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Museum of the Future – The Futuristic Museum

museum of the future

Museum of the Future is one of the latest tourist attractions in Dubai. It is a futuristic museum to show the technological advancements in Dubai and future possibilities. 

Museum of the Future is one of the latest tourist attractions in Dubai. It is a futuristic museum to show the technological advancements in Dubai and future possibilities. 

Dubai is a distinguished tourist destination across the globe known for its beautiful architectural designs, skyscrapers, towers, culture and advancement. Thus, the Museum of The Future is a leading attraction which was recently erected to showcase to the world the progressive technological innovations of the city of Dubai.

The Museum can be termed as the world of the new, due to the brain-bursting designs that are not just relevant to the present but also for decades to come. This covers scenes and the modern world collections which depict ideation. This is another reason why you should travel to Dubai

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museum of the future

History of the Museum of the Future 

The history of the Museum of the Future is quite different and fascinating because it not only has a past but a present and prospect. The museum was an idea by the government of Dubai and the prime minister of the United Arab Emirates in 2015. They wanted to establish an attraction in the heart of Dubai that will showcase Dubai’s technological side.

However, it was not a reality until the Dubai Future Foundation was awarded the contract to take up the emergence of the museum in April 2016. Then after a temporary commencement exhibition, the museum was opened first in 2018 at Jumeirah, another distinguished destination in Dubai.

Then on the 22nd day of February 2022, the Museum of the Future was officially opened in Dubai’s trade centre. The unfolding parade and the treaty to begin the Museum was handed over to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum with Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin. These are the leaders and the prince of Dubai respectively. The museum is already becoming one of the most visited places in Dubai.

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Ideas behind the construction of the Museum of the Future

As a way to combine the ideation of several forecasters, Dubai Future Foundation embraced the evolution of scientific research and set up the Museum of the Future.

The Dubai Future Foundation shapes the sphere of influence to reimagine and inspire Dubai鈥檚 future. This was in collaboration with the public and private sector, and partners to create initiatives, programs, and thought leadership to inform and implement on a local and global stage. The most visible manifestation of this determination is the recently opened Museum of the Future.

The reason for this is to adapt storytelling with the best use of technological innovations to envision Dubai’s future by the year 2071. Also, the plan is to generate the leading sources of wealth, invention and climate conservation.

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Location of Museum of the Future

Museum of the Future is located at Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre 2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This is directly opposite the ever-busy highway in Dubai’s economic region.

museum in duvbai

The access fee for the Museum of the Future 

Tickets for the Museum of the Future are AED145 for adults. However, children under the age of three and aged residents of Dubai are allowed to enter for free. Kindly be informed that prices could fluctuate based on decisions within the metropolis.

Structural design of Museum of the Future

The Museum of the Future is a seven-storey building constructed with the best of connected ideas and strategic initiatives for showcasing Dubai in style. The building which took six years to behold has gone beyond conventional skyscrapers in the city and this is why everyone desires to behold the jaw-dropping sight.

The Museum was built with detailed structures, it was designed by Killa Design architecture studio. The building has three sections with representations, the grassy hill area, the empty steel ring and the glass building.

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future museum dubai

Right from the entrance and exterior, the building is designed in a way that you can behold it from afar, while at the gallery and also from a balcony in the museum. The Museum exists in an area of 17,600 square meters and constitutes a collaborative effort of researchers, engineers and architects all over the city.

Similarly, the building is made of glass and steel with reflective surfaces of light and pictorial displays beneath. The walls and side areas have Arabic quotes to inspire everyone who visits the museum.

There is a large hollow ring-shaped edifice that is metallic and has Arabic poetry by a famous Islamic leader etched on it. This is mostly interpreted by non-Arabians by museum guides.

Moreover, there is a hand-shaped structure pointing towards the indented curve, a sign that innovators and technology will rule the city in future years.

The building is divided into three bases, each of which special exhibitions in diverse areas and sectors of Dubai’s economy.

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A Splendour of Dubai’s prospective years

As the Museum of the Future continues to gain firm ground given the digital prominence of Dubai’s forthcoming years, there are so many interests structured there.

Dubai’s Digital Reserve- The 2071 perspective

A picture of the future of Dubai by 2071 which has been revealed to professional programmers and tech experts is the point of interest here. This describes how much the impact of technology would be seen in Dubai in the coming decades.

The museum has a digital garden technology with generically modified soils and flowers enclosed in a space. Also, there are colourful Arabic inscriptions that denote the preservation of the earth’s space.

Then, there is a developed woodland with artificial intelligence that displays a typical rainforest setting with plants and animals sheltered. All of these have been envisioned as what Dubai holds for residents and tourists.

Features of the Museum

Amazing natural frames

At the Museum of the Future, you will find glass frames arranged in extended rows. The frames present different colours of light that switch at intervals, from purple, red, blue, green and other collections of identifiable plants, fruits, insects biological diversity that describes Dubai.

Children’s Discovery Centre

At the Museum of the Future, there is an arena for kids to exercise their curious minds in the development of the city of Dubai. Hence, the environment is child-friendly and will provide a discovery and learning moment for children.

Moving Movie Theatre

You will experience what it’s like to run and feel the world moving along with you at the futuristic museum. This is achieved by stunning installations of arts, digital media and entertainment.

Also at the Museum of the Future, the floors tell a story that you can advance with. The lighting and pictures that are fixed to the ground are captivating modes that also characterize Dubai as an evolved cultural heritage.

Updates to Dubai’s Transportation and Technology

Imaginative innovations have been put together by artificial intelligence agencies to respond to the ever-changing needs of the world, and o keep it advancing. This starts with leading generations in technology, updated history, travels and road transportation.

Stationed remodels of automobiles are displayed in a wide space for you to see beyond the scope of motion technology at the present.

Digital exhibits of the sea and underwater adventure

There’s a beauty in diving on your toes and having a clearer view of what the aquatic world has to present if properly taken care of. Thus, you can explore the scenery of rushing waters contained in space, which is an adventurous wonder of plant and animal life in various habitats.

Climatic Preservation

As one of the world’s problems concerning pollution, changing climate, depletion and so on, Dubai hopes to cause an effective change.

Visiting time and days

Visitors are welcome into the future of Dubai every day from 10 am to 6 pm. Between these hours, you can grab a ticket and tour the showrooms with guides from the staff at the museum.

To add to this, it is likely that you spend about three hours or less touring the space, hence you can visit when it is not too crowded. This is rather possible in the early hours of the weekdays.

museum of the future

Things to do at the Museum of the Future

There’s so much to engage in at the museum of the future, ideal highlights are:

Discover the future of Dubai

With 3D installations, cameras, robotics and artificial intelligence, the future of Dubai have been captured in mode. This accounts for discovery, tourism, ecology and climatic encouragement, health care reform and models arranged to lead the world.

The OSS Hope, the Heal Institute and Al Waha are 3D and AI exhibitions at the museum that you will find engaging.

Learn about nature from the eyes of technology

At the museum, you gain revelation into the inbuilt ecosystem of Dubai as a city of diverse species. This includes flora and fauna in forests and beneath the sea. Hence, you are motivated to understand that if things are done right, nature is therapeutic to the body and mind.

Support the reshaping of the earth

Dubai has strategic planning in place to protect the environment and rights of endangered species, and promote wellness and education through technology. Therefore as an agent for social transformation and evolutionary change, the museum travels through the present to unravel the future of the earth.

Create pictures and videos from all angles

You are allowed access to the three floors and surroundings of the museum, therefore there’s room to create memories. This can be done by using a phone camera or a digital camera to capture the moment and also create your adventure in photographs and videos.

Shop for beautiful items and gadgets

There are tech stores where you can get gadgets and accessories at the museum of the future. These are inspired by the themed creations at the museum, coupled with artistic works and technology. You can shop for notebooks, mugs, key holders, and stationery amongst others.

Also, the museum has an online mart where you can select from the collections for sale.

Other Things You Can Do in Dubai For Free

Events you can attend at the Museum of the Future

To create awareness and also raise funds for the development of the museum, annual events take place at the gallery. Some of these events are linked to the establishment of the museum as well as its continuity.

Although your visit to the museum will expose you to a lot of discoveries and you can be a part of ceremonies, there are special events that take place at the Museum of the Future. These are;

Future Heroes Camp

An annual event for children, Future Heroes camp is at the Museum of the Future鈥檚 assigned area for youngsters. The camp began operations on August 2, 2022, and gave room for children to learn more about the museum and the world through science, arts, mathematics and programming.

It allows for adventure, fun and learning where young ones between ages 3 and above are developed with valuable tech skills. There are three adventures, Imagine, Design and Build that engage the minds and senses of children to discover, create and proffer solutions to challenges of the world.

The event is set to hold every summer in the coming years, thus it is a great avenue to unleash the greatness in your child by registering them for the camp whenever you visit.

Dubai Future Forum

The Dubai Future Forum is the first of its kind which was put together by the Dubai Future Foundation. The event is said to assemble hundreds of innovators with future-worthy ideas and visions that can be communicated among the top professionals.

This year in October, the two-day event will be held at the Museum of the Future in Dubai and it will host individuals with a curious mindset and world-shaping creations on how to address the needs of the city. This event aims to project Dubai as the centre of influence all over the world in all sectors of the economy including leadership.

IDC DX Forum

The IDC DX Forum is an annual event that takes place at the Museum of the Future in November. The exhibition features talk shows, seminars, and workshops that discuss how to carve a spot for the city of Dubai in the digital space.

This covers training dealing with barriers to advancement in business operations while steering the solutions through stability, digital infrastructure and experiential learning. 

Furthermore, the event exists to cover the lapses in organizational structures and list how information technology will push up the city of Dubai into a business hub.

Why Slow Restaurant Lagos Is The New Secret Hangout Spot

Slow Restaurant Lagos

Slow Restaurant Victoria Island is one of the exclusive restaurants in Lagos. It is located in a choice location with beautiful scenery and fine dining.
As a way to upscale your dining choices, Slow restaurant is a posh hangout you should consider in the city of Lagos. Therefore, you may want to consider a romantic dinner date, business dinner or pleasurable moment are top on the list of popular motivations to visit the luxurious restaurant.

Slow Restaurant Victoria Island is one of the exclusive restaurants in Lagos. It is located in a choice location with beautiful scenery and fine dining.
As a way to upscale your dining choices, Slow restaurant is a posh hangout you should consider in the city of Lagos. Therefore, you may want to consider a romantic dinner date, business dinner or pleasurable moment are top on the list of popular motivations to visit the luxurious restaurant.

The slow restaurant is a fast-growing intercontinental food spot in the city of Lagos. Even though it is just getting started, the restaurant is five-star and worthy of mention among the top residents of Lagos island.

Read on to discover more about this five-star dining at Slow restaurant Lagos.

Location- How to arrive at Slow Restaurant

The slow restaurant is situated at 2 Musa Yar鈥橝dua Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. It is tucked away from the congested and rush lifestyle of Lagos.

For people who are quite familiar with Victoria Island in Lagos, there is an easy ride to a slow restaurant. However, Google maps or taxi riders can be your best option to locate the spot which is off Kofo Abayomi road.

Opening days and time

As expected, Slow restaurant Victoria Island, Lagos is very particular about reservations. The reservations give the waiters and service team a perfect reason to prepare for your visit.

This includes your seat reservations, getting ready to give you the best services and also knowing your preferences before you visit. Also, in case of surprise celebrations or just a mini party, reserving a slot at the slow restaurant is your best bet.

Although, the place is open seven days a week between the hours of 8 am to 1 am and usually gets busy in the evenings on Friday and Saturday.

Ambience, Layouts and Architecture of Slow Restaurant

The ambience at the Slow Restaurant Lagos is exceptionally inviting. The arena provides a lot of options for your dining affairs, although it has a more adventurous setting compared to your regular cafes.

The sitting areas are both inside and outside and both are beautifully designed with glass structures and green plants everywhere. Therefore, if you do not mind flowers and a mini farm feel without the animals of course, then you can try Slow restaurant.

Furthermore, at the entrance of the restaurant, there are gardens which have beautiful flowers and well-grown plants. The slow restaurant gives a natural aura combined with the classy rich Lagos vibes you would surely experience.

Also, the arena is neat, well structured and organized from the time you enter till you are out. On a normal level, you cannot expect the world-class restaurant to have any drop of the regular Lagos “buka” so you would enjoy serenity among the rich.

To give a hint on the architecture, the slow restaurant is well built with both exterior and interior carve-outs. The outdoor area is a mini stretch with quality terrazzo, comfortable chairs, the main backdrop with a ‘SLOW’ imprint at the entrance and a white walkway still surrounded by flowers.

Furthermore, there is great lighting at Slow restaurant, especially around the cocktail bar sections. Also, the interior and exterior areas are well lit which gives a different feel during the day and another at night.

Mini Farm at Slow Restaurant

As a way to always deliver fresh meals, Slow Restaurant has a mini farm where herbs and spices are planted. The restaurant grows its leaves and vegetables plus it is handpicked for use as necessary.

Although the restaurant is decorated with flowers, the mini farm is reserved in a healthy location around the restaurant.

Menu list

The slow restaurant serves Latin, Central America and West African dishes in style. On the menu list, there are a variety of dishes which are unique to this restaurant. Thus, you have guides who are ready to give you a hint on the best meals you can try especially if it is your first time.

Another quick one to add is that you need to carefully choose meals particularly if you are not one to easily adapt to new meals.

A look into the menu includes main dishes, desserts, soups and salads, and appetizers all served with a traditional Western influence.

Top on the menu list, are;

  • Seafood, tuna, oysters, and salmon ceviche are mixtures of fresh seafood dipped in sauce, fruits, spices and so on.
  • The main dish section has chicken, lamb chops, beef ribs, ribeye, steaked sandwiches, Peruvian rice and many more.
  • Dessert menu includes; chocolate cake, vanilla macaron, almond cake, olive oil cake, ice cream and chocolate, bread pudding, a fruit platter and a variety of snacks.

-Popular on the breakfast menu include ham and cheese sandwiches, omelette, scrambled eggs, poached eggs, bacon, avocado on toast, waffles, croissant basket, tomato flatbreads, sunny side up and so on.

The meals also include flatbreads, seafood salad, mashed potatoes and signature Slow restaurant dishes.

Also, the meals are prepared by seasoned chefs based on your orders and equally, there is no excess waiting time, so you can get your meals in less than an hour.

-The drink list has signature cocktails, mocktails, spirits, vodka and so on.
Most of which are blends of drinks and fruits such as cucumber, lemon, ginger, herbs and spices and so on.

The amazing thing about Slow restaurant cocktails is that they are freshly prepared from the scratch by excellent mixologists.

Prices overview of food and drinks

The prices of meals and drinks at Slow restaurant are pocket piercing. Although expensive is the close word to describe this, one can not speak for others. Therefore, if you are ready to spend thousands of Naira or a few ten thousand Naira then you have no issue.

At least, cocktails are priced from 4,500 Naira and above while meals could be about 15,000 Naira to almost a hundred thousand. It depends on your selection, preferences and the quantity you buy.

For payments, there are point-of-sale terminals where you can pay directly with your credit, debit, visa or master cards and you will get receipts immediately.

Excellent service

To give you quality and exceed mere satisfaction, the hospitality section of slow restaurants is highly rated. Thus, you will not feel left out of the enjoyment you should be provided with on all fronts.

I quite believe that the excellent service of a restaurant does not start when you order a meal but from everyone, you interact with. With this in mind, Slow restaurant is recommended for you, if you desire to be cared for and welcomed like the royalty that you are.

Entertainment and live music

While you sit to enjoy tasty well-prepared meals at Slow, you will enjoy getting entertained with live music. The music is a great addition to the service provided there because it augments the serenity and exotic style of the restaurant.

Similarly, cool jazz, blues and interesting music genres are special pieces to add life to the settings at the restaurant.

Dining services

You are allowed to choose from the dining options made available by Slow restaurant Lagos. It is either you visit the beautiful restaurant to sit and enjoy the meals, you order a takeaway food pack or you place your order via a telephone call.

Therefore, you have the eat-in, takeaway and delivery options. All of these are directed to give you the nicest experience you will want to come back to.

The meals are packed in paper and plastic bags for the takeaway and delivery alternatives. There are dispatch riders who are stationed to bring the food to your desired location.

Also, for the dine-in category, meals are mostly served in an unusual style with wide bowls that have ancient designs.

Definitive extravagance

The slow restaurant is categorised as the dining arena of the rich and has welcomed celebrities, top-notch events and foreign tones.

Amenities at Slow Restaurant, Lagos

Parking space

The outdoor area of the restaurant has a parking lot where you can freely park your car. However, due to inadequate spaces, it is not so wide and only a few cars can be parked there.


The contemporary restroom at Slow restaurant is satisfactory. There are basins arranged at the entrance to the building to wash hands after using the toilet.

The restrooms have doors for privacy, running water and a modern water closet design.

Outdoor Dining

Dining outdoors at Slow restaurant is quite different. Though there are waiters to serve you and attend to your requests from time to time, you will have a closer look at the gardens and environment better this way.

The fancy chairs and tables are arranged to make you comfortable and help you relax while you eat and drink.

Tips for visiting Slow restaurant

Reserve a spot by booking online

To make reservations, you can either visit the restaurant website, email or call. Also, for the event planning within the facility, you are allowed to request special meals and also make reservations for that.

Be time conscious

You need to arrive at the restaurant at the time given to you. Given that it gets a little busy at night and less crowded during the day, you decide accordingly.

Get ready to spend large

Meals and drinks are pricey, though prices change and they could even go higher than expected. For a first-time visit, you should be prepared for surprises.

Relate with waiters before meal and cocktail selections

Assigned to you as you come into the restaurant are willing and hospitable waiters to give you the in-depth details of the menu and cocktails. Also, you can ask questions for clarity and be guides around the restaurant.

Have a handy camera for a picture session

The slow restaurant has beautiful areas where you can take nice photos and create videos. Right from the entrance, you have the gardens, backdrop, glass doors, and dining arena to pose for memorable snapshots.

Give yourself a well-deserved treat

Pampering your bellies is part of life anyway, therefore an adventurous meal time at Slow restaurant is a great time. Also, it is not a bad idea to give your spouse and loved ones a treat to international cuisines and snacks.

Slow Restaurant Review

The slow restaurant is one of the highly rated restaurants in Lagos.

Slow Restaurant Lagos has proven it is here to stay and prides itself on excellent service, fine dining, and beautiful scenery and you are in for an adventure of a lifetime.

Places To Visit in Dubai for Free | No Payment Free Entry

places to visit in Dubai for free

Did you know there are several places you can visit in Dubai for free? Despite the expressions of extravagance that decorates the city of Dubai, there are beautiful places you can visit for free.聽

Did you know there are several places you can visit in Dubai for free? Despite the expressions of extravagance that decorates the city of Dubai, there are beautiful places you can visit for free.聽

Not to worry, even in a city that speaks so much glitz and glamour, there is room to discover certain spots without having to pay a dime. This will afford you the chance 

Plus, there are thousands of available things to do in Dubai even while you take a walk or just decide to explore the ancient and cultural legacy of the city. This is another reason to visit Dubai. After processing your Dubai Visa and you are considering adventurous things you can do in Dubai.

Beautiful resorts in Dubai

places to visit in Dubai for free

These are the 18 things you can do in Dubai for free. Culled by the Travelwaka Team.

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

As a way to study the marshy habitats in Dubai, you can freely tour Ras Al Khor Wildlife Refuge which is along Hatta road, the downtown area of Dubai. There, you will be able to see diverse bird species and the pink flamingos that have been sheltered in Dubai over the years. This is one of the places you can visit in Dubai for free.

Also, upon entry into the facility, you have the chance to sit in air-conditioned viewing rooms where you will take a close look at the adaptive habits and feeding patterns of different bird species through a window area. Since Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary has been well developed to suit your needs as a tourist, you do not have to pay to access the facility, which is open from Saturdays to Thursdays, between the hours of 8 am till 6 pm.

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary places to visit in Dubai for free

Other activities to engage in at the wildlife sanctuary are to take amazing pictures, ask questions from tour guides and spend ten minutes of your life exploring the mangroves and bird hides in Dubai. Bird species, as well as mangrove swamp habitats, are equally found on the marshland, some of which include kingfishers, egrets, stocks, fish eaters and many more.

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The Dubai Fountain

More like a live performance of moving waters, the Dubai Fountain is another free spot where you can explore waters, heights and uniqueness. It is located at Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd, Downtown Dubai, Dubai United Arab Emirates. This is another reason to visit Dubai.

You have the privilege of viewing the dancing fountains which were created to serve as a point of interest to visitors in the evenings for 30 minutes once it is 6 pm. Although it is one of the most expensive constructions made on the Burj Khalifa water territory, you can access it for free anytime alongside other visitors.

The Dubai Fountain

Besides, the extensive area is known for entertainment and perfect lighting to capture the Arabian style. The overflowing waters are also set to fascinate you every day, and while you stand at Dubai Mall you can take a closer look at the fountain. You should add the Dubai fountain to your list of free places to visit in Dubai.

Al Seef

Al Seef which is very close to the metro station area in Dubai is a contemporary tourist destination. It is a traditional community which is open till midnight and showcases Arabian existence in full, with the buildings and lifestyle in Al Seef as well as cities nearby.

Since Al Seef was constructed and expanded into a famous world attraction in Dubai. Many travellers do add this location as one of the very important places to visit in Dubai for free due to its beautiful scenery.

Al Seef places to visit for free

Also, you can be a part of this because it is freely available and the only places you will spend are at Arabian and Italian restaurants or souvenir shops. This is if you desire to purchase meals, snacks and drinks or handcrafted gift items and clothing.

Apart from this, you can participate in cultural live shows, entertainment sessions and performances or behold the stunning ocean views directly at the centre of Al Seef.

Dubai Festival City Mall

Dubai Festival City Mall is a spot to be entertained even with evening shows, children’s play toys, dining and shopping centres. It is located amongst the rivers and lakes and it is close to bus stations for ease of transportation to the mall.

Looking into the free sections of the mall, there is an available parking lot at the arena as well as an opportunity to enjoy free state-of-the-art displays.

Al Seef places to visit for free

Thus, the arena is open till midnight and you can watch the fascinating “Imagine” modern light protrusions that cast shadows on the waters.

Then, you can enjoy delectable meals, explore boat rides if you desire or just stick to admiring and enjoying free night shows at the festival city mall.

Kite Beach

Kite beach is another place to visit in Dubai for free. The Kite Beach in Dubai is open to every member of the public, no entry payment is required and you can even come into the region with your food and drinks. Hence, you do not have to spend anything in this free location.

Kite Beach

Also, you are fully permitted to swim in the waters or engage in water recreational activities personally or with members of your family. Kite Beach is open till night with lighting from Burj Al Arab which extends throughout the beach.

Jumeirah Public Beach

Jumeirah Beach is a public free beach where you can hang out to enjoy the coasts and nearby tourist attractions.

Thus, one of the advantages of visiting Jumeirah beach apart from water adventure is the proximity to beautiful destinations.

At the beach, you can eat and drink, swim, ride in water crafts, view the jaw-dropping beach hotels and also enjoy the natural breezy environment.

Jumeirah beach which is a popular choice is open from morning till late at night so you can choose your preferred visit times.

Al Qudra Lake

Al Qudra Lake is a region with a haven as well as dry and windy areas in Dubai. You are free to enter the artificial lake and also engage in diverse activities there. Entry to Al Qudra Lake is free.

Al Qudra Lake

First, you can have a family picnic on the sands where you wine and dine plus take spectacular pictures of the lake. Also, since the area has a mangrove spot, certain birds move and live in the region as a way to stay protected, thus another wildlife reserve in Dubai.

Also, the installations at the lake enable you to view the sunrise and sunset, while you either take long walks or ride bicycles all around the Al Qudra lake. Plus, you can pitch tents and enjoy a night’s vacation at Al Qudra.

Dubai Spice Souk

Dubai Spice Souk is a traditional Dubai market where you can shop for spices, herbs, traditional wear and glamorous Arabian golds and jewellery. It is located at Deira, Al Ras Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Spice Souk

Thus, if you desire to just freely admire the artistic expressions of Dubai and handmade items, fashion accessories and many more, then you can walk into the Dubai spice souk at any time of the day.

This is because the arena also allows you to learn more about the things that make up the totality of Dubai society.

Dubai Camel Racing Club

The amazing free animal sporting event that is held in Dubai every year is at the Dubai Camel Racing Club. The camel club is situated at Al Marmoom in Dubai, which is one of the best and most popular trail lawns in the city.

Dubai Camel Racing Club

Thus, once your Dubai travel falls into when the camel racing event is taking place, you are welcome to attend and watch the animal sporting tournament at no cost.

Amazing how over 50 camels are placed on tracks and can even be controlled with updated technology for racing competitions. Besides, this camel racing competition is a cultural game in Dubai that also displays ancient ceremonies. This is also another exciting thing you can do for free in Dubai.

Dubai Heritage Village

Dubai Heritage Village is the best free place to visit if you are well concerned about discovering the components of the Arabian culture. The village is an ancient one with old buildings and residents that serve as tour guides and hosts.

Dubai Heritage Village
c Paolo Rossetti

It is located in the popular Shindagha arena which is surrounded by the brook in Dubai as well as historical shops. Therefore, you can learn more about early Dubai before civilization hit the city by hiking skyscrapers to view the city very well.

Also, the Dubai Heritage village has mini artefacts section where handcrafts and local cooking items made of clay are produced. Plus, a visit to the old mosques, aged housing settings with terraces and enclosed areas within the village is also a great idea.

Dubai Water Canal

Dubai Water Canal is a free interest to behold in Dubai, which is situated in a wide arena that provides enough space for hundreds of tourists.

Dubai Water Canal

Also, the water canal is a dramatic spot that presents a designed waterfall that is glowing, colourful and fascinating. Your tourism and adventure are quite complete here because since it is accessible you can stand and admire or sit and unwind with loved ones.

In addition, there are tracks in the canal arena where you can keep fit by riding bicycles around the cycling paths or jogging around the sprint trails.

Gurunanak Darbar Sikh Temple

Situated at Al-Sheikh Zayed street, Ibn Battuta, Dubai United Arab Emirates, Gurunanak temple is a religious centre. The Centre which was constructed over 10 years ago was made to promote the Sikh religion of Dubai residents.

Gurunanak Darbar Sikh Temple

Also, the temple arena is a free arena where prayers go on in the wide room with the latest installations to accommodate over 50,000 worshippers. Plus for relaxation, there is a public swimming arena and a dining arena at Gurunanak temple which is open from 4:30 am till 9:00 pm every day.

Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood

Al Fahidi Historical neighbourhood is situated at Bur Dubai, Al Hamriya, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The location has been existing since the 18th century, however, modern facilities have been added to the neighbourhood.

As a very crucial part of your trip to Dubai, you need to visit Al Fahidi and see the ancient Arab world plus relate with residents of the area who are willing to help you on your tour. Also, you can take a walk around the straight corners of the neighbourhood, enter the buildings and behold the settings and Dubai landscape.

The Yard, Dubai

The Yard in Dubai is an excellent travel destination situated in faraway Al Khawaneej in Dubai. The location is a complete package attraction which has shopping stores, mini marts, a bridge, restaurants and play areas for children.

The Yard, Dubai

Also, visitors have claimed that your Dubai cultural excursion is incomplete if you do not visit the yard. Just so you know, you need to ride in public buses to get to the yard. A visit to the Yard is free and comes at no cost to the user.

In addition, you can take a love walk on the narrow bridge where you seal your admiration for your partner, window shop the boutiques and gift shops or take the best pictures with the animated backgrounds.

Emirates Towers

At Emirate Towers, which is a lofty castle at Sheikh Zayed Rd – Trade Centre, Trade Centre 2, the United Arab Emirates you experience the best of comfort and convenience. The towers have fifty-six floors with exotic suites and villas, swimming arenas, massage rooms and cafes.

Emirates Towers

The towers can be visited for free, where you have the chance to sightsee and also dive into the beach without paying any dime.

La Mer

La Mer beach in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is an accessible modern beach that has lots of white sands, palm trees, watercraft and arenas for relaxation.

This means that you can visit La Mer anytime during the day with a plan to hang out at the seaside, take pictures at the beautiful destination or wine and dine by the shore.

Love Lake

Love Lake is one of the lake regions at Al Qudra in Dubai that you can visit for free. The fascinating development of this region is the love etches on the sands which surround the plant species and the lake.

Love Lake

Here, you can plan a romantic adventure with your lover and also take lovely pictures of various spots. Also, the lakeside is quite extensive, therefore you can explore and tour Love lake on foot or plan your special moments however you desire.

Riverland Dubai

Riverland Dubai is a free arena that has an ultramodern style adapted from French, British, Mexican and Indian settings. The location has restaurants where you can also sit and enjoy English burgers, barbecues, grills, and Mexican and Italian dishes too.

Besides, there are popular malls where household items like clothing and souvenirs are sold. Although the buildings are ancient, it pictures an amazing destination you should visit on your tour to Dubai.

There are many other adventurous activities you can do in Dubai.

Images from Visit Dubai

How To Apply For Tanzania Visa in Nigeria

apply for tanzania visa in Nigeria

Tanzania is one of the beautiful African countries notable for its wildlife and pristine beaches. This article will guide you on the step-by-step method of applying for a Tanzania visa in Nigeria.

Tanzania is one of the beautiful African countries notable for its wildlife and pristine beaches. This article will guide you on the step-by-step method of applying for a Tanzania visa in Nigeria.

While the visa application option is accessible to Nigerians, there is a lot in view even when you decide to tour Tanzania at whatever time of the year. Plus, a tour of the Zanzibar islands requires you to process a Tanzania visa.

Tanzania exists in the Eastern region of Africa. It is a magnificent country with a rich cultural heritage and beautiful pristine beaches. The country connects history directly with wildlife reserves, aquatic life protection and beautiful coasts on fascinating islands.


Spotlights of Tanzania you need to know

The major feature in Tanzania that distinguish the region from other African country is its rich tourist attractions. No wonder it welcomes tourists from all over the world. This is majorly due to the advancements that have hit the nation in recent years.


Tanzania is situated in Africa, specifically the Eastern part which is also surrounded by Kenya, Uganda, the famous Indian Ocean and other countries in East Africa. The immaculate islands in Zanzibar, historical spots that recount Africa’s civilization are also situated in Tanzania.


The Tanzania weather is comfortable, the temperature is moderate, not too cold or hot with maximum rainfall and sunshine. Also, the mountain regions are cold and windy due to its apex.


Ancient traditions are displayed in Tanzania. The historic buildings in Tanzania especially in Zanzibar have stories behind them. Also, the major language spoken in Tanzania is Swahili and the region is dominated by the Bantu ethnic groups.

Economic development

The economy of Tanzania relies solely on tourism and travel, agriculture. Thus, as a way to generate revenue, Tanzania grows these sectors to the benefit of citizens and the interests of tourists.

Reserves and historic places

Tanzania has landscapes that serve as a home for endangered wildlife species. The location boasts diverse parks, reserves, museums, markets and resorts.

Tourist Attractions in Tanzania 

Tanzania has a lot of interests that draw tourists to the region annually. There are diverse points of call, from mountains to reserves, resorts, ancient buildings and even spice shops and shopping malls. The most visited areas in Tanzania include;

  • Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Stone Town, Zanzibar
  • Lake Manyara National Park
  • Zanzibar beaches and islands
  • Katavi National Park
  • Ngorongoro Conservation Area
  • Serengeti National Park
  • The beautiful city of Arusha
  • Mikumi National Park
  • Arusha National Park
Tanzania visa - How To Apply For Tanzania Visa in Nigeria

Do Nigerians need a visa to travel to Tanzania?

Nigeria is on the list of countries eligible for a visa to Tanzania. This is because the visa on arrival or electronic visa option is open to Nigerians willing to visit Tanzania. This means as a Nigerian you need a visa to visit Tanzania.聽

Cost of Tanzania Visa

The Tanzania visa fee varies per category, therefore it generally costs between $50-$300. The type of visa you are applying for will be determined by your purpose of visiting. The fees will be further explained in the types of visas below.

resorts in Tanzania

Types of Tanzania visas available to Nigerians

There are different types of Tanzania visas that Nigerians can apply for. First, the selection is heavily dependent on travel purpose and length of stay in Tanzania, these include:

Tourist visa

A tourist visa is the type of visa that is required when visiting Tanzania for leisure or tourism purposes. This visa option is divided into subcategories. It is open to suit your travel needs for tourism, leisure, relaxation, visit and holidays in Tanzania. The Tanzania tourist visa is usually issued in two categories;

The single entry visa: This visa category allows you to enter Tanzania once, that is once you leave the country, you will need another visa to visit. It allows entering Tanzania once, within the space of 90 days beginning from the time you received the visa. The visa fee is non-refundable, which you have to pay online. 

How To Apply For Tanzania Visa in Nigeria

The Double Entry visa: If you desire to tour Tanzania twice a year for whatever reason, either for business, study or tourism, you can apply for a double entry visa. The visa allows you to remain within Tanzania or leave the region and enter within 90 days.

The Multiple Entry Visa: Tanzania’s multiple entry visa is for individuals who need to enter and exit the borders of the nation more than once within the space of 90days. You can make payment for the visa fee online.

Business visa

For business owners, stakeholders, investors or people on company trips to Tanzania, you can choose the business visa option.

This business visa permits a stay within Tanzania and departure from the region within 90 days.

Transit visa

If you would stop by Tanzania’s major airports and stay for 48 hours or less, you can apply for a transit visa. The visa will determine how long you can remain in the region and it can only be applied for once within the frame of 7 days. 

Student visa

Tanzania student visa is applicable when you intend to travel to study in Tanzania. You need to present evidence that you have been selected by a higher institution.

mount everest tanzania

Eligibility for Tanzania visa

For Nigerians, the following are important to note during the Tanzania visa application process;

No history of criminal record

To be qualified for a visa to Tanzania, you need to first be certain that you have all the required documents to process travel. However, since you are applying online there is a need to note that the Tanzania visa would not be granted to you if you have an ongoing criminal charge or a history of one.

Accurate information

Also, you are expected to provide accurate information about yourself during the application. Details such as your name, age, sex, email address and other bio-data should be error-free and true.

Health reports

In certain cases, your eligibility could also be tied to health conditions. Although Tanzania requests yellow fever vaccination reports, in cases of epidemic outbreaks or under some conditions, other reports could be requested.

Apply based on the ideal visa category

Tanzania visa is very flexible, you can either apply for tourism purposes, business or transit. Therefore the application is most peculiar to your country, exemptions are given to some countries while others do not receive such. Be well informed before you start your application.

Apply with a functional email address

Travel information will be sent to you, therefore you need an active email address to receive your visa in a document format. Also, any other vital requirements you need to attend to will be communicated via email.

Evidence of return is shown by a return ticket or a valid return date.

Ideally, you must inform the immigration officials during the application about the time you will be leaving the country after your visit.

tanzania evisa - How To Apply For Tanzania Visa in Nigeria

When to start Tanzania visa application

To get a favourable response from the immigration office, it is ideal if you start your application as early as 15-30 days before you intend to travel. This will encourage prompt action from the Tanzania high commission and allow you to attend to further requirements timely.

Tanzania visa processing duration 

After a timely and successful online application, you should get your visa to Tanzania between two to five business days.

Documents required for the Tanzania Visa application

The following documents are essential for applying for a visa to Tanzania.

International passport

You should provide your international passport. It is one of the most important documents for a Tanzanian visa. Your passport is evidence of Nigerian citizenship. A valid passport that will be used in applying for a Tanzania Visa must be legal, not expired, have blank pages and also not expire within 6 months.

A completed visa application form

Mostly applicable to applicants who will be submitting documents at the high commission, a visa application form must be downloaded online and filled out accordingly. If you are applying online, you should just complete the form on the website with the accurate information.

Passport photographs; at least two with an approved background

Visa payment receipts

After paying for your visa online, you need to print the receipts as evidence of payment because it is an important document necessary for your visa application.

Evidence of bank statements

This bank statement should show that you have enough funds to sponsor your trip and cover your return back to your country.

Return flight ticket

As a sign to immigration officials that you would be returning on a specific date, a return ticket should be reserved in advance. Oftentimes, travel agencies help you to sort this aspect without any stress.

Hotel/ accommodation reservations

Evidence that you have where to stay in Tanzania, either with your host who should provide contact details as necessary or a hotel facility which you need to book in advance.

Safety Tips When You Visit A Hotel

Letter of a petition from your host in Tanzania

This is a written letter that presents your invitation to Tanzania, your visitation details, purpose, valid identification of the person who has invited you and your intended day of return.

Admission letter from a higher institution of learning

Business registration certificates

Yellow fever vaccination report

Marriage certificates, birth certificates or any other documents requested as necessary

Travel purpose or itinerary

tanzania flag

How to Apply for Tanzania Visa in Nigeria

There are two major ways to apply for a Tanzania Visa here in Nigeria. Even if you decide to take the visa on arrival option, it could be tedious and more demanding or time-wasting.

Online Application

To do this, you need to create an online account with the Tanzania immigration website, fill in your email address and bio data and then upload scanned documents to the website. Afterwards, your visa will be dropped in your email.

Embassy application

Also, you can apply for a Tanzania at the High Commission in Nigeria. This means that you will submit printed formats of documents and of your application is successful, you will also get your visa from the high commission.

Steps to apply for a Tanzania visa in Nigeria 

  • Step 1: Arrange all required documents in a specific place
  • Step 2: For online applications, you will need to scan all documents including your passport and submit them online
  • Step 3: Create an account with the Tanzania Visa using your active email address
  • Step 4: Pay your visa application fee online using a credit or debit card
  • Step 5: Await a receipt with notification of your unique identification number which will be used to know the status of your application as time goes on.
  • Step 6: Wait for the decision of the embassy in Nigeria within 3-5 working days.
  • Step 7: Print out your visa notification when issued, to be submitted on entry into Tanzania
  • Step 8: If you will be applying at the embassy, walk into the high commission from Mondays to Fridays between 8:00 am and 3:30 pm and submit your documents.

Visa on Arrival option for Nigerians visiting Tanzania

As a Nigerian, you can apply for a visa on arrival at the borders of Tanzania, however, it is time-consuming. If that is what you desire, then you should travel with the above documents and present all at the entrance to the nation, waiting for final conclusions and approvals before you can gain access to the country.

Address of Tanzania High Commission in Nigeria

Tanzania High Commission

No 21, Yedseram Street, off IBB Way

Opposite Cubana Suites (formerly ALGON House), Maitama,

P.M.B 5125, Wuse Abuja, Nigeria.

Major airlines that run Tanzania flights in Nigeria

Popular airlines touring Tanzania from Nigeria are; RwandAir, Kenya Airways, Qatar Airways, and Ethiopian Airlines and the airlines fly from major airports in Dar Es Salaam or Kilimanjaro.

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Also, you can arrive in Tanzania via road or sea transport. Whatever it is, a visa must be presented at the borders of the nation.

Refusal of Tanzania visa

You can be refused a visa to Tanzania if you do not apply as necessary. This means that if you do not provide real information, you apply for the wrong visa category or you ignore certain instructions on the website, your visa application can be denied.

Extension of Tanzania Visa

In some situations, you could be stuck in Tanzania for additional reasons beyond your control. Hence, you can apply for a visa extension that spans an extra period of 90 days at the major immigration office in Tanzania.

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No Doubt These Are The Best Resorts in Dubai, UAE

best resorts in dubai

Dubai as a typical home for tourists all over the world exhibits the best hotels with grand amenities. It hosts some of the best resorts in the world. There are diverse resort selections based on preference, either for the family vacation, couples escape or even children’s fun time. 

Dubai as a typical home for tourists all over the world exhibits the best hotels with grand amenities. It hosts some of the best resorts in the world. There are diverse resort selections based on preference, either for the family vacation, couples escape or even children’s fun time. 

Important Tips When For Booking A resort in Dubai

These are some travel tips to consider when booking a resort in Dubai

  1. Book early to avoid late bookings
  2. Ensure you confirm your bookings
  3. Few weeks to your vacation, send a reminder email
  4. Arrive at your destination in time

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Also, with privacy in view, the resorts in Dubai offer excellent settings for you during your romantic escapes and to meet serene desires. These beautiful resorts in Dubai will give you a reason to travel or go on your next vacation. A great choice for you is to follow our resort guide in selecting any of the five-star resorts in Dubai detailed below;

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Best All Round Resort in Dubai

1. Atlantis- The Palm

Atlantis, The Palm is a stunning hotel facility situated on Crescent Road, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is one of the best resorts in Dubai.

The resort offers the best style amidst the Dubai coasts and skyscrapers, plus your visit to Atlantis sets you up for all the fun and enjoyment of a lifetime. Furthermore, Atlantis- The Palm hotels are open to the family and also uniquely feature special events such as birthdays and mini-celebrations. These are reasons why you should visit Dubai.

Highlights of Atlantis- The Palm resort

Water Adventure

There are multiple explorations and water crafts to suit your adventure needs. You can choose from private swimming pools, hot tub jacuzzi, kayaks and diving. These are some of the advenfturous things you must do in your lifetime.

Also, children are not left out of water activities there are toys and installations made accessible to suit your kid’s safety, fun and learning needs at Atlantis Resort.

Atlantis- The Palm

Children Playground

Specially designed for children, since the resort is family-friendly, there is a play section for children. Areas of the resort are open to children to play, besides the Atlantis resort has a kids club to entertain your children with games and activities while you are at the hotel.

Exquisite villas

The rooms at Atlantis resort are exceptionally amazing, designed to add the island feel to your desire for comfort. The rooms are spacious for family and individual needs, plus you need to book a slower-designed to your preference.

Furthermore, the rooms feature well-designed furniture, bathroom facilities, an air conditioning system, HD television and private lounges. This also includes a jacuzzi and an inbuilt aquarium view in the rooms.

Surprising how you get to wrap yourself in the feeling of the aquatic life even in your closets.


At Atlantis resort, entertainment is highly welcome. There is a spot known as the Wave where you can stop by performances at a party, purchase drinks as well as watch live band performances and vibe to musical trends.

Top-rated restaurants

Dining is an integral part of any adventure, thus, this world-class resort promises the best. All meals are done by excellent chefs and you can visit the outdoor restaurants to enjoy delicious local and international meals.

Festive celebrations

During merry seasons, such as New Year’s Eve and other important celebrations, Atlantis resorts organise mind-blowing entertainment to welcome tourists.

If you decide to tour Dubai towards the end of the year, this could be a hint to selecting the hotel during your vacation.

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2. Grand Hyatt Dubai

Grand Hyatt resort in Dubai is a five-star lodge that gives prominence to the impressive architecture and traditions of Dubai. It exists on Riyadh Street, Sheikh Rashid Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Grand Hyatt Dubai

The hotel has won several local and international awards and is a definitive location for family comfort, business meetings and intimate moments. Hence, it is in a serene and natural environment. It is another exclusive and highly rated resort in Dubai.

Facilities available at Grand Hyatt Dubai


Grand Hyatt features 13 prestigious dining centres that serve Chinese, Italian, American, Japanese meals and many more. The meals are neatly prepared and served by hospitable waiters who are ever ready to attend to you.

Also, the restaurants serve cocktails and drinks at the bar sections. Moreover, the dining area is structured with Arabian designs and stages that give you premium relaxation.

Fitness Centre and Spa

With the need not to get too relaxed, there are fitness facilities to exercise your muscles to keep your hearts and minds in check. Also, the massage section is an appreciation of natural herbs and oils to pamper your skin and rejuvenate your health.

Spacious and magnificent bedrooms

The bedrooms at Grand Hyatt resort are perfectly arranged and luxurious. The cottages have large suites that accommodate your family, with children or couples getaway. Also, the rooms are over 600 and cater for all types of guests, thus your needs are covered with the best amenities and furniture.

Grand Hyatt Dubai resorts in dubai
Indoor and Outdoor swimming pools

Private pools are available if you desire privacy or a central swimming facility in the spotlight of the resort. In all, the Grand Hyatt resort has three water facilities and even amazing outdoor entertainment by the pool.

Children Playground

As a way to engage your little children and pre-teens, Grand Hyatt has a spot where water adventures can take place as well as fun and learning atmospheres.

Conference and Events Centre

Grand Hyatt features spectacular arenas for business meetings and parties. The hall accommodates up to 11,000 people, therefore you can consider holding mini celebrations in Dubai within this building.

3. Swiss么tel Al Murooj Dubai

Swiss么tel Al Murooj, Dubai is at Al Mustaqbal Street, Opposite The Dubai Mall, Trade Centre, Dubai United Arab Emirates. The amazing aspect of this resort is that it is near top tourist attractions in Dubai, such as Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall.

Swiss么tel Al Murooj Dubai best resorts in dubai

In addition, the hotel is a castle that portrays the glamour of the city of Dubai, because of its proximity to the Dubai International Airport. There is the main pool at the hub of the resort with palm trees surrounding the arena and providing a great base for relaxation.

Amenities at Swiss么tel Al Murooj Dubai

Well-designed villas

The Al Murooj hotel facility is trendy and welcomes individuals either in twos or groups to the five-star facility. Plus, the rooms have recent updates to temperature regulation, bathroom, media and internet access services that you will enjoy.

Swiss么tel Al Murooj Dubai
World-class restaurants

A part you do not want to ignore is the opportunity to eat and drink in the best dining area. Therefore the inn has six quality arenas where meals and beverages are provided.

Outdoor pool area

The highlight of this pool is its ability to suit personal needs of warmth and coolness.

Sports centre and massage sections

Al Murooj has a contemporary sports facility for exercises, tennis courts for game lovers and a massage section with well-trained masseuses.

Event Centre

The events arena at Swiss么tel Al Murooj is open to you for events, business conferences and training. Plus, the room can accommodate up to a thousand guests with a conducive and well-updated sound system for entertainment and media checks.

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4. Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort

Anantara hotel is located at East Crescent, Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. This resort is situated on the island span of Dubai waterfronts. Moreover, you can enter the beach on a boat ride which you will book from major airports in Dubai. Anantara is one of the best resorts in Dubai due to its popularity and hospitality.

Facilities At Anantara

Castles on Water

Castles in Anantara hotels have beautiful interior layouts and ocean backdrops. The rooms are also built on water and have quality inbuilt technology with special themes. This way, you can as well sit in your rooms and view the coasts plus sunrise and sunset.

Dining facilities

There are six dining and lounge facilities at the resort where you can get savoury and international meals, snack bars and drinks.

Beach rides and water adventure

Beach rides and water cruises are well available for your adventures on the resort. Also, you have access to a variety of island tours and water games as you choose either above or beneath the waves of the coast.

Internet access

High and fast-connected internet services are accessible for you to enjoy while staying at the resort. This includes within the villas and also at different places within the lodge.

Spa sections 

It also has an in-house spa and professional masseuses for that relaxing touch. 

Free spaces to park cars

5. Bulgari Hotel and Resorts, Dubai

Bulgari Hotels in Dubai is a paradise in Dubai with stunning ocean views from every corner and an extension of spotless waters. Bulgaria Hotels and Resorts is one of the best resorts in Dubai. The golden rays of light decorate the buildings and it is very attractive.

Bulgari Hotel and Resorts, Dubai

In addition, the Bulgari resorts is an award-winning lodge in the hospitality industry, best known for valuable service and indulgence.

Services provided at Bulgari resorts

Dining service

With the desire to serve you comfort, there is provision for your daily meals at the resorts. Another good stuff is that you have access to indoor dining within the rooms.

Bulgari Hotel and Resorts, Dubai best resort
Convenient suites

The suites are incredibly sized with indoor and wide porch areas to lodge guests based on choice. Although, all the rooms provide you with comfortable features, technology installations and veranda ocean sceneries from your corner.

In addition, the large Bulgaria room is comfortable for your stay with complete dining areas, spa treatments, study rooms and a luxurious bathroom.

Outdoor Swimming Pool

An amazing water experience is open for you to either cruise boats and kayaks along the seas or swims in regulated pools according to your preferred conditions.

Bulgari Hotel and Resorts, Dubai
Serene atmosphere

The peaceful setting amidst the breezy feel of the beach is a perfect identification of Bulgari hotel. The lush palm trees and umbrella shades are made for you to unwind with a memorable experience.

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6. Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City

Hilton hotel in Dubai is a state-of-the-art cultural and trendy lodge in Dubai. It is located at Tower A, The Walk Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai, U.A.E. Thus, the location gives you room for easy access to major tourist destinations in Dubai. This is an all-exclusive resort in Dubai with state-of-the-art amenities.

Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City best resort in dubai

Also, the pristine island coasts have dunes that provide you with spaces to relax, dine and view the whole beach region. Furthermore, Hilton Dubai is a hidden spot where you can enjoy solitude, take adventurous walks and sail the oceans or use the jet ski and kayaks.

Attractive features at Hilton Dubai

Spacious Villas

The villas are well structured also to give you the best experiences, with wooden and Arabic interior designs. Then, the rooms have glass doors that announce the ocean aura to you while you relax and also enjoy room dining service.

Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City
Business halls

Majorly for group or business meetings, Hilton has a hall with comfortable sitting arenas to receive you and your guests.

Massage Therapy services

To everyone’s amazement, Hilton stands out as a resort with six spa sections that provide warm and skin care treatments for you, throughout your vacation.

Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City dubai
Restaurants and Bars

As a way for you to enjoy, you also have the option of eating a variety of local and international meals at any of the twelve amazing resort restaurants. The dining rooms are available under white shades or inside wooden culturally designed cabins. Plus, you can also order the world’s best cocktails and beverages, and fix meals or snacks for your children’s dining needs.

7. Sofitel Dubai The Palm

Sofitel Dubai, The Palm is an ideal environment for relaxation, honeymoon vibes and foreign feels within a private arena. The resort is located on the Jumeirah beach in Dubai and features Western styles in architectural designs.

Sofitel Dubai The Palm dubai

Amenities at Sofitel Dubai

  • 444 rooms and suites for family and individuals with trendy and glamorous furniture, wardrobe, lights, air-conditioning system and bathroom facilities.
  • Luxurious restaurants and bars where you can enjoy French and Italian meals in a comfortable setting.
  • Sports and wellness centres for exercises, health care and mind relaxation.
  • Large private pools
  • Event halls for meetings and private training halls which has the best amenities including sitting areas, and lighting to sound management systems.
  • Children-friendly arenas and activities

8. Palazzo Versace Dubai at Jaddaf Waterfront

If you desire an avenue to explore as well as a touch of class, Palazzo resorts is your best option. The resort is amazing beginning from the entrance, outdoor regions, and coast view to the interior furnishings and amenities. It is a highly rated resort in Dubai.

Palazzo Versace Dubai at Jaddaf Waterfront dubai

Highlights of Palazzo Versace Dubai

Contemporary villas

As a way to divert a little bit from the Arabian lifestyle, Palazzo resorts incorporate a touch of Italian contemporary art in the design of the rooms. The choice of furniture, cushions and lighting are trends that cannot be overlooked, hence an amazing attraction to this resort.

Outdoor Dining

You have a choice, either to dine privately or experience an ocean backdrop plus scented candles uniquely placed to meet your expectations. Also, you have a wide range of meals to choose from at Palazzo, because the dishes are made by the best chefs in the world.

Palazzo Versace Dubai at Jaddaf Waterfront
Relaxation spots beside the beach

As a way to say yes to the good life in Dubai, you have the privilege to relax, enjoy the cool breeze and unwind at Versace resorts.

Other top-notch resorts in Dubai

Dubai is blessed with other beautiful resorts you can also check out on your next visit to Dubai.

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  • Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach
  • Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa
  • Five Palm Jumeirah Dubai
  • Rixos Premium Dubai JBR
  • One & Only The Palm
  • Hilton Dubai- The Walk
  • Marbella Resorts
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Dubai

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7 Safest South American Countries You Must Visit

South America

If you are looking for the safest South American countries to visit, there are a couple of countries to check out. It is one of the most interesting continents to visit. 

If you are looking for the safest South American countries to visit, there are a couple of countries to check out. It is one of the most interesting continents to visit. 

Do you know that the popular Amazon Rainforest exists in South America? Likewise, the South American continent holds a lot of forest reserves, natural wonders and beautiful destinations that attract over 30 million tourists yearly.

Amazingly, South America is a continent that comprises about 12 countries. The location of the continent on the globe shows a lot about its features, concerning climate, landscape, population, habitat and reserves. This has made it one of the most visited continents in the world.

Although certain regions in South America have been exposed to dangers related to violence, crime, killing, kidnappings and so on, there are still peaceful and protected areas you can tour without cause for alarm. This is why we have taken the time to create a list of the safest South African Countries to visit.

Tips for travelling to a South American country for the first time

Be prepared well ahead

You should be aware that climatic conditions and other emergencies cannot always be predicted successfully. Thus, it is ideal that your travel bag should contain different items from clothing, medical kits, footwear and every other thing you need for your journey.

Plus, preparation should be done months before you travel so you do not leave out any ideal thing.

Get the right information

Travel information is key. It is important that as a traveller you get the most important information. This is as regards safety, environmental checks, disasters and events that will most likely take place during your stay in the country.

Be security conscious

When you are unsure of any move or you have security doubts, it is proper that you check well. Being security conscious is one vital role you have to play and also collaborate with the enforcement agencies in case of any absurd situation.

Also, the safety of luggage and valuables should be rightly arranged for. This is for situations of robbery or pickpocketing.

Watch out for regions where late nights are not permitted

Except for areas you are familiar with, ideally, you should not stay out late in a new region. However, there might be events or outdoor activities that might bring about late-hour movements which might not be negotiable.

All you need to know is that any location that is not in support of such late moves will communicate duly. Plus, signs of reduced street movements and activities at such hours should also speak volumes to you.

Book all travel needs in advance

When travelling, you should plan for accommodation or hotel needs with a reliable travel agency. Also, car or taxi rides can be sorted with the appropriate authorities in the country so that you do not end up riding via unlawful transport.

Thus, you can add the following countries to your travel bucket list;

Safest countries in South America to travel to

1. Uruguay

Uruguay which is located on the South American continent is bounded by Argentina and Brazil on the west and north respectively. Also, Uruguay is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean in the southeast. It is also one of the safest countries you can visit in South America. 

Thus, Uruguay is a beautiful Spanish-speaking country with amazing beachfront, cultural heritage and recreational opportunities.

Although Uruguay is a small nation with its capital in Montevideo which has a population of fewer than 5 million occupants, crime rates are less and not so violent.

 Uruguay is also on the list of the top safest and most peaceful countries to travel to. This is based on a statement by the Global Peace Index rating, on which Uruguay is ranked the 35th safest in the world.

uruguay Safest countries in South America to travel to

Popular tourist attractions in Uruguay

Uruguay displays various natural interests with a spectacular landscape that you should see. Some of which include:

  • Montevideo; to explore the country’s capital, lifestyle and cultural heritage.
  • Colonia del Sacramento; discover the beauty and indulgence of the UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Cerro Arequita; a place of adventure
  • Punta del Este and Diablo; behold immaculate beaches and artistic expressions
  • La Paloma; beautiful terrains and coasts
  • Jos茅 Ignacio; visit the outdoor dining area with cocktails bars
  • Piri谩polis; visit the unique beach with a city-wide scenery

2. Paraguay

For a country not so popular among travellers, Paraguay seems to be a hidden gem, waiting for you to discover its true beauty. Paraguay is a country in South America sharing perimeters with Bolivia in the North, Brazil in the East and Argentina in the South regions.

Also, Paraguay is a nation with thick woodland, waterlogged areas and a very large water reserve. Thus, it holds a spotlight for the one of world’s largest hydroelectric power plants.

For the safety of tourists just like you, Paraguay is on the list of safest countries in the Southern American continent that promises peaceful existence to a large extent. This is according to the current accounts of individuals who have toured the country recently.

paraguay Safest countries in South America to travel to

Moreover, the Global Peace Index rates Paraguay as number 77 on the record of nations of countries that have experienced restful living over the years.

Therefore, you can look to adding this destination to your dream list as soon as possible.

Amazing sights to behold in Paraguay

  • Ypacara铆 Lake; a tour to the serene water body to unwind and watch the amazing sunrise and sunset up close.
  • Playa De Aregua- A great time to discover history, lovers escape and have a great adventure on the coast.
  • The historic cathedral at San Lorenzo and Caacup茅- A great time to discover the history, learn about Paraguay and also shop for souvenirs.
  • National Pantheon of Heroes- Visit this amazing tourist attraction in Paraguay.
  • Museo del Barro- Tour the museum and learn more about the distinct traditions and monuments of Paraguay.
  • Presa de Itapu dam: The largest water reserve in Paraguay that serves as a hydroelectric power supply.

Also, adventurous wildlife and a historical tour of Asunci贸n the capital of Paraguay is a great way to go.

3. Chile

Chile which has its capital in Santiago is a moderately populated country in South America. The nation encompasses a wide variety of beautiful sceneries which can not be underestimated. The terrains and architectural structures are incredible, plus nature has also done great justice to Chile. It is also listed as a safe south American country to visit.

The region has great terrain, delicious cuisines, sparkling beaches, peaks and game reserves that are mind-blowing.

chile safe south american country

Interestingly, Chile is the third safest country in South America and the 55th most peaceful nation in the world based on the report from Statista. This covers the security and status conflict within the borders of Chile.

Moreover, with the right application of safety precautions, you should have a safe stay within the popular regions in Chile.

Places you should visit in Chile

  • Vi帽a del Mar; a tour to the stunning region where the blue skies overlook the coasts
  • Chilo茅 Island; is a lush island in Chile for adventure
  • Punta Arenas; is a region where happy penguins come down to play on the swamps
  • Puerto Montt; which is a lake amidst rocks, cliffs and reserves
  • Puerto Natales
  • Torres del Paine National Park
  • El Tatio; the mountain region that arises from volcanic eruptions
  • Marble Caves; see the beauty of water from within caves and rocks.

4. Peru

Peru has grown to become a renowned destination for tourists and is home to ancient buildings and sites plus forest reserves. Also, Peru serves the best adventures, dining areas, culture and mysterious sceneries that draw tourists to its borders. Peru is also one of the safest South American countries to visit.

peru safe  country

Peru which is situated in South America is edged by other countries on the continent such as Bolivia in the southeast, in the south by Chile and in the northern part by Ecuador and Columbia. Also the country, Peru encounters the Pacific Ocean and the distinguished Amazon rainforest.

The topography of Peru encompasses the Andes mountains and cliffs plus the country is quite populated on an extensive stretch of land. Again, Peru is also among the top 100 countries to visit without fear of unsafe occurrences or violence.

Tourist attractions in Peru

Machu Picchu; is a top travel destination known for its history, mystery and stony peaks

  • Arequipa; a tour of the land wrecks with stunning old buildings
  • Lima
  • Colca Canyon
  • Huacachina
  • Iquitos; a beautiful city with Amazon’s touch
  • Puno; a historical entertainment spot
  • Nazca Lines: a redefined deserted land in Peru

5. Guyana

Guyana in South America is home to woodlands that serves as a habitat for a variety of plants and animals. The region has a rainforest habitat with coasts that also highlights the nation to tourists. Guyana is a safe South American country to visit. You can consider a visit to Guyana if you love wildlife adventure in a less crowded and affordable territory- it’s a jungle out there! Although, a home of reserves, Guyana is greatly influenced by the British lifestyle even to the points of language, buildings, arts and entertainment.

guyana country

 Accordingly to protection reports, Guyana is ranked among the first 100 peace-abiding residents and lesser cases of unrest too. A good one to look into, if you have considered a safari on the South American continent.

Popular places to tour in Guyana

  • Surama; an adventurous site to explore waterfronts and wildlife
  • Kaieteur Falls; amazing world-class scenery
  • New Amsterdam; the blend of religious and natural attractions
  • Bartica beach, a peak region amidst water bodies
  • Pomeroon-Supenaam; a typical rainforest shroud and coast

6. Argentina

Argentina is amongst the largest countries in South America and also in the world. The nation has established attractive landmarks, a well-infused culture, and sporting events and serves one of the finest delicacies and cocktails in history.

Furthermore, Argentina exists on wide expanses of land and is surrounded by great countries in South America to the north and south, plus the Atlantic Ocean on the East. Thus, you can be sure to find coasts amidst the terrains and settings in Argentina. It is one of the safest South American countries to visit.

Safest countries in South America to travel to argentina

Although safety has been a cause of worry lately, a recent guide has eased the tension by proffering precautions. These safeguards have worked for tourists within the popular regions even though the crime rates are not so severe and Argentina is still number 67 on the world’s list of safe countries.

Attractions in Argentina

Parque Nacional Los Glaciares- a stunning park with natural views and adventure

Teatro Col贸n; the historical theatre for classic and cultural shows plus exhibition

Iguaz煤 National Park: adventure, nature and tourists interests

Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires- the redefinition of modern South American arts and crafts

El Ateneo Grand Splendid; discover its history and amazing transformation

Aconcagua- an Argentina mountain experience

7. Ecuador

As a leading arena for tourism, Ecuador is a mind-blowing nation in South America. The country combines culture, adventure, ecotourism and historical highlights on a stretch of islands and incredible landscape.

Moreover, Ecuador is number 88 on the rank of peaceful countries worldwide. Not to forget that you are mostly the sole custodian of your safety if you do not neglect the right things and keep to safety rules and regulations guiding Ecuador.


This is because of the amazing increase in the number of people who tour Ecuador yearly and how crowded it has become especially in popular places in the nation.

Famous Tourist interests in Ecuador

  • Middle of the World City- an incredible sculptural edifice made of stone
  • Bartolom茅 Island- Rocks amidst blue oceans
  • Bas铆lica del Voto Nacional- The ancient Roman Catholic Church in Ecuador
  • Chimborazo; a journey through the cliffs, a wildlife adventure and a hiking experience
  • Quilotoa Lake- an unusual lake surrounded by volcanic erupted stones
  • Galapagos Islands: renowned immaculate dunes with a spotless seashore.

In conclusion, safety is relative, before the extremes can be easily noticed. The dangers of kidnapping, drug trafficking, killings and robbery have been a point of concern for some nations in South America.

However, with this guide, it is quite easy to travel to any of the nations mentioned above, when you have the right information and you are prepared.

Besides, in comparison with certain European, Asian and North American countries, the above nations in South America have prevailed in justice and standard law enforcement. Hence, this has helped to balance vice and unrest in the countries.

Travel Backpack for Men- Vital Travel Items You Need

bacjkpack for men

Although as a man, you might have excellent skills at planning travels and do have the best ideas for an adventure. It could be touring, camping, hiking or kayaking. Whether it’s a day of solo travel or touring the nation. One thing is important, you need a travel backpack for men. This is because the regular backing bags may not provide the necessary comfort.

Although as a man, you might have excellent skills at planning travels and do have the best ideas for an adventure. It could be touring, camping, hiking or kayaking. Whether it’s a day of solo travel or touring the nation. One thing is important, you need a travel backpack for men. This is because the regular backing bags may not provide the necessary comfort.

A quick and important one, travel bags do not have to be so weighty before it gets filled with the most useful items you need for your journey. Yet, this is hanging on your destination and basic preferences too! 

Travel backpack for men- vital travel items you need

Where To Buy Travel Backpack for Men

You can a travel backpack at major stores and online stores near you.

Things to note when buying a travel backpack 

Although it appears like an easy decision, buying a travel backpack for men is a bit tasking. While you have to look out for space, weight, convenience and maybe trends, you should consider the purpose and most importantly the budget.

Though, unlike women, a man is more inclined to travel with less but heavy luggage. This is because most of the items usually included are important but not all are necessary.

Thus when buying a travel backpack as a man, take note of the following;


There are different forms of backpacks, based on shape and size. If you need a bag with a bigger space, you might consider a suitcase. However, laptop bags are very good for a mini vacation since it has safe spaces with zips where you can keep useful things. Plus, at the side of a laptop bag, you can find a space for water bottles too!

Although a spacious bag can be filled with a lot of things, your major concern should be about the items you need to include. This will help you determine the kind of backpack you need.


The size of a backpack is also very important. How many items your bag can contain is the focus here. Thus, the agenda for your trip will most likely determine the size of your bag.

Moreover, this means that the size of a bag for a day’s trip will be different from the size of a bag for three to seven days of travel.


Another thing to consider when shopping for a travel backpack for men is how fashionable it is. If you are a lover of trendy items, you might want to consider a bag that is in vogue. In this case, you might overlook the size or the space because your focus is the style.

Not bad, your preference is quite different which could also be a great idea. Hence, a fashionable bag could come with more space or a bigger size- good for you!


For ease, you can get a shoulder bag, a backpack, a suitcase, a tote bag or whatever. The emphasis here is if you can lift the bag conveniently even after keeping items in it.

Also, your choice of carrying bags is important. While I prefer a back bag, you might prefer a shoulder bag. Whichever you decide just make that you are comfortable with it and it also defines your journey.


The cost of getting a backpack also influences your choice. Even if you do not agree with the space and style of a bag, you can only get one you can afford. Except you can obtain one from a friend or anyone else, which means that you will be extra careful with maintenance.


Another factor to consider when getting a travel backpack for men is its durability. How long can I use this bag? Unless you want to keep buying a backpack for every journey, you should prioritise durability when buying a bag. Just imagine what could happen if the grip of a bag falls off with your devices inside. You seriously don’t want that experience. Always select a quality travel backpack. This is possible by checking out product reviews, especially when buying online.


Also Read: Important Tips for Smart Travellers

Important items men should include in a travel backpack 

Probably you have travelled before either on a short trip or long months of holidays or business trips. And realized that you forgot to add all you should have to your luggage. Thus, on arrival at your destination, you had to spend extra money to shop for items that you could have easily stuffed in your bag.

Moreover, the items in a suitcase most likely reveal the purpose for travelling – either vacation, business or cultural trips, romantic escapes, adventure and so on.

As this is a big deal for men, I have taken the time to analyse reviews and opinions of others just like you, to provide the best help possible.

Hence, a list of essential items you need in your travel backpack is listed below:


One of the “can’t do without” items that you should travel with are your devices. Although, you might consider adding certain electronics because of their importance on the journey or at your destination.

Therefore, items such as laptops, mobile phones, Mi-Fi or internet access, iPad, tablets, air pods, headsets, USB cables and a charger are highly recommended. Thus, all these gadgets can be kept in a backpack which can be carried about. Likewise, if you are on a plane or a bus, you will be able to handle your basic gadgets in your private corner.

This being said, other travel items can be kept in a separate place, but you can always be with your devices. This is why it should be in a separate bag or when included with other items, you have to arrange it well to avoid damage.

Beauty care products

For stylish men, skin care products are a priority. Even if you do not know, basic items such as hair cream, lotion, bathing soap or gels, deodorants, shaving cream or powder, lip balm, hand cream and foot rub are very important.

Hygiene products

Items such as your toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, comb, shoe brush, polish, wipes and many more are the hygiene products to be included in a travel bag.

Similarly, these items come in handy for men no matter their destination or travel intention. You will surely need to bathe and ensure proper body grooming during your journey.

Clothing and accessories

Depending on your preference, motive and trend, clothes are grouped by category;

Beach clothing

Your trip could be directed towards a seaside experience or an island tour. Thus, you need a beach hat, sunglasses, beach shorts, singlets, slides or sandals.

Corporate or official clothing

This includes shirts, trousers, neckties, suits, belts, shoes, wristwatches, socks and so on. This can be useful for business events or official ceremonies.

Casual clothes

Your regular t-shirts in whatever colours, sport wears, jackets, sweatshirts, mufflers, sandals, hats, shades, and face caps are all in this category of clothing.


Singlets at least two, for vacationers with other pairs of inner clothing is also essential.

Shoes, Sandals or slides

Your backpack should have footwear if you are travelling for a while. However, a day trip might not require such except extra slippers or slides.

A towel

Travelling with a towel is highly recommended. One for the body and a small face towel or handkerchief to wipe out sweats.


If you have a pill or treatment plan prescribed or allergic reactions, then a personal first aid kit will be necessary.

This includes all the important medicines you will need during your trip. Please always do research if some you take are illegal in the country you are visiting. Eg some countries have placed a ban on some painkillers. 

Though it is often overlooked, yet a lifesaver. Plus, you can also include your pharmacy notes for a refill- just in case.

Travel documents

Your passport, accommodation information, car permits, travel information, guides, maps, emergency contacts and printed details about your journey should also be in your backpack.

Bank cards

This includes your visa, and debit or credit cards, which are also kept in a wallet which is stored in your bag. It will surely be useful for payments, either at shopping malls, online or wherever it is required.

Work tools or files

Important work files or documents should not be left out of your travel backpack. Also, you can first arrange it all in a paper bag or file before you include them in the main bag.

Snack bags

Quite important too, a snack bag is a great idea. You can stuff pastries, cookies, drinks or chocolate bars into your travel backpack.

Water Bottle

To keep you hydrated, and quench your thirst at intervals too, you need a bottle of water in your backpack. You can as well buy one during your journey.

Travel backpack for men- vital travel items you need

Things to note when choosing items for your trip

Select clothes that are easy to maintain

Since you would be wearing some clothes more than once, you should consider choosing outfits that you can wash and dry easily. Also, consider clothes that do not attract dirt or dust.

Furthermore, you can find light cotton clothing as a great option as well, plus weather conditions should be a factor in considering clothing too.

Clothes should have enough side pockets

Basically, for convenience, you can include clothing with side, front and back pockets where you can keep mini items. This will be an advantage to hiding wallets and other valuables that you will require.

Arrange clothing items in order of preference

Clothing items are to be arranged according to travel necessities. This means that for each day of your journey, you can group clothing so that items would not be scattered in your bags.

Highly essential items can be kept in the invisible spaces in your bags

A little but crucial piece of advice would be to keep valuables in hidden spaces in your backpack. Items such as your wallet, travel documents, house and car keys, and driving license should not be kept where they can easily fall off or get damaged.

Gadgets can be kept in a separate pouch before you arrange them in the bigger suitcase

Your electronic devices should be carefully placed in your bag. However, mini devices such as air pods, flash drives, USB cables and so on can be put in a separate bag, tied then included in the main backpack.

Skin and hair care products should be properly arranged, if possible two zips away from clothing.

You would not want a situation where your clothes are smeared with body creams or hair products. Thus, you can either seal toiletries well, but just in case, place them in spaces away from clothes and gadgets.

Laptop bags sometimes have two side spaces, where you can also put your water bottles in an upright position and carefully sealed too.

If you would be going on an adventure, add an extra bag for basic needs

Two backpacks, a small and a big one are not a bad idea. This is a great alternative, especially for specific destinations. Also, it could help you with convenience and better storage space.

Group your necessities in line with your purpose for travelling

Your bag weight is not an assurance that you have all the required items. Therefore, plan your journey well by creating a list of items you will need and linking it to the places you would need to tour.

This would help you identify the most important things you need and leave out the ones that will just be unnecessary. In addition, you do not want to carry a heavy load which will not be useful for your journey.  

These are the basic requirement for a travel backpack for men. To ensure you get the best deal the next time you are shopping for a backpack, you may want to bookmark this page for future needs.

The Ancient Stone Town in Zanzibar

stone town zanzibar

Stone Town is a city in Zanzibar, Tanzania, an East African city notable for its tourism potential and rich history. it is one of the oldest and has the majority of the traditional influence on Tanzania. Also, the city is a prominent location that begins or wraps up your tour to Zanzibar, depending on how you want it.

Stone Town is a city in Zanzibar, Tanzania, an East African city notable for its tourism potential and rich history. it is one of the oldest and has the majority of the traditional influence on Tanzania. Also, the city is a prominent location that begins or wraps up your tour to Zanzibar, depending on how you want it.

There is so much to discover in the city that leaves you amazed and filled with remarkable memories of almost all the interests found there.

The Ancient Stone Town in Zanzibar

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Brief History of Stone Town 

Stone Town which is the capital of Zanzibar where the administration is established is a historic city. It consists of waterfronts, islands, and ancient buildings that span centuries.

The name of this city- Stone Town was culled from the use of stones in building the major structures. This contributed to the firmness and durability of the facilities erected over time.

The history of the Town is traced to the 5th century when the city was gradually unfolding. The account also extends between the 8th to 16th century when Stone Town was famous for seafood, trades and fishing. However, in the 17th century, when the city encountered the slave trade, the Europeans had their way of enforcing labour and also took over the islands. The islands were ruled by Sultans- major leaders at that time, but the slaves were subjected to intense work and it is recorded that they gathered stones to build the Old Fort.

Stone Town in Zanzibar

However, the era of slave labour ended in 1896 with a brief war, when the country gained her autonomy from the German empire and the United Kingdom. Since then, Stone Town, Zanzibar has continued to thrive and further embrace cultural values, tourism and trade. The city is an administrative region of Zanzibar and records the oldest tales you can ever be told about the revolution of Zanzibar.

Although the popular language in Stone Town is Swahili, the English language is also a good mode of communication in the city. Stone Town is also an original site of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).

Over the years, it has welcomed prominent individuals like Freddie Mercury, Tippu Tip and David Livingstone, another remarkable one for the city.


UNESCO World Heritage Site

Due to its impact, colonial and architectural beauty. The town has found its name on UNESCO World Heritage site. It became a UNESCO World Heritage site in the year 2000. This has made UNESCO invest heavily in the maintenance of the beautiful city of stone.

Location of Stone Town

Stone Town is located on Unguja waterfront on the West of the major Zanzibar islands. It is about a 10- 15-minute drive from the Abeid Amani Karume International Airport in Tanzania.

Map of Stone Town

The Map of Stone Town covers the major attractions in the Zanzibar. Depending on the map that you are using, Google map shows all the important places and notable landmarks.

The Population of Stone Town

Stone Town is a city with less than 50 thousand occupants. Although the city is not so small, the residents are friendly as well as helpful to tourists.

Weather conditions in Stone Town

Quite favourable, Stone Town has a hot tropic atmosphere with temperatures of 16掳C – 35掳C every year. Also, between June and August, the weather condition in Stone Town is calm with less heat unlike from January to March.

stone town tanzania

The architecture of Stone Town

The structures in Stone Town were designed to last, first made from coral reefs which were collected underwater, then stones and soil plasters. This is visible in the old features of the buildings, concerning the rooftops, staircase, windows, doors, houses and public areas.

The entrance to most ancient buildings in Stone Town has wooden doors with neatly carved edges, Arabic inscriptions and Indian earmarks. These structures are as old as centuries and decades ago. Also, the buildings are made of brick and mud with narrow paths, stairs and cultural frameworks.

door zanzibar

In Stone Town, the houses are constructed close to each other, leaving room for little walkways. Additionally, local shops and markets where handcrafted materials are sold also exist in residential areas.

Things to do in Stone Town

There are so many so many reasons to travel, here are some things to do in this beautiful town.

Learn more about the history of Stone Town

Stone Town city is a home of history, adventure and culture. This means that everyone visiting this place will be able to pick out the past life and recent developments of Zanzibar as a whole.

A trip to the Palace Museum

Your historical journey to Stone town is incomplete if you have not seen this place. This is because the museum is where you get the main details on the cultural existence of Stone Town at a little price. There are art exhibitions in the museum you can also see and listen to the museum instructor break down the wide concepts of Zanzibar to you.

Visit the markets- Darajani and Forodhani

The stone town has large markets where a variety of food items, artefacts, clothing and accessories are sold. On your tour around the city, you can visit the Darajani market early in the morning, where fish, seafood, fruits, spices, vegetables and other foodstuff are sold in large quantities.

Also, you can get entertained by the crowd who engage in buying and selling. Plus, the traders are quite open to giving you a little information on the seasonal farm produce.

Another major market in Stone Town is the Forodhani Night market. Here, you can buy and eat different food and street snacks which are sold at affordable prices. Locally made pizza, shawarma, fruit juices, potatoes, African cuisines, barbecue and other grilled beef can be found at this local market. The Forodhani market has amazing coastal scenery that makes it conducive and welcoming too.

Tour the historical Anglican cathedral and learn about its origin

In the centre of Stone town, there is an old building known as the Anglican Church. This building has a lot of notable stories attached to its existence, beginning from the slave trade to the civilisation and independence of the people of Zanzibar.

Also, there are tour guides who will help you with accounts on the inceptions which is quite a different way to learn more about Zanzibar.

Plan Your Honeymoon

Zanzibar is one of most popular place for honeymoon and couple getaway. You can add this place to your list.

Visit local restaurants

Stone town is very popular with spice which is particularly included in meals sold at the restaurants. Thus, there are lots of roadside eateries where you can sit to eat delicious locally made meals in Zanzibar. You can opt for local seafood, such as fried shrimps, prawns, fish, spicy meals and soups, the traditional chappati snack, rice, shawarma, coconut water, pizza and many more.

Tour the main gift stores

Also, at the traditional stores, you can purchase historic items that will remind you of an African experience. Traditional and Arabic wear is sold at the shops where you can get caps, scarves, Arabian wear, hijabs, clothing accessories and many more. In addition, you can buy souvenirs, gifts, artworks etc.

Explore the Zanzibar coffee house

Zanzibar is also unique with coffee plants and there is a distinct coffee house in Stone town. Here, you can tour the interior of the structure and as well buy a cup of coffee which is quite affordable.

Likewise, a trip to the coffee house also gives you a brief knowledge of the culture of Zanzibar with the amazing furniture and frameworks in the building.

Visit the major spice shops and farms in Stone town

Zanzibar is popular for growing various herbs and spices such as cinnamon, pepper, ginger, lemon grass, iodine, cocoa, nutmeg, clove, ginger and turmeric, hibiscus and black pepper.聽 There are so many adventurous things to do in this city.

In addition, there are large spice farms in the city, like the Tawangiwi spice farm where you can visit to see a substantial portion of spices grown and also buy and taste spice meals.

View the amazing Zanzibar sunrise and sunset

From almost every spot in Stone town, it is very easy to capture the wonderful sight of the sunrise and sunset. However, it is most visible from the rooftop of the Palace Hotel in Stone Town. Once you get this, you can take a picture or gaze in awe of the incredible round ball that sits firmly in the skies. Zanzibar has one of the best resorts in Tanzania.

Explore Prison Island in Zanzibar on a boat tour

For less than a hundred dollars, you can tour archaic Prison Island in Stone town. The island which is just one of the many isles in Zanzibar is a public spot where diverse cultural activities take place.

Likewise, this is another chance to learn about how the Prison islands were formed and the old events that took place there. The island also shelters huge tortoises that have been living for centuries, you can take pictures of the creatures and also learn about their adaptations.

Therefore on Prison island, you get to see and explore the regions, enjoy local meals, snorkel, dive and cruise in boats which are also accessible, and then you will meet the indigenous people of Zanzibar who are hospitable.

Visit the mosques and Indian shrines in Stone Town

In Zanzibar, Islam is one of the most dominant beliefs, therefore there are religious centres like the mosque and other prayer grounds in Stone Town. Just a quick stop at the major buildings and also the traditional Indian temple, one that blends the significant culture of India with Africa.

See the first hospital in Stone Town- the Old Dispensary

The Old Dispensary is an interesting ancient sight that was the first medical centre in Stone town. Although it is so archaic now, you can utilise the chance to embrace the age-old settings of the city better.

Visit the Old Fort in Stone Town

As an old site, the Old Fort has blended cultural diversities and entertainment to continually attract tourists. Therefore a great place for you to watch live performances, participate in major festivals, eat traditional meals and also purchase common handcrafted items and artworks, is the Old Fort in Zanzibar.

tanzania stone town

Tourist attractions in Stone Town

Beyond the islands which are also part of the interests in Zanzibar, you can tour the following locations in Stone town;

  • Prison Island
  • Anglican Cathedral
  • Forodhani market
  • The Old Fort
  • The Palace Museum
  • The Old Dispensary
  • Freddie Mercury Gallery
  • Nakupenda reserve
  • Darajani market
  • Tawangiwi Spice farms
  • Hammami Persian Baths

Major Hotels in Stone Town

For your convenience, you can check out any of these hotels with the best facilities and hospitality reviews in Stone Town;

  • Park Hyatt resort
  • Double Tree hotel
  • Zanzibar Palace Hotel
  • Tembo House Hotel
  • Zanzibar Coffee House
  • Mizingani Seafront Hotel
  • Zanzibar Serena Hotel
  • The Seyyida Hotel & Spa

It would be advisable to stay in regions close to attractions because the regions around Stone Town are so little and you can only access them on foot. Although, there are limited bicycles, trucks and taxis that convey goods and passengers.

Travel tips for touring Stone Town, Zanzibar

Stone town is incredibly old, therefore you need to be well prepared to explore the city as much as you would love to. Not to worry, these few tips would help you find your way better;

Visit free places first

There are a lot of places you can tour without having to pay, except if you want to buy items. Places such as the Old Dispensary, markets, coffee shops and many more are open to tourists to visit every day.

Get ready to walk along narrow streets

Stone Town has a lot of bends in every corner with houses built so closely. This gives little space for movement, hence you would have to trek to get to major roads even if you will eventually board a bus or taxi.

Lodge in the comfortable hotels around Stone Town

Since you cannot tour the whole of Zanzibar in a day, it is best if you reserve a hotel online where you can relax. However, it should be close to major sights in the city, thus the Zanzibar Palace Hotel and Park Hyatt are great fits.

Cut down on spice consumption

As much as spices are fresh and healthy, they could be a new one for you. Therefore, you do not have to try every street food, except if you are familiar with them or you are sure that you do not have allergic reactions.

Negotiate with traders as much as possible

Though you are new to Zanzibar, a lot of people have mentioned that when you want to buy items, after converting the local currency to dollars or pounds, certain items can still be adjusted. You do not want to overspend or become stranded with too much buying, therefore it is either you view and pass or up-skill your negotiation game a bit.

Employ the service of a guide or use maps around the city

You do not want to miss your way around Stone Town’s narrow avenues, therefore it is either you book a tour guide ahead of your trip or pay a local to get you around. This way, you will get the best and most exciting experience out of your excursion.

Tanzania has grown to becoming one of the favorite tourist attractions in Africa. You should add this colonial town to the bucket list of places to visit in Tanzania.

Interesting Bucket List Travel Ideas For Couples and Lovers


If you are trying to spice up your love life or looking for interesting places to visit with your loved ones. Here is a complete Bucket List Travel Ideas For Couples.

If you are trying to spice up your love life or looking for interesting places to visit with your loved ones. Here is a complete Bucket List Travel Ideas For Couples.

For couples, travelling combines adventure, expressions of love, privacy and passionate escapes. Although, many couples do not get another chance to spend quality time with their partners after the regular honeymoon. This is why you need a bucket list travel ideas for couples to guide you.  

Therefore, to help redefine togetherness as a couple, I have designed a bucket travel list travel ideas for couples and it contains a list of amazing destinations specifically targeted at romantic vibes secluded. Hence, a great way to share the love more deeply and differently.

What is a travel bucket list?

A travel bucket list is a collection of travel ideas which may include a dream country, a vacation plan, an adventurous endeavour etc in mind. You can create a bucket list which encompasses countries you wish to visit, things you would like to do etc.

 This is either because you have not yet been to the country after seeing beautiful pictures all over the Internet or you have heard amazing stories about the place. Furthermore, you can visit previous destinations, regardless of new ideas you get.

Still, this does not ignore the new fantasies you have about a different spot, either for solitude with your partner, a luxurious aura or an adventurous trip to certain regions.

How to design a Bucket list of travel Ideas for couples

To design a travel bucket list with your spouse, this is how to go about it:

1. Brain Storm: Get a blank sheet or a journal, The first step is to brainstorm the things you would like to do, and places you would like to visit. No matter how crazy it seems just note it.聽

2. List Them Out: After brainstorming on all the activities you would like to engage in. You too should take a separate sheet, and list out the travel activities you would love to engage in together. Also, you should match the interest based on priority from 0 to 1.聽

3. Match You Notes: After carefully creating ideas, and noting locations you would like to visit together. You can then look out for the one that matches then create a separate list for the common interest. Then based on individual preference, you can also create a separate list. Create a list of previous cities you have visited and counties you would love to visit or visit again.

4. Plan Your Trip Calendar for a year: Based on the activities you have stated down, Carve out an itinerary for your trip and a calendar for one year. Now, write a list of your dream destinations. You can not tour all of the countries at a time, take it slowly you may decide to break it down.聽

5. Link each dream destination to a travel plan or expectation

Adventurous bucket List Travel Ideas For Couples

1. Adventure Time Out at Kenya Safaris

If you are looking for one of the adventurous bucket list travel ideas for couples. Then visiting Kenya should be on your list. Kenya has one of the world’s best wildlife conservations. This shelters threatened species of certain animals you will never find in other nations outside Africa. Another advantage of a Kenya safari adventure is that Kenya does not only promote wildlife excursions but also shows you cultural highlights and favourable weather conditions.

safari africa

Furthermore, a Kenya visa is one spot you can add to your bucket list idea and these are places for couples to tour in Kenya;

Kenya is a great display if you love adventure, resorts and woodlands. Exploring Kenya gives you the chance to hike across wide landscapes, visit a zoo or a national park, relax in a beach resort, dive on a beach and share private dinner moments with your favourite person.

2. Historical love spots in Paris, France

With the settings in Paris, the love city, there is enough room for romantic days and nights in almost every corner and public space. Your travel list bucket idea would not be complete without adding the historic love city of Paris. Whether you love the daytime or twinkling night stars, waterfronts or stunning attractions, ancient sites or modern refinements, Paris will deliver the very best to you and your loved ones.

Interesting Bucket List Travel Ideas For Couples and Lovers

Amazing places in Paris to add to your travel bucket list as a couple includes:

  • River Seine Bank
  • Eiffel Tower, Paris
  • Parc des Buttes Chaumont
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • The Parc Love Temple
  • Cath茅dral Notre-Dame

A romantic trip to Paris offers you the opportunity to discover historical sites, spend private moments on a walk, share a passionate time with your spouse and relive childhood memories.

Plus, you can attend live performances together, see a movie, visit a local restaurant and grab street snacks and drinks, then sit in a park and enjoy quality time with your best.

3. Luxury and privacy on Maldives islands

The immaculate and stunning coasts in the Maldives are a great way to begin either a honeymoon or a love affair. While there are destinations for a perfect wedding and lovers’ hangout, there is also a hideaway where you can be alone with your lover. The Maldives is a perfect spot you can add to your bucket list ideas for couples. 


The beaches in the Maldives with world-class resorts also appear classy and stylish with interesting origins, lawns and water creatures. Therefore, you can enjoy boat rides with your loved ones, scuba diving, take a walk together, plan a special dining moment, have intimacy in inner chambers and begin a love affair at the island stretch.

Besides, what is love without serenity, natural feel and relaxation activities? There is so much to do in the Maldives, a top honeymoon attraction for lovebirds.

4. Culture tour to the Middle East- Dubai

Arab countries in the Middle East have developed cities with ancient traditional sceneries, tall buildings, luxurious malls, live events and performances and you can engage in all of that with your partner. Your bucket list travel ideas for couples would not be complete without visiting Dubai or the middle east.聽

One of the reasons why you should add countries like Dubai, Qatar and other beautiful destinations in the Middle East to your travel bucket list is luxury. There are a lot of packages for you! This extends to creating activities for yourself and your partner in mind-blowing sites.

dubai Interesting Bucket List Travel Ideas For Couples and Lovers

From playing dress-up with Arabian costumes, camel rides, night walks along the beautiful streets in Dubai, visiting ancient sites or galleries, boat cruises, beach vacations and shopping for diverse accessories in the grand malls. All of these are pointers to what makes Dubai a great trip idea for partners.

Places in Dubai for a destination

  • Burj Khalifa
  • Burj Al Arab
  • Global Village
  • Dubai Mall
  • Ski Dubai
  • Desert Safari
  • Dubai Garden Glow
  • Palm Jumeirah
  • Dubai Miracle Garden

Also Visit: UNESCO World Heritage Site

5. A romantic timeout in Italy

Italy has been we’ll appreciate as an absorbing location for romantic getaways. Thus, you should consider adding this to your tour locations as newlyweds or long-time lovers.

Every location in Italy is unique in its appearance and form. Areas such as Venice, Rome, Capri and other amazing destinations are the best hideaways for lovebirds. Therefore, you should add Italy to your romantic bucket list. Thus, you can have adventures of a lifetime that can be created by visiting spectacular buildings, mountain hiking, dining at Italian restaurants and bars plus touring the alluring beaches and islands.

Every region from the north side to the west side of Italy is fascinating. This is because Italy has flawless islands and gardens that give couples the best charming moments in intimacy.

Consequently, you will surely desire to return to this spot for endless pleasurable times as a couple.


Beautiful spots for couples to have a wonderful time in Italy;

  • The Colosseum
  • Duomo di Milano
  • Doge’s Palace Museum
  • St. Peter’s Basilica
  • Museo Egizio
  • Gardens of Augustus
  • Castello Brown
  • Isola Bella

6. Barcelona Night Life Scenes for entertainment enthusiasts

Barcelona in Spain is a replica of vast cultural heritage, entertainment, historic towers, highly rated restaurants and sundown parties. As partners, you have countless alternatives for a comfortable session of intimacy in Barcelona.

While you visit art galleries, take countless pictures together, sneak into bars and clubs at night, explore the striking seaside, hold hands on walkways or eat flavoursome local and international meals, your fun time is just about to begin.

Moreover, walking late at night around the lanes in Barcelona unrestricted is another perfect idea to consider. Hence, blissful love cuddles, kisses and love proposals can take place in any setting in Barcelona.

Bucket travel list destinations in Barcelona for couples

  • Cucine Mandarosso
  • Sagrada Familia
  • El Gotico
  • Bogatell beach
  • Espai Joliu
  • Palau de la Musica Catalana

7. Parks and Wildlife Conservations in Africa

Here is a special one for couples who enjoy tourism with a spice of learning, adventure, jungle life and animal lovers. First, there are African countries you decide to explore as lovers if you fall into this category. Thus, be sure to check out locations such as Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, and Namibia within Africa.

africa safari treVEL

These countries have one of the most spared species of birds, wild animals that you might have read about in books as a child. Zebras, tigers, kangaroos, lions, leopards, cheetahs, rhinos, elephants, squirrels, egrets, ostriches, ducks and many more creatures can be found in terrestrial and aquatic habitats.

Besides, this will also give you a solid chance as lovebirds to relive childhood, play games, fly balloons and have a playground grassland chase.

Similarly, India is also very common for wildlife parks, cultural heritage and traditions. One exceptionally spirited location to add flavour to love and commitments you share with your loved one.

 Best Wildlife Refuges to visit as a couple

  • Bandhavgarh National Park, India
  • Manas National Park, India
  • Giraffe Centre, Kenya
  • Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
  • Kapama Game Reserve, South Africa
  • Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserve, South Africa

8. A visit to any of the seven wonders of the world

A couple’s bucket list travel ideas would not be complete without visiting any of the seven wonders of the world. Fun can not be best described for lovers without including a trip to any of the seven remarkable wonders of the world. Your travel list needs a touch with a visit to any of the regions where mystical, ancient, jaw-dropping buildings and sceneries are located.

Interesting Bucket List Travel Ideas For Couples and Lovers

Beyond gazing in awe at incredible images and landmarks that have existed for centuries, your travel diary or album can also be designed. Have you imagined what it’s also like to have an amazing romantic experience at the most popular places in the world?

Well, here is your chance!

Just so you know, all passionate escapes have inclusive activities as well. Touring, surfing, diving, learning, shopping, dining and adventure are part of great ideas to unravel with your spouse at any of the wonders of the world.

Similarly, when you visit any location where any of these mysteries are primarily, select any of these distinctive spots.

Here are the seven wonders of the world to tick as a priority on your travel list;

  • The Petra, Jordan
  • The Colosseum, Italy
  • The Chichen Itza, Mexico
  • Taj Mahal, India
  • Christ the Redeemer, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
  • Great Wall of China, China
  • Machu Piccu, Peru

9. Wedding destinations or love commitment rebirths in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada is a hub for fun, exciting activities, parties, nightlife, entertainment and artistic representations. Another life of the party in the United States of America that you can add to your bucket list of travel ideas priority as couples asides from Miami, New York and so on.


Furthermore, the glow and glamour in this city are extraordinary. Imagine nights out with your spouse, walking along the streets, visiting a restaurant or having a snack taste and many more.

Likewise, since there are party houses and pubs to stop by, a million things to do with your spouse, find love afresh by going on dinner dates or entertainment arenas. Plus, the regions in Las Vegas also have an outlook where you can express love to your partner with wonderful memories.

Places for couples to tour in Las Vegas

  • The Strip
  • Fountains of Bellagio
  • The Mob Museum
  • Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck
  • Stratosphere Tower
  • Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Garden
  • Beach Resorts in the US

10. Honeymoon again in Santorini, Greece

Santorini in Greece is so bright and beautiful for couples to explore. I doubt if you would lack any enthralling moment wherever you decide to tour Santorini. Therefore, here is a pointer to a major travel list for your romantic getaways, hideaway, recreation and lots more. It is therefore important to add Santorini to your bucket list travel ideas for couples.聽


You can explore old and stunning views, the island stretches, and resorts, design a love album or be creative about your trip. Since the location is flawless and very attractive with secluded arenas, thus, plan your trip with your partner to explore Santorini.

In addition, you can hike the mountains, take historical tours, dine and wine in great spots and have a staycation or vacation on islands and in beach resorts.

Places to visit in Santorini

  • Mykonos Island
  • Kamari Beach
  • Akrotiri Archaeological Site
  • Gaia Winery
  • Amoudi Bay and lots of extra

An ideal travel bucket list for couples should include essential needs for a comfortable and remarkable getaway. Therefore, most of the places to see that have been listed above cover adventurous sights, historical centres, beaches and resorts, restaurants, cinemas and recreational facilities.

Lastly, while making a bucket list travel ideas for couples, engage your partners and ask questions about specific fantasies and long-awaited travel dreams. Also, certified travel agents offer genuine mouthwatering deals for couples who intend to travel either for summer or a “love-cation”.

This could mean cheaper rates and up-to-date information on packages certain destinations offer couples at a particular time. Therefore, plan and ensure that you have all the fun you want to create lasting memories as a couple.

Best Nigerian Street Foods


Nigeria is a multi-cultural country with different Nigerian street foods flooding the country. Traditional dishes are greatly appreciated by nationals of Nigeria. This is evident at parties, on the roadside, at events or during festive ceremonies.

Nigeria is a multi-cultural country with different Nigerian street foods flooding the country. Traditional dishes are greatly appreciated by nationals of Nigeria. This is evident at parties, on the roadside, at events or during festive ceremonies.

Food is one of the cultures of Nigeria and this includes Nigerian street foods. The main ethnic groups have major meals that are peculiar to each tribe. Most of the meals have an origin or a story behind them.

The truth is that Nigeria as a country embraces her roots and food is a major hit in the nation’s culture.
For example, the “Ewa ibeji” is a local meal made from beans, pepper and palm oil. It is a meal prepared to celebrate the birth of twins.

Nigerian street food is a special kind of roadside delicacy that is made to appeal to the “Naija” community.

Several neighbourhoods have unique foods that are prepared and sold in local ways. This attracts hundreds of people to sheds and “umbrella” shops to buy these street foods.

Visitors who have explored Nigeria for different reasons also have a lot to say about these roadside meals that they have tasted.

Popular Nigerian street foods you should not miss out on include;


Suya is a common street food throughout West Africa. It is popular in almost every street in Nigeria. Suya is a significant component of Hausa culture and cuisine. Hausa men have historically prepared and formulated it. Beef, ram, or chicken that has been skewered is typically used to make suya. Additionally used are internal animal parts such as the kidney, liver, and tripe.

After being thinly sliced, the meat is rubbed in a variety of seasonings, including salt, vegetable oil, the traditional Hausa dehydrated peanut cookie known as “kulikuli,” and other seasonings and flavourings.
The meat is then barbecued.

Suya is sold in sticks or cut into sizes, depending on the amount you need. It ranges from 200-1000 naira. The sizes are then sprinkled with special traditional spices. Also added to this spicy meat are slices of cucumber, cabbages, tomatoes and onions. Though it still has to do with your choice. Afterwards, the suya is wrapped in paper and tied in nylon.

Nigerians are often known to park their cars in front of suya stands mostly in the evenings to buy wraps of suya. Likewise, a lot of people stop by to get slices of suya to munch after a “hard” day.

Popular spots to buy suya in Nigeria
Yahuza Suya Spot Nigeria Limited
7, Bozoum Wuse 2, Abuja
University of Suya
Allen Avenue, Ikeja Lagos State

Akara and Agege bread

Akara and Agege bread is the traditional Naija breakfast burger. It is another popular street food in Nigeria. Akara is made from beans. The beans are peeled and ground to form a thick paste, and then pepper is added. The paste is then stirred with seasonings cubes and other spices are mixed into it. After mixing, the paste is deep fried in hot oil. The balls when golden brown is taken out and placed in a metal sieve for the oil to drain out.

Agege bread is a low yeast, chewy and stretchy dough Nigerians crave. It originated from a place in Nigeria called”Agege” in Lagos state. It is made from flour and a mix of other baking ingredients in a local oven.

Akara and Agege bread is usually sold together. The bread is cut open with a knife and Akara balls are placed in the middle. Also, as you wish, you can buy both separately in nylons. In this case, the Akara is sold in paper and wrapped up, while you choose the bread you want.

Akara balls are sold for as low as 20 or 50 nairas per ball, while the cheapest loaf of Agege bread is 150naira. This could increase, with a location in consideration.

Roasted Plantain and Groundnut (Boli and EPA)

Also known as roasted plantain and groundnut respectively, Boli and epa is delicious Nigerian street food.

It is a native street food of the Yoruba tribe. Over the years, the South-South region of Nigeria has also fallen in love with this savoury meal. Boli is made from roasted plantain, whether ripe or unripe and it is served with portions of groundnut. Also served with boli is pepper sauce filled with beef, chicken, fried or smoked fish.

Abacha and Ugba

Abacha is also called African Salad. It is made from sliced dried cassava. This local street food of the Eastern region of Nigeria, the Igbos is tasty and well appreciated.

Ugba on the other hand is the African oil bean seed which has been fermented. Abacha is prepared from a mixture of dried cassava and bean seed with palm oil and seasonings.

Abacha is either hawked or sold in market stalls. It is measured with spoons on plates or in nylons based on customers’ orders. Abacha is also sold with beef or Ponmo (cow skin).

Puff puff

The Nigerian puff puff is every Nigerian child’s favourite snack. Most times, parents buy it as an alternative for skipped breakfast for their children. Asides from being children’s favourite, almost every Nigerian has had a taste of the dough.

Puff-puff is made from yeast, flour, sugar, salt and so on. The ingredients are mixed with warm water and left to rise. Then it is fried in hot oil by scooping with hands into little ball sizes. Puff puff is everyone’s delight and it is sold on the roadside. It is placed in heaps to the attraction of passersby who definitely cannot ignore the welcoming aroma. A ball of puff puff goes for as low as 20naira.


Okpa is a delicacy produced by the Igbo people with a unique type of beans known as Bambara nuts. It is regarded as a traditional Nigerian delicacy and is popular in Enugu state. Other tribes outside the Igbo love to eat Okpa too.

Okpa is also known by the Igbo names gba and such. In the Hausa language, it is referred to as Gurjiya or kwaruru. Bambara nut flour, palm oil, crayfish, salt, and seasoning are some of the primary ingredients.

Okpa is one of the most nutritionally balanced staples with the right nutrients. Okpa is sold in transparent nylon wraps on the streets of Nigeria.

Roasted or boiled corn with pear

Though seasonal, corn is the top Nigerian street food. It can either be boiled or roasted. Properly roasted corn appears golden brown and has an aroma that draws your attention. It is sold with coconut, boiled or roasted pear. When boiled, corn is placed in a large pot and placed on a locally made fire. Big nylons or sacks are used to cover it to allow it to steam well and soften in time. Corn is great to buy when in the season as you will get fresh ones for cheap prices per cob.

Moin Moin and Eko

Moi-Moi is a common street food made from black-eyed beans. The beans are washed, peeled and ground to form a paste. The mixture is then stirred and seasoned before it is wrapped in leaves.

Eko is a local solid meal made out of pap. It is sold in leaves or nylons. Moin Moin and Eko, the original meal of the Yoruba tribe are sold together at considerable prices.


Wara is an appetising locally made Nigerian cheese curds mostly made from fresh cow milk.
It is believed to have originated from Wara, a city located in Kwara state. In the natural form, wara is prepared by curdling animal milk, cow or goat milk or plant-based milk from soya beans. The tangible part is separated from the watery part and chaff, after the curdling process and mashed together.
It can be eaten alone in the raw form or fried as a snack.
Once prepared freshly it is white and uncoloured. It鈥檚 often sold within a day of manufacture due to its poor shelf life.


Beske is popular amongst the Yoruba tribe, Ilorin and Ogbomoso and Osun state precisely. It is made from fried soya milk curds. This mostly appears in cube shapes and can be sold alone or with spices.

脠w脿 脿g貌y矛n

Popular for its soft texture and delectable sauce, Ewa Agoyin is a fantastic bean meal. The agoyin sauce, made from the red bell and dried pepper with ginger, onions and enough palm oil is mouthwatering.

Eating ewa agoyin for the first time will leave you addicted to this delicious food.
The traditional way to consume Ewa Agoyin is with soft bread, boiled yams, and fried plantains.

Common Nigerian street snacks

D貌d貌 脤kir猫/Plantain chips

The traditional food of Ikire, Osun State, Nigeria, is called dodo ikire. It is sold on the roadside In South Western states.
Although it was initially prepared with leftover plantains, people now use fresh ingredients like overripe plantains, pepper, oil, and salt to make it.
In some regions of Nigeria, deep-fried plantains or frying bananas are referred to as “Dodo.”

Plantain chips are made from thinly sliced plantain fried in hot oil to give a crispy and crunchy feel.
It is packaged with pepper, spices or seasonings and sold on the road, in traffic, in shops and supermarkets.


Kilishi is the dried form of suya. It is popular among the Hausa tribe. It can last up to 12 months if properly stored in a plastic bag or airtight containers. Cow, goat or sheep meat is used to make kilishi. It serves as a traditional snack that can be munched or taken with pap or are.


Kokoro is a common snack in Nigeria. It is made from a mixture of maize flour sugar and Garri or yam flour and deep-fried. It is commonly sold in Abeokuta in Nigeria.


Kuli-kuli is an African snack that is primarily made from peanuts. It is made from peanut paste, rolled to form rings or straight shapes and fried in hot oil.

Popular in the Northern region, kuli-kuli is sold by the roadside or in major markets. Kuli-kuli can be eaten alone or taken with Garri or pap. It is sold in large quantities in most Nigerian states.

Mishai ( noodles and fried egg, bread and fried egg)

Mishai is a local name given to the noodles or bread and fried eggs Hausa men cook and sell.
These men make use of a shed in public areas and are seen with cooking utensils, preparing the native Mishai.

After boiling the noodles, pepper and spices are added to taste. Then the eggs are fried with pepper, salt, onions and little oil in non-sticky pans and placed on the noodles. If it is bread, the bread is sliced vertically into two with a knife and the fried egg is put in the middle. Mishai serves as breakfast, lunch or dinner, as the situation of the stomach permits. You can decide to sit and eat or grab a takeaway.

Also added to this package is tea made from tea bags, milk, sugar and hot water. The tea is made to cool by pouring it into different cups.

Fried yam, potatoes and plantain

Another popular street food for everyone is local fries. Yam, sweet potatoes and plantain are diced into shapes and fried in hot oil.

After frying, it can be placed in transparent containers or sieves and sold to buyers. Fried yam, potatoes and plantain are often sold with sauce and peppered meat, Ponmo, boiled egg or fish.

Peppered meat, snail, ponmo

This is spicy street food sold in shops, bars and also hawked. Meat, snail or Ponmo is boiled with seasonings and fried in hot oil. Afterwards, it is stirred in delicious pepper and onion mix.

Peppered meat is served with cold drinks in bars or it can be sold in nylons and plastics for you to take home.

Ofada rice with sauce

Ofada rice is typically served in an Uma leaf with meat, onions, locust beans, palm oil, and a sauce made of “Atarodo” and “Tatase” peppers.
For most Nigerians, it is a special occasion dinner rather than a regular meal, however, in the towns of Ikenne and Ilisan in the state of Ogun, it is common street food.

It is frequently served with a vegetable stew, which could include locust beans as an ingredient. It is frequently served with an “Ayamase” stew called Obe-at-iru, which is made specifically for Ofada rice consumption and contains beef, egg, and offal steeped in the sauce.

Agege bread and butter or ‘Bama’

Freshly baked bread is often collected from local bakeries and hawked on major streets. Hawkers are seen with heaps of butter containers or a jar of the popular mayonnaise ‘Bama’. They usually sell it by shouting to attract the attention of potential customers.

The bread is cut with a knife and butter or mayonnaise is spread in the middle. Though both are sold at different prices.

This street food appeals to everyone as breakfast or lunch, depending on the condition attached.

Also added to this are drinks to go along with the meals. They include;


is made from dried hibiscus leaves and flavours. It is packed in bottles or nylons, iced and sold at different prices.

Fura; this is a local drink of Northern Nigeria made from dairy products.


Kunu is a local drink made from either millet(Kunun Jero) or tiger nuts, coconut and dates(Kunun Aya).

The ingredients are blended and mixed and sugar is added to taste if necessary. It is iced and sold in bottles.
A bottle of Kunu is sold for as low as 100naira. Nigerian street food remains the pride of the Nigerian people. Almost everyone living in the country has a liking for these foods. On most days, when returning from work or looking for how to relax for the weekends, street foods are a good option.

The fun of it all is the struggle to get yours as the queue in most of these shops is sometimes beyond control.
The relief is just that there is enough to go round and it will eventually reach your turn.

A lot of people have also concluded that street foods taste different from regular homemade meals. I believe that when the hands of the experts are involved in making these roadside foods, you will always have a wonderful remark.

How to identify Fake Travel Agents In Nigeria聽

fake travel agents

With the influx of millions of travellers who need help with travel plans, reservations, and visa applications travel agents are the most sought after. However, several people have been victims of fraudulent or fake agents and you do not have to fall for extortion and deceivers if you know what to look out for. Hence, you need proper confirmation and recognition before employing the service of a travel agency.

With the influx of millions of travellers who need help with travel plans, reservations, and visa applications travel agents are the most sought after. However, several people have been victims of fraudulent or fake agents and you do not have to fall for extortion and deceivers if you know what to look out for. Hence, you need proper confirmation and recognition before employing the service of a travel agency.

Here’s all you need to know about fake travel agents and how to identify one;

travel agency

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General functions of travel agencies

A travel agency is responsible for any details regarding your journeys. This begins with advice on what to do and the next step as regards your travel.

A certified travel company or agent will always provide the following major services

  • Offer Travel advice
  • Help in Visa application
  • Travel plans and itineraries sorting
  • Evidence of funds and travel intentions
  • Airlines ticket reservations
  • Summer or vacation plans with discounts when necessary
  • Hotel or accommodation reservations
  • Updated travel information and requirements

Major accreditations of legal travel agencies in Nigeria

A legal travel agent in Nigeria should have a registered company with any or all of the following;

  • Registration With The Corporate Affairs Commission
  • National Civil Aviation Authority
  • International Air Transport Association

Also, there could be additional certifications, depending on the extent of services to be provided by an agent. The services of an agent extend to ensuring safe travels even after you have boarded a plane. This might even include help with your luggage or cargo.

how to identify fake travel agent

What is a fake travel agency?

A fake travel agent appears real, but there is something shady about the services they offer. Besides, fake travel agencies profess unrealistic expectations to you without any certified backup or recognition.

However, there are efforts made by members of the public and even the government to tackle fraudulent activities across all sectors of the country.

Indications to help you identify a fake travel agency

Wondering how to find out whether you are employing a legitimate travel medium or not, here are signals that can help you identify one easily;

Outrageous recommendations

First, most people love free things or cheap 0ffers known as “awoof” by Nigerians. Very funny, you might be in for fraud if you are in this category. This is because most fake travel agents in Nigeria offer heaven on earth with mouthwatering offers and deals that are not real.

Similarly, when you eventually ask other people who have toured the same country or applied for the same travel documents, you will be told a different story.

Be informed that no matter the travel packages a travel agent is proposing to you, they should never be far from reality. Visa applications, hotel bookings, summer destination packages and many more services they provide, should always be thoroughly investigated from other sources before you weigh your options and conclude reasonably. If it is too good to be true it probably is.

No legal certifications

In Nigeria, there are accreditation standards for travel agencies. This should be on the company’s website or social media sites. Further, an illegal travel agent most times will not be able to prove any form of travel certification or license to practice.

Hence, you need to be careful. Very! Also, when you discover a change in promises made by these travel agents or a twist of conversations especially when you request their legal backing then it is a warning signal that you have just hit a fake agent.

Informal approach

A fake travel agent most times, does not have valid contact information such as official websites or office locations or online recognition. Thus, there are no official means of communication in any way and you have to watch out if they come to you this way.

Moreover, an authorized travel firm should have either a valid online communication channel like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc or a base from which all duties and responsibilities are carried out. This is one of the things that you should be alert for to identify a fake travel agent.

Interestingly, a counterfeit travel agent sometimes will not even have a permanent phone number to call you with. Thus, you might receive calls for unofficial meetings in private settings and this could be done with diverse telephone numbers.

To add to everything, in most cases you will never find an illegal travel agent with a verified website or online recognition. While some of these agents can deceive you into inactive handles or websites, it doesn’t last long as it could change at any moment too.

Public assessment/ Online Reviews

Frankly, this could be all you need to point out a fraudulent travel agent. We often underestimate public views and feel that people are only being judgemental. However, this should not be the case for travel guides. You need all the assessments of their services from the public space whether online or offline.

How do you get this? First, look out for critiques on their pages, and social media comments made by customers on their pages. You can never be able to tell, somewhere hidden from the crowd, you might spot a shady deal.

Also, a certified travel agent should have a company website validated by Google and at least reviews from other websites too. Any appraisal from four to five stars with genuine comments about services rendered is a positive sign. 

Incomplete travel packages

In almost all cases, a travel agent should be able to first give you the right travel information and then guide you on how to go about it. Plus, sometimes you even pay the legal travel agents and everything you need for your trip is sorted out.

Therefore, there’s a lot of research you have to carry out personally. Read the contents on the website just like this one and discover all you need for a successful trip or travel documents. This will help you know whether a travel agent is offering substandard or fake deals to you.

For instance, a travel agent that does not give you advice on accommodation or provide help with hotel bookings for your trip is pointing a signal to you that you should not take lightly.

Irregularity of service

This unstable service a fake agent offers is a major indicator. This is because you can not afford to engage an agent who is open today and closed tomorrow. Most fake travel agents are not always actively involved online because sometimes they get banned for illegal activities and will now manoeuvre their way to get to you again.

An original travel company should be directly involved with helping out all the time. This is because of emergencies or the need for full spread across all platforms. This is another sign that it could be a fake travel agent.

travel agencies in nigeria

Lack of travel knowledge or information

Do you need to remind a travel agent about what you need? No! You should always show up as someone who has no background knowledge and needs travel help, whatever it is. This is even if you know and have your information ahead.

Now, carefully listen to what an agent will offer and spot the fake ones. Shady travel agents will most times ask you to report at specific times especially when you want to enquire about anything. Whereas, there is basic information that should be delivered to you on the spot!

All of these signs are most times visible and you just need to be alert because any tilt in the wrong direction will cost you your own money and time.

Encourage illegal travel routes

With the rise of deportation and illegal immigrants all over different countries, you do not want to add to the number. Therefore, it is important to note that a fake travel agent will want you to boycott the appropriate paths.

This is visible in unprofessional advice to ignore prompting and requirements for your trip. More so, it includes travelling via the wrong routes or bribery for illegal entry into certain countries.

In countries where skilled workers are needed, a fake agent could present unexplainable job offers to you with reasonable pay. Hence, a pointer to fraudulent activities. You need a valid passport and a visa to travel to any country outside Nigeria.

However, only visa-free countries might need you to just have a passport and other valid documents. Then you can either get a visa on entry to the country or electronic travel authorization.

Ineffective communication

Due to inappropriate operations, a fake travel agent will not communicate important details to you effectively. Asides from the fact that a travel business venture is also for profitable income, there is unusual greed displayed by counterfeits.

A travel agent should have specific opening and closing hours. At this time, all communications whether online or offline can be made. Therefore, calls from travel agents at the wrong hours or without prior notice could be a clue that they are unlawful.

Be informed that this is not always an issue if you have requested to be called at certain times or if there is a need to relate urgent and important information. But, when you are beginning to have doubts about any conversation, check for facts yourself. This is also your responsibility.

Their offers do not align with your facts and inquiry

Whenever you ask for travel information and an agent proposes a different and untraceable offer, do not be quick to accept it.

First, travel agents should be able to provide answers to your travel doubts, and questions and rid your fears not add to them. Next, after thorough research and you do not find any help from an agent, this is a hint that you might be dealing with a fake agent.

Moreover, some counterfeit agents just agree with your suggestions without any additional information or assistance. Immediately you mention either a price or any foreknowledge of an option you have, since they do not even know their left from right, they just concur.

Requesting confidential information and passwords

One of the easiest ways to Though you need to pay for certain services, be informed that you do not need to give private details or account information. Thus, only a fake agent will request personal information that does not relate to your application such as login to your email address, your bank account information etc is a red flag indeed!

In conclusion, you have every right to ask for website sources to check for information and also ask for other means of identification you are familiar with.

How to identify a legal travel agent

Majorly, a legal agent is easily recognised by the following:

  • Verified google research on embassy websites to link information you have received from a travel agent and it is real.
  • Online reviews and articles that are written by such agents
  • A travel agent should have a valid phone number or website, and it should be online for easy access.
  • A registered location or trusted website
  • Consistent phone number
  • Yearly and stable operations
  • Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Web sometimes recommend verified travel agencies in your country.
  • Answered questions on social media sites from customers who have utilized the service of a travel agent.
  • Successful travel services with five-star or four-star reviews
  • Up-to-date knowledge and top-notch experiences.
  • Current travel content and guides
  • Consistent posts on social media and social media

If an agent does not possess all or majority of the items listed above, it could be a fake travel agency.

What to do when you discover a fake travel agent

Mainly, there are three important things to do when you encounter an impostor agent, which are;

Call such agent out publicly

To avoid stories that touch, immediately you get deals or offers from fake travel agents that are unrealistic and appear fraudulent, notify other members of the public instantly.

Stop all forms of communication with such agents immediately

To avoid further deceptions, you need to disengage from receiving further information from a travel agent when you discover that they are illegal.

Report fraudulent activities to law enforcement officers

At the moment, there is significant help from law enforcement agencies or the travel licensing companies listed above that you can report the phoney actions of any agent to.

Need A Genuine Travel Agency For Your Visa Application in Nigeria? Kindly contact Travelwaka 聽

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11 Best Resorts in Zanzibar With Paradise Experience

resorts in kenya

Zanzibar is a region well known for stunning islands and resorts perfect for viewing any time of the year. There are so many beautiful resorts in Zanzibar for the best vacation and relaxation experience. Lovers of adventure, we present you with some of the best resorts on the Zanzibar islands for honeymoons, vacations, and romantic getaways with incredible sights to behold.

Table of Contents

Zanzibar is a region well known for stunning islands and resorts perfect for viewing any time of the year. There are so many beautiful resorts in Zanzibar for the best vacation and relaxation experience. Lovers of adventure, we present you with some of the best resorts on the Zanzibar islands for honeymoons, vacations, and romantic getaways with incredible sights to behold.

Guess what? Zanzibar is also one of the most affordable and direct places you can visit for maximum enjoyment and recreation.

Best Resorts on Zanzibar. Best Resorts on Zanzibar

Where is Zanzibar 

Zanzibar is a beautiful Island in Tanzania. It is one of the fun places you can visit in Tanzania. Tanzania is located in East Africa. It is notable for its turquoise blue waters which give it a distinct look. Zanzibar is also home to the world heritage site Stone town.聽

Zanzibar is made up of about 51 islands, this is why it is a unique and must-visit destination. It has become one of the best tourist destinations in Tanzania.  

We’ve compiled a list of the top resorts in Zanzibar to guide you through your next trip to the Tanzanian island.

Best Resorts on Zanzibar

Exciting Reasons Why You Should Visit Zanzibar

You might have heard so much about Zanzibar, are you aware that it is one of the most interesting places you can visit in Africa on a low budget? 

There are a lot of amazing things to do on the Zanzibar islands. From sightseeing, taking pictures, enjoying the cool breeze, adventures, diving, snorkelling and many more. 

Furthermore, learning about the historical background of the people of Zanzibar, Tanzania and other locations in the region is incredible. Hence, whatever you choose to do, below is a list of reasons why you should check out the jaw-dropping islands of Zanzibar.


Zanzibar is Beautiful

Zanzibar is an island in Tanzania, east-central Africa. The island is filled with ancient buildings and terrific sights. This extends from the old business centre in Stone Town, stunning landscapes, mosques, towers and a reserved cultural heritage.

In addition, Zanzibar island is another mind-blowing region in Tanzania after Mount Kilimanjaro and the national parks. Plus, the city is not too populated and it is welcoming, attractive and filled with turquoise waterfronts.

Breathtaking beaches

Stretches of pure sand are prevalent on the islands of Zanzibar. Thus, you have a lot of options when you visit Zanzibar beaches and there’s so much to do. Diving, Sunbathing, Swimming, Relaxation, Water sports and many more on the African Island of Zanzibar.

Zanzibar- luxury and style

Zanzibar serves luxury and class exceptionally. The suites, private islands and all manner of hiking ecstasy in between. Also, there are five-star hotels and resorts in Zanzibar and across the stretch of islands comprising some fascinating new developments in Stone Town.

Islands of spices

Zanzibar is known for its spices. Apart from the tourism industry, spice cultivation makes up a crucial fraction of Zanzibar’s economy. The islands are sometimes referred to as the Spice Islands, due to the cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and black pepper that are grown all over the islands.

Best time to visit Zanzibar

The best time to visit Zanzibar is during the dry season around July to September, which is a relatively common time to travel. However, it’s convenient travelling at most times of the year, with soothing temperatures when sunshine is the criterion.


Zanzibar is a tropical region and has a tropical climate which is mostly warm all year round with an adequate amount of rainfall. The rainy season is between March and May while the dry season starts from June to October. It is always better to plan your trip during the dry season when you can get the most from Zanzibar.

Do I need a visa to visit Zanzibar?

Visas are required for individuals travelling to Zanzibar in Tanzania. Foreign citizens may apply for a visa online before travelling. Also, you might need to complete an online application form, pay and follow the Tanzania visa application process online.

Things to note during your Zanzibar adventure 


Practical clothing items such as beach wear, shorts, t-shirts, breathable shoes and slides, sun hats sunglasses, swimsuits and so on can be added to your luggage.

No Alcohol

Alcohol is not allowed but could be sold at the resorts in Zanzibar. Therefore, you cannot bring any alcoholic beverages along with you, do well to buy them at the bars within the resort.

Schedule your activities

Planning your activities ahead of your travel gives you a brief idea of the kind of adventure you hope to experience. Also, you have a better chance of booking a resort in advance based on your preference.

Major Services you get at Zanzibar resorts

  • Direct pick up from the airport
  • Standard executive private rooms and villas
  • Free Wi-Fi in public areas of the resorts
  • Accessible parking lots
  • A private beach area and islands
  • Hospitality and waiters service
  • Air-conditioned and well-ventilated rooms
  • Spa, Beauty and Wellness Centre
  • Fine Swimming Pool and Lounge
  • Cocktail and drinks bar
  • Restaurant and Breakfast 脿 la carte
  • Customer care and support desk

11 Best Resorts in Zanzibar That With a Paradise Settings 

1. Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort

Royal Zanzibar resort is a fantastic spot that is located on the Zanzibar islands. This is one of the best resorts in Zanzibar. The resort directly offers a lot of promising services for tourists all over the world.

Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort Best Resorts on Zanzibar

Things to do at the Royal Zanzibar resort

View the stunning Nungwi Beach

To start with, the Royal Zanzibar resort faces the Nungwi beach and you can choose to relax and enjoy the cool breeze at the waterfront. Also, you have the chance to explore a variety of water activities such as diving, swimming, snorkelling and lots more. This has made it one of the best places to visit in Zanzibar.

Relax and enjoy the cultural view of Zanzibar

Furthermore, the services rendered at the resort are set to offer you a home-away-home experience with stylish rooms of cultural heritage and stunning interiors. The rooms are spacious and can be booked directly in advance to get the premium benefits the resort delivers.

Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort
Outdoor dining experience

Likewise, the resort provides the very best outdoor dining experience at the Royal Cliff. Here, you have a view of the ocean fronts and enjoy the ambience and luxury dishes served in the dining area.

Get a spa treatment

Without a doubt, all the benefits you get from choosing the Royal Zanzibar resort are top-notch. Thus, there is a spa to treat you to soothing and relaxing massage and beauty care from head to toe. With the use of traditional fragrances and spices and a world-class masseuse, your nerves and body can rejuvenate after a long adventurous, day.

How to book at the Royal Zanzibar resort

The hotel offers direct booking in advance, where you log on to their website and select your room choice to book ahead.

Royal Zanzibar resort Best Resorts on Zanzibar

Facilities at the Royal Zanzibar resort

The resort caters for your meal needs from morning till night. This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner at specific times. Therefore, all you need for a romantic night out, honeymoon, or family funfair can be found at the resort. The dining area provides:

Royal Zanzibar resort

A royal dining area for quality international dishes where you get quality three square meals.

Pool bars and lounge for relaxation, the Indian Ocean attraction, musical entertainment and cool drinks which includes beers, cocktails and many more.

2. Pongwe Bay Resort

Pongwe resort is one of the most admired spots on the Zanzibar islands. It is situated amidst the immaculate Pongwe beach which is ranked as one of the most private and beautiful coastlines in Tanzania.

Pongwe Bay Resort

Also, the natural atmosphere is worth describing as a paradise of peace and tranquillity. The environment is encircled by dense terraces overshadowed by trees and provides a bright scenery of the Indian Ocean waterfront.

Things to do at Pongwe Bay Resort

Explore the beaches

The Pongwe, Nungwi and Kendwa beaches up north of the resorts are naturally selected regions where you can spend quality time chilling. Asides from the waters, the sands are sparkling, the woodlands are lush and white and the ambience is inviting.

Pongwe Bay Resort
Experience a world of barefoot ecstasy

Also, you can decide to take a walk on the beach and let your feet experience a breath of fresh air. The warmth, coolness and comfort that this adventure provides will leave you with a lasting memory.

Wine and dine at inclusive restaurants

Meals and drinks are an important part of your stay and the a la carte restaurants and dining areas at the beach and resorts give you a variety of options. Here you get cocktails, buffets and all-time inclusive dinners in a setting of hospitality.

Share the moments with loved ones

With water activities, relaxation in the standard, spacious and executive rooms, unwinding, walking along the beach dunes and enjoying the feel of nature, you get to spend quality and intimate moments with your family and loved ones.

3. The Sands Beach Resort

The Sands Beach Resort Zanzibar ushers you into a world of blue and bliss. With the lush park that extends to the long stretch of immaculate beach, natural ambience and scent of spices, the resort is outstanding. It has become one of the best resorts in Zanzibar for fun seekers. 

The Sands Beach Resort Best Resorts on Zanzibar

Things to do at Sands Beach Resort Zanzibar

Enjoy the natural environment

You will be captivated by the surroundings of the dense green forest and fabulous coral reefs. Plus, this gives you an experience of an oasis of serenity and entertainment in a trendy, warm and credible setting.

The Sands Beach Resort
Enjoy the beach view from the comfort of your room

A great way to start your morning or end the day on a great note is to calmly watch the ocean waves and reflect. Therefore, the 20 standard rooms at the private resort have been created to give you an African yet Arabian perspective of elegance. Here at Sands beach resort, you can relax and clear your mind of worries while you explore nature at its best.

A walk in the park- alone or with loved ones

The long stretches of sands across the seashore are remarkably pristine and you can enjoy a barefoot adventure across. In your beach wear or light clothes, you get to walk around, take lovely pictures and have all the fun you want- memories made!

4. Tulia Zanzibar Unique Beach Resort Zanzibar

The Tulia beach resort is located on the Pongwe island far east of Zanzibar. The resort is best known for luxury romantic getaways and honeymoon bliss. It is one of the best resorts for romantic getaways in Zanzibar.

Tulia Zanzibar Unique Beach Resort Zanzibar

Highlights of Tulia beach resort, Zanzibar

Lovers spot

This island resort is well known as a honeymoon destination for lovers. Over the years, reviews have it that the services of luxury, comfort, privacy and hospitality offered at the Unique beach resort is second to none. Plus, the ambience and peaceful state of the islands give lovers a good spot to enjoy themselves and spent time alone engaging in various activities.

Spa massage and treatment

Tulia beach resort offers amazing spa treatments, yoga classes and massage therapies. This focuses on helping tourists like you relax and enjoy the fragrances of the Zanzibar spices plus a touch of Arabian class.

Relaxation at nature’s gift- Beach

The resort has stunning gardens for proper relaxation and lovely personal activities. Besides, the beach has long stretches of sand that connect the waterfronts and private gardens. You can feel the breeze at the edge of the beach and get a sunbath with your loved one too.

Tulia Zanzibar Unique Beach Resort Zanzibar
Private rooms with beautiful interiors

The executive suites at the resort are beautifully decorated with artworks and luxurious facilities. Here, you can relax and spend enough time beholding the sunrise and sunset from the East and West regions of Zanzibar. Also, the rooms are privately built for lovers to have a beautiful experience.

5. The Residence Zanzibar

Though not so large, the Residence Zanzibar is another beautiful resort in the Zanzibar islands where you get affordability and hospitality.

The Residence Zanzibar Best Resorts on Zanzibar

Explore the beauty of The Residence, Zanzibar

Coconut milk and hazelnuts

Fresh coconut body products are readily available in the bathroom, and delicious hazelnuts are waiting to be devoured next to the bed.

On-site restaurants

Both on-site restaurants offer a wide variety of food, on the menu and feature delicious African, Omani, and Indian dishes, while the Pavilion restaurant offers a variety of Middle Eastern dishes by the pool.

The Residence Zanzibar
Immaculate beaches

The resort looks out over a flawless mile-long, creamy-coloured beach that is daily seaweed-combed clean. Here, you can choose to relax, take a walk, swim and enjoy nature’s uniqueness.

Traditional cottages

The Residence Zanzibar has 66 dark-coloured sandstone cottages not so fancy, but you will be impressed by the level of craftsmanship put into each one. Also, they are quite spacious and comfortable for lovers and family time out. Every bungalow has a door that leads out to a large wooden veranda with a plunge pool.

6. Kiwengwa Beach Resort Zanzibar

Kiwenga Beach resort is known for its comfort, hospitality and tourism experience. A great place to view the Kiwenga Beach in the north of Zanzibar, appreciate nature and explore the terrains.

Kiwenga Beach resort Zanzibar offers both private and public facilities for a memorable adventure.

iwengwa Beach Resort Zanzibar

Things to do at Kiwenga Beach resort

Opulent villas

This Zanzibar resort’s 134 vibrant apartments including 19 opulent villas are outfitted with almost everything you require for a relaxing holiday.

Lover’s dream

A “hideaway” for honeymooners with a covered patio, an enclosed jacuzzi, and an expansive stunning contemporary chamber overlooking the ocean is also available.

iwengwa Beach Resort Zanzibar
Royal Family Suite

You can reserve the upstairs bedroom to turn your main base together into a spacious and exquisite blend of traditionally inspired rooms that the management refers to as the Royal Family Suite.

Dining and entertainment areas

There are many places to eat and sip, including elegant dining, intimate candlelit evenings, and a relaxed cocktail lounge with booze and musical performances.

7. Breezes Beach Club and Spa

The Breezes Beach Club & Spa is a resort located on Bwejuu Beach which also belongs to the Zanzibar island groups. Thus, you get entry to all of their eateries, spa, water sporting activities and free rides outside the resort. It has become one of the most interesting resorts in Zanzibar.

Breezes Beach Club and Spa

Spotlights of Breezes Club and Spa

A family resort

One of the greatest family-friendly resorts in Zanzibar is The Breezes Beach Club & Spa since it provides children with free accommodation. Also, there are lots of adventurous activities for kids to participate in. For the family, the resort offers a variety of local and historic knowledge and experiences.

Breezes Beach Club and Spa Best Resorts on Zanzibar
Cultural shows and classes

At Breezes Club, all-time membership benefits exist for clients. Although, everyone gets to experience cultural exhibitions, games and community visits and explore the Zanzibar region.

Breezes Beach Club and Spa
Nature observations

Unusual discoveries for you such as a coral reef safari dive at low waves or a cruise on the resort’s common fishing yacht. Plus, you can also learn how to climb palm trees from the resort’s garden tenders.

Dining arenas

Dining available is breakfast and dinner. Here, you have to dress in corporate dinner wears for both male and female. The dining areas include; Salama Dining Room and the Sultan’s Table restaurant. Also, lunch is served at the Breakers Grill with a BBQ and seafood menu option. Plus, you have the choice to order in-room dining, eat at the lounge restaurant or pick a snack in the entrance coffee lounge.

8. Park Hyatt Resort Zanzibar

The Park Hyatt is unique, as it is one of the best resorts in Zanzibar if you want to stay in Stone Town, the historic part of the capital city. The resort is family-friendly and has also become a lover’s delight. 

Park Hyatt Resort Zanzibar

Highlights of Park Hyatt Resort

Historical sights at Stone Town

The Park Hyatt resort is located along the lengths of ancient buildings such as the Old Fort and Mercury House in Zanzibar. Here, you can effortlessly scrutinize Stone Town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on foot. Also, like an urban resort, it is on the beach and offers all the water activities you love like diving, snorkelling, swimming and kayaking

Park Hyatt Resort Zanzibar
Standard luxurious rooms

The Park Hyatt provides a sophisticated, global category of essential amenities and courtesy. The resort has 67 chambers which give a view of Stone City. Also, the rooms and executive suites are big, with a unique tone and recent electronic luxuries, including air conditioners, free Wi-Fi, and 46-inches HD TV.

Dining areas

The jaw-dropping exhibition of Zanzibar’s local foods and restaurants can be easily accessed on foot at Stone Town City though the resort has its own dining selections.

Park Hyatt Resort Zanzibar

The Dining Room is constructed to imitate the hospitality of the traditional Omani household, with reverence for the island’s Arabic impacts. The Library and outdoor space serve lighter meals for lunch and dinner. Also, the Living Room has an all-day feasting menu. You can also eat out near the ocean-view space corner at the Pool Lounge.

9. Double Tree Resort, Nungwi

Double Tree Resort is beyond beauty itself. It is located on the cold islands of the Northern Nungwi region and has continued to blend culture with extravagance over the years. Perfect for a summer vacation, individual trip, family exploration or a romantic move. Being one of the coolest resorts in Zanzibar. It prides itself on unending hospitality.

Double Tree Resort, Nungwi

Spotlights of the Double Tree Resort

Ocean fronts along pristine sands

The all-white and golden resort portrays class. Alongside, the nearness to beach regions and cool nature’s breeze is worth experiencing during your time out here. There is so much to do, from swimming, walking on white sands barefoot, taking pictures and creating your own fun from scratch.

Sporting facilities

Lovers of water sports and physical fitness can find this resort superb. You can walk into the gym feature and exercise your muscles for a fresh start of the day.

Swimming pool and lounge

An alternative private spot to the beach is the private swimming pool and lounge where you get to relax, dive and watch fishing activities take place on the islands.

Live entertainment

Live entertainment also takes place from time to time at the Unique resort, making it a highly sought-after region for premium enjoyment. Listen to the classic and contemporary music blends from great performers all over the region set to entertain you as you sip a drink from the mini bar.

Spa massage

Enjoy quality spa treatments and beauty blends at the world-class spa of the Double Tree resorts. Here you can rejuvenate and get your skin pampered by the soothing effects of Arabian spices and herbs.

10. Baraza Resorts and Spa Zanzibar

Baraza resorts and spa is a cultural replica on Zanzibar Island. The resort is private and most specially reserved for families who love to relax, wine and dine plus have a taste of luxury.

Baraza Resorts and Spa Zanzibar

Things to do at Baraza resort and spa

View the Bwejuu beach

The long dunes and cultural islands are associated with Zanzibar beaches. This includes the Bwejuu beach, one of the best beaches in Zanzibar which gives you a feeling of peace. Also, the blue and sparkling coasts can be viewed from any position in the resort. A perfect spot to enjoy solitude and comfort.

Discover culture at your fingertips

First, there are arts and crafts in almost every corner of the resort. These expressions reflect the African and Arabian mixed culture of Zanzibar, with golden and wooden frameworks all over the place.

Baraza Resorts and Spa Zanzibar
Enjoy exquisite dishes

Also, the island resort has been ranked as one of the best due to its amazing delivery of style, luxury and class. This begins with the restaurant meals in the three dining rooms. Here, you get exquisite breakfast, buffet and dinner service of intercontinental cuisines, ranging from Arabian, Indian, Persian and African feasts, made with traditional spices

Explore the spacious rooms

Moreover, the resort has 30 standard rooms with an archetypal view. The Royal Suntan and Royal Beach happen to be the biggest comprising two rooms of moderate spaces. The floors, walls, furniture and many more are neatly carved and decorated with golden surfaces and handcrafted arts. The interior of Baraza resorts is painted white with a feel of quality, serenity and a cool spot for recreation and relaxation.

Baraza Resorts and Spa Zanzibar
Outdoor play areas and terraces

Similarly, the Baraza resort has a private garden and a tennis court. The lawn is open to the entire family and it serves as a perfect arena to unwind and watch the blue Bwejuu waterfront on a sunny day. There is also a swimming pool and a terrace directly attached to every villa in the resort.

Get a spa treatment

To add to the above, Baraza Resort has a spa that provides you with massage, therapeutic and beauty services throughout your stay. The focus of the spa is to combine the 

Arabian touch of indulgence of the middle east region with a blend of wellness to deliver the best.

The Palms, Zanzibar

This is one of the most elegant resorts in Zanzibar. The Palms, Zanzibar comprises seven luxury lodges that give tourists privacy and high-quality service. It is suitable for honeymoons, romantic getaways, vacations etc.  The palms has powdery white sand and beautiful corals. 

Palms, Zanzibar

Finally, I have arranged the top picks of the best resorts in Zanzibar based on travel reviews, this is not in ascending or descending order. Likewise, Zanzibar has over 100 beaches and resorts you could visit and explore, especially if you are a lover of nature and ambience. You will get that in almost all the resorts on the island.

Other top resorts in Zanzibar include;

  • Mnarani Beach Cottages
  • Le Mersenne Beach Resort
  • Waikiki Zanzibar Resort
  • Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort
  • The Island – Pongwe Lodge
  • Uroa Bay Beach Resort
  • Palumboreef Reef Beach Resort
  • Essque Zalu Zanzibar
  • Mizingani Seafront Hotel
  • Mvuvi Resort
  • Milele Beach Resort
  • Melia Resort, Zanzibar

This explains that if you are travelling for a honeymoon or romantic getaway, you should look towards intimate and private moments and plan towards that. Besides, a family vacation might not necessarily include all the privacy but may be looking for a great spot for kids to explore and have great fun.

Zanzibar beaches could have a lot of sand flies in the evenings, do well to go along with a mosquito repellant and evening beach wears that will help you avoid the effects.

National Mosque In Abuja, All You Need To Know

national mosque abuja

The National Mosque in Abuja is an incredible religious structure, that combines the political, economic and religious themes of Abuja. As the capital of Nigeria, Abuja is the power seat where national legislative and judicial systems take place. The National mosque Abuja is the official Government mosque for the federal republic of Nigeria.

The National Mosque in Abuja is an incredible religious structure, that combines the political, economic and religious themes of Abuja. As the capital of Nigeria, Abuja is the power seat where national legislative and judicial systems take place. The National mosque Abuja is the official Government mosque for the federal republic of Nigeria.

The Abuja National mosque has become one of the most visited tourist and religious establishments in Nigeria. Similarly, there are several tourist attractions in Abuja and the national mosque is a significant edifice. Plus, the presidential villa and other top national buildings are also situated in the capital of Nigeria.

Abuja National <osque

Brief History of the National Mosque, Abuja

In the year 1984, the religious structure was constructed because it was inferred that there should be a major religious centre in Nigeria’s capital city. Hence, the national mosque and also the National Christian centres were built.

At first, there was a resident Islamic leader known as the Imam who was in charge of the mosque, but when he died, a new leadership system was established at the national mosque. This was done with the authorization of the national Islamic bodies in the nation who felt it necessary to further establish religious guidance at the mosque.

Thus, Prof. Shehu Ahmad Galadanci who is referred to as the Murshid has been coordinating religious and organizational activities at the mosque to ensure that everything is running smoothly. He is supported by other imams, Prof. Ibrahim Ahmad Maqari, Sheikh Ahmad Onilewura and Dr Muhammad Kabir Adam since he assumed office in 2017.

The first Friday Jumat service held at the mosque was in 1991. Here, it was properly commissioned and had top religious leaders, scholars and prominent political leaders in attendance. Ever since the national mosque has continued to serve one of the best Islamic religion lectures to the visiting populace.

This is done by the desire for advancement and also the need to reach out to a lot of people in major Nigerian languages. Therefore, messages are exhorted in about six racial languages, including Arabic which is the official Islamic dialect.

Major Islamic festivals such as Eid-El Kabir and Fitri are celebrated at the National mosque amidst great rejoicing, events, lectures and intense prayers.

National Mosque Abuja

Reason for constructing the National Mosque in Abuja

The National Mosque Abuja was built as an emblem of the Islamic heritage in Nigeria. Thus, the mosque welcomes Muslims all over the region for daily and special prayers including the Jumat service on Fridays.

Architectural layout and features

The National Mosque in Abuja is a very large structure that is remodelled and designed when necessary to further reflect tourism and religious sacredness. First, in 1985 the Aim construction firm finished the entire design plan and building of the national mosque.

The building is designed with a cone-shaped dome on the rooftop with a major entrance that leaves you amazed upon your arrival. You will not need anyone to directly inform you that the building is a remarkable pointer to the Islamic religion in Nigeria.

In addition, there are Arabic writings on the outside walls of the building. The four pillars are high enough to make you gaze in awe at the archetypal blends of the national mosque. The environment is so clean and serene, plus there are lawns and various amenities at the national mosque in almost all corners.

Again, the building is painted in white with a golden touch in major areas, plus it is a representation of international pilgrim destinations like Saudi Arabia or Mecca.

Looking further into the interior of the building, there is a historic holy book, the Quran which is placed in the front space of the mosque. The interior has a religious outlook, with neatly laid rugs, golden lighting and glass windows. Without a doubt, the view is so mind-blowing and will make you feel lost for words at this stunning sight.

The innermost area ushers you into a more relaxing setting, where people gather to offer prayers. Indeed, the national mosque was perfectly designed to represent the impact and importance of the Islamic religion in Nigeria.

National Mosque Abuja

Who can visit National Mosque, Abuja

Anyone can visit the national mosque in Abuja for sightseeing. Although, during the prayer sessions or important religious gatherings at the mosque, you are allowed to enter the facility if you are a Muslim.

Furthermore, since it is a major tourist destination in Abuja, you can add a tour to this region to your bucket list. Thus, further information will be communicated to you on visiting times if you are a tourist.

Best time to visit the National Mosque in Abuja

You can visit the National mosque at any time when prayers are not ongoing as a tourist. Besides, Muslims can come into the building for major events and religious practices from Mondays to Fridays.

Opening times at the National Mosque in Abuja

The national mosque in Abuja is open 24 hours a day from Mondays to Fridays. Also, tourists can come in from 8 am – 1 pm every day, or wait for prayer times to end before visiting the mosque as directed.

mosque Abuja

The guest capacity of the National Mosque, Abuja

Currently, the national mosque in Abuja can take up to 25000 individuals who want to visit for prayers. Plus, the environment is spacious and conducive to accommodate that number of guests without any problem.

At the mosque, certain religious workshops and conventions are held annually. Also, the location is used for parties and other celebrations from time to time.

Also, the seminar rooms are quite large and can welcome up to five hundred people for meetings, symposiums and events.

Things to do at the National Mosque Abuja

Take a tour around the grand religious edifice

Beyond prayers and sacred worship, the National Mosque Abuja is also a sight to behold. From the massive entrance to the inner buildings and decorations, there’s so much you should see.

Also, walking around the large set is a great way to engage in sightseeing, discover Islamic orientations and also tour the spacious facility. Furthermore, some guides give you historical hints about the mosque and help you learn about the essence of this amazing tourist attraction in Abuja.

Join other Muslims at the prayer ground

It is the official Muslim praying ground in Nigeria. On prayer days or other religious moments, you can visit the mosque and also take part in prayers going on at the facility. Since the mosque accommodates thousands of visitors at a time, you can use the facilities and also benefit from prayer sessions held by renowned Islamic leaders every day.

Attend Islamic seminars

Furthermore, lectures and conferences are held at the mosque, which you can be a part of to learn more and receive spiritual guidance. Although these meetings are held at specific times, it does not leave out partakers from the benefits of the lectures.

Mostly, special prayer sessions and sermons take place during major periods like the Ramadan fast season. Thus, it serves as a period to reflect, learn and pray if your tour to the national mosque falls within this period.
Besides, learning from great leaders gives you the chance to gain insights and spiritual direction.

Visit the Islamic library and conference centres at the national mosque

At the national mosque, there is a library which has a collection of Islamic books, materials and contents that you can sit to read for knowledge increase. It has become the number place for the Islamic learning facility. Also, the contents are updated from time to time to meet the needs of visitors like you with desires for religious mastery.

There are written books by distinguished Islamic leaders you can read, books on the history of Islam, the holy Quran, and other research contents that have been stored over the years. These materials will be very useful for you who need deep insights into the Islamic religion or want answers to certain questions either on a research or individual basis.

Likewise, there is the main conference centre where Islamic meetings are held, if you visit during a major symposium, you can as well join and benefit from the session. Plus, you can just view the centre and take notes in case there is no other reason to go into the place.

Shop for Islamic souvenirs and materials at the mosque stores

The national mosque has a mart where you can purchase various gifts, items and clothing. There is a shop where the female hijabs, abayas, scarves and male wears are sold. Plus, the stores also sell items you can obtain such as prayer mats, the holy book, northern clothes and other needed religious materials.

Buy street foods in small shops at the national mosque

Abuja’s highly recommended dried suya known as kilishi is sold around the National Mosque Abuja. You can decide to buy pieces of this delicious snack or also get dried peppered meat slices known as suya.

Discover the Islamic religion from a wider perspective

As the national mosque continues to receive tourists and worshippers yearly, it is a great avenue for you to engage and find out more information about Islam.

Hence, there is a training school at the centre where learning takes place, you can choose to be a part of this if you are near the region. Or you can visit the national mosque just to discover more religious components and interests

Things That are forbidden at the National Mosque, Abuja

As a non-Muslim, you are not allowed to come into the facility when prayer is going on.

The mosque forbids distractions and focuses on the vital embracing of core values. Therefore to maintain order, tourism is not allowed during prayer hours. Also, during Islamic holidays when activities take place, you can not your the region due to the massive influx of worshippers that have gathered solely for celebration and ultimate reverence for Allah.

You are only allowed to come into the national mosque with the appropriate clothing.

Indecent and revealing clothing is not allowed at the national mosque, therefore as a tourist, you need to wear the right attire. This also includes covering heads for ladies and wearing long non-skinny trousers for men.

Illegal activities are not allowed to take place at the national mosque

Partying, alcohol intake or substance abuse is prohibited at the national mosque. Therefore you should not visit the place with any narcotic, or cigarette or aim for unnecessary entertainment.

Also, littering the environment of the national mosque is not allowed

Keeping the environment clean is one of the most valued aspects of the mosque. Therefore as a visitor, you are forbidden from throwing waste all around the facility. This means that you can make use of the bins provided and also use the restrooms for your convenience.

Also, you are not allowed to take photos of certain spots

For reasons best known, pictures are not allowed in certain regions. Thus, you should follow all stated regulations and ensure that you adhere to keeping the sacredness of the worship centre.

Failure to meet all of the stated rules will lead to ejection from the facility accordingly.

Location of the National Mosque, Abuja

The National Mosque in Abuja exists along 1012, Independence Avenue, Abuja.

Directions to the National Mosque in Abuja

From the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja, the national mosque is 25km which is estimated as a 45-minute to one-hour drive.

Also, with the use of a Google map, you will be able to get to the national mosque directly from your location.

Then, from the National Assembly at Three Arms Zone in Abuja, the national mosque is a 10 minutes drive directly from Mohammed Avenue in Abuja.

Facilities at the National Mosque, Abuja

The National Mosque has the following facilities that have been installed for you to see and utilise;

  • An Islamic Library
  • Shops and stores
  • Conference centre
  • Lodge for Islamic leaders
  • Restroom facilities
  • Parking spaces
  • Islamic learning centres

Nearby tourist attractions along the National Mosque in Abuja

Other places you can tour in Abuja as well as the national mosque include:

  • National Assembly, Abuja
  • Aso Rock
  • National Christian Centre, Abuja
  • Central Park, Abuja
  • Moshood Abiola National Stadium, Abuja

Best Maldives Resorts on Water聽

Best Maldives Resorts on Water

The Maldives which is located on the continent of Asia and has frontiers with Sri Lanka and India is shrouded by an expanse of islands and immaculate waterfronts. Thus as a tourist, you have the possibility of admiring the fascinating stretch of isles in the Maldives at the impressive resorts erected on water.

Table of Contents

The Maldives which is located on the continent of Asia and has frontiers with Sri Lanka and India is shrouded by an expanse of islands and immaculate waterfronts. Thus as a tourist, you have the possibility of admiring the fascinating stretch of isles in the Maldives at the impressive resorts erected on water.

These beach hotels in the Maldives also provide exceptional in-house services, which means that all your travel checkboxes can be ticked in one location. This will feature the best Maldives Resorts on water that you should consider. 

Perhaps you have considered a tour to the Maldives for your honeymoon, romantic retreat, family holiday or adventure, you can select from the five-star resort listed below:

The Maldive’s most luxurious resorts on the water

These are some of the best Maldives resorts on the water.  

1. Jumeirah Maldives, Olhahali Island

The jaw-dropping Jumeirah resort is fixed on the magnificent Olhahali Island in the Maldives. What an amazing sight! It is also another maldive resort on water.

First, the hotel exists on the dazzling ocean lengths and carers for every holiday desires, from family summer vacation, couples love escapades, group excursions and individual leisure.

Address: Jumeirah Maldives Olhahali Island, North Male Atoll, Republic of Maldives

Allures at Jumeirah Maldives Olhahali Island

Astoundingly, these are the numerous installations in the five-star lodge that are structured to give you an unforgettable experience.

Hideaway villas with private pools

The water buildings at Jumeirah resorts have been carved to portray the significance of a soul-lifting moment. The resort has eight beach houses, each directed towards personal needs.

Similarly, there are rooms for families with young children and spaces for just adults whether a couple or in groups. Plus, the rooms have stunning white interiors and allow for ocean views from side windows. This means that you can watch the ocean waves and also admire the exotic scenery at the resort from the privacy of your room.

To top it all, the beach house provides secluded swimming pools assigned to you.

Kids section facility with a swimming pool

At Jumeirah inn, kids are given free spaces to have their kind of fun, with beautiful and child-friendly beach toys and a safety guide.

Diverse dining adventures

Breakfast, lunch and dinners are served in different ways and places at Jumeirah resort. There is a caf茅 for your coffee session, ice cream bars, and a perfect romantic dining arena for couples. Plus, the diners are designed exceptionally well by all standards.

International Japanese, Peru and Mediterranean cuisines prepared by seasoned chefs are served at the classic restaurants. To add spice to your dining experience, meals are also served at the water sides in large trays if you prefer to remain at the waterfront.

Also, you have access to free meals at the hotel, if you would be staying beyond two nights.

Sporting facilities

To provide captivating moments, you can unwind and explore the coasts with water sports. Activities such as volleyball, diving, snorkelling, boat rides and cruises are available to help you relax.

Spa and fitness centre

As a great way to calm your nerves and care for your muscles, you can use the spa facilities with the right help. Also, meditation classes are held at the resort, to help visitors remain well and fit.

Babysitting support for nursing mothers

Jumeirah provides caring mothers with the right support needed with babies. This is to help you take time off from nursing duties and focus on your wellness and relaxation.

Events and celebrations

With breathtaking backdrops and sceneries, the Jumeirah resort makes provisions for perfect romantic celebrations and wedding ceremonies.

Photo sessions at the dazzling sights

As a gift to you, the hotel assists with quality and beautiful photos of your vacation. This can be done at any spot of your choice too!

Journey with charts around the resort

To find your way through the wide landscape, you have maps provided for you at the resort.

Beach clothing stores

Lastly, the beach resort has a boutique where you can find quality beach wear and items needed during your stay.

2. Six Senses, Laamu

As the name implies, Six Senses resorts in Laamu, is a Maldive resort built on water and gives you a sixth sense which is specific to you. Also, you can engage your five sense organs at the idyllic views of the Six Senses resort. Beyond words, the island resort exudes ecstasy, feasting quest and learning at the aquatic reserves.

Interests at Six Senses Resort, Laamu

Discover historical concepts of Maldives

The Six senses resorts are home to locals in the area who engage in fishing, garden tending, traditional practices and many more. Hence, there is a great chance for you to discover more about the Maldives and their way of life.

Learn more about underwater creatures

While engaging in water recreations, such as scuba diving, sailing, boat rides and snorkelling, you will see a lot of aquatic creatures. Also, as a way to boost the conservative, you might be interested in joining organized events at the beach.

Have an amazing time with turtles

Six senses resorts is a blend of aquatic conservatives and natural aura. Therefore, turtles are one of the animals you will see at the resort. You will find them in almost every corner during your stay and have the chance to watch them feed, move and hatch their eggs too.

Join culinary classes

Asides from dining and wining, you can learn how to make delicious snacks and tasty meals from the best cooks at the inn.

Adventures within the span of islands

The islands surrounding the six senses resorts are so wide that you can not get enough of them during your vacation. Whatever you choose to do, you will always come in contact with the clean dunes and forests on the beach.

Enjoy delicious banquets, drinks and cocktails

Within the Six senses hotel, there is a bar where you can get the best wines and cocktails. Also, enjoyable meals and outdoor barbecue grills are prepared and served to you with premium hospitality and splendour.  

Create eventful memories with loved ones

At Six Senses resorts, there are multiple ways to have a sacred timeout with family, alone or with your spouse. First, you can take a walk around the island, while watching the oceans welcome you with waves.

Also, there is an island at the seaside where you can reflect alone or select another option to sail on the sea in seclusion with your loved ones. The spot is so nature friendly and enticing as a wedding or honeymoon destination too!

Canopy-like villas

The structure of the villas at Six senses is unique and beautiful. Therefore, you have the option of using the resort website to book one of the lodges at the water resort.

Outdoor movie nights

In a large open space outside the resort, you can sit and watch the latest films amidst a dimly lit mini forest.

Airport pick-up on arrival

For ease of movement, rides and ferries are available for you to get to the Six senses resort when you reserve one ahead of your travel.

4. Grand Park Resort & Spa

As a remarkable summer destination, Grand Park resorts have well-constructed beach houses surrounding the inviting oceans. It gives you an aura of home away from home within the massive coasts. Gra

4. Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa

 Although, you would arrive at the Grand Park hotel in twenty minutes or less with a water ride from the Male International Airport in the Maldives.

Attractions at Grand Park Kodhipparu, Maldives

Outdoor dining experience

The inn gives an alternative to eating and drinking at amazing spots. Whether at the Firedoor restaurant in the hotel or by the Breeze lounge area. The resort also has the Edge bar where various cocktails and mocktails are prepared and served. Plus each of the dining areas is exquisite and modern.

Villas on water

Perfect for your love adventure or intended summer, the rooms have wooden frames and perfectly designed interiors. Also, the apartments are unique to your stay options which you can reserve in advance of your trip.

Culture and nature excursions

As a way to discover ocean treasures, you can also embark on a journey of discovery. At Grand Park resort, you can dive into the waters and see more water animals, learn about nature and cruise away on a ship or ferry.

Romantic escapes

The lovely attractions at the resort are also specially planned to help you fulfil your love fantasies and have a great moment with your lover. Everywhere at the Grand Park resorts speak the language of love and solitude.

4. Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa
Exciting family summer time even with children

Grand Park Resort is a family-friendly spot, one that provides numerous activities for every member of your family. At the resort, your children have different learning, safe and exciting activities they can engage in with the best amenities.

4. Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa

Situated on Furanafushi Island North Mal茅 Atol, Sheraton resorts and spa is a beautiful point to behold. The hotel exists within pristine sands and coasts plus all the offers you get at this resort are worth your cash.

4. Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa

Major interests at Sheraton Full moon resort and spa, Maldives

Feasting areas

With several meals included in your dining options during your stay at Sheraton resort, you can hope to get quality. You can as well get beverages and drinks from the bars plus special meals for children.

Diving, Water sports

Sheraton inn in the Maldives provides amazing recreational activities on and under the clear water. Your range of selections can begin from boat rides and swimming, till you dive into the sea and take pleasure in every bit of the moisture.

Executive rooms

With well-furnished private and standard rooms, you can have access to free internet options, waiters and receptive room services and customer assistance.

Massage and fitness amenities,

Keeping fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is quite an excellent part of any vacation. Thus, this lodge has spa amenities to suit that category.

Perfect outdoor area for adventure

The outdoor ambience of Sheraton resort is great for whatever activities you want to engage in. Adventures such as personal reflections, a lover’s affair, family bonding time or children’s playgrounds.

5. The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort

The St. Regis Maldives is a 5-star hotel situated on Vommuli Island. You can view the incredible resort from any location on the coast. St Regis is a Maldive resort on water. From Velana International Airport, which is nearly 160km away, the hotel offers a sea ride to the destination at a charge.

Address: The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort, Vommuli Island, Dhaalu Atoll, Maldives

5. The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort

Top Attractions at St. Regis Vommuli Resort, Maldives

State-of-the-art water buildings

All the buildings installed on the island are incredible. The sheds form a curve that attracts you to the oceans, forests, sand regions and gardens at the hotel.

Exquisite interior and exterior of the rooms

With wooden frames, colourful paintings and modern bath and bedroom facilities and furniture, the resort has nine villas. Each of the villas is unique to what you want, it’s your choice to reserve your desired place though before you travel. Moreover, each of the rooms has a pool attached for a water feel without moving too close to the beach.

Children fun time

To keep children active, the resort provides play centres for your children to also have their kind of fun so as not to miss out.

Water activities

At St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort, there are diverse means to explore the ocean. Paid private sailing, scuba diving, snorkelling, underwater games and recreation all take place.

5. The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort
Buffet services

The grand resort gives you an opening to dine in any of the 6 restaurants where a variety of traditional Asian and international Italian cuisines and snacks are served.

Besides, the dining areas are carefully constructed to see to your dining vacation fantasies whether outdoor or indoors. There’s the Whale bar, Sushi spot, luxurious private dining, a garden restaurant and a seashore wooden shed with the convenience of viewing the Indian Ocean as you feast.

Natural serenity of the island

As long as you are open to exploring the island, the spot is serene, pure, natural and beautiful. While you relax and enjoy the sceneries, the resort speaks so much calmness and indulgence.

Traditional preservations

To discover the culture both day and night in the Maldives, guides at the resort entertain you with various activities and shows.

Spa centres

If you need a cool place to relax, stretch your joints and get a nice body treat, the top-rated massage therapy sessions will offer you such services.

Other resorts in the Maldive that provide similar services are;

  • Le M茅ridien Maldives Resort & Spa
  • Amilla Maldives Resort & Residences
  • The Nautilus Maldives
  • Velassaru Maldives
  • Soneva Jani

Top-rated all-inclusive resorts in the Maldives

The all-inclusive resorts in the Maldives offer you perks and bonuses included in your reservations, at no extra cost. Therefore, asides from adventure, water activities and comfort, your dining, privacy, luxury and hospitality needs are guaranteed.

Consider reserving a space at any of these all-inclusive resorts in the Maldives on your next trip;

Constance Moofushi Maldives

Constance Moofushi resorts located in South Ari Atoll, Maldives sure have an all-inclusive offer for your travel needs. Lodges, dining and bar outings, water activities and events are all included in your package. Also, it is a private family and romantic beach with natural backdrops and mind-blowing structures.

All-inclusive offers at Constance Moofushi resorts

Water recreations

As part of the plan, diving in the ocean or boat rides are open for you to experience. At no charge, you can access the coast and make use of the water facilities as much as possible during your vacation.

Spa session

Also, a soothing massage therapist is available to provide nerve-relaxing therapies for you with nice fragrances and body oils.

Dining Arena

You can also choose from the four distinguished restaurants for world-class three-course meals, snacks and drinks. The Manta bar and restaurant overlooking the ocean are incredible while the Alizee and Totem restaurant on the sands beneath the skies are fascinating as well.

Housing in stunning buildings

The villas provide you with comfortable services in well-furnished spaces and luxurious profiles. Hence, the resort is also a family-focused location as well as a private love affair destination.

Personal wedding events and honeymoon escape.

On the island, with the soft ocean breaths, the Constance resorts allow you to hold private ceremonies, such as weddings, birthdays or wedding anniversaries. All the structures included are set to give you a remarkable story and enjoyable moment.

Sun Siyam Olhuveli

Sun Siyam is a fantastic holiday and honeymoon resort in Olhuveli, Maldives. The hotel offers packages that have been added to your vacation fee, thus you can explore the varieties as much as you want.

Top attractions at Sun Siyam Olhuveli

Modern world-class apartments

The Sun Siyam apartments give you the chance to view the islands, from any height. Also, the rooms are properly arranged with beautiful furniture to help you relax and unwind.

Dining Rooms and Bars

At Sun Siyam, there are eleven dining spots to help you savour freshly made meals and snacks plus you can also treat yourself to cocktails, drinks and wines. The dining outlines are private, and grouped and also welcome children to enjoy quality dishes.

Water transportation to the resort

On a watercraft, you have the option of accessing the hotel in less than 45 minutes at no cost. This bonus is included in your reservation, therefore it is a wonderful idea to choose Sun Siyam resorts.

Water recreation

Furthermore, there are incredible water surfing and diving facilities made available for your utmost adventure. This is also without further payments from the one you have made while making reservations.

Adventure across the islands

Since Sun Siyam is a stretch of about three islands, you have the chance to take a walk or water trip across the regions and appreciate nature.

Pullman Maldives All-Inclusive Resorts

Pullman resorts in the Maldives is a great spot for any retreat of your choice, from personal relaxation, honeymoon and family holidays. With every remark received from the thousands of guests who have been there, everyone had a memorable encounter you need to have also.

Leading interests at Pullman hotel in the Maldives

Incredible lodgings

The apartments at Pullman Inn, deliver adventure and indulgence to your doorsteps. Therefore, you can choose from the cottages or the castles and enjoy quality family time or love retreats. Plus the lodges have secluded pool areas where you can swim and have a great time in the clean waters.

Water recreation such as diving, snorkelling and jet skiing

Since it is an all-inclusive offer, you have the privilege to select any of the water crafts or adventure options and have moisture feel at the hotel.

Free meals plus a food tray option

The standard architecture of the restaurants at Pullman resorts is inviting, plus there are bars and ice-cream stands where you can relish the sweet snacks. Also, a room meal service is available in your comfort zone in the resort. Note that all meals are free and a part of your vacation package.

Swimming pools and recreation areas for children

The resort is a great place for children to have fun and also recreate moments. Therefore, activities and fairy tales are made available to engage your children during summer.

Hospitality and tourism experience

Overall best in tourism and hospitality, Pullman resorts are one of the leading vacation sights that promise decent reception and room services you need.

Centara Grand Island Resort and Spa

Situated on Machchafushi islands in the Maldives, which is incredibly famous for resorts, the Centara Grand, Island resort is so beautiful. The resort is so large that it has over a hundred rooms, with jaw-dropping backgrounds, which are all decoratively furnished with a touch of class.

Centara Grand Island Resort and Spa

Incredible sights at Centara Grand resort

Aquatic discovery

Underneath the sea, you will find marine life in the deep regions when you dive or snorkel. However, you can also tour the surface on water cruises.

Centara Grand Island Resort and Spa
Dining experience

There are different options to choose from in the restaurants at Centara Grand Island, all offer drinks, meals and international delicacies. Plus, there are centres where you can relax and enjoy the sights of wavy oceans while savouring every bite of your meals.

Relaxation villas

You have variety with Centara Grand Island resort, therefore one of the rooms will surely interest you. Whether across the ocean, on the sands or with a view of fascinating sights, you need to find one spot that reflects your dreams. All lodging services provided are on the resort since you have paid accommodation fees.

Island woodland adventure

As a way to leave you with memories, one other activity you can engage in is to walk on the immaculate beach sands, and tour the islands and lawns while you create enthralling times for yourself.

Centara Grand Island Resort and Spa
Wellness centres and souvenir shops

An inclusive spa session is added to your vacation offer which you can utilize well to enjoy the benefits of choosing the prestigious Centara Island resort. Furthermore, you have all of your travel needs to be met at the hotel which provides you with a gift store, where you can purchase artwork, crafts, beach wears and other accessories.

Hurawalhi Island Resort

As a five-star honeymoon escape, the Hurawalhi Island resort is a great place for private and relaxing moments. It is located on Hurawalhi islands in the Maldives and has continued to attract tourists with all-inclusive perks.

Beautiful experiences at Hurawalhi Island Resort

Luxurious hotel rooms

The beautifully constructed rooms are designed to provide you with sunrise and sunset views, ocean backdrops and natural stillness. Also, the villas are constructed in a way that accommodates couples or adults to share beautiful memories with the stylish and modern facilities on the water.

Exquisite dining settings

As part of an all-inclusive package, there are incredible Kashibo, bars and JFK restaurants with certified culinarians which provide the best of healthy meals and drinks. Plus there is a bar which operates all day and night to quench your cravings and give you quality satisfaction.

Romantic getaways and fitness centres

Reviews have noted that the resort is one of the best for secluded love affairs because of its stillness and tranquil setting. Plus, you can relax and enjoy the therapeutic touch of a masseuse and a meditation session provided for you and your spouse.

Water sports facilities

Cruising, surfing, jet skiing and underwater expeditions are very much available at Hurawalhi resort. This is a part of the plan, therefore you can step into the coast at no extra charge and have the adventure of a lifetime.

Sun Island Resort and Spa

Sun Island resort situated in Nalaguraidhoo, Maldives is a 5-star hotel with the best vacation properties and packages. To connect with this amazing edifice, once you get to Velena International Airport, it is nearly a hundred kilometres away.

Attractions at Sun Island Resort

Beach villas

There are 458 luxurious apartments which include secluded beach castles and executive suites at the hotel spot, from which you can get top-notch rest amenities. The location is well built on the coast and sand dunes to remind you of the essential part of your vacation. To get a room in the hotel, all you need to do is reserve one on the resort’s website.

Wellness centres

The traditional Araamu Spa is situated amidst a welcoming lawn and lovely landscape. Here, you will be given a treat by a masseuse with Maldives renown spices and herbs.

World-Class restaurants

When you need to dine, you can select any of the restaurants, depending on your desire. The beautiful Southern Star, Maaniya, Island BBQ, AI Pontile and Sun Star are made specifically for your feasting delights. Besides, there is a private as well as a public setting with hospitable waiters to serve you international dishes and drinks made by certified chefs.

Adventurous sporting facilities

Diving and undersea exploring are made accessible to you in the all-inclusive Sun Island resort package. Also, boat rides and canopy walks are available for you to explore at the inn.

Internet access

High-speed internet and all included services are provided at any spot in Sun Island Resort.

LUX* South Ari Atoll

LUX* South is situated in Dhidhoofinolhu, Ari Atoll, Maldives. It provides you with a modern twist of comfort, indulgence and activities. Also, it is a five-star and luxurious hotel that caters for complete travel indulgence and overall satisfaction.

To get to LUX* South resort, you can access the airport pick-up service at the major Velena International Airport in the Maldives. From there, there is a sea ride that will get you to the destination, also all-inclusive.

Interests at LUX* South Ari Atoll

Swimming pool areas and kids activities

 The apartments have two major infinity pools that are sparkling and inviting for a relaxing mood. Therefore it is a great break from the tours and island adventure. Also as a family-oriented beach, children have multiple options to choose from, either playground amenities at the waterfront or cycling across the islands.

Sleek villa designs with exquisite interiors

The rooms are comfortable and are either directly given the beautiful ocean for incorporated comfort on the Islands. Also, the villa accommodates families, individuals and couples in its exquisite interiors and provides you with extra offers for more than a night’s staycation.

Dining areas

Incredible dining arenas with world-class meals are included in the hotel packages. You can order meals and drinks to be served at any of the six beautiful restaurants and cocktails bar.

Outdoor movie shows and live performance

Ultimately, there is a great space to sit down under the blue skies and enjoy blockbuster movies and events taking place at the resort.

Other promising all-inclusive resorts in the Maldives offering exact attractions to those listed above are:

  • Kuramathi Maldives
  • Kurumba Maldives
  • Summer Island in the Maldives
  • Reethi Beach Resort
  • Reeha resorts
  • Kandima Maldives
  • Sun Siyam Iru Fushi Maldives
  • Paradise Island Resort, Maldives
  • Meeru Island Resort & Spa
  • Kuredu Resort & Spa

Finally, the Maldives islands offer a variety of resorts for your summer trip or romantic getaways. Therefore, the resorts I have detailed above are among the top-visited and all have either four or five-star reviews.

Depending on your budget, you can decide to tour other resorts in the Maldives, at least there are over a thousand beach hotels in the country. You can book a trip to the region or plan your summer and honeymoon with a travel agency too, discounts exist for diverse summer packages.

Discover Nature and Luxury at La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

la campagne tropicama

The La Campagne Beach Resort is one of the most beautiful beach resorts in Nigeria. It is located far from the Lagos stress which makes it one of the most beautiful places to visit in Lagos. Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital and centre of excellence is known for its variety of beach resorts and La Campagne Tropicana is one of them.

The La Campagne Beach Resort is one of the most beautiful beach resorts in Nigeria. It is located far from the Lagos stress which makes it one of the most beautiful places to visit in Lagos. Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital and centre of excellence is known for its variety of beach resorts and La Campagne Tropicana is one of them.

Incredibly, the waterfronts in the city of Lagos, are due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. Hence, beach resorts in Lagos are ideal for a perfect honeymoon, sightseeing, family trip, excursion, adventure and entertainment.

la campagne tropicana beach resort

At La Campagne Tropicana beach resort, you get to explore the fanciful and adorable natural and private locations or have a tourist’s adventure. It has become one of the most popular beach resorts in Nigeria.

Find out more about the resort from this article;

La Campagne Tropicana Resort- History and Tourism

La Campagne Tropicana beach resort was founded by Otunba Wanle Akinboboye to portray the true woodlands and scenarios of the African continent. In a way to protect wildlife, encourage tourism in the nation and also ensure continuity of traditional features. The resort was established on the land stretches in the Lekki area of Lagos State.

Yearly, the La Campagne Tropicana beach resort welcomes foreigners and citizens of Nigeria to the location for a wonderful time out. Thus, packages have been well formulated to provide the best sightseeing experience and relaxation to guests.

The accommodation facilities, recreation amenities, dining areas, mini zoo, forests and water areas all combine to display Africa’s culture and hospitality at its finest.

la campagne tropicana

Cultural settings at La Campagne Tropicana Beach resort

Despite being a beach resort, La Campagne Tropicana is a genuine representation of traditions, culture, mangrove habitats and palm trees. Animals such as bats, monkeys, squirrels, mud skippers, birds and many more have found their homes in this reserved location.

Therefore, the La Campagne Tropicana beach resort does not only project waters and waves or tides but also sets you up for an adventure, learning, excitement and relaxation. Children and Adults can play games, swim, enjoy boat cruises, eat and drink and also relax under the wooden shades.

Walking on the La Campagne beach is one great way to meditate and take quality pictures during your tour. A personal souvenir for your time out at the coast. Plus, you also have the services of tour guides at intervals to drop historical knowledge at your fingertips.

A step further from the entrance of the hotel, the buildings and amenities on the vast acre of land are jaw-dropping. One would wonder how such an edifice was set up in a conserved spot in Lagos.

Furthermore, the environment is calm and promising and your hopes are lit for whatever reason you have visited the beach. Hence, you can take a tour around the waterfront, view the wavy oceans, dive and dine plus enjoy amazing events and sceneries.

Also, the spacious rooms within the resort are African-themed, the floors, furniture, bed frames, window blinds, curtains and frameworks all display traditional styles. However, it all exudes the frills and glamour that the La Campagne inn is set to deliver to every guest that walks into the location.

Best time to visit La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

The best time to visit La Campagne Tropicana beach resort is dependent on your priorities. With a few mentions on privacy, events and activities going on at the inn, you can pick a date favourable to you at any time of the year. It is often better to visit during the dry season. During that time, you can get the most out of the resort.

Similarly, festive seasons such as public holidays, Christmas and New Year events can usher in a lot of visitors to the resort. Therefore, if you desire utmost comfort and quietness, then you can decide on other times which will be most suitable for you.

la campagne tropicama