management), Technology centred courses such as Systems Engineering, Data Science, Architecture, Nursing Science, Law, Medical and Pre-medical courses, Agricultural related studies.


Finally, please take note of current exchange rates in further calculations. Compare and contrast your pocket size and the set academic goals you have.
Therefore, this will help you to analyse your budget based on available resources. Also, you should be conscious of making decisions about your course of study in line with relevant career opportunities.

Moreover, you can apply for scholarships to help with the cost of study. For further help on studying in the UK or U.S., kindly contact us for details.

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These Are Secret U.S. Interview Questions and Answers

us embassy

When applying for a US visa, you need to go for an interview. These are the common US interview questions and answers.
One major step in the United States visa application is your visit to the embassy for an interview session. Though it’s important to remain calm while answering your interview questions but travel knowledge is still needed.

Table of Contents

Generally, US interview questions and answers can be a bit tricky, so you need forehand information about the process it entails. The essence of an interview appointment at the U.S. embassy is to provide the immigration office with details about your travel and ensure safety, security and adherence to constitutions by tourists.

Have you been wondering what kind of questions you would be asked at the U.S. embassy, find out more information below;

Reasons for the interview phase at the U.S. embassy?

The question you will be asked depends on the category of visa you applying for. Also, your duration of stay and your purpose for relocation. Once you discover the right terms to approach this U.S. interview phase, you are a step ahead.

When do you attend an interview at the United States embassy?

The interview date is scheduled as soon as you complete your online application. You only need to show up at the U.S. embassy in your country depending on the date and time that you selected.

Documents to bring for your interview at the U.S. embassy

Depending on your visa category, you should come with your Nigerian passport. Also valid means of identification, photocopies of documents about your travel, visa fee receipt, medical report, statement letter of travel intention and so on.

Also, information will be communicated to you from the website once you have been scheduled for a visa interview.

us interview questions and answers

Things to note when attending a U.S. visa interview

The following is important information to take note of before attending your visa interview at the embassy;

Research on repeated U.S. interview questions and answers

Different reviews come in from time to time on the questions that immigration officials ask at the embassy. Therefore, one of the ways to prepare yourself is by acquainting yourself with the interview questions and due answers to provide.

Do not get familiar even if you have once received a different visa category and you are requesting another one. This is because interview questions are mostly focused on your visa type and it changes as well as your answers.

Be punctual to your interview

To avoid rushing and unnecessary tension, planning to arrive at the embassy on time is particularly vital. Besides, early arrival keeps you in line with the crowd at the embassy and affords you the privilege of sorting documents over again. Also, you can get other firsthand information about the interview process if you are punctual to the embassy.

Answer all questions plainly

Careful thinking and knowledge is the key to answering questions about your travel carefully. Also, you might need to give specific information about your sponsor, health status, academic qualifications, marriage and many more.

Therefore you should be factual and provide evidence to back up your claims at the U.S. embassy as requested.

Know basic travel information by heart

Travel information such as your tour destination, details about your intended university, biodata and so on should be readily delivered. Looking into your bags over and over doesn’t create a good impression that you know what you are doing.

Dress responsibly at the U.S. embassy

First, you should be aware that your meeting at the embassy is not a random party. Therefore you need to wear decent clothing that proves this to be true and not otherwise.

Avoid undue food and drinks before coming for your interview

You might probably need to wait for long hours, therefore you are encouraged to eat before visiting the U.S. embassy. However, alcohol intake which might get you drunk or excess junk or food that will leave you with a runny stomach should be avoided.

Common U.S. Interview Questions and Answers

The following questions have been selected as often asked during the United States interview sessions;

Question 1: State your purpose for travelling to the United States

Answer: Common travel purposes are listed as study, tourism, need for medical services, migration and so on. You can mention that you are travelling for study and that you have been granted a scholarship in a distinguished higher institution of learning in the United States of America.

Also, if you are travelling for tourism you should state that your main purpose of travelling is to visit specific cities you have in mind in the United States.

Also, if you are travelling for medical purposes, a sample answer could be; “I am travelling to the United States for emergency medical attention as recommended by my doctor”

Question 2: How long will you remain in the United States?

Answer: First, studying in the U.S. might have you remain longer in the country, therefore you need to know about this. You are to give a response to the immigration official that you desire to travel on the said date and remain in the country for specific months or years.

Then if your desire for tourism, work and so on, kindly mention this as well as your length of visit. This will give the U.S. embassy a clear picture that your visit to the United States is backed up by a solid plan. Thus, you will not be categorised as an aimless illegal immigrant that can probably cause trouble in the United States.

A sample answer can state this; “I intend to remain in the United States for about 3 months, so I can get the desired medical treatment and get better before I return afterwards”. If it is a tourist visa, you may say I intend to stay for 3 weeks.

Question 3: Do you have a sponsor to finance your travel cost or you are doing this yourself?

Answer: This question can be answered by mentioning the name of your sponsor, stating his or her dwelling in the United States and providing necessary sponsorship documentation and contact information.

Also, if you are the one sponsoring your entire trip, then providing a detailed description of your status in your home country is essential.

You could be asked to state your current job or sponsor’s job, earnings per year and citizenship status. Evidence from related documents can as well be provided to support your answers.

For example, ” My husband who resides in New York City has decided for me to join him in the United States on a spouse visa and he will be financing the travel”.

Question 4: For students, you can be asked why you desire to study in the United States.

Answer: This question is to determine whether you have an educational direction ahead of your travel to the U.S. Therefore, a clear answer should cite that you prefer the institution’s standard, educational facilities and you probably know individuals who attended the university which why you want a degree from the University in the United States.

Question 5: Do you have a previous travel history to the United States? If yes, for what and how long were you there?

Answer: If you do not have a history of travel, state that it is your first time. Also for returning travellers, in case you have visited places in the U.S. before even if it was in the 1900s, inform the interviewers at the embassy.

Then, mention what you visited the U.S. for at that time, whether for tourism, education and be specific too. You can give the dates if you have them and state when you departed your home country, got to the United States and arrived as well.

Question 6: Do you have a flight and accommodation reserved?

Answer: This is direct, whether yes or no and plans to get one. You might need help with obtaining one as well because you should present your plans at the embassy anyway.

The flight and lodging reservation only reveals that you have the motives to travel and you have secured a place to stay. Moreover, if you will be staying with a relative, kindly indicate the residential information about them.

Question 7: Are you travelling alone?

Answer; Provide information about your journey to the United States. Therefore, address the fact that you will be travelling with your partner or children if that is the situation.

Also, you will have to mention that your family has also applied for a visa.

A sample answer could be; “I am travelling to the United States with my family for a summer vacation”.

Question 8: Why did you decide to select the United States as your travel destination?

Answer; Your answer should still be focused on what you want to do in the United States. Detailed but direct answers and not full of uncertainty.

For instance; ” Well, I chose the United States because I have a relative in California who has invited me for a short stay to tour the city.”

Or ” I selected the United States because I have been given a study scholarship to a prestigious university there”

Question 9: Can you provide details of your English language proficiency examination results?

Answer: For non english speaking countries, Success in your IELTS, TOEFL and other prerequisite examinations is necessary. Therefore it proves that you are not just forcing your way to the United States to study, instead, you have the desire to pursue academic achievement.

Question 10: Do you have a sponsor for your education?

Answer; State if you have one, whether a parent or guardian and provide details. Also mention that they will take full responsibility for your academics and lifestyle in the United States.

Moreover, if you are the one sponsoring your trip, state this too and provide details on how you will achieve this. Then, if it is a scholarship, attach documents to reveal this and show an agreement with the awarding body that will take total responsibility for your study.

In addition to this, you can be asked to give detailed information about your parent’s occupation, business status, earnings and so on.

Question 11: Do you have any pals or family members in the United States?

Answer: Mention if you have relatives who reside in the U.S. (mention the region they live in the United States).

You can provide other details about these people as asked and disclose your relationship with them, especially if you would be visiting them too in the United States.

Question 12: Will you work in the United States after your study?

Answer: The best way to answer this is by being honest with the interviewer and yourself. A study visa is not to be changed to a work permit all by yourself.

Thus, you need to know that following instruction attached to each visa type is important. For instance, if you applied for a tourist visa, it is meant for visiting alone and thus should not be extended to permanent residence in the U.S. without informing the appropriate immigration authorities.

Question 13: Do you think that you should be given a U.S. visa?

Answer: Here, you are to give candid responses on why you think you deserve the U.S. visa. Also, add that you are aware of how valuable the visa is and you intend to

Question 14: If you are denied a visa, do you intend to reapply?

Answer: A right response to this answer just gives your interviewer the chance to know your purpose of travel more clearly. Therefore, you should not be unhappy about this but give a factual yes or no answer with reasons.

Question 15: Did you apply for the visa yourself?

Answer: If someone applied for the visa on your behalf, probably because you are a minor, require special needs or contact a travel agency for help, kindly indicate here.

Also, add reasons why you couldn’t apply for the visa yourself especially when you have documented claims to confirm this.

Question 16: Can you provide a brief description of your status in your home country?

Answer; Here, you are expected to describe whether you are a citizen or permanent residence of the country. You can also explain what you do, where you stay, your relationship status, number of children, business status, academic qualifications, earnings and so on.

Also if you have political connections, you should indicate this as well.

Question 17: What will you do in case your visa expires during your stay?

Answer: First, you should not exceed your allotted duration of stay in the United States. However, if the situation becomes out of control and you have envisaged this either because of a medical condition or other reasons you can extend your visa.

Although this is not common you should be aware of the fact that it happens. All you should indicate in your response is that you intend to arrive in your residence country before the visa given expires, hereby following due immigration rules.

Question 18: Do you have other intentions for visiting the United States?

Answer: The answer to this should be no. Presenting the idea to immigration officials that you want to do something else other than what you are given a visa for is inappropriate and unacceptable.

Question 19: Are you married and how many children do you have?

Answer: Here, kindly present your marriage certificate with evidence of the children you have also. For example, “I got married in the year 2007, divorced and remarried in 2011 and I have five children from both marriages.”

Question 20: Do you have relatives in the United States who are citizens?

Answer: Yes, you need to answer this question because the interviewer wants to know if you might have plans to use this privilege to process a permanent residence in the United States. Your answer could go thus; “Yes, I have a son who is 25 years old and is a citizen of the United States.”

Also, you can be advised on further perks of having children or spouses who are citizens of the United States. Filing for your citizenship is one of them.

In conclusion, sincere responses to the questions asked by the interviewer do not guarantee your visa but give you an edge. Hence, you need to know that there are administrative decisions that will be made at the consulate or embassy to determine approval or rejection as well.

Wish you a favourable visa interview experience!

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A Step by Step Guide To giving Birth in Brazil

give birth in brazil

Here is a step by step guide to giving birth in Brazil. Brazil is another country that embraces the act of having your child become a citizen when he or she is born within the borders of the country.

Table of Contents

One of the amazing highlights is that the perks cover both parents and children. This is because once you have your baby in Brazil, you have the right to citizenship as well. Therefore you can begin to take steps to discover how to go about giving birth in Brazil. One of the most popular destinations in the world.

Read on!

give birth in brazil

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Advantages of being a citizen of Brazil

Citizenship for the whole family

This means that when you have a baby in Brazil, the child is automatically
a citizen. You can as well become one too if you give birth in Brazil. Plus, the whole family can now have the privilege of relocating to Brazil as citizens once they obtain a residency visa.

Visa-free travel privilege

Brazil is one country that offers you the chance of visa-free travel to 171 countries in the world as a citizen. Accordingly, as a citizen of Brazil, you can travel to some other countries without having a visa or paying any visa fee.

Access to free high-standard health care services

Health care in Brazil is highly recognized because not only is it free but it seeks to attend to major health requirements of citizens and foreigners. As a citizen of Brazil, you do not need to stress so much about paying high bills to get medical help.

Also, the nation addresses improvement in facilities and structures to continually improve the quality of life of residents and also reduce death rates.

Access to public services

Public services are accessible to individuals living in Brazil as long as they obtained a visa and came into the country on legal terms. Therefore, you can enjoy services provided by the government by being a citizen of Brazil.

Passport rating

Brazil’s passport is rated as the 21st most regarded passport in the world. This implies that having a Brazilian passport is a plus and you can consider yourself part of a valued society.

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Cost of having a baby in Brazil

The cost of having a baby in Brazil is dependent upon the hospital facility and you. The first thing is that right from the time you decide to give birth to a child in Brazil, your planning begins which costs a lot of money.

Besides, this covers feeding, health care needs, the place you will stay, travel needs and your baby’s needs at the end of the day. While the cost varies per preference, expensive can be compared because financial strengths differ.

On average, you will need about $5000 or more, up to $15000. You should know that your delivery method or procedure and the number of children you are having will further determine the cost.

Factors That Affect Giving Birth in Brazil

Certain health agencies in Brazil offer direct birth tourism services from start to finish, if you wish then you can use their services. They are making everything easy for you, so be aware that you will spend extra money.

Majorly, the cost of having a baby in Brazil is dependent on the following;

Hospital facility

Brazil offers health care services to foreigners based on health needs and the country has one of the most developed health systems in the world.

Although, since you are not a citizen of Brazil, accessing public health facilities could be tasking- though possible. Also, various hospitals provide different services and they charge you based on what they offer.

For instance, if the hospital will provide before and after birth services or even assist with a birth certificate and international passport for your baby, then you can use the facility but be willing to pay the price.

Type of delivery procedure

First, there is the normal vagina delivery of a child, in Brazil, you will pay $5000 or less, being sure of the state and health facility you choose. Note that public hospitals in Brazil or recognized midwives can do this for lesser prices if you have been thoroughly checked and considered fit for normal delivery.

Next is the vaginal delivery with minor difficulties such as a tear during birth or a birth induction, early labour, prolonged labour and so on which costs $4500-$5500. Kindly note that hospital choice, state of birth and health services provided such as laboratory tests, nursing care, pharmacy and so on influence the prices.

Lastly, there is the caesarean section, a surgery required to birth a baby. In Brazil, private health centres can provide this and you will pay more money which could amount to ten thousand dollars or higher.

Number of children you will be having

Multiple births might require higher health needs and services and this will affect the cost of having your baby. While Brazil offers great health care provisions for foreigners as well as residents, you can try a community hospital to cut down expenses- that is if you are having babies through vagina delivery.

Otherwise, you will register with a private hospital where total care will be rendered and also plans for a caesarean section if need be. This costs $8200- $11000 on average, quite cheaper in Florianopolis too!

State where you will be having the baby

Although, it has been reported that giving birth in Brazil is done by professional medical practitioners who can assure you of safety. This is valid
since there is the availability of upgraded medical equipment, trained health care workers as well as an improved medical system in Brazil generally.

Regions such as Florianopolis, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul and Minas Gerais have been recommended as places with great healthcare facilities to have a baby. Also, it is affordable and you might be looking at spending $10,000 or less concerning what you decide and how much care you need.

Other health needs- complications

Brazil offers private health care services for foreigners who are giving birth in the country. This is because free health care services are only available to residents of the country who have insurance and tax plans.

Thus, in case of birth complications, you can rest assured that you will get the best medical help but it will cost you more.

Next Step After Delivery

After delivery; birth certificate, records and passport for your child in Brazil

When you finally have your baby, you will also be required to spend a bit more to obtain proof that your child was born in Brazil and is now a citizen.

In addition, this means that you will be staying for extra days and also have to spend some more money to cover the bills attached, including getting your baby’s passport if you want to leave Brazil afterwards.

Becoming residents of Brazil

Once you have your baby in Brazil, you can begin to look towards relocating fully to the country with family members. This is possible because Brazilian law allows you to obtain a permanent residency visa as well, with your family.
Therefore, expenses are also tied to processing a resident permit in Brazil and how you go about it.

Requirements for childbirth in Brazil

Having a baby outside your home country is a lot, considering cost, time, change of environment, exposure and many more. Though just like regular travellers, you need to have certain travel documents to gain access to Brazil;

International Passport; valid, has empty pages and not yet expired

Brazilian Visa; you can process this at an embassy in Nigeria.

The Brazilian tourist visa allows you to remain in Brazil for 90 days after which you can request an extension.

Passport Photograph; recent passport photograph that has a white background and is clear of any inappropriate lighting or accessories.

Visa fee payment; you have the option of a visitor or medical visa which costs $80 and you can pay online with your bank cards.

A petition letter from a sponsor; with contact details and citizenship status

If you have been invited by someone in Brazil, they will have to sign a documented letter of invitation stating that truly they have invited you and will care for your trip.

Travel plan and intention; all you intend to do in Brazil should be carefully documented in a letter.

Lodging reservations; where you will stay during your visit to Brazil is very important.

Return flight ticket; this is presented at the immigration office to show that you have already made plans to return to your country when you are done in Brazil.

Vaccination card
You should also provide a COVID-19 vaccination proof as well as any updated health check that needs to be requested.

Proof of bank funds

Your bank funds are useful because it explains to the immigration officials that you can afford a trip to Brazil, pay your bills and will not be deserted over there.

Proof of absence of criminal record

If you have a history of crime or police charges, you might have a bit of difficulty obtaining a visa. However there are ways to go around it, but the absence of a criminal record is on the positive side.

A step-by-step guide to giving birth in Brazil

Here’s a guide on giving birth to your child in Brazil;

Apply for a Brazilian Visa online

On the Brazil immigration website, you will find a section requesting you to apply for a visa. That is the first step.

Complete the form with accurate details

You need to fill out the visa application form online, so you can get an appointment date to finalize your application plans on time.

Pay your visa fees online

A Brazilian visitor visa costs $80 (prices change) which you need to pay online and generate a receipt. The receipt serves as part of the documents to be presented at the embassy.

Prepare all documents

Ensure you prepare all the relevant documents for submission.

Schedule an appointment with Brazilian Embassy in Nigeria

Book an appointment date at the embassy, and choose a date that is close and favourable.

Attend your appointment on the given date

Missing your appointment means that you have to reapply for a visa and will not get a refund. Thus you are to attend your appointment on time and come by yourself.

Be relaxed during your interview and provide truthful information

Since you will be travelling to Brazil to have your baby, which is most likely visible by now you need to be open to immigration officials at the embassy.

Also, if your travel is a medical emergency you should explain this as part of your travel intentions.

Contact the health facility you will be receiving care in.

Before your travel, you should make enquiries about the hospital you will be having your baby. Also, you can wait till you get to Brazil, you need to do this only if you are travelling early enough.

Wait for 10-15 business days for the approval (it could be more, reasons best known to the immigration office)

Make reservations for accommodation in Brazil.

You can book hotel rooms first and then get decent housing on rent when you get to Brazil. This is because you will be in Brazil for a long time and hotels could be more expensive to stay in.

Once you get a response that your visa is approved, get ready to fly

Things to take note of- before and after delivery in Brazil

Considering that giving birth in another country can come with a lot of anxieties and natural concerns for you and your unborn child, here’s what you need to know;

Start making plans early- 3 months at least before you travel

Plans should revolve around making sure that you are comfortable and can access medical help when you arrive in Brazil. You might want to sit and write out a budget to serve as a guide for you.

Select a hospital that can provide the care you need

Certainly, you will require care before, during and after childbirth. No matter the time you arrive in Brazil, this should be a priority for you.

Travel before your third trimester – preferably

To avoid unnecessary stress, hassles and emergencies associated with unplanned travel, you need to travel before your estimated date of delivery. Though airlines are even more careful to look out for this challenge by giving guidelines to expecting mothers on how they should go about travelling during pregnancy.

Choose the right state in Brazil

Selecting the right state means that you want to pick the best choice for your finances, comfort and health needs. Therefore you need a bit of research and weighing of options laid out to do this effectively.

Start antenatal care- before you have your baby

Once you arrive in Brazil, you are encouraged to start pre-birth care as soon as possible. This is to help you interact with your healthcare provider, share your experience and fears and also help the medical team understand your journey and what you need.

Citizenship for your child

After having your baby, you can do well to gather all citizenship documents before you leave Brazil.

Parents citizenship

An open offer to you as a parent is to apply for citizenship in Brazil since your child is one already. Also, if you have other children who were not born in Brazil, then they also qualify for citizenship.

After delivery care- before you return to your country

You need to be certified medically fit and free to be discharged before you leave Brazil. Therefore do not be in a rush and adhere to medical advice as necessary.

Address of Brazil Embassy and Consulate in Nigeria

Embassy of The Federative Republic of Brazil
Address: Plot 324 Diplomatic Drive, Zone Central Area District, Abuja

Consulate General of Brazil
Lagos address: Plot 257, Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Can a pregnant woman travel to Brazil to have a baby?
A. Of course, this is possible and has been in existence for a long time. Nigerians and citizens of other countries can travel to Brazil to have a baby.

Moreover, you should travel before you are 24-32 weeks gone, with your health requirements in check and also travel procedures for pregnant women.

Q. Will my Child Automatically become a Citizen?
Yes, your child automatically becomes a citizen.

Q. Is giving birth in Brazil Legal?
A. Yes giving birth in Brazil is legal.

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How to Apply for US Spouse visa in Nigeria

us spouse visa in nigeria

If you are a US citizen and your spouse that stays abroad. Your spouse would need to apply for a US spouse visa. Having your spouse obtain a visa to come over to the United States to join you is a great step, especially as a foreign citizen. Moreover, you need to follow the steps required to obtain a US spouse visa because it guarantees a successful relocation.

Accordingly, this article provides you with detailed information on the step-by-step method of how to apply for a U.S. spouse visa.

What is a United States spouse visa?

The US spouse visa is a valid permit that grants lawfully wedded partners the to migrate to the United States of America. Moreover, the U.S. immigration office only acknowledges you for the spouse visa if you have valid evidence of marriage. You need to prove that you are legally married. One way to prove that is through the Marriage certificate issued by the Nigerian government.

Similarly, eloping or leaving with a partner under the cover of fake marriage is not advisable. Thus, before you can apply for a spouse visa, it must be clear that you have legal evidence to back up your claim.

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Cost of the U.S. spouse visa

If you are applying for U.S. spouse visa, the visa fee costs $265. This fee excludes other payments you might be required to disburse at the embassy for other services. Likewise, this type of visa is allocated to people who want to travel as immigrants to the U.S.

Furthermore, you can pay for the spouse visa online with a visa card. Note that a receipt is generated and should be kept very well. Other fees such as random payments for making photocopies, scanning documents, obtaining court confirmations or employing the services of a travel agent are not included in the cost of a spouse visa.

This means that overall, you could spend about $350-$500 depending on what else you are required to obtain during the spouse visa application process.

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us spouse visa in nigeria

Who is eligible for a United States spouse visa?

Individuals aged 18 and above who are citizens of the United States and have spouses who want to relocate can apply for a spouse visa. A spouse visa can only be applied for by someone who is legally married and the spouse is a legal citizen of the United States.

Where to apply for the United States spouse visa

To obtain a U.S. spouse visa, you need to do this in your country of residence or nationality. This also includes the country where the lawful marriage union took place with a court of law approval.
Furthermore, you should also visit the U.S. embassy closest to you to finalise plans for your visa application.

How long does it take to process the U.S. spouse visa in Nigeria?

First, it takes about 90 days to 150 days to process the U.S. spouse visa. Although it takes more time depending on the final decision of the U.S. immigration office and certain factors that will be communicated to you.

Documents needed to apply for a spouse visa

You need these documents to apply for a United States spouse visa in Nigeria;

Valid International Passport

In normal terms, you should apply with a valid Nigerian international passport with some empty pages. Here, your visa will be stamped and returned to you as soon as it is ready. However, the passport should not be near expiration and should have more than 6 months of validity.

Recent passport photograph

Following the guidelines stated by the United States Immigration Service. The passport photograph to be uploaded to the website during your application should;

  • Be recent at least 3 months or less
  • Have a standard white background
  • Show facial features clearly
  • Not have extra lighting or unusual facial expressions
  • Be scanned and uploaded to the immigration website
  • Be the required size you should present
  • Your ears must be visible

Visa fee receipt

After you have paid for your visa the K-visa, which is the spouse visa category. A receipt notification will be sent to you. Therefore you should print and submit, although making extra copies is vital because you will present this at the U.S. embassy.

Sponsors plea form and letter

Documenting a plea on behalf of your spouse should be done along with the visa application. This pertains to foreigners submitting a plea with relevant contact details, citizenship and financial status.

All of these are to make it possible for your spouse to join you in the United States. Also, if you are coming with children, your partner already in the United States should make plans for proof that financial capability is guaranteed.

Evidence of marriage / Marriage Certificate

A legitimate certificate from the country where the marriage took place should also be presented. You can also find your nation’s marriage evidence applicable as it suits you.

Although, being married to more than one wife only allows you to document for a spouse visa for the wife you married first.

Criminal record or Police report

From the legal administration of your country or the police headquarters, you should get a report. The police report will state that you have not and are not involved in any criminal activities. Hence, unlawful practices such as robbery, murder, and trafficking history can prevent you from getting a visa.

Birth certificate

A document of birth should be reflected in your submission. You can as well add that of your children as you desire since they would be travelling with you.
Furthermore, a court declaration of age counts as a valid submission to the U.S. embassy website and office.

Financial proof

Proof that you have enough funds to take care of yourself and pay basic charges in the United States till you are settled is required. Although this can be submitted with the petition form all that is relevant is that you have sufficient bank funds. This could be personal funds or funds from your sponsor.

Health examination

A health check from authorized hospitals and medical practitioners is recommended. You will have to show vaccination reports as due, especially in times when certain epidemics are on the rise.

Also, a head-to-toe examination for diseases will be done and you will get a report. You cannot open the report, the immigration officer does this first to ensure accuracy.

Statement of travel intention

Stating your reasons for travel in a letter is ideal. You need to identify that you have a partner and that your motive is to join them in the United States.

A detailed guide on how to apply for a U.S. spouse visa

The following are basic guides to applying for a U.S. spouse visa;

Step 1: Visit the United States Customs and Immigration Services website online;

The initial application for the U.S. spouse visa should be done online. This includes creating an account on the immigration website and submitting your information.

Step 2: Apply for a DS-260 immigrant visa form

First, when applying for an immigrant form you need to know that this takes more time compared to non-immigration. This is because you are travelling with the intention of staying there permanently.

Step 3: Select the K visa category for the spouse

U.S. immigration presents diverse categories of visas for your intentions. From the study, medical, tourist and so on which have sections but the spouse visa belongs to the K type.

Step 4: Input your details and complete the form online

Choosing to fill out the form online requires a strong internet connection, proper understanding and adherence to the instructions given. Also, you do not need to omit basic information because it affects the process.

Step 5: Pay your spouse’s visa fee

Payment for this U.S. spouse visa should be done online on the provided platform. You should get a notice of payment too.

Step 6: Schedule an appointment with the U.S. embassy

After completing the introductory steps, your next phase is outside your home. You will be given a date with the embassy to be able to have your fingerprints taken and submit other relevant documents as well.

Step 7: Attend your interview on the given date

A crucial phase is walking into the embassy and answering questions asked about your travel motives. Also, your spouse’s visa application will be further reviewed by immigration officials who will receive your biodata.

Step 8: Have biometrics taken

For identification and to clear out double applications on security terms, biometric capturing is also done at the embassy. Your fingerprints are linked to the immigration systems and stored.

Step 9: Wait to have your application processed

Processing times for the spouse visa vary depending on several factors. You are only required to wait until you receive a response to know the next thing to do. Ideally, a successful application does not always guarantee that you will get an immigrant visa sometimes.

Therefore, you need to be relaxed to note all details you get from the embassy. Applicants are always selected from the large lists of individuals applying for a visa.

Step 10: Receive your visa with your returned passport

Your visa is usually stamped on an empty page in your passport. Thus you will get an update to come for it when it is ready. Also, it can be mailed to you via postal order.

Some Reasons Why Your US Spouse Application May be denied

Can one be denied a U.S. spouse visa?

Yes, one can be denied a U.S. spouse visa because of the following;


All information about the spouse visa application has specific instructions attached to it. Therefore, ignoring vital steps can lead to a visa rejection from the U.S. embassy. The spouse visa application process is a fundamental one that must be duly followed from start to finish.

Inaccurate information

Providing data that is not factual especially on marriage, age and so on can lead to the spouse visa denial. As an applicant, you are always encouraged to submit only information that can be proven true.

Not attending your interview

Failure to attend an interview for whatever reason automatically would require you to wait a long time to reschedule. Thus, when you get a date for an interview at the embassy you only need to start preparing for this.

Moreover, striking out other plans just to create time for your interview is in your best interest.

Uploading the wrong document format

Scanning your records and updating all details on the immigration website is very important. However, you should do this carefully to avoid the rejection of your application.

False Claims

Presenting false information on funds, health, intention and many more is illegal. Therefore any false claim linked to your spouse’s visa application denies you a visa once the further investigation has been done.

Possession of a visa before

If you currently have a U.S. visa in another category, you cannot apply for a spouse visa as well. Moreover, doing this nullifies an already existing application or the intended one.

To avoid all of the above, you can easily find a travel agency to combine experience and reliability in helping you process the U.S. spouse visa. Thus, you can contact us for more information.

Things to note after a successful U.S. spouse visa application

On arrival in the United States, you need to know that you are just a temporary inhabitant until you process a permanent stay. This should be done within 60 days -90 days upon arrival.

Similarly, you should travel to the United States as soon as possible. Though you have been granted a visa, all information passed across to you on handling vital documents should be noted accordingly. First, your spouse in the United States should not be in another country when you are visiting but in the U.S. as a sponsor ready to welcome you in.

Address of U.S. Embassy in Nigeria

The U.S. Consulate General in Lagos
Address: 2 Walter Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos

The U.S embassy in Abuja
Address: Diplomatic Drive, Central District, Abuja.

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Why Atican Beach Resorts in Lagos is The New Hangout Spot

atican beach resort

Atican beach resort is one of the many private beach resorts in Lagos. Lagos has over fifty known beaches, both privately and publicly managed and Atican beach Lagos is one of them.

The Atican beach resort can be portrayed as the existence of exotic waterfronts on Nigerian soil. Thus, this is a perfect place to unwind, have a romantic escape and have a feel of home away from the typical Naija shores even with the whole family.

Seeking privacy on a beach in Nigeria, this article covers all you need for an uncommon experience at Atican beach.

atican beach resort

Location of Atican Beach Resort

Atican beach is located along Abraham Adesanya estate in Ajah- Okun town off Lekki-Epe expressway.

How to get to Atican Beach

Accessibility is one of the features that highlight the Atican beach. This means that you do not need a ferry or boat cruise to get to Atican beach. You can easily get there in less than an hour from Victoria Island, Lagos.

With evolving technology, Google maps is to the rescue and you are there in no time. Plus, motorcyclists in the area are familiar with the Atican beach and can give you directions to the beach.

Furthermore, Atican beach resort can be spotted along the major Lekki-Ajah road which makes it less difficult to reach.

Year of establishment

Atican beach resorts was founded over a decade ago, precisely in the year 2010. This distinguishes the beach from the regular ones that have been in existence for a long time.

Also, Atican beach was carved out of the desire for luxury and delivery of unusual relaxation benefits to visitors.

Who Owns Atican Beach?

Chief Atiku Rasheed Abogun is the executive director of the Atican beach resorts.

atican beach

Settings at the Atican Beach

Atican beach is a secluded arena packaged for fun, leisure, water recreation and staycation- a day or more at the resort. The beach offers various services that can be directed towards hospitality. On a regular day, Atican beach can accommodate hundreds of visitors.

The beach is situated amidst the luxury lifestyle of the Lagos people and also has facilities to further showcase diversity and culture.

resort in lagos

Activities at Atican Beach

Performance from live bands

On typical days, you can sit at any spot on Atican beach and enjoy musical performances from highly-rated musicians. Consequently, this serves as a perfect way to unwind and enjoy the cool evening breeze.

Children time out

Atican beach resorts is an arena that welcomes children to also participate in entertaining activities. A special area is marked out for your young children to play, create castles with sand, swim and also compete to fill sea shell boxes.

This provides exciting moments for your children and they have not left out of the fun that Atican resorts present to them. Also, you can engage them this way, while you relax and enjoy the experience yourself.

Plan your private events by making reservations

Creating your mini parties, surprise proposals, birthdays, private events and so on can be done at Atican beach resorts. The only thing to note is that you have to make a reservation in advance for this.

This includes either visiting the beach resort’s social media handles or making a phone call to the management. Then you have to list all the activities to be engaged in and how you desire it done and other entertainment or dining plan as well. Well, this can be covered by the resort at a fee.

Entrance fee to Atican Beach

The entrance fee for Atican beach resorts varies based on the day you visit and whether you are a child or an adult. it is fixed at 1,000 nairas for adults and 500 nairas for children. Although if you intend to use other facilities at the beach, you have to pay for it. The entrance fee is just to gain access to the premises. It does not cover for other services at the resort.

Opening days and hours at Atican beach

The Atican beach resort is open every day of the week from morning till night. This allows for a variety of activities to take place every day. Besides, you can make use of the beach hotel facility if you realize that you need to stay till dark hours.

The beach opens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Moreover, this includes public holidays and festive seasons which are even the main times you will find a large number of visitors coming to Atican beach.

Best visiting days and hours to Atican Beach

The best time to visit Atican beach is during the weekdays or weekends, depending on your preference. If you like a cool beach with few or no crowds. You may visit during the weekdays, however, if you love a crowded beach, you can visit on weekends. No day has fun excluded at the beach since you can create your schedule too!

Preference counts when it comes to visiting times at Atican beach. It is advisable to visit according to your choice. This means that since the resort is available all day long throughout the year, you can visit whenever you desire.

However, if you desire peace, privacy and exclusive times with your loved ones, you can decide to visit during the week. Also for adventurous people, weekends, holidays and festive seasons are the most preferred.

Dining at Atican Beach

Atican beach provides a dining facility where you can get local Naija food at affordable prices. Also, you can come with your packed food warmers and drink packs to the beach.

Though, you are advised to keep the beach neat at all times by not dropping trash just anywhere- bins are provided for that purpose.

Also, there are huts to sit and enjoy fresh coconut water which is sold for 500 nairas or less, prices vary. Additionally, you can also get drinks such as wines, fruit juices, and soft drinks, at the bars to quench your thirst after a sunny day. To add to this, you will also find the local skewed beef- suya which is sold at the beach barbecue spot very tempting. All of these are set to spice up your taste buds while you enjoy your day at Atican beach.

Spotlights of the Atican beach

Quite extraordinary, Atican beach has the following feature that makes it stand out from other beaches in Lagos;


For visitors to have peaceful and cosy days away from Lagos’s noise and bustle. Atican beach was set up to offer the best in this regard. Therefore, this feature has defined the beach over the years.

Vacation amenities

Atican beach is where you can visit and choose to stay for more than one night if you desire. This is because the facilities available can accommodate your vacation needs just the way you like it. Hence, whether you desire a retreat, a honeymoon, a group business trip and so on, Atican beach resort offers that with its impressive amenities.

Welcoming staff

Guides and staff are ready to help you find your way, explore and have a nice time on the Atican beach.

Facilities at Atican Beach

Atican beach has great installations made for the satisfaction of guests at all times;

Children playground

Sections are available at Atican beach resorts, specifically for children to enjoy and also use the amenities in their way. This is to create fun and exciting moments that your children can relate to.


Restrooms are available at Atican beach where you can wash up and make yourself comfortable as you wish.

Car park

Atican beach has a dedicated car park for your cars. The car park is spacious and can accommodate a good number of cars and vehicles. To add to this, the environment is secure and you do not have to worry about safety so much.

Gift shop

Have you ever thought about shopping at a Nigerian resort? Well, Atican beach resorts add this luxurious definition to the list of amazing facilities there.

Thus, there is a gift mart where you can get quality clothing, indigenous crafts and artworks, household items and gifts.

Restaurant and bar

There is a restaurant where food is sold at Atican beach, you can buy well-prepared local meals at inexpensive prices. Also, you can order exotic and local drinks at the bar while you sit and have a great time relieving tension.

Outdoor sitting area

The outdoor area where you can sit at the Atican beach has paid tents with tables and chairs. You can pay for small spaces which cost about 10,000 naira and large spaces which can accommodate up to a hundred people for 100,000 Naira.

Here, you can sit and watch the coasts plus enjoy the cool atmosphere and relax as you wish.

Exquisite lodges

The lodges available at Atican beach have comfortable amenities to satisfy your needs. The rooms are well kept, the resort offers room and dry cleaning service, and the apartments are spacious too and have nice technology installations.

Consequently, you can choose from a low-cost apartment for about 15,000 Naira or a family-size room for 30,000 Naira. Also, there are luxurious suites that are ranged from 55,000 Naira and above or the option of a lesser premium lodge for 30000-35000 however you like it.

The rooms are mostly selected based on your option and also the number of people who will be staying there. Whether a family size or if you are staying with your children, private yet luxurious apartments and even grand rooms fit the desire of guests visiting Atican beach.

Things to do at Atican Beach

Enjoy serenity on the breezy beach

The huts and palm trees fixed on the dunes at the beach provides an avenue to experience calmness. Whether you choose to relax, spend quality time alone or with your partner, friends and family, Atican beach is excellent for that.

Have a private moment with your loved ones

The settings at Atican beach resort offer intimacy as well as different activities that lovers can engage in. A day at the beach, lodging in the rooms and personal activities make your stay at Atican amazing.

Dine and wine

Should you decide to have a picnic, purchase meals at the restaurants and so on, Atican beach resorts are ready to welcome your options.

Horse riding

Horses are stationed at Atican beach and with the help of guides, you can have a perfect adventure. To ride on a horse, you can be required to pay about 500 nairas per ride or more. The adventure takes you past the wide expanse of land around Atican beach which gives another view.


To be safe, swimming at Atican beach is mostly recommended for experienced swimmers. Though you are allowed to swim as much as you like but look out for rainy days with uncontrollable tides. The resort also has a private pool for swimming.

Take a walk

A moment to breathe, think, strategize and relax in a private environment can interest you to take a walk along the paths and enjoy.

Capture the moment with beautiful pictures

At Atican beach, there are several spots to capture beautiful memories on camera. The beach area, waterfronts, villas, restaurants, horse riding and many more

Purchase beautiful gift items and clothing

This can be done at the gift shop on Atican beach where you can visit to get beach clothing and accessories, souvenirs from the city of Lagos and many other beautiful things.

Explore recreation on the beach

Visitors to Atican beach engage in different activities on the beach, especially on weekends and holidays when they are around. Though, just to relax and also make friends with a few people at the beach, this is a great opportunity. You can play ball games, indoor games like snooker, ludo, chess and so on.

Attend live music shows

Watch the sunrise and sunset at specific hours of the day on the beach

Clothing tips when visiting Atican beach

Atican beach is an excellent coast getaway not just for you, but for your family and friends. Therefore, you do not want to miss out on the solace such moments will offer you.

Wearing light and comfortable clothing is great for a day at Atican beach resorts. You can choose to include clothes like;

  • Beach wears, bikinis, shorts and t-shirts
  • Sunglasses and a hat
  • Breathable slides and sandals
  • Outdoor clothing- in case you are going out of the beach premises and so on.

Over the years, Atican has remained one of the most visited beaches in Lagos.